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Every winter I strive to find a more feminine solution to keeping my head warm — scarf wrap, an endless search on Barney’s for a wool fedora, I even once tried layering a slim beanie under a wide brim hat. But it makes no difference, no matter how hard I try, it’s the beanie that wins every season.

I’ve accumulated quite a few too: neon, cashmere, $1 thermalite from Chinatown (!!), I even knit approximately 1.5 beanies each winter and then, of course, there is the fox-trapper. It is something you sort of just have to come to terms with, the fact that you will more than likely start blending into the crowd of black parkas and beanies bopping about the city.

But what makes beanies so excellent (beyond the aforementioned warmth) is that there are literally thousands to choose from. Beanies know no boundaries!!! And if you take a look around, they sort of become one with their wearer (I wear mine high and straight up, Elle wears her rolled and tight to the skull!)

So we thought it would be fun to show you some of our favorites — hand knit, ski slope ready and pom-pom adorned; there’s something for everyone. And Anna has just enough happy expressions to demonstrate the joy you will experience while wearing them when that first snow flake falls.

beanies anna gray garance dore photos

Sweater, HM.
Black, Eugenia Kim; Green Neon, Supreme; Blue and white, Patagonia; Pink beanie, Mischa Lampert; Grey with stripe puff, Eugenia Kim;  Teal blue, Eugenia Kim; Mohawk beanie, Mischa Lampert; Furry beige, Zara; Multi stripe with puff on top, Eugenia Kim; Grey (with iPhone), HM; Burgundy stripe headband, Tory Burch Sport; Grey melange and black with puff, Topshop; Black, Eugenia Kim; Blue (with book), HM.

Words & styling: Brie Welch | Photos: Erik Melvin


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  • J’adore les bonnets ! J’en porte tout le temps l’hiver même si ici il ne fait pas aussi froid qu’à New-York.
    Cette année je vais alterner avec le chapeau :)


  • Crazy, I’ve been looking for a pink beanie in this exact shade !!! Where is it from ?

  • It’s Love & Hate relationship that i have with those beanies….wake up in the morning going out in the cold with a face half asleep….and eyes still not open ….if you are not 16y you want look great like in this beautiful pictures!!!
    sooooo please sos find me another solution !!!!
    Yael Guetta

  • Well I never really liked beanies. Prefered to keep my head covered with my scarf whenever it felt too cold to handle! Until this day I came across an old woolen beanie in the colour of mustard that my father used to wear, as I was clearing out old stuff…I wear this beanie all the time ever since. It makes me feel so warm and protected and cosy….just a little closer to him!!!

  • I love Beanies!! Unfortunately only while I am wearing them. Taking them off… HELP!! Hair is one mess, flat and flying away that the same time hahah
    But that won’t keep me from wearing them (I wouldn’t survive the winter without)

  • Hello,

    I see unmarked the pick neon(fourth one in top row) and the mohawk like one(second one bottom row) and not marked. They look like Mischa Lampert hats, are they? Best, Annie

  • Awesome post – the black beanie in the second row middle – where is it from?

  • Check out my Etsy store for hand knitted beanies and berets! I knit with love!

  • I don’t think I have the right head for a beanie

  • HI!!!! Love the beanies, but what is that glorious sweater she is wearing??? I just love it!!!!

  • Check out WOOLN beanies, hand-knitted in New-York by grandmas!
    Look Great, Keep Warm, Do Good

    Faustine & Margaux

  • J’adooooore même si je trouve que ça ne va pas a la forme de mon visage/ma tête :) Mais je vais quand même devoir me lancer sachant que je serait à New-York pour Noël et Jour de l’an et que je n’ai pas envie que mes cheveux et me oreilles tombent de froid ahah


  • jolie jolie!

    (Petite coquille, la marque de l’un des beannies est PATAGONIA et non patagonie)

  • J’adore cet article !
    Merci je pense craquer pour des nouveaux bonnets !

  • In Canada, this type of hat is called a toque (rhymes with ‘duke’). A beanie conjures up the image of the little hat with the propeller on top!

  • Bahaha! I was wondering where the ‘beanies’ were hiding because all I could see were toques!

  • I used to hate beanies, but now I cannot imagine surviving winter months without it. It just makes me feel so snug and warm. Maybe it’s not very chic, my hair is flat almost all the time, but the alternatives are: a) staying indoors from October until March, b) moving somewhere nearer the Equator.

  • Et d’où vient le superbe pull? :)

  • I really like the ones with pom poms, especially the Mohawk. As soon as I get 2 minutes and a crochet hook at the same time, I’m making one.

  • Brie, the layered beanie and hat combo was the best ever! Not something I could pull off, but on you it looks brilliant!

    I would love to see ways how short haired women wear beanies and hats, though. I have always worn beanies, but ever since I got a short pixie cut I struggle with them, so I sort of put the beanie on the back of my head, so that the front pieces would still show, and put a hood on the back of my head, too. This is the only way I think it looks cute. But you can’t always wear hoods either. I need help.

  • Hi Margot!
    Garance mentions the same issue with her short crop! I think pulling a few strands of hair out is nice, but will see if I can’t find a solution for this dilemma :)

  • When my hair was so short, I either pulled a few strands to show them, or I chose a big beanie/ski hat that folds over the ears and showed no hair at all. For me it’s just about proportion – a small tight beanie with no hair would look like a swimming cap, but if it’s bigger, I think it works.

  • I love these pictures! Still looking for the perfect beanie myself but these look promising :)

  • I love all of those beanie!! They are so cute!!! I love them so much!!

  • These are great picks. I’ve been looking for the perfect really chunky beanie but I haven’t found one yet :(.

    Urban Decay Vice 4 Giveaway

  • Moi j’adore celui avec la crete en pompoms! Trop stylé!

    Bizous, Christelle

  • I love a good white knitted beanie in the winter, when everything is freezing. I’ve seen the other comments, I used to have short hair myself and in those times I wore French berets. But now with my long locks, I can be more childish and go back to the beanie!


  • Hello, sorry slightly unrelated but could you please start writing about Xmas presents suggestions. It is fast approaching and it would be good to get some inspiration before the mad December rush…thanks!

  • I am short sighted and wear glasses (Jenna Lyons style/type). Beanie doesn’t look good with glasses. Or maybe it doesn’t look good with me :)

  • Great ways to keep warm this summer! Nothing compares to a chic beanie!
    Fashion Soup

  • Not Very Beanies November, 19 2015, 9:09 / Reply

    Sorry but I don’t like beanies:! They are full of microbs and also .. SO UGLY! looks like she has a condom on her head ;S

  • I think some of them look good (1, 4, 6, 10, 13). For me the key is that they don’t add too much height to my head, and the pom-pom doesn’t stick up that much. Also, I think the point is to also cover your ears, which get colder faster than the rest of the head, so it looks silly if they’re bare.

  • I love all of them! they are the perfect accessory for winter! xoxo

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  • Love the beanies! I make and sell beanies too, I like them modern and simple, and using finest quality Italian yarns.

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