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Alana On Crosby Street

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Yes! Another turtleneck! But this time in a softer, more feminine style that Alana somehow perfectly balances with the more utilitarian notes of her trousers and boots. There could hardly be a better outfit for a long, early fall day walking around New York

She kind of works casual style wonders, doesn’t she!?

Alana’s thing is fashion that is not only approachable but entirely practical — a comfortable boot, a hat to fend off the wind, layers (the true secret to surviving fall’s unpredictable climate!), and a simple cross body bag made or the more endearing in a pop of feminine color.

I just love how she negotiated two different, almost opposing style ideas and brought them together in effortless harmony.

alana greszata street style garance dore photo

Sweater, J.Crew; Pants, Madewell; Army jacket, vintage; Hat, vintage Davis; Combat boots, Palladium; Bag, Nine West.

Text: Neada Jane | Photos: Erik Melvin


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  • Jane with the noisy terrier October, 24 2015, 9:31 / Reply

    I love this kind of dressing, polished yet casual and comfortable. My only gripe is this new trend of wearing hats way back on the head. It reminds me of Boy George in Culture Club in extreme cases. Tilt the hat a few degrees forward and this look is perfection.

  • What a lovely pop of pink! Ok I paid a lot more (ouch! But worth it! : / ) for a similar bag at Il Bisonte SoHo. Never thought of pairing it like this. Perfect!

  • ouhaa les jolis yeux semis bridés et verts, avec un nez retroussé et des minis taches de rousseurs, cette fille est canon! :D

  • Mais d’où vient cette idée qu’un chapeau ca aide à lutter contre le vent? Ca s’envole et puis c’est tout!

  • I love her look! However, I’ve pretty much given up on J.Crew’s cashmere this year. I’ve been a customer of their’s for over 20 years and my cashmere from this year is not nearly as nice or sized as well as my sweaters in the past. Every item I purchased I returned. From now on I’ll either purchase Equipment of White & Warren. I don’t know what’s going on with J.Crew, but it makes me sad.

  • I could not agree more about the JCrew cashmere! So disappointing. You can read about it in so many reviews on their site — such as shame that they haven’t responded.

  • Joli visage entoure de couleurs tres douces. Impossible de porter un pull a col roule dans mon “neck of the woods”, l’hiver est pratiquement inexistant. Je suis d’accord avec Jane with the noisy terrier pour le port du chapeau, un peu plus a l’avant et le look serait parfait.

  • Super look, tout a fait mon style!! J’adore!

    Bizous, Christelle

  • Gorgeous outfit! Cool and chic! Love it! Hope you visit my blog and check my outfits as well! :)

    Nazl?gül | on my own way

  • Love a polar neck. Beautiful woman and pairing. The top half is just my style.

    Concur with the quality of J Crew cashmere and also some of their wool products; the last two season have left me wanting.

  • I was going to donate my green jeans. This post saved them. Gave me a new perspective on them.

  • Le changement est en grande partie sur l’adaptation à un moment dans la mode haut de gamme où les goûts personnels et l’individualité – pas la conformité – sont les badges ultimes de cool. Mais les experts disent que le penchant pour les produits de luxe plus discret est également en partie alimentée par le débat politique mijote à propos de l’inégalité des revenus: , qui quitte certains grands dépensiers peur que ce soit collant à porter des pantalon et des bottes qui annonce pratiquement son à quatre chiffres étiquette de prix.
    c’est difficile de trouver une tenu mieux adaptée pour ces jolis pantalons et bottes pour faire une longue balade.

  • Bon bah vous m’avez convaincue qu’il fallait que je ressorte mes cols roulés du placard :) Quelle beauté en tout cas !

  • What a striking face she has! Very beautiful!
    And I love the outfit – like Jane the top commenter I too am totally down with a comfortable yet polished look to go about your day in easily.

  • She’s so beautiful!

    Have a look at our new collection:

  • Faldas y vestidos de listas, flores, lunares, llanos y de
    diferentes colores, prendas con estampado étnico… ¡Gooza de la ropa paa mujer de C&A!

  • impress with your photography skills.

  • I love her look! Be that as it may, I’ve practically abandoned J.Crew’s cashmere this year. I’ve been a client of their’s for more than 20 years and my cashmere from this year

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