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Ah, vacation. A real vacation.

I’d almost forgotten what vacation was. For me the past few years, the ideal vacation was very simple. The idea of going to the beach was enough. Not doing anything, not seeing anybody, a good book, and doing whatever it took to feel like I was just watching time go by. It was like I was looking to be bored, almost.

And Chris, always running around in the background from morning to night with his surfboard and his fishing poles would sometimes ask me what exactly was making me excited about that.

And I’d always respond: Well, I’m excited about DOING NOTHING AT ALL!!! Why?

I think I probably was a little overworked—and I was about to book the “no-nothing-vacay” again, cocktail in one hand and sunscreen in the other when suddenly, between adopting our puppy (we wanted to bring her with us) and Zika virus, the idea of traveling across the world to plant ourselves on an exotic beach didn’t seem so appealing anymore.

So last minute, I suggested a trip I’d always dreamed about—a road trip in California in a VW bus.

Yeah, I’m like that, I’ve got a hippie side to me, ya know. Are you surprised?

Anyway, we made a few last minute arrangements and it was all set. A few weeks later, we were packing our bags.

Or rather, I was trying on all my clothes while my 22-year-old sister, Sacha, looked on, laughing at me. She’s spending the summer in New York and couldn’t understand how her big sister, high priestess of fashion, could get this excited about a camping trip, “how are you going to take a shower, again?”

But that’s just because my sister doesn’t understand anything. A high priestess of fashion sees EVERYTHING as an occasion to concoct a fashion series she can star in.

So this was Fashion Series No. 18 “Garance Goes Camping” happening right before her eyes. And Sacha, know that there are showers at campsites. Oh, and baby wipes exist too.

(At the same time, I’ve been living with my sister for a few weeks now, and well—I know it’s hot in New York and it makes you sweaty, but the number of showers she takes is actually pretty surprising. Like right now, I haven’t walked past the bathroom, but it’s very likely she’s in there taking a shower. Anyway.)

So I was trying to go with a “late 70s, early 80s camping vibe” with vintage tee-shirts and little shorts and big Fruit of the Loom sweaters. I could have gone for a more radical “practical and sexy outdoors girl vibe” (backpack and khaki shorts, Mario Testino is great for photographing that) or an “athleisure and avocado toast” look (yoga pants with a sunset print and a sweater saying “Kale Warrior” on it) but I already had print t-shirts and come on, this was California!!!

Anyway, we took off, with Lulu in our arms, and landed in LA, and a few hours later, we were in our van (for stylistic reasons, I would have preferred it to be vintage and colorful, but for practical reasons, it was from the 90s, had AC and could make it up a hill).

Shoot. Where was I with this post, and what was my point…?

OH YEAH sorry. Vacation, THE REAL KIND.

We left with a twinkle in our eyes and a few places in mind to visit, but nothing actually booked. Yes, you read that right. It was the middle of July and we had absolutely no idea where we were going to spend our nights.

No because a van is nice and yes, you can sleep in it, but you have to be able to park it somewhere. Bah.

I admit, and it’s really not to sound cool or whatever, but I have to say, I was chill. In the past, unplanned trips were kind of my specialty.

I hitchhiked all over Europe, camped in Portugal, traveled around Corsica with a tent and a scooter, and one day (ok, it was after a huge party and we don’t really know how we ended up there) but one day my friends and I even slept on a roundabout.

We didn’t realize it was a roundabout. We thought it was a little quiet spot to park our car and rest before driving the next day. In the morning, we woke up to the sound of honking around what was in fact a roundabout during rush hour right in the middle of Barcelona.

Chris, who I hope is not reading this post right now (Hey babe, I made banana bread, it’s in the kitchen and it’s super yummy, go get some)(you can always try distraction, right?) was slightly less cool about it. Maybe because he’s a responsible man who wants to be sure his family has a warm place to sleep, but he was absolutely insistent that we find an official campsite to spend the night. I was kind of in anti-responsible mode “oh come on, we can just pull over anywhere and sleep, we’ll find a campsite when we find a campsite”. But I had no idea how hard it would be to find a place to park along Highway 1. So we were, uh, not exactly the best with our approach to camping.

Let’s just say it was a little tense the first few days. Vacation in adventure mode isn’t for every couple. Basically, we were testing our limits, to put it lightly.

I’d like to take this moment to remind you of my intro and what my vacations had been like for the past few years—beach, beautiful hotel and a caipirinha.


It was still sublime, though. The beauty of the California coast, its sunsets, its happy, jumping dolphins, its sexy surfers its In & Out Burgers (best burger in California) are no myth and our days were pretty close to perfection. We hadn’t even gotten to Big Sur yet, and we were already in paradise.

Plus, my fashion story was going well. My looks were perfect, I even found a little bandana to contain the hair explosion on my head, I was cute, I could see myself getting tan by the minute, and even my pedicure decided faithfully to spend its vacation with me.

One morning, just before we arrived in Big Sur, we stopped at Morro Bay, where there’s a big surfer’s beach that stretches out for miles.

It had already been two days since we’d left LA (Yes, Big Sur is only four hours from LA, but we decided to take our time) and even though our nights weren’t great, packed into average campsites we found last minute, we had started to figure it out: the trick was to start the van as soon as we woke up, get on the road and go have our breakfast on the beach like pros.

The little kitchen in our camper was perfect. I could make my tea, a bowl of fruit and cereal, and Chris made his eggs and bacon. I’d eat his eggs, and especially his bacon, he’d look at me sideways and make more bacon, and all the surfers would watch us in admiration (who is this ideal couple with their adorable dog and VW bus???) and come over to talk to us. (Which is the one thing I love about Americans. No, there are two things: 1) It’s natural for people to talk to others, and natural for other people to talk back 2) when you admire something, you say so instead of just being jealous) and we’d make them coffee (okay, I’m exaggerating a little – I didn’t offer them coffee that often, because in the US, everyone has a coffee grafted to their hand at all times. I’m surprised they haven’t invented a mug that you can hook on your surfboard so you can throw back a cup of Starbucks while catching a wave)


So great. And the best part was, that day in Morro Bay, Chris went to talk to a surfer and came back with something that changed our entire trip: an attachable mug for surfboards the aforementioned surfer’s secret camping spots (which I won’t give you, not even if you threaten me, otherwise I’ll be hated by four generations of surfers and since I’m already not very good at surfing, it could be my demise)

And that’s when our trip went from “ok, this isn’t so bad” to “THIS IS MAGICAL OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU BABY WOOOOOOH!”

Interlude “But why camping, Garance!? Where do you go to the bathroom???”

Okay, I’m going to try to answer this question honestly.

Because I spent three hours on the beach one day trying to find the answer. Where does it come from, this desire to struggle when I could easily go glamping in a yurt at Treebones resort ($800 a night for a probably sublime experience but it’s still in a tent?)

Is this really me?

Haven’t I reached an age where I should be walking around in a mumu by a sexy pool, with oiled skin, looking satisfied with my life?

And I concluded that yes, this is really me. A part of me I haven’t explored very much in recent years, sure, but I did grow up in Corsica in total nature and I’m not afraid to bathe in the sea for a few days (not afraid at all).

But most of all, it’s a part of me that needs adventure, needs to not know what might happen in the next hour. I thought that over the years, I didn’t want that anymore, but ever since I met Chris, who loves nature more than anything, it’s reminded me how much I love it too.

And it also reminded me how easy it is to lose yourself in other people. I won’t say more about that, but more and more, I’m realizing how important it is to stay connected to yourself and not get lost, not forget who you are.

As for going to the bathroom, well, you do what you can!

End of interlude.

So suddenly, with the surfer’s secrets in hand, our nights became just as sublime as our days. The deeper we got into Big Sur, the more we lost our connection with the outside world (figuratively but also literally: we had no phone signal) and the wilder our campsites got, the more sublime it was.

And the less my fashion series worked (it’s cold in Big Sur, you can’t swim in the ocean, and once you get up in the mountains, there’s a dry heat and bugs bite your legs, so the sexy little shorts stayed at the bottom of my bag. As for my pedicure, it started chipping the day I went hiking with my shoes full of sand, and as for my makeup kit, hahahahah is all I have to say about that), the more time went by between showers, and the more I stopped caring, the happier we were, the more connected we were. Connected to ourselves, to nature, to the stars, to our little dog running around like crazy on the immense, empty, gorgeous beaches.

We had lots of small struggles. Our van broke down and right in the middle of our vacation, we had to go back to the city to drop it off and rent a car. My VW bus dream was over, but actually the car was good too. Our dog also got a fish hook in her tongue, but we saved her…

We came back happier, calmer, and more clear-headed than ever.

And dirtier than ever, ok ok.

Big Sur is incredible. And really, really, being in nature nourishes our souls, I’m sure of that. Immersing myself in nature as often as possible has become one of my intentions. But the most amazing part of all was the disconnection, the adventure, the discovery.

The disconnection because it’s crazy how much phones have changed our lives. We are constantly in public, connected to others, and it’s harder and harder to be close to ourselves and those we love, to know what we value, what matters to us…because our brains are crammed with the lives of people we don’t know and things that aren’t really our business. The worst part is we think we’re aware of that—but it’s only when you really disconnect that you understand how addicted we’ve all become. Being cut off from the world for ten days is probably the greatest gift you can give yourself, especially as a couple.

The adventure part because well, even though we weren’t touring the world on a boat or anything, not knowing exactly what would fill our days, not planning anything or organizing anything—that creates new space in your mind and opens the door to surprises…And it’s also a reminder that most of the time, even when you don’t control every single second, things usually go pretty well.

Vacation, real vacation, because besides coming back recharged, we came back changed, with a new perspective, a new relationship to ourselves, and I’d even go so far as to say, a new relationship to life.

That doesn’t mean I’ll never go drink cocktails on a beach again, but it means that from time to time, getting away from your habits, and seeing another way of doing things is incredibly important.

If you want to see my photos of Big Sur and the descriptions in detail, you can find them on my Instagram!

Translated by Andrea Perdue


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  • Oh les photos me font rêver!
    Il y a quelques années, j’étais surmenée aussi. Je suis partie en vacances “repos” sur une île grecque (il n’y avait que la plage et la piscine) et au bout de trois jours, je n’en pouvais plus!
    Je suis une pile électrique et même en vacances, j’ai besoin de bouger, de visiter un minimum etc.
    Depuis, c’est fini les vacances farniente à 100%. Oui aux vacances tranquilles mais on se débrouille pour aller dans un endroit où il y a un minimum de choses à faire et à visiter.
    Bises, Xxx

    Julie, Petite and So What?

  • Cet article me donne de visiter la Californie, de partir en camping et d’adopter un chien ! Je ne sais pas si je dois te remercier :p

    Trêve de plaisanteries, sortir de sa zone de confort nous permet quelque fois de se retrouver et de se reconnecter.

    Amélie – Charles Ray and Coco

  • What an amazing post. Thank you for sharing this story!


  • What matters is that you had the vacation YOU GUYS want. Personally, I would rather have a root canal than go camping (worst vacation ever? a week in Boundary Waters, every millimeter of exposed skin–OK, only my hands, ankles and face because it was freezing in August–a welt of mosquito bites). I lived for two years in the bush in Africa with no running water or electricity. But I slept in a bed on a mattress and had a toilet (a hole in the ground with 4 WALLS around it). Such are the luxuries I cannot live without, even on vacation.
    But seriously, as you point out, the big thing is the disconnect. These days I live in the middle nowhere in the south of France and what I do not want on vacation is more nowhere. I want cities and architecture and crowds and culture and bustle. Whatever’s the opposite of daily life!

  • You are BACK! It feels in every word how relaxed you are now. Happy for you :) Now I go and plan my own real vacation!

  • michelle August, 2 2016, 10:36 / Reply

    Love this post and photos. It is hilarious, insightful, honest, and sounds like you had such a great experience/vacation. Inspiring and positive story. My sister is the same way, two showers during the day, and a bedtime bath. Ha!

  • Ana @Champagnegirlsabouttown August, 2 2016, 10:39 / Reply

    Garance, what an incerdible post. I’m deeply deeply envious (in a nicest possible way) because disconnecting, even for a few days is something I haven’t been able do do in a few years. I went from a vfreelence to running mo own business with staff who can take care of everything, yet even I’m afraid to just turn off my phone and internet. I’ve tried and I cannot get rid of a feeling of an impendiug doom, some sort of calamity that will no doubt happen when I’m absent for a while. I’ve seen your journey on instagram and it looked incredible.

  • Hi Garance, I hope you made a visit to San Francisco during your trip! Please come visit my studio sometime if you are back in California! It would be great to give you a tour of the city! Big hugs to you and your team for the amazing posts that I read everyday!!

  • ça ouvre les chacras un tel post ! Et ça me fait penser à ce mot valise : savez-vous ce qu’est un toutriste ? Un touriste parti à l’aventure à qui il n’est rien arrivé.

  • It’s so awesome to read your vacation reflections as tomorrow we’re going as a couple to make some discoveries and disconnect for a few days… And acctually we only have our car (packed with our favourites cds for the road) our small tent (with a toutch of luxury we add mattress) rough plan (nice and secret destinantion by the Baltic Sea). We want to spend our vacation to be spontanious as possible as we can! I guess it will be very easy as both of us are really creative beasts :) Sending lot of warm thoughts from Poland! Justyna

  • Ah lala comme je me retrouve dans cet article! Chaque fois que j’ai passé des vacances à ne rien faire que de la plage ou de la piscine je suis rentrée plus fatiguée qu’avant de partir….. alors qu’on bon road trip ou voyage sac à dos me fait totalement l’effet inverse! Bon maintenant j’ai deux enfants… ça change un peu la donne mais d’ici deux ans on s’y remet à 4!

  • Love VW vans, so much fun to be a Gypsy, and disconnect from technology……..being 73 it’s easier for me; I was not teethed on tech stuff, don’t really like the disconnect we have with the people around us, love libraries and real books, and love just going and not know what the next turn will bring, adventures to explore and amazing people that are attracted to us. Good for you Garance…….and Chris..

  • You inspire me. I live in LA and have never done the leisurely trip up to Big Sur. I have seen the coast but always with a destination. I have been thinking about a trip like this for a year now. I love your honesty. It always makes me want to travel carefree. We have a beautiful coast and I’m glad you got to enjoy it.

  • Anonymous August, 2 2016, 12:50 / Reply

    Try using AAA (Triple A) for camp sites. Customer service is awesome. They make great recommendations….when a internet signal is out of reach. Beautiful story!

  • Always love your posts, glad to have you back! When I read, “And Sacha, know that there are showers at campsites” I was about to comment, “Hahaha not always,” but it sounds like you figured that out yourself haha. The camping spot I’ve been going to since I was a kid has either outhouses or a public area with indoor toilets (if you’re lucky), but no showers–you bathe in the lake!

    Personally, having grown up camping in America every single summer since I was a kid, it doesn’t have quite the same romanticism for me–I like to be in nature all day and then go home and sleep in a big fluffy hotel bed haha. (And I have “sweet blood” so no matter how much I drench myself in DEET, I am an itching cluster of mosquito bites before the tent’s even up.) But that being said, there is something really wonderful about always being outside (and hiking and kayaking and drinking around the campfire!). It’s all just perspective–I have camped so many times that I’m over it haha, but I recently went to Colorado and stayed in a hotel, but spent the entirety of my days in the Rocky Mountains before going back to the nice hotel and having a good dinner and drink at the pretty restaurant–for me, that’s my new favorite way to experience nature (but still be “on vacation”).

    I am glad that it was such an amazing experience for you, and that you got to see so much of beautiful California (I have always dreamed of seeing the Big Sur and have yet to go!). Also, I hope you post more than once a week soon–I always look forward to your voice and your writing so much :)

  • Adorable, welcome to camping. You baking your first banana bread did make me snort tho–we made it in girl scouts!

  • Vanessa B August, 2 2016, 1:15 / Reply

    I just spend 5 weeks cycling down the Pacific Coast, from Portland to LA! And I also enjoyed every part of it.., even if I am not a big fan of camping.. I got used to wake up each morning with the most beautiful scenery..I felt so free! And people talking to us, and asking us where we came from, and telling us how inspiring we were was just so nice! (And Big Sur on a bike was quite a ride! If my legs could tell stories…!!)
    Now back in Montréal, I try not to pack my bags again and leave on another trip!

  • I’ve always wanted to take a big road trip and it would have to be in the US (I live in Northern Europe).
    The only thing now is that I should not be in the sun but while camping you cannot stay in shade. I’d hate to be worried about sweating off my sunscreen and trying to cover up all the time.
    It’s even hard here, in the Northern summer!

    So maybe I can still do it some day but in winter? I love swimming, though…

  • Great post. I feel like we are kindred spirits. I have a dog, a VW camper, grew up in Montreal but love nature and have a Life/Style blog (not as popular as yours but still…) Check out my glamping post when you have a moment. Link:

  • Joli post, superbes photos et quel plaisir de te lire comme ça!

  • venezia30123 August, 2 2016, 3:38 / Reply

    Happy for your experience & great ,true post!Love it, thanks.

  • I’ve been waiting for your vacay story and enjoyed it very much–worth the wait. Garance, everyday you’re becoming more of a Californian. I’ll welcome you with open arms when you finally move to Venice, CA.

  • Sounds like a perfect vacation!

  • Ce texte m’a fait penser a tous les road trips avec, a l’epoque, mon future mari. C’est lui qui m’a fait decouvrir le camping dont il n’etait pas question avant de le rencontrer, mais j’ai adore toutes ces aventures que nous avons traverses ensemble.
    Par ailleurs, les photos accompagnant ce joli texte sont tres belles.

  • Hi again,

    The whole point of my comment above (earlier today) was to say that my husband and I have taken our VW Eurovan camper that looks just like the one you rented (on Instagram photo) to Morro Bay and Big Sur. I may even know a few of those secret spots you spoke about…but promise not to share. My blog:

  • Ce post me fait rappeler pourquoi j’aime lire ce blog. Merci!

  • Hi Garance, did you take these photos on your iPhone? Or did you have an SLR?


  • superbe article Garance, mais tu as oublié de nous confier quelque chose : comment était la bande son? je veux une playlist pour rêver dans mon bureau ^_^ allez, en attendant la tiennte j’écoute “Beautiful Life” de Lost frequencies en te lisant, ça colle bien à l’ambiance <3

  • Heart warming post Garance. Thanks for sharing your amazing experience!

  • I love this article, so honest and exciting all rolled into one. Makes me so excited for my own California road trip.

    thank you for sharing,
    happy girl

  • armelle August, 3 2016, 7:41 / Reply

    Les photos sont juste sublimes ! (en même temps le jour où tes photos seront moches…)
    Et ton post est aussi magnifique ! Je rêve et voyage avec toi c’est très agréable.

    Bisous à vous et bonne continuation à vous !

  • Lulu is quite small! she looks like a small deer. How did she do with travel? I can see why you picked her :)

  • Je m’offre ce “cadeau” chaque été pendant 7 jours minimum: pas de réseau, pas d’internet, pas de télé et même la radio ne passe pas dans notre maison familiale. Ce n’est pas du camping, mais loger à plus de 20 dans cette vieille maison c’est aussi renoncer à son confort :) En tout cas je n’y renoncerai pour rien au monde!
    Merci pour cet article, c’est un vrai bonheur de te lire

  • Elles donnent envie tes vacances, Garance !
    Moi aussi j’adore l’aventure, la poussière, le frisson pour mes vacances !
    Merci pour ce chouette article !



  • Merci pour ce post ! Je n’ai pas de vacances cette année mais je veux les mêmes !! Ton texte m’a fait rêver. ça fait du bien. Moi aussi, je veux me retrouver, être le moins connectée possible : j’ai rennoncé à avoir un smartphone pour avoir du temps pour lire, écrire, peindre, rêver, ne rien faire … Je suis très contente de mes sorties en solitaire à la Villette (Paris :) par tout les temps, à la sortie du travail ces jours-ci. Contente de ma perspective d’une des folies rouges du lieu, réalisée au crayon aquarellable. Vive les échappées grandes ou petites et bonne suite d’été à tous !

  • Clotilde August, 3 2016, 2:22 / Reply

    Ha ha ha j’ai bien rigolé, mon gamin ado vient de rentrer de sa première virée camping entre “potes”, et je retrouve dans ton post beaucoup de choses en commun avec ses vacances:
    – se laver ? dans la rivière (aïe aïe aïe les enfants, non on ne se lave pas dans la rivière, ou alors seulement à l’eau).
    – les toilettes ? La nature. Accessoirement, les blocages de transit qui vont avec. Avec un régime de pâtes, super effet.
    – “Non mais maman tu vas pas le croire, y avait une cagole qui se faisait les ongles !” (désolée pour la cagole, je ne fais que retranscrire fidèlement!)
    – petite différence quand même: ce n’était pas “on ne sait pas où on va se garer pour dormir”, mais plutôt “on ne sait pas ce qu’on va manger car tout est fermé le dimanche”.
    – et bien sûr avant de partir : “maman je ne peux pas t’envoyer de sms pendant 5 jours, y aura pas de réseau ni d’électricité”.
    Résultat: la même ravitude que toi au retour !

  • Peur de partir loin avec le virus zika. …..
    Ha ha. ….y aurait il un bébé en route….
    Indice indice ??
    Mystère !

  • One of my favourite posts of yours – beautiful and truthful and just my kind of vacation.
    And I really, really, love THIS: stay connected to yourself and not get lost, not forget who you are.
    Because it’s a motto for life, yes, but it’s also the kind of thing we realise while on vacation.

  • This post and the film Wild are changing my idea of holidays… I’m tempted to change my plans for next year and head to the mountains, go camping or something like that where I can’t use my straighteners ;)

  • aahh merciii, j’adore, j’attendais avec grand plaisir ton point vacances ! :D
    Point d’orgue de l’éclat de rire, le bacon du petit déj, point d’orgue de l’attendrissement féérique total, Lulu qui vole sur le sable désertique.
    Et alors as tu pu te baigner dans cette eau gelée ? Et surfé ? (byebye douceur du Coasta Rica) As-tu relu Kerouac du coup ? Et je me demandais comment Lulu peut prendre l’avion sans aller en soute ? (j’imagine pas mettre ma chienne en soute la pauvre)

    Et puis comme Big Sur est d’actualité :

  • Et puis des inspirations pour les prochaines vacances…

  • Oh Garance, thank you for your honesty. I was drooling over your photos on Instagram and thinking I’d never be able to put together such a perfect trip, but this account of your trip sounds like the kind of haphazard camping adventure my husband and I would take (insert laughing/crying emoji). We are new to camping and outdoor adventures since moving to California, so everything is a learning experience. I appreciate this very real account of your trip, I could identify so much! Getting out in nature is rewarding and exhilarating, but also very hard if you’re not used to it!

  • Super article avec comme d’habitude beaucoup d’humour! Qui ne rêve pas d’un road trip en Californie dans un combi,.. :) J’espère réaliser cette aventure un jour!
    Merci pour tes posts géniaux Garance

  • Dear Garance,
    You are great! Completely true what you said, contact with nature revives you and regenerates you as anything else in life. I came from spending one week in the forest in Bilbao (north of Spain) doing yoga, taking a nap on the grass, feeling the sun, the air, eating healthy and natural food…sharing with lovely and very funny people…, not caring about my appeareance, and I would not change that for a 5 stars hotel in a cosy beach.

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you keep enjoying the rest of the summer!

  • Bonjour Garance,
    Modeuse parisienne invétérée de 46 ans (juré que je ne les fait pas), je me régale de vos aventures modesques, de vos photos d’un naturel … wow, de vos dessins subtils, et surtout … surtout de votre esprit libre.
    Bref, merci pour votre fraicheur.
    je vous embrasse et caresse à Lulu

  • Jane R-D August, 9 2016, 5:10 / Reply

    Hi Garance,
    From hearing what inspired you on this trip, you and Chris would love New Zealand – miles and miles of beautiful coastline (& camping) – wild on the west coast with great surf and tranquil coves on the east coast – and some spectacular mountains too. Best coffee & great jazz too…

  • Super billet ! J’ai ri et j’ai surtout aimé la fin, c’est vrai qu’on croît se rendre compte mais c’est en se déconnectant vraiment qu’on réalise à quel point on est branché en permanence.
    Ces vacances font rêver, et oui, parfois, c’est tellement bon de se couper du quotidien, de ne pas planifier, ce n’est que comme ça qu’on laisse vraiment la porte ouverte à l’imprévu et aux surprises…

  • Ana Leonor August, 17 2016, 12:14 / Reply

    One word: UAU!

  • Lovely. My last road trip down the coast was over 10 years ago. Much too long. Thank you for the reminder.

  • Incredibly inspiring. Made me want to go and rough it out as well.

  • Angelina Martinez August, 4 2017, 4:19 / Reply

    Shiseido es uno de los mejores productos que e usado para mi cara, ya que sufri quemadura en mi cara y estas cremas son las unicas que han reparado la piel de mi cara.
    Son increibles. Las recomiendo a todo el publico. !!!! Atte:Angelica Martinez

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