Nina Clemente’s Fettuccine Bolognese

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Hailing from the northern reaches of Italy, Bolognese beautifully checks off all of your major food groups in one delicious dish, and magically pairs nicely with a crisp glass of the wine of your choosing, though on a warm summer evening, I’d go with white.

Nina Clemente is a wonderful human and chef to boot, and she’s at The Standard Plaza through October where her Fettuccine Bolognese is not to be missed. It delicately brings together a bevy of flavors that creates the perfect balance for a pasta sauce. It’s everything you could want in a pasta and then some. Delizioso!

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Fettuccine Bolognese | Chef Nina Clemente – The Standard Plaza, Summer 2017

Serves 4


1 large spanish onion (finely diced)
2 stalks celery (finely diced)
4 large carrots (finely diced)
2 tbl butter
6 tbl evoo
1lb ground beef
3 sweet Italian sausages (casing removed)
1/2 lb ground veal
1/2 c red wine
1 large can whole peeled tomatoes (seeds removed and hand crushed, keep / strain juices from the can)
2 bay leaves
Parmesan rind
1 pack fettucine
Salt to taste


In a large pan, heat evoo over medium flame.
Sear sweet Italian sausage until browned.
Add beef and sear until browned.
Add veal and sear until browned.
Add vegetables and stir. Let vegetables cook until lightly wilted (5 minutes).
Add red wine and turn flame up to evaporate alcohol.
Add tomatoes, bay leaves, and parmigian rind.
Bring to a boil then turn flame down to simmer for 45 minutes.
Boil pasta in salted water (water should taste like the ocean) until al dente.
Keep 1/2 c pasta water when pasta is almost done. If the sauce seems dry, gradually mix in the pasta water to thin.
Add pasta to bolognese sauce pot and stir over low flame until thoroughly coated.
Spoon into four bowls and serve immediately topped with freshly grated parmesan cheese.

The Standard Plaza | 848 Washington, New York, NY 10014 | 212 – 645 – 4100

Nina will be the chef at The Standard Plaza through mid-October! They’ve recently added a brunch menu that is served Friday through Sunday. She also owns The Smile’s Di Alba  in Los Angeles.


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  • Merveilleuse recette ! Par contre, on ne boit pas de vin blanc avec des spaghettis bolognaises, sacrilège ! You should drink red wine… Of course (with meat, you drink red wine ; with fishes you drink white wine).

  • Ana Faria August, 13 2017, 3:11 / Reply

    Great recipe. But just a reminder that spaghetti is never used with ragú (the bolognese sauce). It’s done with pasta like fettuccine or tagliatelle.

  • Viva1721 August, 14 2017, 3:55 / Reply

    Looking forward to taste them, but please amend promptly on the first line.
    They are fettuccine, spaghetti bolognese are anathema. Sure Ms. Clemente will agree.

  • Les viandes blanches s’associent très bien avec des vins blancs. Qu’elles soient en sauce blanche ou simplement rôties. Et on sert de plus en plus de vins blancs avec des viandes rouge (par ex avec un tartare de boeuf assaisonné en fonction). Cette règle du rouge = viande et du blanc = poisson est destinée à ceux qui craignent de se tromper car en effet, les tannins d’un vin rouge se resserrent un peu au contact des poissons mais un Sancerre rouge se marie bien avec pas mal de poissons, tout comme un Sancerre blanc avec une pièce de viande rouge.
    Faites un peu comme vous en avez envie et surtout buvez du bon vin! Parole de française vivant dans le Bordelais! :)

  • muswellmummy August, 14 2017, 9:17 / Reply

    What is ‘evoo’? Oh my, on typing it I just realised: extra virgin olive oil! Is this some kind of new, hipsters thing to abbreviate it?

  • A curious thing, If you happen to visit Bologna don’t ask pasta alla bolognese, they don’t know what it is ?

  • Please share your Living Lasagna recipe!!! I eat it every time I am in Miami and it is extroidinary !!! The best I’ve ever had

  • Hi, i have tried this recipe and its the best pasta i ever had.

    However looks like you are missing a line for butter. When and how is it used?

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