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I know you know this slide. You’ve probably worn it before. Some would argue it’s never gone anywhere, others would say it’s in the spotlight now more than ever since the fashion world started to embrace it. So what’s the deal?

I’ve put together a very accurate timeline showing the history of the Adidas slide and its impact on the (fashion) world…

1972: The Adilette was introduced as the go anywhere sport slide. A lot of people call them shower slides or pool slides, since they are perfect for wearing around the gym locker room to protect your feet from the wet (and not always inviting) floor.

1988: I was born.

2000: I played soccer, and I couldn’t play soccer without a pair of these slides.

2001: I quit soccer. But I wore my slides to summer camp. And everywhere. With everything. Even with socks.

2003: I part ways with my slides (amicably) and probably because I traded them for bejeweled flip flops.

2006: There is a photo of Mark Zuckerberg in the New York Times wearing the velcro version of this slide.

2010: The slide appears throughout the movie, The Social Network.

June 2013: The slides appear in a resort look book. Chloé does their take on the slide for resort.

October 2013: Spotted the slides in an editorial for Interview (on Karlie Kloss, no less). Our Adilettes are everywhere as a more radical alternative to the already old news Birkenstock.

Today: The Adidas flagship in SoHo only has the slides available in a men’s size 11. They have been out of stock for weeks, guys!

Since sandal weather has hit, I don’t think I’ve gone a day without seeing a pair on the subway, the street or in a café– and they aren’t on anyone who is on their way back from soccer practice.

If you would’ve told me in high school that I’d be living in New York, working in fashion and wearing a pair of shower slides, I would’ve said you were totally and completely insane. And here I am, not wearing them yet, but thinking hey for $30, maybe I should scoop up a pair? Who knows, they might even take me to a pool down the road…

What do you think of the trend? Are you going back to the original when it comes to your slides?


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  • Non, je déteste. Et je trouve que la mode doit être aussi élégance, c’est drôle, amusant, mais pas beau du tout!

  • I agree!! I don’t òike it, but I like it!!
    XOX, Gap.

  • i’m sitting this one out! :)


  • I’ve never worn the Adidas slide and most likely never will. I do have a pair of the Isabel Marant criss-cross slides and am starting to love them. I have a serious love affair with my Birks. I have the black leather ones with black buckles (great with dark-washed jeans) and a pair that I got from J. Crew that are navy with a white sole. I’m resisting the urge to buy the taupe suede ones, but I’m sure I’ll cave. What is essential to pulling off a slide is looking like you care about your feet like the woman in your picture. Otherwise, you just look like an old hippie.

    Btw, any idea who those white jeans are by?

  • Belinda June, 18 2014, 1:46

    Am obsessed with the MIH Paris jean (thanks Garance) but MIH advises ordering the white one size up. Just FYI.

  • I’ve been living in a pair of chunky chain Sam Edelman slides all Spring out here in LA – they’re just so comfy! Trend meets comfort is a good thing to me…

    xx, Kristi

  • Moi je commence à aimer…mais on m’aurait montré ça il y a 6 ans, j’aurais dit : “mais quelle est cette grosse beauf qui a osé sortir ac ses claquettes de piscine, manque plus que les chaussettes!”.
    Mais finalement, à force de les voir à droite, à gauche, sur des filles stylées, je me suis habituée et trouve ça plutôt cooooool…
    J’ai dû laissé ma personnalité au vestiaire, avec mes claquettes, vous ne l’auriez pas retrouvé par hasard?? ;-)

  • Tu oublies juste le truc le plus essentiel (en dehors de l’esthétisme controversé de la chose), c’est que c’est du plastique et… non le plastique ce n’est pas vraiment fantastique lorsque tu transpires (là pas besoin d’aller à la piscine, tu patauges déjà dans tes pompes, splash splash) et franchement je pense que la majorité des gens transpires des pieds l’été !! :-(

  • C’est tellement confortable ! Mais je ne suis pas une grande fan… A la maison peut être :p
    Bise !!


  • I like this trend!I want to buy a pair!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  • Cécile June, 18 2014, 9:48 / Reply

    Beurk ! La claquette de vestiaire devrait y rester selon moi !

  • Il faut savoir laisser certaines choses au bord de la piscine…

  • Theresa June, 18 2014, 9:51 / Reply

    I like them well enough, but the fact that everyone else is wearing them actually makes me less interested in the shoe. I prefer to stick to classics and if I want to spice up the outfit, I’ll throw in a less predictable piece.

  • one word


    so are those Garance’s legs (I do believe those MiH were posted as her favorites?) LOL

  • Alors j’ai vraiment beaucoup de mal avec les claquettes ! Je suis très tong mais pas du tout claquette… même pour la piscine, je peux pas, c’est trop trop trop … moche !

  • I actually remember Adidas slides and Stan smiths, Birks, simple brown sandals and loafers coming into style around 87/88. Fashion shifted from the glossy, tough, showy, blingy early 80s looks to preppy, earthy tomboy looks. The gap started getting popular as did jcrew. Loose button downs, white or old blue jeans, brown leather coach cross body purses. Then in the early 90s earthy preppy gave way to grunge somewhat.

  • Franchement moi j’aime bien les claquettes ! Je préfère ça aux Birks. Les claquettes Céline sont canons, et il y a bien d’autres modèles qui me plaisent ! Mais la vraie de vraie, celle qu’on met pour aller à la piscine je l’aime bien aussi ! Mais moi je ne peux pas investir, mon homme me l’interdit formellement…

  • c’est pire que moche, c’est ridicule. Bientôt, on va nous faire porter les crampons de foot en ville…. N’importe quoi.

  • Effectivement elle explose mais je ne sais pas pourquoi ! c’est laid et déjà à la piscine, j’ai dû mal ! Parfois je ne comprend pas l’engouement pour certaines choses … d’autant plus que c’est du plastique et avec la chaleur, ce n’est pas du tout confort ! Enfin, il en faut pour tous les goûts, non ?!

  • C’est vraiment laid, par contre le jean……

  • These are a staple in Korean loungewear. People wear them to the grocery store or to walk their dogs in these slides that we call slippers!

  • … I am wearing them today … love!

  • IMMONDE et BEAUF, franchement je ne vois pas ce qu’on lui trouve à la claquette. C’est du même niveau que les Crocs.

  • NO WAY ! c’est assez laid et j’ai la vision immédiate du maître nageur en slip de bain et en claquettes Adidas au bord du bassin… PLOC PLOC
    Bref, je n’adhère pas, de la même façon le retour du bermuda (traumatisme), la claquette adidas ne franchira pas ma porte d’entrée :D

  • Ah – I love a post that evokes nostalgia! My middle school years had me pretty much living in Birks and Adidas slides with socks. Memories!


  • Nope, can’t do it. My Adidas soccer slides retired alongside my Jansport backpack, field hockey uniform, and blue glitter eyeshadow in 2001. Besides, as an adult, I have a standing rule against plastic footwear.

  • Tooo funny! I saw the slides the other week at Adidas and had a total moment thinking these will totally come back…. mmmmm should i get a pair but then didnt, sigh’

  • can’t get over these slides…


  • sophaiii June, 18 2014, 12:09 / Reply

    Eté 1990, nos premières vacances sans les parents. Un copain dégaine ses claquettes adidas. Pour nous moquer de lui, on disait qu’il portait ses tiags (santiags) libanaises. Parce que pour nous, c’était les pauvres libanais qui portaient ce genre de choses. Maintenant que c’est très mode, on continue à en rire. Mais il faudrait nous payer pour en porter…

  • really want a pair mais je sais pas si je peux pull them off!!


  • princessglee June, 18 2014, 1:13

    Love your “Frenglish.”

  • Stephanie June, 18 2014, 12:53 / Reply

    Yeah….I don’t like them. Not to say someone couldn’t pull them off. The Muse for the Adidas slide could only be some sort of very pretty athlete girl who really doesn’t “do” fashion, but always looks amazing nonetheless. A swimmer, scuba-diving, rap music listening type girl. And that’s not me. Haha

  • I am a slide convert! Not the Birks or Adidas, the pair I went for are from Ancient Greek Sandals.. and I have barely taken them off!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  • rachel June, 18 2014, 1:02 / Reply

    I’ve always liked the Adidas slides but never had any. What I have had are those plastic Pali Hawaiian slide sandals, which to me fall into both “so ugly they’re cute” and “classic” categories. I’m pretty sure many people would disagree with me on both counts (http://www.alohaz.com/collections/pali-hawaii-sandals/products/classic-brown-pali-hawaii-sandals).

  • MissPimpin June, 18 2014, 1:03 / Reply

    No way

  • princessglee June, 18 2014, 1:04 / Reply

    Neeeeeext, skipping this trend. Even flip flops are more attractive, at least more feminine.

  • sev2108 June, 18 2014, 1:26 / Reply

    Gross. I also wore them when I was in high school (in the mid-90s). They are ugly and they smell awful. Pass.

  • Sandra June, 18 2014, 1:46 / Reply

    NEVER in my life! I live in Italy and 15 years ago they were selling a model( not Adidas) with a light on the on the tip: hilarious.

  • Je porte des claquettes…dans les vestiaires, et c’est tout!
    Encore un truc où on hurle au “fasheun style” sur une bombasse et c’est tout…

  • Yes! I used to have a pair when I played football in high school (1998), and they were so comfortable. I’d wear them for nostalgia alone.

  • Mon père on avait une quand j’étais gamine. Je ne sais pas pourquoi mais au Maroc on l’appelait “la sandale de France” (traduction mot à mot). ça me fait sourire de la voir de retour !!


  • Des claquettes , pourquoi pas , mais des NEWBARK
    M’enfin !

  • Caroline June, 18 2014, 2:31 / Reply

    I have very wide but well tended too, feet. I have to say these are more flattering than flip-flops for me!

  • I like it! Simple and strong design, and oh that comfy!

    X STYLONYM http://www.stylonym.blogspot.com

  • Alicia F June, 18 2014, 3:07 / Reply

    Ha. Those slides. They were useful for wearing with your shinguards and thick socks when not in cleats. BUT a fashion statement? Not so sure. My father in law keeps a pair by his back door to take the trash out… seems like a good place to keep and only wear them.

  • Celina June, 18 2014, 3:10 / Reply

    Just because they’re in doesn’t mean they’re cute. I love simplicity, comfort and practically. BUT the Adidas slides AND Birkenstocks are never showing up in my closet. I say Toms is where I draw the one.

  • Martine June, 18 2014, 5:36

    Nice. Its the perfect piece as much for the people who won’t wear it as for those that will.

  • Aaahhhh, I use to give my Dad a pair each Christmas for as long as I can remember. I live in Cape Town.
    Will definitely get myself a pair in honour of him and although I would never of dreamt that I would ever reach this point… I think they are so cool!

  • Je dirais oui si j’etais un homme. Je les porterais en mode ultra cool avec un pantacourt blanc un chouilla large et un t-shirt simple bleu marine, ou sinon avec un short de foot un peu “caillera” pour aller a la piscine. Et si j’etais un homme qui s’en contrefiche, alors oui, oui oui, je crois qu’un jour je ferais THE truc de diiiiingue: je les porterais avec des chaussettes pour aller au supermarche du coin. Juste pour voir ce que ca ferait.

    Mais en tant que bonne ptite francaise de la cote basque, il n’y a que mes havaianas et mes espadrilles qui me gagnent chaque ete (et je sais que bcp n’aiment pas non plus!!)

  • I dislike them so much! My husband has a pair and I have tried to get rid of them.
    Only if he know in one of my fav fashion blogs this ones are “trending” I will never will be able to influence his fashion choices.
    C’ est la vie!

  • Kebka Rose June, 18 2014, 5:00 / Reply

    Loving this normcore throw back. It is so off the radar and the punk/no-fucks-given undertones keep away the fashion lunching ladies that think shopping at Bergdorf is their style street cred-card.

  • OMG, I was playing soccer in HS the year you were born Alex!

    I always called them shower shoes b/c that’s what everyone wore in my dorm (which was co-ed in college). You wouldn’t dare go barefoot in those showers. So yeah, I think the last time I wore a pair was back in the 90’s. The look cute in the pic, but I’m not going back for this look ;)

  • You missed out Christopher Kane’s vajazzld toilet shoes for SS 2012…

  • Je trouve ca moche moche moche et re-moche et je ne sais pas si les gens les porteraient en dehors des villes fashion (NY et Paris, les Londoniens sont plus excentriques), à part les jeunes footeux de 18-22 ans qui trainent en ville en groupe. Bref je trouve que c’est vraiment se forcer à suivre une tendance que Lagerfeld aurait lancé pour faire une blague.

  • The pure white pants look great, like it.

  • Morfula Axipolitou June, 19 2014, 3:05 / Reply

    OMG all these memories… I wore them back in the 90’s in Germany!

  • JustineG June, 19 2014, 5:01 / Reply

    J’ai fait pire : j’ai craqué pour un modèle personnalisé sur le site Adidas. Avec mon nom gravé sur la semelle, je ne risque pas de les perdre à la piscine !
    L’histoire ne dit pas si je vais oser les porter en dehors !

  • La règle est toujours la même: “Est-ce que Emmanuelle Alt porterait ça?” ;)

  • Yes, I will go back to originals when it comes to slides but I wouldn’t say no to the floral Givenchy or the studded Giambattista Valli ones…
    x Nina

  • Comme quoi, la mode n’est qu’un recyclage de tendances!

  • I am the one always complaining about sneakers (I dislike them) worn with every darn thing. I used to hate Birkenstocks but have come around to them when worn casually although would not wear them myself. I haven’t come across slides so had no opinion on them. But these look rather nice and I am amused that so many are against them.

    What about clogs? I just bought a pair with studs and I love them. 70s throwback.

  • I love the classic Adidas shoe looks. They’re clean and effortless and give a cool vibe to anything. It’s just annoying how popular they’re becoming because I don’t want to look like a trend victim. I remember seeing them back a few years ago in this picture and fell in love….http://www.aireeland.com/2012/01/photo-of-day.html


  • honnêtement non ça ne fait pas, il faut être grande, mince, super jolie, sinon comme disait ma fille petite cela fait papouf ( pantoufle)

  • Desolee la je ne peux pas! il y a plein de choses que je peux faire au non de la sacro Sainte Mere la Mode mais la c’est trop retour de douches communautaires au camping de la plage….
    Ca fait mal aux yeux!!!!

  • Ai-Ch'ng June, 20 2014, 10:25 / Reply

    That’s a fresh looking shot, but the footwear looks uncomfortable to me.

    My feet still remain devoted to Birkenstocks with back straps. I’d never do the Birks sans back straps, or these slides, because I simply can’t keep them on my feet without my toes clawing uncomfortably – especially when I have to run up and down stairs.

    I like the white jeans, though I can’t keep them clean for more than half an hour after I’ve left the house.

  • Tu peux rajouter 1999 Monsieur J convertis ses adilettes de douches militaire, en chaussures de villes dans les rues de NY comme déjà plein de monde ;)

  • Not easy to walk with those shoes, not sure I can wear them often but once and a while on vacation why not!

  • Anastasia June, 23 2014, 1:24 / Reply

    Too bad in Russia Adidas slides are attributes of gopniks (read: chavs). This would look amazing, but totally inappropriate ;(
    Just visit Moscow to have your pair or even more, no one buys it anyway, only for gym and dacha.

  • tizzylish June, 24 2014, 7:25 / Reply

    I wore these during my swim team years…Now I have the black sides from Isabel Marant and cannot take them off..too comfortable…

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