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I have a fervid hatred of flip flops. Ok, I may have stolen those exact words from my friend Anna, but I am in complete agreement. My strong distaste for them likely stems from the actual flop sound they make as you walk. That and seeing men sport them in the city, which to me is cringeworthy. Seems my coworkers agree on this – when the subject was brought up, a collective “ugh!!” marked the shared repulsion (though it should be said we are not opposed to man sandals – mandals – of every kind, just this particular variation).

fashion pool slides atelier dore photo

On the contrary, my fondness for the plastic pool slide is re-championed each year when Adidas tells us that they are cool for all, once again. I also can’t help but think favorably of the remarkably handsome water-polo players back in high school whose uniform rightly included a slip on sandal and not much else…sorry, where were we?

Let it Slide

The idea of sliding around the pool area conjures up all sorts of easy-going summer feelings I’d like to help you prepare for by suggesting a few standout styles from Prada to H&M!

Let it Slide

Black slides, Eytys ; Red slides, Prada ; Tote, Soeur ; Pink Slides, Miu Miu


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  • emmanor June, 12 2017, 9:08 / Reply

    franchement là, j’ai du mal à comprendre, je trouve que les claquettes de piscine, c’est bien plus laid que les tongs.

  • Tout à fait d’accord. Mieux les flip-flops que les claquettes – sauf si les birkenstock (Madrid, etc) sont considérées des claquettes

  • I have to agree. My (Adidas) slides were purchased so I could keep my socks on when I had to help my then-little kid get dressed after swim lessons. Not a good association.
    Flipflops and slides may be necessary evils around pools, but we can do better when going out.

  • I love the comfort that they provide.

  • olympe June, 12 2017, 9:45 / Reply

    Bouh….la claquette de piscine, le nouveau statement fashion ? ça me parait au moins aussi laid et tout aussi bruyant. Peu de chance d’être séduite par un homme/une femme en claquette Arena ou Adidas ou Prada.

  • I agree, not a fan of flip-flops or the sound they make. I do love slides though – that pink Miu Miu pair is perfect!

  • Là c’est du snobisme à l’état pur parce que franchement les claquettes de piscine en plastoc c’est juste un truc fashionridicule. Il n’y a que les gens du “milieu” pour comprendre. Au yeux des autres, tu passes pour la ringarde de service. Alors pourquoi juger les mecs en tong ? Tiens, demande à Garance si son chéri ne se ballade pas en tong à L.A ! ah ah

  • Je prefere, et de loin, les tongs aux claquettes !

  • Moi aussi! Je deteste ces claquettes, vraiment!

  • Chrissie June, 12 2017, 11:36 / Reply

    I avoid toeposts in sandals like the plague. I get eczema and sweat rashes so they just don’t work for me. A pity because some of them are so pretty and fun x

  • Elisabetta June, 12 2017, 12:54 / Reply

    même Adidas ou Miu Miu ou je ne sais qui, ça reste des claquettes de piscine… et c’est bien plus immonde que des tongs

  • therese June, 12 2017, 1:04 / Reply

    Funny, I’m just the opposite. I love flip flops even on a man if he has decent feet. The slides remind me of the gym ones no matter how pretty. Flip flops have that lovely V that makes you feet look slimmer. The slides cut my feet off and make them look boxy. Maybe flip flops are a California thing but I still hold true to them.

  • I absolutely agree with Thérèse : the V shape is far more flattering on the foot. And I can walk with flip flops without making any sound !
    An I don’t see how could make a noise with flip flops and not with slides. Really slides are just some fashion insider foolishness, no decent person would wear them.

  • Soleil June, 12 2017, 4:19 / Reply

    It’s funny, I think exactly the opposite! Why not thin and very simple flip flop… But plastic pool stuff never ever! For me it’s totally corny lol … Fashion is different of both side of Atlantic?

  • People who hate flip flops need to get over it! slides remind me of a dorm bathroom. It’s like uggs, running shoes, jeans! Fashion hates something until they can take it over.

  • Pat Gavin June, 13 2017, 12:22 / Reply

    While I do not like slides, a skinny thong in real leather is more appealing to me. Even better are Sabahs and Babas. They are almost like going barefoot with fashionable feet. I wear several pairs and find them to be great travel shoes. See them at the website:
    Thanks for the great blog.

  • Sophie June, 13 2017, 5:01 / Reply

    Alors moi, on ne m’en fera pas porter. Les claquettes de piscine me font tellement penser au maitre nageur / prof de piscine dans son slip moulant, un peu beauf. C’est mort, je préfère marcher en tongs (et même pieds nus…)

  • sandrine June, 13 2017, 6:00 / Reply

    Ah non mais ça va pas la tête! Ce n’est pas parce que les grandes marques ressortent les claquettes qu’elles deviennent tout à coup glamour!
    Et elle font flop flop aussi!
    Les claquettes c’est pour moi comme les pinces crabes dans les cheveux, c’est pour rester au bord de sa piscine, dans sa salle de bain etc…et pas pour la rue!
    C’est comme les casques de vélo même si Clooney en porte un il aura l’air d’un parpaillou!
    Les claquettes de piscine pour moi c’est anti glamour au possible!

  • Ha! Agreed! nothing worse than flip flops! These are great alternatives!

  • Theresa June, 13 2017, 11:40 / Reply

    “shared repulsion” when men wear flip flops? C’mon. You’re all woke enough to know what toxic masculinity looks like.

    Policing whether men can wear flip flops? That when they do, there’s a ‘shared repulsion’ by your office/other women? That’s gross. Your remarks add to #masculinitysofragile. That men should have to think twice about wearing something comfortable in the summer? Again: COME ON.

    Also: come to Australia or New Zealand and see how quickly your ‘shared repulsion’ fades.

    Men (and women) should be allowed to wear flip flops (or anything they choose) without nasty remarks.

  • Natalie June, 14 2017, 11:32

    You’re totally right Theresa, that’s a great point! Thank you for checking us on it. We don’t mean to police – should men (and women!) love to wear flip flops, power to them! We’re just expressing our opinion on the shoe, which in this case, happens to be shared among a majority of us here! x Natalie

  • Ha ha I kept expecting to see some examples of men’s sandals that you liked!

  • Marianne June, 14 2017, 3:53 / Reply

    Hello !
    Je trouve la première photo magnifique, on dirait presque une peinture !
    Très belles couleurs, beau cadrage et beau travail sur la netteté.
    bises à toutes l’équipe

  • DaveysHouse June, 14 2017, 9:30 / Reply

    But they are so unflattering! They make feet look extra wide. Thongs have that nice line that streamlines everything. Well, whatever makes you all happy :-)… XX

  • Water polo players, I’m in! Seriously slipping in to the slides this summer.


  • I´m a flip-flop person myself – have several pairs of havaianas – but I also have a pair of the original adidas slide that I really like. Would never dream of spending money on copies made by the big fashion houses, the one by dolce & gabbana looks ridiculous, in my opinion that is.

  • bof, claquées et tongs, même combat: no way…

  • For both flip-flops and slides, I think it’s the materials and construction that matters. Rubber flip-flops and rubber slides (as shown above) make me think of locker rooms and swimming pools, and are out of place with a nice chic outfit. Leather braided thong sandals and linen or leather slides, however, pair well with a pulled-together look. I wouldn’t be caught in any of the above styles outside of a pool (I personally own a hideous pair of Croc flip-flops I wear to the gym pool, so no judgement there haha), but I am wearing a pair of black criss-cross leather slides with a metal buckle today, and I love them and find them very versatile.

  • Martitalicia June, 24 2017, 7:00 / Reply

    Disagree completely !! in my opinion slides are incredible unflattering , even in handsome water-polo player’s feet . As many have stated , flip-flops are visually more attractive !!!

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