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I have to confess something a little embarassing to you. This spring, I turned into a true fashion victim for a minute. Ooookay, maybe it was more than just two seconds… Maybe two months.
It’s actually weird cause I am pretty relaxed with my style right now. I’m a little tired of the fashion* hysteria and I’ve been going with simple and classic outfits. I’m totally Sophia Coppola** these days.

Give me a pair of jeans and ballet flats*** and I am happy.


For a few months now, I’ve been trying to ignore a little voice inside me saying, “Céline Birks. Céline Birks****!!!

Yeah. These in the illustration.

I swear, I’ve been trying to get it out of my head. It’s like these shoes have possessed me or something, with their “let’s have fun with fashion” look and that “yeaaaaahhhhh I’m so bourgeois and sooooooo chill” that I wear Birks with fur inside.

So one day, when Scott asked me what I wanted for my birthday, my mouth opened all on its own and fashionista hiccups came tumbling out… “Céline Birks!


Scott said no. Anything but that. You want to annihilate our love life. No. Way. He hates shoes with fur inside. He thinks it’s gross when fur and toes collide.

And normal Garance, the one you all know, she totally agrees. Fur between the toes is interesting enough during a show, awesome in Vogue, sublaaaaaaïme in illustrations, but in real life, it’s a little weird.
But Garashionista, my fashion-victim doppelganger, like all fashion-victims, loooooooves them and thinks that just wearing these shoes would make for a happy woman who you can only ever catch from her left profile (her good side).

And since Garashionista***** has her feminine wiles in tact, she was able to convince Scott that getting her those shoes for her birthday would be the ultimate sign of true-love (she has a split personality AND puts together amazing arguments.)

And she won.

He spent weeks looking for them, such a love he is.

Of course though, he couldn’t find them. All the true fashion victims***** ordered them the second they went up on Style.com, which is to say, a few seconds after they hit the runway.

But you know, after he was able to show his undying love for me, I was kind of able to forget all about being soooooo bourgeois yet sooooo chill with my fit all nice and warm and cozy in the fur.

And one day, we were just enjoying a nice stroll through the streets of Soho.
We made a stop (as one must) at Kirna Zabete****** when suddenly, like a far off mirage, I saw the Céline Birks. In my size. I was barely able to breathe when I asked to try them on.


Big fashion moment.

I turned to see myself in the mirror and I saw….

A haggard looking Garance with Birks on and really hairy feet (And Scott just cracking up in the background).

I moved my toes around a little to feel the effect of the fur. It’s a little weird. I took them off, stared at them, turn them around in my hands like I would with a diamond, considered buying them just to frame them (these shoes have already made fashion history)(wouldn’t these look amazing if they were framed and just put up nonchalantly in the office of our new Studio*******, like works of art?)(Shutup Garashionista!) and then looked back at Scott, who was grandiosely gesticulating, saying noooooooooooo!
So, nope. I didn’t get ’em.

I let, slightly bruised ego in tote but a little wiser after the experience. I was reassured, the new Garance, cool and put together, Garance Coppola, sometimes you catch her left side, sometimes right, but she knows the difference between a runway outfit and one for the street.

And walking arm and arm with a happy man to boot.


* I know, it’s not like I’ve ever been Anna Dello Russo. But I’m even less Anna Dello Russo than I once was.

** And maybe Francis Ford too, sometimes.

*** Sometimes, I also wear a T-shirt, you know.

**** Sainte Phoebe, forgive me. I know. These shoes are not called the Céline Birks. I have no idea what the name of them is. Do they have a name? Feline Birks? Ha!

***** It’s not enough to just claim that you’re a fashion victim, it’s a title that requires some blood, sweat and tears. You gotta earn it.

****** At some point I’ll have to introduce you to Garidontcareaboutshit, who wears only jogging pants all the time. Whoops! You already know her!

******* Yep, my man loves window shopping. More than I do actually.

******* Yeaaaaaah. We’re not in the new Studio yet. Ok ok. I can say I’ve got the totally chill part down, maybe not so much the bourgeois, but chill I’ve got mastered.

I know, I messed up my asterisk count, TOTALLY CHILL, I told you.

Translation : Tim Sullivan


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  • Ah la la ! Les aventures de Garshionista me feront toujours rire. Vive la toi normale !!



  • Et avec tout cela, tu as eu quoi comme cadeau?

  • yes, yes! we want to see the gift :)


  • So glad you didn’t get them! They really aren’t what Céline does best… :-)
    Paris-New York Fashion Blog
    The Deep Blue Cory Fashion Blog
    The Deep Blue Cory Facebook Page
    Xoxo Cory

  • OK, so happy you didn’t get them.
    They really are just to look at, I don’t think they do any favors for anyones feet.
    I can appreciate them, but can’t condone buying them. I also agree with Scott, fur on toes equals kind of weird and creepy.
    We all have to go through those moments where you lust after something, finally find them and then have a moment of realization that the way you envisioned it looking on you is very different from reality.
    Love your writing.
    xo Quinn

    Quinn Cooper Style

  • Yeah! I love your writing; made me crack up. Haha I kept thinking about how the fur would feel between my toes stomping down fifth avenue. SHUDDER. I am so glad you did not get them. I thought my studded PVC Valentinos were bad. My boyfriend looks at them and says that I have a stripper from the eighties on my feet. He just doesn’t understand how EDITORIAL my feet look.

  • Ahahahah, excellentissime Garance.
    Les Birks du Yeti (comme je les appelle, mille fois pardon à Phoebe aussi!) sont en vitrine chez Celine (normal) à côté de mon bureau, je pense tous les jours devant…
    J’avoue que j’ai failli craquer également, mais je suis finalement repartie avec des mules noires, moins chers, et beaucoup plus Sophia Coppola…
    Quant à l’attirance pour ces Birks, ça aurait peut-être quelque chose à voir avec les Taureaux?…
    Plein de bisouxoxox

  • I really love Garance’s writing and also the “birks of the Yeti” definition by Celine, both are too funny. Moreover, I’d like to understand this furry sandals hysteria… Currently I can’t understand how girls full of experience, good taste and judgement can be so attracted by these “monsters” , in my opinion, from any point of view : aesthetic, sexiness, hygiene (how can you walk outside without having all the dust and dirt attached to the nice fur?)… I’m a true fashion victim (yes, as you Garance smartly wrote, I put enough blood, tears, anxiousness, money… to earn this title) , I know I can do crazy things to accomplish my inner fashion desires, even if I try to control the more wild and insensible ones, still… I can’t understand how these birks of the Yeti or of Shreck can appeal anyone. I’m so relieved Garance that you heroically decided not to take them, even if you were so attracted by them … I’ll try to demonstrate the same self control in my next fashion moment :-)

  • Je suis morte de rire !!!

    C’est un peu la honte de se balader avec ce genre de chaussures non ? ça fait juste bien sur les podiums mais dans la vie réelle ça doit être loufoque !
    Si tu croises quelqu’un avec des Birk Céline aux pieds poste nous une photo, histoire de voire ce que ça donne !

  • Heu je crois que tu as été bien inspirée de ne pas les achteter. Non mais c’est vrai quoi, on a des idées bizarres parfois ;-)

  • I’m so happy you didn’t get them, when I was a little girl I threw my dads birks in the garbage because I hated them so much lol.


  • Quel bonheur de te lire! Les chroniques qui donnent un aperçu de ta vie de femme meurtrie par la mode sont magiques! Ça pourrait être banale, ennuyeux, sérieusement qu’est ce qu’on en a faire? Mais avec toi, tout semble léger, abordable et même drôle!
    Après cette dédicace d’amour, merci Garance de ne pas avoir sombré dans la folie et aussi merci à Scott! Ridicule les chaussures à poils, excès de fashionnista, au placard!


  • Le truc top entre les doigts de pieds, c’est le gros tapis en laine qui a des monstre boucles et qui en frottant ses pieds dessus nous fait un massage.
    Mais c’est vrais qu’encadré ça peut faire un truc de fou!
    J’ai vu un reportage photo sur Lenny Kravitz et sur les étagères de sa bibliothèque, il a des chaussures de scène…

  • Garance, after this post I feel a little bit less alone! I wrote on my blog that the furry birkenstock could be not so bad, but everybody told me BLEAH, they’re horrible, insane, and so on … But I think that at the end Scott is right: fur among the fingers … and when you walk along the streets, not always so clean … right choice!

  • Ahah! J’adore la façon dont tu décris les réactions de Scott héhé, j’ai l’impression de le voir en live ;)
    …Et pour la réflexion de fond, suis totalement d’accord avec lui, et tu as bien fait de renoncer héhé…Elles sont vraiment bizzares ces chaussures quand même.

    Le dessin est marrant :)

    xx G.

  • Ahahah
    Les acheter en guise de chausson aurait aussi pu etre envisageable!!!


  • love your Celine shoes as well! almu

  • Judith May, 6 2013, 9:37 / Reply

    Je déteste ce genre de chaussures en fourrure, tu as bien fait d’écouter Scott !


  • Louise L May, 6 2013, 9:39 / Reply

    Ahlala c’est un tel bonheur de lire ce genre d’articles!!
    Non pas que je n’aime pas les autres mais quand même ce sont vraiment ceux qui rendent ton blog unique!
    Merci Garashionista!

  • Gretchen, fashionista en exil à Zürich May, 6 2013, 9:42 / Reply

    Je te lis depuis des années…sans commentaire, mais là je ne peux pas résister. C’est trop drôle.
    Merci d’écrire des posts comme ça, j’en ris encore!
    J’ai une théorie, parfois quand une paire de chaussure ou une robe nous résiste, quand on ne trouve ni la bonne taille ni la bonne couleur, même dans trois villes différentes! c’est pour le meilleur. Il ne faut pas s’obstiner!

  • Thank God, j’ai eu le doute jusqu’au bout… Je me suis dit, non pas elle quand même, elle a un peu plus de sens commun que d’autres.

    Et puis tu soulèves un problème intéressant malgré tout : la fille qui s’achète ça ne se demande-t-elle pas si elle va devenir un tue l’amour comme peut l’être un mec en pantacourt (autre débat) ?

    En tous les cas tu as voulu, tu as vu et c’est sans regret ! Le podium est une chose, la vraie vie est plus Sofia Coppola.

  • Haha – hilarious male response to the furry Birks! It is a tricky balance, as a woman, to find fashion utopia – fashion victim versus timeless style icon. An enjoyable journey nonetheless. x

  • comme quoi, nous sommes faibles…. ton dessin est très bien, mais les shoes c’est no way, en effet (surtout que même sans la fourrure elles font déjà Bernard Tapie en vacances… alors bon… :-)

  • Pauline May, 6 2013, 10:08 / Reply

    Hi Garance,

    This must be one of the longest entries… I can see you struggle. I totally agree with your decision not getting them. It’s a fun piece but really not for off the runway :)

  • Haa, nice post and I would like to see that gift. Have a nice monday.


  • Well done, Garance! Those shoes are awful. I’m sorry but they are. They are like grandpa shoes with a furry twist. A no – no. I’m all for comfy flats but… there has to be a limit. And these shoes are kilometers away from that limit.
    Some months ago I would have fallen for this trend (the Zara version, of course) but I’m happy to say that lately my personality is starting to show and for the last weeks I haven’t loved anything that I previously hated. It all started with the white shoes… I hated them since my First Communion and I hate them now. Even after beeing bombed with them for months in every corner of the Internet. I’m so proud of myself!

  • White shoes are repugnant to me too no matter who wears them. My grandmother always said no white shoes or handbags and here i am 40 years later, agreeing. As for the birks, she would probably think they were from outer space. Actually, I would wear these before I wore white shoes come to think of it…

  • En fait je crois que la morale de ton histoire est ce qu’on appelle la conscience fashion.. On est prête à tout pour la mode mais parfois on n’y arrive pas… et surtout quand on réalise que ce n’est même pas beau…
    Enfin je pense que tu as eu raison de les essayer car le fantasme de La birk Céline a pu s’évanouir et tu ne les regretteras jamais!!!!

  • I’m sooo with Scott on this one. No fur inside shoes. I’m loving your obsession with these and I’m all about rocking what fits you, so Celine Birk it up!


  • Theresa May, 6 2013, 10:36 / Reply

    “He thinks it’s gross when fur and toes collide.”

    hahahah hahahhahahaha hhahaha. I had to stop there and comment. Okay, now I’m going to finish reading the post.


  • Marina May, 6 2013, 10:38 / Reply

    Garance at her BEST!!!!! Enjoyed your post, it made me laugh so much!!! I totally understand your point, though – they do look incredible on the runway!..

  • Je pense que tu as bien fait de ne pas les prendre! C’est beau sur les défilés, ou dans les magazines, mais pour la vraie vie, je ne suis pas sure! Il faut croire que Scott a un goût sur, il faut l’écouter!


  • What a great story! I think we all have that dream piece which ends up being a nightmare! Good thing you realized before you bought them!

  • I love the Celine birks but to each her own. I’m glad you could try them on and make sure you don’t want them. All the high school girls where I live are wearing dark brown birks. Brings me back to 1988!

  • Love them too!
    Congratulete to you- to your b-day, and also to your furries :)

    We want to see them live!! Pleaseee :)

    XO Tina

  • Leslie Nicole May, 6 2013, 10:46 / Reply

    I love the way you write! My morning always starts with coffee & reading your blog…and I dont answer any emails until Ive read your post.

    Thanks for helping me start my day on a good note!

    Leslie Nicole

  • Chere Garance, ces articles bourres d’humour mourir de rire me font, surtout en ce lundi matin grisaillon !
    “Ganarienafoutre” : j’adore ! ainsi que le commentaire de Jicky : “….sans la fourrure, elles font deja Bernard Tapie en vacances….” J’en ai mal aux cotes de rire !

  • jane with the noisy terrier May, 6 2013, 11:04 / Reply

    First off, I hope you got my tweet last week about running into Scott. Your man clearly ADORES you and that’s the best birthday present ever!

    I started reading this with trepidation because I was afraid you were going to buy these shoes in the end. I can’t imagine anything less appealling then slipping my sweaty foot into a matted-down (because you know they’re not going to stay fluffy for long) furry sandal in New York on a steamy August day. They’re so expensive, you can only really wear them for a couple months and then they’re just going to be those matted-down sweaty sandals from S/S 13 that you can’t even recoup a little by selling on eBay because they look so groddy.

    So what did your man get you for your birthday instead?

  • Etrange… mais pk pas !


    Coline ?

  • Tu es très Marrance !! Non mais tu t imagines l été, transpirant dans ces shoes en fourrure qui du coup se transforme en vieille moquette de sofitel puante :-))

  • Hope you’ve had a phantastic birthday, dear Garance!

    I love how you described your inner struggle…. and that Scott seems to adore you so much!

    So great that you took the opportunity and tried on those shoes! Otherwise you maybe would think of them with a slight feeling of regret…. I found out that its better to give it a try and slip into the “adorable” fashion piece (even when you mind always tells you that it makes no sense) and realize that you prefer to spend your money for something else instead of daydreaming of it for years.

  • Sascha May, 6 2013, 11:34 / Reply

    Oh no… they are supercool!! I got those and they are like walking on air, and so cool and weird and nerdy. Maybe too nerdy for cool Garance ;)


  • Ahaha loved your little story! However, the shoes… AWFUL. Now we think they’re cool because Phoebe’s hands touched them and everybody has plastered the word ‘COOL’ all over the furry sandals. But I assure you, in five years, we will all have a good laugh (and an ocassional head-banging against a nearby table, “how stupid could we have been, total fashion victims!”

  • yasmine May, 6 2013, 12:09 / Reply

    A chaque fois que j’ai écouté mon mec en matière de mode, je l’ai regretté, moi je dis ça,je n’ai rien dis!!!!!!


  • Reminds me of a recent post from this cool blogger: Vanillascented. She found a vintage pair of sandals. No fur but…carpet material? Maybe? But I think she’ll pull them off easily because she has confidently been doing minimalism for a while.

  • I’m soooooo with Scott – these are THE ultimate fashion victim trap! And so not you… Had you bought them after all, I bet you would’ve been embarrassed to admit you fell for these before the season’s even over! Although they would’ve made for fabulous (and giggles-inducing) house slippers :)


  • I loved it!
    I’m posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:


  • Mireille May, 6 2013, 12:41 / Reply

    Non, franchement, je suis ravie que tu n’aies pas craqué pour ces trucs poilus pas beaux (désolée Phoebe, pourtant je te worshipe bien bas ), en revanche, je me suis”poilée” en lisant ton post, et j’imagine l’expédition avec ton chéri quand tu les as enfin trouvées, essayées et repartie sans finalement. A marquer dans les annales de Garance et dans celles de ton couple; Quand vous serez très, très, très vieux, vous serez morts de rire en évoquant ce moment!!! Et merci pour ce moment!!!:)
    xoxo. Mireille

  • I just love your Parisian sarcastic touch – and still you are a bit carried away by all the fashion madness….haha love it! Thank you!

  • J’ai retenu mon souffle, complètement absorbé par le suspens, une vraie petite fiction, drôlement bien écrite. Merci.

  • Why not if you like them for a different change. Just don’t put them on right after applying foot lotion.
    Your feet must be dry otherwise fur stuck to feet – not a good thing. Good for Celine for coming up with a unique take on footwear – the publicity alone is great. I think you require a pool too.

    See my previous post (may have to scroll down a bit) – “Are we taking Fur too Far? RE these exact Celine shoes!


  • I love the drawing and the way you write!! I have to say that I really love Céline, the bags, the sunglasses…but these birks…I think that are anti-fashion and awful!So glad you didn’t get them!

  • Delightful as usual Garance. OMGEEEEEEEE I love the illustration!

  • Hahaha ! Je sentais qu’elles allaient revenir sur le tapis, ces chaussures, rien qu’à la remarque que tu as faite quand tu les as vues, c’était sûr !!
    La Garashionista manque de bon sens, heureusement qu’elle a un Scott qui joue bien son rôle de modérateur… (ça me rappelle qu’à moi aussi, il me faut un homme : ça me fatigue de m’auto-censurer pour rester crédible.)


  • monika May, 6 2013, 2:48 / Reply

    Good man won’t let you fall into sticky ditch filled with fashion victims…….and Scott is a veeeery good man:). Those shoes were the only thing I could not understand this season. Loved Daria with her natural hair, rockstar glasses and that sleeveless black top w that long skirt………..but the shoes, nope. And I actually kinda love Birckenstocks….I imagine wearing them in my Napa winery, the same one that produces goat cheese:) Dreams………….But not the ones with hair inside, what would my poor goaties think?:):)

  • J’aime alors c’est forcement beau

  • They’re terrible. You don’t want to be walking around looking like you stepped on a Sesame Street character.

  • princessglee May, 6 2013, 3:04 / Reply

    Fur around the toes. Why is that creepy?
    I like the concept of those shoes. Somebody had this crazy idea in their head and actually went with it. Then they convinced other people to help them get it made. Then those people convinced consumers that they wanted them. I love it. If they were cheaper I’d wear them around the house and to the jacuzzi and back.

  • Julie N. May, 6 2013, 3:11 / Reply

    very entertaining story! your asterisk comments are so funny!

  • Haha, un article comme j’aime qui m’a fait beaucoup rire !


  • Shari May, 6 2013, 3:18 / Reply

    From your drawing I started thinking “oh, they’re not that bad” but quick google search…are these damn ugly. Thank god you didn’t buy them! They are like hobbit feet. Who would like to have hobbit feet?!?! I’m sure the ones who quick ordered them right after the show also only wear them at home where nobody can see them. (Did you really consider wearing them outside?!!! You did not…did you?)
    You know there are some trends which when you look back some day, you realize how fashion forward you were. Although then everybody maybe ridiculed you, it was because they didn’t understand but sometimes there are fashions for when you look at old pics you want to declare yourself mad. And that is mostly not fun. We want to look back and not be embarrassed by our looks then.

  • Ahah! Cracking up!)

  • Jajajajajajaaaaaa, Sorry I couldn’t help but reply your post because I have laugh so loud with the scene, that I almost fall from the chair. You are so funny, and that´s why I love your blog (and your incredibly clean illustrations) I suppose that you are tired of reading that, but I think that a compliment is always worth it.
    Stick to the Coppola style!

  • Ideal Cheese May, 6 2013, 3:48 / Reply

    I have the criss cross ones with the pale pink soles. The feeling of fur between my toes, caressing the soles of my feet, is soooooooooo divine. Since everyone and their mom hates them (proved by all the comments here), I don’t have to worry about seeing them on everyone else’s feet. These shoes kick ass, folks. They are proof of what Philo does best: taking something mundane, recreating it with luxurious materials and top-notch craftsmanship, and adding a twist that makes it wearable art. You haters can keep naysaying all you want, while I walk around in the world’s most comfortable and unique sandals. HA, suckas!

  • Beside the fact I’m against any kind of shoes, these Chloé Birks must be one of the ugliest shoes/things somebody have ever designed, really. I’m glad you didn’t buy them. Garashionista… go for great shoes, like these http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/351396 or these by Creatures of the Wind http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/349525

  • Oh !

    Je crains le jour où toi et ton chéri visiterez New Delhi, tu serais capable de nous dénicher les “Birks Fakir” … celles avec les clous à l’intérieur …. car celles qui ont les clous à l’extérieur ce sont des Louboutin “Flo Spikes 120 mm leopard lame” qui n’ont pas de fourrure malgré “léopard” dans le titre.

    Tu m’as bien fait rire en tout cas.


  • Je viens de les voir dans la News letter de Colette …. c’est du lourd !

    ça pique un peu les yeux quand même ….. et chatouiller les pieds aussi.

    Je mets la photo dans mon blog si la curiosité vous titille.


  • I know that feeling when you are obsessed about a pair of shoes and you can’t get them out of your head from the moment they hit the runway until you actually can meet them in person a few months later in a store. I ended up getting a pair with fur on top instead of inside. Really crazy about these ones. None of my friends get them, but I so so so love them and at the same time so so so want to frame them and keep them forever as a trophy.

    Ps. One of my reader friends call them the FURKENSTOCKS. I think that one should really stick.


  • Carole May, 6 2013, 4:30 / Reply

    when i saw Celine berkins it reminded me of a pair i had blk patent berkins….so i went on line and found another pr….also narrow width…my friend vincent who has the best taste wore them in white…

  • Carole May, 6 2013, 4:34 / Reply

    r u still wearing your hair in the new coiffe…or is it back up

  • I love a laugh first thing in the morning! Thanks Garance.

  • lara kim May, 6 2013, 4:58 / Reply

    Dear Garance-Happy belated birthday! Once again I am on a train -reading your blog! You are so funny-you make me smile! You are my girl crush! Love you and what you do and your style!

  • Uff! Thank God you didn’t Get it!! These shoes are terrible…I’ m sorry, Phoebe, they really are!

  • Bien. Il faut savoir faire la part des choses entre ce que l’ on veut vraiment et les “besoins” qu’ ils essaient de créer chez nous.

  • Amábile May, 6 2013, 5:08 / Reply

    mdr!! Encore heureux que tu ne les a pas pris, Garance! je suis en mode style classic moi aussi et je voit ça comme une certaine maturité en fait, de façon de voir le monde et de me voir moi mêmme. J’adore lire ton blog! Petit coucou du Brésil, beijos! (pardon my french là! ça fait déjà un moment que juis rentrée :)

  • Oh hahahahahahaha! This was the fashion version of “your eyes are bigger than your stomach” — fortunately you were saved by living in New York and actually passing them on the street…and having a boyfriend with an excellent sense of humor.

    Can you imagine if you’d ordered and they were sitting in your apartment mocking you?

  • Mais… J’ai toujours aimé ces chaussures!

  • Whew! Crisis averted. I don’t want to pile on the haterade but, I’m team Scott on that one. Perhaps your love of Game of Thrones was responsible for this infatuation with those fur-lined birks?

    Uggh! (pun intended)

  • How about a T-shirt with armpit fur, Garance?

  • Jules May, 6 2013, 9:29 / Reply

    C’est Sofia pas Sophia….

  • Melissa May, 6 2013, 10:04 / Reply

    Brilliant! We have all been there, over and over again!

  • Garance. Noooooooooo That was a lucky escape and that is why you should NEVER buy new fashiony type things online without trying them on. Believe me. I could probably buy a small car with all the money I’ve spent on online beauty and fashion mistakes. Latest one? Chantecaille primer that cost about 150 bucks. It stinks like sunscreen and makes my face; feel hot and red, and after foundation still looks like an exxon oil slick. It was supposed to make my skin look dewy and fresh. I was going to smell like roses and have a blossomy complexion, like a camellia. x

  • anita May, 7 2013, 1:08 / Reply

    soooo funny because one can relate………..jeans and ballet flats it is!

  • It’s not just about your guy accepting your fashion sense..we’ve put on stuff that they will never get, that’s for sure! It’s also about feeling comfortable in your own skin, and yes, it’s true, these shoes are part of fashion history, but this does not mean that they look good. Personally, I can’t think of a single person or occasion on which these shoes would look good…

  • Frances May, 7 2013, 2:53 / Reply

    Fabulously vivid illustration.
    Happy Birthday Garance! You always make my day either by your writing or drawing.


  • Ahah, très belle histoire, Garashionista! :)

  • Anne de Bruxelles May, 7 2013, 3:54 / Reply

    Finalement, une bonne vraie Birk + chaussettes …
    Et ça, Scott ne pourra pas dire qu’il n’aime pas ;-)

  • J’ai trouvé la solution : Grass flip flops !

  • N’y pense plus, vas de l’avant, non non non, c’est Birk ne sont pas faites pour l’été! nooooon!

  • Oh Garance j’ai tellement ri en lisant ce post… Hahaha! Heureusement que tu ne les as pas achetées ;)

  • Well, these shoes are something I’ve been thinking to when i first saw them in a magazine. They look so beautiful, really special and comfortable. But are they? The fur, and then like a sandal… don’t know if it’s a possibility for me, but they look good, no doubt of it.


  • Isabella May, 7 2013, 5:44 / Reply

    Aaah Garance I HAVE EXACTLY THE SAME PROBLEM WITH THESE SHOES!!! After seeing them on the catwalk I had mixed feelings… but my love and admiration for these shoes has grown each time I’ve seen them worn by a (sooo bourgeois and chill) model in magazine editorials. I have to remind myself that I am not 6 ft tall and model slender, so I would look like a hobbit wearing them!

    … instead I admire from afar.

  • Hahah, your posts always make me laugh, you’re just the best writer there is :). And I think I’d agree with your man, but I know how it feels to be obsessed with something like that ;).


  • Johanna May, 7 2013, 7:17 / Reply

    makes me laugh!

  • emilia May, 7 2013, 7:46 / Reply

    Hellooooo Garance,magnifique ce post,j’aime la nouvelle Garance-Gararienafoutre(whahahahaah)ca fait du bien etre de temps en temps (ou plus souvent) détendue.J’adore ton coté classique,les birk-célines ca me dégoute!
    p.s.j’aime bien le fait que les visites sur ton blog sont augmentées avec plus de 10mille en quelques jours:)
    ca signifie plus de personnes inspirées par toi.

  • tripstreasures May, 7 2013, 8:33 / Reply

    Funny store ! I’m happy you didn’t buy them, don’t like them at all


  • lavinia May, 7 2013, 8:39 / Reply

    Sorry I agree 100% with him. There is no way these shoes can be considered nice. A summer shoe with fur? The aesthetics is non existing here. I saw the whole Celine show and even if I use to love celine in this case is awful. Sorry, sex appeal 0%,

  • Ingrid May, 7 2013, 8:40 / Reply

    Hahahaha, still laughing! Those Birkenstocks look soooo bad!!!

  • Clover May, 7 2013, 8:58 / Reply

    Tu l’as échappé belle !
    Il y a quelques années, j’avais essayé une paire de ballerines noires toutes doublées de lapin (une marque avec un lien que l’on peut resserrer et qui dessine un petit hublot au-dessus des orteils), et bêtement je les ai reposées. Je le regrette encore, j’aurais pu mettre des ballerines en hiver sans avoir les doigts de pieds frigorifiés !

  • Dimitra May, 7 2013, 9:57 / Reply


  • Good call. I met those shoes today at the window of Celin. Pretty furry!

  • just as well I did not get them :) maybe you can add it to your prints shop????

  • mais wouaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !
    je pense que j’aurais craqué et les aurais acheté. Sans concession; la détendue l’emporte sur la bourgeoise je crois. Le rêve d’avoir les pieds dans du tout doux. Des Uggs d’été. Et puis c’est un peu comme avoir Monster & Cie entre les orteils. Pixar dans la poche quoi, histoire de ne pas se prendre trop au sérieux.
    La seule fois où je les ai vu portées c’est sur Stella Tennant sortant d’un défilé, eh bien elle envoyait du pâté, y a pas à dire.

  • Cece Rider May, 7 2013, 12:39 / Reply

    Leonardo Da Vinci is said…to have said…that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
    I could live in a white tee, blue jeans, and cowboy boots forever…and still fully appreciate and love the creative beauty that is fashion.

  • Merci pour ce gros fou rire !!!!! Tu as tellement bien décrite l’histoire que s’en était hilarant ! Big smile on my face.

    Thank you very much.

    Personnellement, je suis de l’avis de Scott “Noooooooooo!!!!”

    Bonne continuation

  • Oh…. your comments are so much more civilized about this… my bf says they look like “pubic hair on your feet” :D Maybe that’s just German humor…. but definitely not far off from the truth. Like feet growing hair. Fur isn’t really a summer thing either. They are soft, but also superweird.


    Am I getting the Celine-coolness decline vibe rising? They do some really awesome stuff, like the basics and some bags. But HONESTLY: a markup of 50% (AT LEAST!!) on everything they sell seems such a ridiculous thing…. It stops being cool. Totally a downer, if you get the idea it’s just done to make the brand less accessible to the “people”. The bags are a money making machine for them, but how can it be cool to have a bag or a coat cost twice as much as it would if you would buy something like that from say a “normal” brand like Stella or Chloe? At some point they gotta realize that they are stretching it.

    Belated happy birthday!!


  • PS: and yes please put it as a print in your store. Too funny. And don’t forget the 50% Celine markup :D

  • Non ms Garance, tu ne peux pas faire de supers articles sur comment porter la fourrure de façon respectueuse et craquer sur ce genre d’objets. Non non nooooon! Parce que, ok, elles st très réussies ces chaussures, edgy, perfect pr être le IT truc de la saison mais justement c’est là, parce que c’est un IT machin, un truc qui va pas durer plus de 3 mois,c’est précisément LA qu’il faut résister pour porter la fourrure de façon raisonnable (du moins, je crois). Céline aurait vraiment pu mettre de la fausse fourrure, pour le coup personne n’aurait vu la différence. Peut être même que les gens auraient préféré

  • Maria May, 7 2013, 3:48 / Reply

    It seams like you read my mind sometimes…. Such a funny entry! Thanks for the insight… I have a similar thing with handbags lately…

  • Héléna May, 7 2013, 3:59 / Reply

    Sandale de piscine Aréna + fausse fourrure = Boxy Flat de Céline à moindre coût !
    -oui, je sais, je n’ai rien compris à la mode-

  • Caticat May, 7 2013, 5:15 / Reply

    haha ^^ moi je les trouve / ai tjrs trouvé très moche, vraiment moche.
    On m’en offre, je ne les mettrai même pas!
    et je suis sûre qu’avec les “bibiches-poiliches”, ça donne des boutons aux pieds!
    T’as bien fait Garance. mieux vaut jouer l’efficacité / simplicité et le “soucis du détail”…!

  • Antilia May, 7 2013, 7:26 / Reply

    Mais… mais… suis-je la seule à trouver absolument immondes des Birckenstock (!!) avec de la fourrure (!!!!) COLORÉES (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) ?? Même en tableau !

  • All they make me think about is Meret Oppenheim’ s fur cup; and it is really not a good thing to think about when looking at a pair of shoes. I completely agree with Scott here. They are kinda gross.

  • ‘Je vous jure, je n’y étais pour rien. C’est comme si ces chaussures avaient pris possession de moi, elles, leur côté pied-de-nez à la mode et leur envie de dire ouais, moi, je suis tellement bourgeoise et teeeellemeeeeeent détendue que je porte des Birk en fourrure’ c’est très intéressant!! ces chaussures est très magnifique!!

  • Ah ah, t’aurais pu eu un ‘tapitouf’ version grand format plus petite ? sur lequel tu te promenais nu-pied ? Et donc, bim, les ‘birk Céline’ tant voulues au départ, c’était un peu une madeleine de Proust ^^

  • I bought mine on my favourite website Vestiaire Collective few weeks ago: http://fr.vestiairecollective.com/chaussures-femme/sandales/celine/boxy-flat-strap-sandals-noir-en-cuir-591594.shtml
    They are so addictive!!
    The point is that we caught, you and me Garance, a strange and very powerfull disease called the “Phoebemania”!! We can’t do anything against that ;-)))

  • OLËEEEEE, eres TOTAL!!! me gustas mucho.. i dont understad every word you write here in your post ,but i imagine what you mean.. and i love you! muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak. I enjoy a lot reading this blog. Thank you very much Garancé.

  • Valentine May, 8 2013, 7:07 / Reply

    Ah Ah Ah ! Ouiiii, NON. en fait #eurk

  • ahhahhaha what a fun adventure. I’m trying to imagine a haggard Garance with hairy feet. :P


  • J’ai adoré ce post! Merci Garance xx

  • This was hysterical!I’m happy you didn’t get them, though, I simply cannot imagine Garacoppola (your style these days?) in furry shoes!


  • Excellent, mais j’aurais bien aimé les voir à tes pieds, histoire de rire un peu!

  • Feline Birks! HAHAHAHAhahaha I adore you garance


    PS. In my own moment of fashion victim feeling I had to restrain myself from a severe desire to purchase the Feline tee. Was this right? Was this right? As my boyfriend constantly reminds me, I AM, apparently, a cat. Sunbeams and everything. Help!

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