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We can be addicted to many things (chocolate, wine, cigarettes, that terrible reality TV show that’s mostly about fighting)… but did you ever think we might become addicted to comfort?

I don’t mean the comforts of home. Although being able to watch pretty much whatever you want on a laptop from your bed is pretty comfortable… I’m talking about the current anomaly we are all part of here at the studio – this state of compulsive engagement in comfort by means of sneakers! 

Unlike the aforementioned addictions, this isn’t really bad for you, albeit maybe for your wallet. Isn’t it funny though how culture can become so immersed in footwear that is NOT traditionally an everyday shoe past the age of 18? When you were wearing tennis shoes to school, well, because you had PE or recess or liked skateboarding…..

sneakers crazy comfort garance dore photos

The days of ladies who worked in offices changing into Reeboks with their nylons to go for a quick speed-walk at lunch are things of the past. These days, you can find just about every type of job allowing sneakers at work – even guys in suits…. yes, OKAY, they are more than likely either nearing geriatric aide or some dashingly cool dude wearing Common Projects! But, nonetheless, it counts.  
The truth is: sneakers have kind of become the coolest shoe in fashion. It’s something everyone can wear, everyone can afford, AND can be worn with everything. 

Have we been propelled into a world where the comfort of sneaker culture is disguising our pure laziness to be proper? Are we all too casually cool? Can’t be sure, but I know for certain that the whole team at the studio are sneaker freaks….  

The kind of comfort we’re addicted to comes in many variations: lo-top, high-top, striped, embellished, a 70s classic…. May it be strictly for the “like walking on air” factor or purely style, comfort comes in many forms. Here are our comfort picks – the studio’s favorite sneakers!

So, is it comfort, design or quality you look for first in a sneaker? 

sneakers crazy comfort garance dore photos

White Hi-Top, Common Projects; Blue Glitter Sneaker, Golden Goose Deluxe Brand; Blue Running, Nike Air Max; White Lace Up, Adidas Stan Smith; White Green Stripe, Valentino; Star Embellished, Saint Laurent.


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  • Thank you for this post! I’m such a huge sneaker freak ! Just bought my first pair of Stan Smith’s and I feel blessed. What I’m looking for in a sneaker is a combination of comfort, design and quality. I’s so going to expand my collection of sneakers !


  • i love the valentinos!!! :)

  • The problem with comfort isn’t that sneakers are comfortable, but that other shoes aren’t!
    I’m 28 and I can’t wear anything but sneakers and open sandals where the material doesn’t touch the back of my heel. I get painfully bruised from just about any shoe and no, wearing pads and breaking them in doesn’t help. Unless if the breaking-in part lasts until they fall apart and I just haven’t come that far yet?
    I’m so happy that it’s finally acceptable to wear sneakers almost anywhere. And they can be very stylish and mimic “real shoes” quite well.

  • Madeline August, 11 2015, 9:46 / Reply

    I think this is a very good thing, so many fashionable shoes are so so bad for your legs and feet.

  • Life have changed we are on the move…design for” sport” shoes have changed…more fashionable integrate fashion and technology we need to be able to do many things in one day….
    great pictures:)
    Yael Guetta

  • For a lazy dresser like me, the sneaker trend is the best thing that has happened since denim!

  • Absolute laziness, and fear of being an adult. Sneakers are for sports or sporty outfits. In summer, I do not find them comfortable, They make my feet hot. I wear wedge heels to work.
    Be a real rebel and wear shoes that would not be mistaken for a child’s.

    p.s. My job most certainly does not allow athletic footwear.

  • certes, mais c’est aussi la chaussure la plus fermée et (souvent) la plus plastique qui soit… et donc la plus “tendance champignons sur les pieds”! :-)
    Bref, pas forcément la plus hygiénique, loin s’en faut…

  • No Vans????

  • Francesca August, 11 2015, 10:02 / Reply

    I recently introduced a few new pairs of sneakers into my everyday wardrobe and I already feel they are the best investment I did this summer! Seeing your amazing selection, I feel like wanting more sneakers!

  • I believe in sneakers — I love them and if I work in a place where I can’t wear them then I’m not at the right job for me!

  • As a lot of people, I love the famous Stan Smith and it’s so confortable ! I really love it I totally agree with you Brie ! And the good point is you can wear it with everything, it’s wonderful ! :)

  • Definitely in love with sneakers. You can’t part me from my GGOBs. So much so I’ve drafted a proposal to my boss to integrate them into our daily work environment. Read here:

  • Catherine August, 11 2015, 12:55 / Reply

    One has to question why it’s women’s shoes that are so uncomfortable. Men do not buy shoes that are impossible to walk or run in. They do not buy shoes that leave them with deformed feet (bunions, hammertoes) and bad backs after a few years. Why would women buckle under to a bunch of (mostly male) designers who decree that heels are necessary? I think it’s about time sensible shoes came into vogue. Shoes can be fun, colorful, statement-making and yet not cause pain.
    For those who say they find heels plenty comfortable, just wait. Bunions will bloom eventually. And surgery can help but it doesn’t completely erase the damage (spoken from experience).

  • I so agree with you! I have never had a job where I could wear sneakers to work — and my jobs have covered the full range from journalist to government employee, student office worker to lawyer — but it bothers me that formal shoes for women literally deform our feet, legs, and backs. Why do we accept this?? I have actually changed my wardrobe to accommodate shoes like bruges, boots, etc. I used to wear longer dress pants that required heels, and now I wear a more tailored cuff that won’t drag on the ground. I am still trying to find ways to pair dresses with low heels, but so far I can’t seem to get it right.

  • I was very excited that sneakers were starting to pop up everywhere because I had to embrace the sneaker trend. I am usually a heels girl, at 5’0″. But I broke my foot last year and had to completely change my whole style around to be sneaker friendly! I am finally able to wear heels again, but I have adopted more sneakers and flats into my style that I am totally loving! I love my black leather vans and would love a pair of Valentino sneakers.
    xoxo – IG @angelinaradden

  • Echoing the other comment, where are your Van’s?? You guys are usually all over the original, cool, and styling footwear? Pair of white slip-ons goes almost everywhere.

  • Hi Pam! Our love for Vans runs deep! Just expanding our horizons :)

  • I love the feel & look of good sneakers. I certainly notice when someone wears them as an accessory to punch up an outfit, and think when done right, sneakers can make a look very chic!

  • Re-discovering my love of sneakers. I love this trend and am such a fan of my Nike Internationalist and Vans Authentic! They look good with every thing. Also, with a good pair of sneakers the likelihood of blisters are low which is always a great thing for us women!

  • Sneakers can look really really sloppy. Or chic. I hope the ones who choose this trend do the later.

  • Une combinaison magique des trois! :) Je cherche encore mon Graal.
    Malheureusement, pas d’excuse, je travaille dans un milieu hyper conservateur où la basket n’est pas autorisée…

  • I remember I used to have this obsession with sneakers as a teenager, it was crazy. I love sneakers on others now but I’m not sure if I look cool or just shabby once I put them on so I reserve them for traveling.

  • Stéphane August, 11 2015, 6:15 / Reply

    Confort, design, qualité: le tryptique New Balance :) J’en suis dingue !

  • Stéphane August, 11 2015, 6:18 / Reply

    Heu… TrIptYque, c’est mieux. ;)

  • Love the styling – particularly the blue nike’s with those light, perfectly faded jeans (please spill the beans and share where they’re from — endlessly searching for jeans in that wash that don’t have a faded rear and aren’t ripped).

    Also, as a mother of a toddler – I must agree that vans are my go-to choice for everyday footwear as I never have time to fuss with laces (or sandal straps for that matter!)

  • Sneakers have sneaked their way to our everyday wardrobe. It´s more than comfort, sneakers are fashion pieces that look good, make you feel young and make you stroll, even help you do a sexy walk. They have evolved and found a place at the top. . The great thing is the comfort they offer. Just look at the Isabel Marant sneaker-suade-boot, doesen´t get more fashionable!

  • I love sneakers. All my life. For a while I didn’t wear them in the office or in my clinic. But now, office cut off, I wear them in my clinic. I’m a psychoanalyst and you guys have no idea (or maybe you have) how the way a psychoanalyst dress up makes part of the here-and-now of the sessions sometimes ( I’m lacanian). And I must say that it is not intentional. It is simply about personal life, personal way to dress. And I love fashion as I respect my mood. So I can wear a stiletto one day and next day, the same Valentino sneaker showed on the photos. Mine is green too.
    I think the question about confort X design about sneakers it’s done! We can have both, don’t you think?

  • Ai-Ch'ng August, 12 2015, 12:59 / Reply

    I’m definitely a “Form follows function” person in absolutely everything I wear (and live in) – and that includes low heeled (no more than 2cm high) firm fitting ankle boots in soft leather (to accomodate my two broken toes – they’ve never seemed to heal 100%) ) with rounded, wide toes (so I can wiggle my foot digits a little!) and a sturdy block heel.The first and last time I wore heels/pointy toes, was for my wedding 17 years ago… and never again since then.

    For casual wear, all-leather sneakers that are firm in the sole – because the soft air-gel type ones make my ankles and bad knee roll all over the place and not for me is the feeling of walking on a cloud of nothingness.

    Amazingly, an all-leather dress-sneaker by Bally (of all brands! Went in to look at bags… emerged with sneakers – that’s female shopping for you) – and I’ve been through so many brands and their various styles – NB, Adidas, Vans) are my casual winter go-to footwear. And I love Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Leather sneakers – it’s nice to feel the ground beneath my feet. Sadly, no more running – or running shoes – for me.

    Summer sees my in Birkenstocks’ Milano black Exquisite (the dark twin of the cork-bed Milano, as an all-black, all leather version) and Church lace up brogues or Gucci loafers. I’ll go thrift and economical vintage for everything wearable, except my feet — and underwear (and hats).

  • I always loved sneakers and I was only wearing sneakers in my teens. Then you grow up and you want to look more like a lady. So I had my “HORRIBLE” heels period where I was wondering how women can enjoy suffering like that.
    Now I’m in my late 20’s and honestly I came back to my first love sneakers (and Adidas Original everything but don’t tell anyone). I’m gonna biuld my little collection back!!
    I still wear heels but less often and not very high.

    Anyway sneakers are everything!!

    Aurelie aka Sneakerhead :) |

  • Wow!! Definitely in love with sneakers!! :) Thanks

  • Reality check…How about sexy shoes designed to fit a foot…..they can do it …style and fit…how novel LOL

  • The weekend made for Tretorns…I like a heel for the work week…and no open toes unless am going to the company picnic. I don’t like how bulky a tennis shoe can look on my feet.

  • I love, love, LOVE sneakers. wear them all year long and my feet, my knees and my spine love me for that. Switching to sneakers means healthy comfort, as oposed to torturing our bodies in high heels. Which I love for being beautiful, sexy and making my legs look hot, but this is more of a love/hate relationship, whereas sneakers – I just truly adore them!

  • lucie coquette August, 13 2015, 4:02 / Reply

    J’aime beaucoup porter des tennis, pour ma part des Converse basses ou des Nike (aucune idée du nom du modèle!). En revanche, allergie totale aux Stan Smith!!! Trop vues et franchement quelconques!
    Cependant, l’objet de mon commentaire n’est pas mon intérêt pour les baskets, mais plutôt pour connaître la marque et le modèle du jean porté par celle d’entre vous qui porte les Golden Goose pailletées (1ère photo) qui m’a l’air parfait! Pouvez-vous me dire d’où il vient? Merci d’avance, bisous,

  • Still waiting for the job that will allow me to wear sneakers at work, but, in the meantime, I change my shoes in the car. I choose my sneakers based on the comfort factor obviously, as I feel uncomfortable enough wearing heels… At the same time they should be a little large as my feet swell and start hurting after a few hours of walking…


  • C’est assez difficile de dire si je recherche d’abord le confort ou le design … Je pencherai plus vers le design je pense, car je suis ce genre de mec qui porte des vêtements parfois désagréables, mais juste parce que le design est parfait !
    En tout cas, mes Stan Smith ne me quittent presque jamais, et ces Valentino me font de l’oeil depuis assez longtemps maintenant.

  • Je n’ai jamais porté de sneakers et je ne vois pas tant de femmes que ca en porter en réalité. Je suis pour le confort car je marche beaucoup, mais avec une jolie chaussure et un peu de talon, je ne supporte plus le tout plat.
    Je ne porte des chaussures de sport que pour vraiment marcher, faire du VTT etc.

  • Very good article. I’m facing many of these issues as well..

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