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Garance Doré Café, Day One.

3pm, in my apartment.

Shit. Everyone’s coming back from summer vacation, it’s Fashion Week, it’s the first day of the pop-up café we’re hosting with Cointreau, and I have nothing to wear because I didn’t do my vacation homework (i.e. spend a week shopping / juicing / borrowing clothes / getting my whole body botoxed / re-learning how to walk in heels). It’s 39720 degrees in my new apartment, the AC is broken, and all my clothes are in boxes. Yay!!!

But I’m not stressed. The spirit of summer is still with me and it guides my hand toward a long white blouse that I happen to find sublime, but which could also be mistaken for a (white) potato sack from a distance. Oh well, I’ll wear a belt, in the spirit of Alex’s “just belt it” and I head to the café.

4pm, at the pop up café.

Aaaand here comes the stress. Good bye spirit of summer! How are we going to manage these three days? Will people even come? Why didn’t we announce it earlier? Why is it so hot? Is the AC not working? And the scones, can I taste the scones? And why are these tables set up like that? And what about the music? I don’t hear the music?
My team looks at me with an air of desperation – they’ve been working on the café for days now. Everything is perfect. And here I am dropping in and unloading all my stress on them. I decide to order a cocktail calm down right away.


Woooooo! No, seriously, EVERYTHING IS PERFECT! The café were we chose to set up our café was remodeled from floor to ceiling by The Gathery team, who works regularly with Cointreau. We gave them our ideas and they made it all a reality, pushing them even further than we could have imagined. They created a special wallpaper for the occasion, set up a beautiful wall of plants, and created shelves just for our products and posters. It’s gorgeous! I never would have imagined they could transform the space like that.


All the tables are filled! I’m going around and saying hello to everyone, because honestly, life is pretty cool, right?


Paul Andrew, the amazing shoe designer arrives. We don’t know each other, but he’s beautiful, kind, intelligent, talented, and I’m super impressed. I have to interview him in 30 minutes. I hope I won’t do too bad of a job!

I get another cocktail relax a bit.


It’s time for the interview. I’m not too stressed in public, I mean, especially in these conditions, because I feel like my readers are my friends. It’s a smiling, relaxed audience, and I’ve got a few conferences under my belt and a few cocktails, too, I have to say.


The interview went so well! I totally fell in love with Paul. I should celebrate! I’ll get another cocktail.

paul andrew garance dore cafe cointreau pop up photos
garance dore cafe cointreau pop up photos

garance dore cafe cointreau pop up photos

garance dore cafe cointreau pop up photos


It’s time to start stressing out about dinner, which is an occupation onto itself. Dinners during Fashion Week are almost always a shit show – people are busy, they arrive late, they leave early, they’ve got 126 other events to be at at the same time, and even the most beautiful dinner can quickly turn into a mess.

And all I want is for my dinner to be the coolest dinner on earth. That’s not asking too much, is it?


My guests start to arrive. I’m totally freaking out, but I try to laugh about it (That’s my secret in life: always say what’s going on inside instead of trying to hide it – it makes everyone feel more relaxed and they know why you look crazy)

Until every single guest arrives, I’m going to have a hard time breathing (it’s always like that when I organize parties or dinners. I’m terrorized that 1/ no one will come 2/ everyone will get bored 3/ the neighbors will call the cops (???)


I’ll get another cocktail . Actually, no, how about a glass of wine, instead?


Ok. Almost everyone is here, and the ones who aren’t are keeping me posted about their every move via text (At the show. Starts in 3 min / Ok, show over, have to find my driver then I’ll be on my way / Shit, traffic is terrible on 42nd…) which reassures me just about as much as it stresses me out.

But hey, I’ll keep smiling, right? I sip a cocktail relax chatting with Paul, Caroline, Erin, and Athena.


It’s SO GOOD! The food!!! The dinner my friend (as I told you it was a story about friends) Camille, the chef from Navy, came up with is delicious, and everyone seems to be having a great time. My heart stops racing for the first time since 3:30. It feels good.


I’m feeling so good, I’ll give a toast. Why not? I love toasts, even when people have nothing to say other than thank you, which is the case for me tonight.
I check my texts, and there are three more (Still stuck on 42nd, ugh I’m gonna die! I should just take the subway! / Ah, it’s finally moving again! GPS says I’ll be there in 4 minutes.)


Everyone sticks around for a bit after dessert, which makes me hysterically happy because, for me, that’s the sign of a successful dinner, especially during Fashion Week where the rule is usually to leave right after the main dish to show that you :
– have a life
– are bored to death
– think you were seated at the worst table
(That’s why I never assign seats. I let people sit wherever they’d like)
(Sometimes it’s also because people REALLY have a paper to write for the morning)


My friend who was stuck on 42nd finally arrives.

I’m totally relaxed, super cool, I say goodbye to everyone, I decide to cancel all the parties I’d promised to go to (being a hostess really takes it out of Garance!) and I go to bed.

garance dore cafe cointreau pop up photos

garance dore cafe cointreau pop up photos

morgan collate lauren cohan garance dore cafe cointreau pop up photos

garance dore cafe cointreau pop up photos

garance dore cafe cointreau pop up photos

Garance Doré Café, Day Two.

My apartment, 3pm

Shit again. What am I supposed to wear today? I spent all morning working without thinking for one second about the fact that since I did nothing about it yesterday, I still have nothing to wear today.


Text from Amanda: “I’m on my way with your clothes!”
Oh yeah!!! I totally forgot!
I’ll be interviewing Phillip Lim today, so he sent me a whole series of great looks to wear – all I’d have to do is slip right into them. The life of a fashion influencer is so great sometimes!!! ;)


Except they’re all Fall/Winter looks, made of WOOL, and it’s 20278 degrees outside (and stormy, so very humid, yay for shiny skin, yay for crazy hair, woohoo!)
I decide to go with a beautiful sheer jacket – it’s warm, but beautiful, but warm. Yeah, but beautiful. But…Ok, you get the point. And to go with it, after four hours of debating with Chris (he’s playing tonight, so he gets to help pick my outfit – it’s rare)(mostly cause he doesn’t care) I go with a GOLD super mini mini skirt that even Nicki Minaj wouldn’t dare wear.

I don’t know guys, I’m feeling good today.


And not so smart, either. When I stand up, my outfit isn’t bad, but…
Sitting down, I’m half naked.
And there I am sitting on a high stool with Phillip Lim, fashion god, at my right, and me on the left, or rather, Garance Minaj.

The café is absolutely overflowing. It’s a really great audience, full of girls, but some guys too, lots of super looks, and everyone is really excited to see Phillip.

I make a joke about my skirt being too short. EVERYONE LAUGHS, which proves that my fashion faux pas is REAL.


But Phillip Lim is so great, I forget about my mini-skirt-gate as soon as he starts speaking. I tell myself this kind of mistake is totally me, which makes me human, be who you are, blah blah blah, Instagram quote, and also, I order a cocktail.

5:20pm (let’s rewind a little)

“I don’t know how to make clothes for a life I don’t live.”

“You can’t hate your hustle because someone else will.”

“Start with 1 oz or 10 oz of questions, add a tablespoon of self doubt, mix together with noise–all types of noise. Then stir or shake with emotions, pour hopeful results into a chilled frigid glass. And a brutally strong drink perfect for the brave.” Phillip Lim

garance dore cafe cointreau pop up photos

garance dore cafe cointreau pop up photos

garance dore cafe cointreau pop up photos
garance dore cafe cointreau pop up photos


I sit down in the cafe, I order another cocktail relax and chat with lots of great people. I hang out, exactly like I wanted. Everyone is happy, some of the girls who were there yesterday came back, which makes me incredibly happy because it means they enjoyed it (or that the cocktails are really irresistible, which is true). Chris does his sound check, and I can’t wait to hear him play tonight.


The cafe is filling up at an alarming pace, but I’m totally happy inside. Sharing this with as many people as possible is exactly what we wanted, and what my team’s been working on day and night for days and nights.


Now I’m super happy. My best friends are here, mixed with my readers, my team, and their friends, and it’s kind of like a big family, kind of amazing, I have to say. Chris and his band start to play.


Ok, now there’s a line outside in the pouring rain. It’s kinda cool, but kinda not cool. We squeeze in to make room, and manage to get everyone in. Phew!!!


I’m dancing by myself.


I’m dancing with lots of people!!


People are clapping, yelling, cheering, this is a party !
Chris is great, I’m super proud of him, and he looks thrilled. I mean, if you can measure satisfaction by how much he’s sweating, well, he’s very, very happy.


Sebastien Perrin, a DJ I love, starts playing. And it’s really good. We dance, we hang out, we’re all having a great time.


The cafe team and I became best friends, so now it’s time for mega super hugs. I cancel all the other parties I’d promised to go to, I grab Chris, and we go home to watch Narcos because we’re DEAD tired. It’s exhausting entertaining people!

garance dore cafe cointreau pop up photos

garance dore cafe cointreau pop up photos

miranda levitt garance dore cafe cointreau pop up photos
sebastien perrin garance dore cafe cointreau pop up photos

Garance Doré Café, Day Three
3pm, my apartment.

Last day. Time goes by so fast!!!
You know what I’m going to say, right? I still have nothing to…BUT ACTUALLY NO! I know exactly what I’m going to wear, and it’s this white romper I just received from AYR. I love it.
(I love rompers, they fix all the problems of finding an outfit in one fell swoop) (a romper and a pair of heels, and you’re all good)


I’m sitting with Aurélie on the cafe terrace, chatting. French style!
Aurelie is my third interviewee, and she’s terribly shy. But we’re great friends, so she gets a cocktail decides to relax.


The talk goes well, since I’m not naked, and since Aurelie is a treasure full of charm.


“At the beginning it was very organic, and it’s still very organic, because I didn’t have a plan.”

“Opening a store changed everything. I could finally do my own merchandising, have my own creative vision with my jewelry.” Aurelie

garance dore cafe cointreau pop up photos

garance dore cafe cointreau pop up photos

garance dore cafe cointreau pop up photos


I’m starting to really get the hang of this! I go around saying hi to everyone, I chat with readers, grab a cocktail along the way…I’m turning into a golden hostess!


I chat with a group of girls who were there yesterday (yayy) who met at the cafe (double yay!!) and came back (triple yayyy!!!) together (quadruple yaayyy!!!) because yesterday was so good (orgasm).

Uh oh.
Tonight it’s comedy club at the cafe, four amazing girls are going to give us a stand up show… And it looks like social media did its job: the café is bursting at the seams.

There’s a line outside.

I try to manage as best I can, I go say hi to the people waiting patiently outside with smiles on their faces. Ahhh, they’re sweethearts.

The girls start. Alex and Danielle from Srsly, then Michelle Buteau, then Carmen Lynch. Three totally different comedy styles, but super complementary. I hear people laugh and applaud, and nothing could make me happier.

I’ve been dreaming of doing a comedy club for a long time – humor has always been an integral part of this blog and nothing makes me happier than discovering new talents.

It’s kind of symbolic for me – to start Fashion Week with a big laugh, feeling relaxed, with people from all different backgrounds. I kiss, I hug, I chat, I have so much fun. My team and I are so happy.
Mission accomplished!

I sit down on the terrace, I stretch out my legs, and I relax while sipping on, yes, I promise, a cup of TEA. Earl Grey. With a square of chocolate.

I tell myself it’s a great opportunity and an incredible joy to be able to host people like that, to make people happy. To be with them (you!) without necessarily being the main attraction, but just available and present, like a friend.

I owe it all to Cointreau and to the amazing teams who helped us create this café, but I also owe it to all of you who have always been so adorable and respectful that I always jump on any occasion to meet you.

On that note, I have to go. I’m on my way to Milan. Nothing to do with Fashion Week. I’m going to meet Nicole Kidman! Sending kisses, and thanks again!!!

Translated by Andrea Perdue

srsly girls garance dore cafe cointreau pop up photos

garance dore cafe cointreau pop up photos

garance dore cafe cointreau pop up photos

garance dore cafe cointreau pop up photos

Photos: Erik Melvin.


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  • Awwww well done! Beautiful happy faces + those cocktails look amazing! P.S. Cannot wait for the book to arrive to me! XO

  • Les photos laissent transparaître tant de bonheur et de joie… Et quelle belle et grande famille que celle de la mode.
    Je suis vraiment fière d’être une de tes fidèles lectrices.
    Bonne virée à Milan

  • Quel délicieux post ! Si tu me le permets je t’emprunte ton secret de vie : “toujours dire ce qui se passe à l’intérieur plutôt que de le cacher, ça détend tout le monde”, belle philosophie. Ça va tout à fait dans la direction de mon nouveau moi en ce début d’année scolaire. Je commence aujourd’hui même. :)

    Idée : des Garance Doré Café dans d’autres villes du monde, ça serait super pour tes lectrices world wide.

  • LaureLoewenguth September, 15 2015, 10:06 / Reply

    Il me tarde d’aller à New York afin d’y découvrir une telle ambiance …

  • 3 jours de folie, et beaucoup de cocktails! Ca devait être super sympa, bravo en tout cas, en espérant que tu renouvelles l’expérience l’année prochaine!

  • Sunny Side September, 15 2015, 10:12 / Reply

    Accueillir … recevoir … partager, donner c’est une telle joie ! Ah oui fais un comedy club !

  • one and only word: don’t change anything, you are the best! :-)

  • Ah j’aurais trop aimé être là, même si en fait j’ai toujours peur de pas être à ma place dans ce genre d’événement un peu mondain quand même. Mais là, ça avait l’air détendu… ET les cocktails avaient l’air pas trop mal ;-)
    Quand est-ce que tu nous organises ça à Paris ?
    PS : c’es agréable d’entendre parler d’autre chose que de fashion week. Merci G.

  • L’ambiance avait l’air sur agréable! C’est magifique et convivial, J’espère que malgré le stress c’était aussi une belle expérience pour toi! et j’aime beaucoup la robe de Caroline Issa ^^

    Des bises,


  • I love that you did this! I would have loved to go

  • Tout le monde est beau, tout le monde est gentil ?

  • Ah j’aurais tellement voulu vivre un peu de tout ça!!!! :)
    Glad everything went so well, have a nice time in Milan :)

  • You made great pictures because the place by itself …i never liked it…
    you have a magic touch….
    Yael Guetta

  • Congratulations! It sounds amazing, so sorry I had to miss it!

  • Garance, thank you so much for making #fashionweek experience so different ! I did indeed felt like your close friend for a moment :)

  • vanessa la belge September, 15 2015, 11:06 / Reply

    Oh, ca à l’air top !!! Bon même si je suis sure que j’aurais fait tâche parmi tous ces gens cool et à la pointe de la hype, j’aurais adoré y être…
    A quand un event à Paris? (oui je suis de Bruxelles mais Paris c’est quand meme vachement loin que NY….)

  • Je suis MORTE DE JALOUSIE. On a droit à un Pop Up Café encore plus cool à Paris, dis?
    Puis je dis ça mais devant toi, j’aurais été mortifiée, et donc après avoir vidé tous les cocktails je te sauterais au cou (oui parce que je suis toute petite!) et te faire un gros hug tellement je te trouve géniale et inspirante et canon et drôle et géniale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Et je ferai de même à toute ton équipe talentueuse, je les kiffe comme on dit.

  • It was a great party and so much fun! The comedians were hilarious and you were shining! Thank you again!

  • Ahahah Garance Minaj, j’ai tellement ris, merci!! Par contre PHOTO PLEASE!!

    Sinon je suis un peu super jalouse, quand est-ce qu’on aura le droit à tout ça à Paris? ;)

  • I was one of the girls who were in line in the pouring rain. I was so glad when you let everyone in!
    Thank you for making such event, me and my friend really enjoyed it!
    Ps: the cocktails were amazing!!!

  • you are posting more images of yourself lately, i love it! you are beautiful and happy : )

  • Agreed! I love your style and seeing more of it.

  • Un post comme je les aime. Long, detaille et tres drole, a la Garance ! J’ai presque avale (ma bouchee de baguette avec du camembert) de travers en lisant : Garance Minaj !!!
    Je regrette d’etre si loin de NYC……. :-(

  • J’ai oublie : belles photos qui donnent l’impression d’y etre.

  • so happy it turned out well! i RSVP’d and sadly wasn’t able to make it. wish i could’ve been there!

  • Lisa Walker September, 15 2015, 12:14 / Reply

    Hahahhaha! Thoroughly enjoyed this with my morning coffee, and as I scrolled down for pics, thinking i had come to the end, I realized there was ANOTHER day, and laughed so hard my neighbors could hear. You are hilarious.

  • Beautiful photos and a grat play by play of fashion week. I love feeling like I was there too!

    Analog House

  • I love you Garance! You make the most glamorous of events seem like just another crazy day. Thank you for being so down to earth and sharing all of your inner monologue!

  • Wow! trop génial! Mais pourquoi tu n’as pas fait ça quand j’étais à NY, il y a un mois?! (Ben quoi? Tu n’organises pas ta vie en fonction de moi?! Eh bien tu devrais commencer à y songer sérieusement! :) )…J’aurais vraiment vraiment adoré être parmi vous et me “détendre” avec toi ;). Félicitations à toute ton équipe pour ces 3 jours qui ont vraiment l’air d’avoir été une réussite!

  • Garance, you miracle! What a fantastic write-up! I feel happy and energized and blissed out just reading it. Thank you for sharing!

  • Et ce ton qui ne change jamais, énergique, drôle et sincère ! J’adore. Toujours autant.
    Heureuse pour toi que tout se soit déroulé à la hauteur de tes espérances.
    Parce que, il n’y a pas de fumée sans feu, tu le vaux bien !
    Bisous ;)

    ps : canon ce papier peint !!!

  • That was the best fashion week story I have ever read. Garance, you made me feel as if I attended those three evenings, had that amazing dinner, listened to Chris’ playing and laughed hard with the comedians. Oh my! It is a true gift to write in a way as the readers feel like active participants not just by-standers!!! Amazing! I was in Poland at that time but after reading your post, I felt like I was there at the Cafe!

  • Sublime! What a magical recollection of beautiful evenings x

  • Delores DeMay September, 15 2015, 2:06 / Reply

    Wish I was there all the nights you celebrated love the Cafe your energy created……you rock Garance……

  • J’aime beaucoup ce post Garance, ça du bien de lire du POSITIF (joie, bonne humeur, actions stimulantes…) Ces 3 jours démontrent à quel point tu as un don Garance (et je ne parle pas de tes talents d’écritures).
    Bravo pour ce que tu as produit, j’aimerai tellement que tu fasses ce genre de choses à Paris pfff… ;)

  • Garance, you are an amazing woman!

  • How I wish I was there. Its time for you guys to make more video content.

    Everything looks so so beautiful. And gorgeous pictures.

  • beautiful – charming – just splendid

    now~ when are we going to see you in Berlin?

  • Sounds like the best 3 day party ever!!!
    That wall paper is divine! I’d buy some if it were in stores.

  • That wall paper is divine! I’d buy some if it were in stores.

  • Amaziiiing! Looks like the perfect night(s) out. I love that you always feel like you don’t have anything to wear but always look amazeballs, there might be hope for me yet!
    So happy your writing here has become more frequent!

  • Merveilleux ! Je regrette tellement d’être sur le mauvais continent ! Je trouve l’idée géniale, et le résultat a l’air d’avoir été plus qu’à la hauteur ! Ce post en tout cas met des étoiles dans les yeux :)
    (Ps : s’il-te-plait ne te botoxe pas Garance, ça serait dommage pour tellement de raisons).

  • Jane with the noisy terrier September, 15 2015, 5:35 / Reply

    I had such a good time, your team is truly a dream team and I adore them. I don’t know if I told you when I saw you but the noisy terrier had a very serious (and unexpected, as these things always are) surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in the front of his mouth on Wednesday afternoon and going to your cafe was my first reprise from my nursing duties. His prognosis is very good though I may have to send him to Promises to get over his addiction to prescription painkillers. Needless to say, my nerve endings were frayed and just spending an hour with a delicious cocktail and some lovely company was like a soothing balm for my spirit and for that, I send you and your team a very big “merci beaucoup!”

  • Please know that you have admirers all the way in Trinidad and Tobago and you, the way you present yourself, your brand your business comes across so perfectly… you are such an inspiration for me. A follower for a few years well now but a first time commenter :) ~Beautiful party! (*there in my dreams *)

  • Je trouve ces événements incroyablement orchestrés. Une question me taraude : ne voudrais tu pas mettre tes talents/réseau/et tout au service d’une cause? En tant que lectrice, je ressens souvent un plaisir coupable à te lire au vu notamment de l’actualité pas glop! Et puis comme tu le disais dans un autre post, qd on admire qqn on aimerait savoir ce qu’elle pense de plein de choses et pas forcément sa vie intime (sinon je m’abonnerai à gala!)… L’inspiration vient aussi de la façon que tu utilises ta notoriété, non ? Bises!

  • Was there on day 3, loved the event, one of the few guys there, the drinks were amazing, I was too shy to say Hi, but my friend did ask Neada to take a pic with us, so that made my year, and was worth the flight from LA!!

  • please, please start making that wallpaper!

  • Sounds like it was absolutely lovely, Garance! Bonne chance avec la prochaine fete ;)

  • Ca avait l’air chouette, les gens sont souriants, détendus… super!
    Mais tu n’as pas mis de photo de la mini en or, je crois que c’est un oubli majeur dans ce récit, très drôle par ailleurs.

  • Fantastic, many congrats to you and everyone involved. I love the custom designs, the t-shirts, napkins etc, really nice touch.

  • This sounds like so much fun! I can’t believe I missed this in 2 days…well hopefully there will be a next time!

  • Quelle joie il ressort de ce post, l’impression que tout cela t’émerveille encore comme une gamine devant un nouveau jouet. Cela fait plaisir et du bien. Merci… et comme les copines, y’aurait moyen de faire quelque chose de très chouette à Paris, non ?

  • Et la photo de la mini jupe dorée, non? :)

    Sinon, rien à voir mais hier soir, mal de gorge hivernal en automne, tout va bien, j’avais plus de rhum pour me faire un grog et j’ai mis du cointreau! Ben c’est carrément bon en fait!!

    Du coup, j’en ai fait un deuxième mais c’est uniquement parce que j’étais vraiment HYPER malade quoi… ;)

  • U r a Brand…U r in love….u just wrote a very long article….if u don’t have time to stress what to wear fashion week…hire a stylist..U will never remember stressing what to wear ..u will have great memories of this summer….

  • Looks like a perfect Fashion Week day! Your pictures exude such a fun vibe!

  • Aww, ça a l’air genial Garance … BRAVO !!! J’aurais bien aimé être à NY…pour venir aussi .
    Quand est-ce que tu vas organiser un pop up – café à Paris ???
    PS : tout à fait d’accord – Combi + talons la meilleure tenue au monde !

  • Dear Garance, Everything and everyone is so beautiful….. but I want to see your photo in the GOLD skirt…. in the super mini mini mini gold skirt…..please

  • Bonjour Garance,

    Avec le temps, je pense que ton mode de vie et de pensée est de plus en plus influencé par les USA. Cet enthousiasme exacerbé et sans nuance (“Amaziiiiig !! Love !! etc.”) est parfois frais, parfois à la limite de l’inintéressant. Un oeil plus critique (constructive bien sûr, la critique) sur ce qui t’entoure, la fashion week, la mode et les sujets que tu traites dans ton blog en général le rendrait plus mature. Parfois, on se demande si c’est le blog d’une ado qui découvre la vie, les amis…
    Je pense que ta réussite prouve que tu es plus maligne que ça pour trouver ta place dans cet univers connu pour être assez impitoyable. N’aie pas peur de nous montrer cette facette, probablement plus subtile et intéressante que des grands cris de joie qui font beaucoup d’effet mais ne disent pas grand chose.

    Best xx

  • génial !

  • Thank you for sharing your honesty about anxiety hosting a dinner or parties! I always fear those exact same things (so one will show up! What if they get bored?!) Glad to know I am not the only one.

  • :)))), félicitations !!!!

  • Marjolaine September, 16 2015, 2:02 / Reply

    Magnifiques photos et très beau post, on s’y croirait! Merci de partager ça avec nous!!! Bravo Garance et bravo à toute l’équipe, ça a du être un sacré travail d’organisation!

  • Garance, I really enjoyed reading this! I love posts like that, as I like having a peek inside your life. I feel like I get to know you better this way. Besides, congratulations on the event! It seems like it turned out very glamorous!

    Btw I try to imagine Garance Minaj. I’m still laughing!



  • thank you Eric for those amazing photographs !

  • So fun to read…but now I’m really tired and I think I’ll go watch something on netflix (Not Narcos…I just couldn’t get into it.)

  • déménagement ?!?! je n’aime pas… mais bon, il faut le faire pour profiter au max après avec les amis :)
    xo xo from Paris

  • How about in .. PARIS? I am sure Garance it would be a HUGE hit!!

  • I love this. I’m kinda bummed that I might never (never say never I guess? hence the “might”) experience such exciting days like yours…..

  • génial, ca donne envie !!! Avez-vous pu faire des vidéos pour nous partager ?
    Mais sinon tu ne peux ab-so-lu-ment pas passer à coté de nous montrer la PHOTO DE TA MINI ROBE OR !! Tu peux pas nous faire ça comme même tout ça parce qu’on n’habite pas NY et qu’on n’a pas pu venir au 2e jour alors on est puni quoi. Non mais. :)))))

  • I love those “I’m very happy” shirts!! Are those available for purchase or were they just for the event?

  • C’était absolument génial ! J’étais là le vendredi et j’ai passé une excellente soirée. Merci :)

  • Garance you are ever so charming and down to earth!
    Will you have a party line available i.e. Napkins???!!!

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This Or That

Silja Danielsen Photo

This Or That: Low Knot or Top Knot