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My mom wears shorts.

Like real shorts. Not bermudas. Shorts almost as short as my 20 years old sister’s, whose shorts are so short that sometimes you can’t really see them under her tee-shirts. All right, all right. Not that short. My mom is chic. And she wears her shorts on vacation.

But still.
I almost feel like I should revise my own shorts proportions.

Well of course she doesn’t wear them to go to work, and she doesn’t have a wrinkle on her knees – but anyways, even if that was the case, I have to tell you that whatever their age, I think people should dress the way they want.

To me, being vulgar or incongruous is more in the attitude than in the clothes.

You can be 20 and be super cute in super short shorts – but also super trashy. A mini can be worn at any age with distinction.

I liked seeing Carine Roitfeld in a crop top. She herself a grandma, she’s not scared of contradictions: she says that she chooses longer skirts now. But she goes along with a (discreet) cropped top.

To me, she’s helping us see mature women in a different way. It’s a new way to wear your age, a new freedom to be yourself, and to re-imagine the codes of fashion.

And that’s pretty perfect, because this winter, with the 60’s fashion* coming back, we’re all going to end up in short skirts, whether we like it or not.

What do you think? Do you feel free to wear whatever you want? Do you ask yourself about what’s appropriate to wear for your age?

* Oooooooh, nooooooo, the 60’s fashion is back AGAIN!!! Each time it’s back I want to throw all the editorials with wannabe Twiggy in geometrical poses out the window.


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  • Justement cette année, du haut de mes 42 ans, je me pose la question des vrais shorts. En jean, sur la plage, OK. Mais en ville ? Ma fille de 13 ans joue les censeurs…

  • i think it depends on your body shape :)

  • I think it depends on your attitude. i love seeing older women, especially ones with grey hair wear jean shorts, jeans, mini skirts, and and not outrageous crop tops. what is the message? If you ask me its more ok for older women to look sexy then teenagers. teenagers have no business wearing overly sexy clothing, as they are too young to take responsibility. Not the other way around.

  • I’m in my 30s now and age has actually made me more comfortable to wear what I really want, as opposed to just following the crowds. In my 20s, it was all about clubbing and wearing “sexy” skirts/dresses. But now, what defines sexy for me is different. Sometimes it is a short short, but paired with an oversized menswear blazer. I don’t necessarily ask myself what’s age appropriate, I ask what I feel most like “me” in and not just because everyone else is wearing it.

  • My mum went through the sixties with a winterlong bladder-infection every year because of the miniskirts (or so she says..).
    It is a mystery to me how this uncomfortable and, for many women, unflattering look keeps coming back over and over again.

  • L’été, je dois faire attention – Chanel avait raison les genoux….Je porte toujours des shorts…..en hiver, avec de gros collants opaques, des chaussures ou bottes, voir cuissardes mais à plat ! De manière décalée, toujours fun, jamais vulgaire ni ringarde mais faut faire gaffe avec 1.55 m & 45 kg car j’ai 60 ans !

  • Worn with taste and awareness of your body, are ok at any age!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  • Le 60’s en hiver, ça passe toujours nickel: v i v e l e s b a s o p a q u e s!

    -60’s in winter: works like a charm with opaque pantyhoses-

  • Alors moi, ce n’est pas l’âge qui m’a longtemps posé un problème côté short mais la dictature de la minceur voire maigreur quand on regarde certains tops.
    Et cette année j’ai décidé d’assumer et mes 41 ans et mes rondeurs et je me suis acheté de beaux shorts courts en jean dont un blanc, avec un top gris et mes sandales tropéziennes, je me sentais belle.
    Et là je tombe sur des photos de Tara Lynn en short, elle est juste sublime!!!
    Alors oui au short, oui à la mini, oui, oui, oui à la liberté et non, non, non aux diktats de la maigreur.

  • I do sometimes ask what is appropriate for my age, but then I think there is a way to wear things that make it appropriate. For example, if I wear a short I pair it with a top that covers more. Or for the 60’s mini skirt thing, if you wear it with tights I think it’s fine after a certain age. I think women should feel free from these rules. And today’s 40 and 50 year olds have great bodies so why shouldn’t they show it off…in a chic way of course.


  • I agree. It’s all a matter of balance and proportion no matter the age. I don’t like age rules for dressing, because I think women can and should dress their bodies as they see fit. Plus, that’s boring.

  • Lisa Walker August, 19 2014, 12:07

    High-five. Do your thing and be yourself.

  • Je suis d’accord, l’attitude joue beaucoup, mais aussi les textures, un beau short en soie ou en jacquard ne fait pas le même effet qu’un petit short en denim! Je ne vois pas pourquoi on devrait cacher et camoufler un corps qui vieillit, et accepter les gambettes jeunes et fraîches… J’ai 22 ans mais si à 50 je me sens l’envie d’en porter, je le ferais ;)

  • Love the 60s coming back and love mini skirts and shorts. It is all in what you wear with them and your attitude.

  • Over 40 and wearing really short shorts… denim, white or any color!!

    I used to hesitate in France while getting dressed but in the US I feel free, just checked my knees and they look fine. I guess I will stop at some point… The most important is to feel good about yourself :)

  • On dit souvent que “la mode n’a pas l’age” – oui et non. Je dirais que le style n’a pas l’age. C’est vrai qu’il y beaucoup de femmes qui disent “j’adore ces fringues, mais je ne peux pas les porter parce que j’ai … ans”. C’est faux, bien sur. On peut toujours tout porter, ca ne depand pas de l’age, mais de notre corps (la question des genoux par exemple), de notre style de vie, et de notre personnalite.
    Ce qui est merveilleux avec l’age, c’est qu’on apprend constamment la mode et qu’on decouvre notre style personnel. Avec le temps, on devient plus classe. On sait porter les vetements appropries. Et “appropries” veut dire en accord avec nous et avec la situation. Et voila, le secret de l’age, selon moi:)

  • To me there’s a difference between dressing the way you want to and dressing to look younger. I love my mother, but she is guilty of this- I know she’s not comfortable in low-cut tops and trendy clothes, but she continues to wear them to fit into a youthful aesthetic. I think she’s so much more beautiful, and ironically looks younger, when she wears pieces that fit her body and style well! I don’t believe in an age limit to certain styles, but you can always tell if someone is uncomfortable in them.

  • So true! I work in a law office, and the top “hottie” is a woman of 50 or so who wears sheath dresses with sleeves and heels. The young men lawyers are always staring at her, not at the 20ish lawyers with mini skirts!

  • No lawyer should wear a mini skirt. Never seen one do it. And I don’t think you need to wear a sheath dress unless you like them. Personally I don’t think I would ever feel good in one. Not if I live to be 90. I think I will be wearing whatever I want until I die. Its likely to be trendy, and to be denim.

  • I can’t agree more. I’m so annoyed to read articles talking about 30 things to ditch by age 30! I was so conservative when I was in my 20s, but now I just want to have fun with clothes and I wear what I love.

  • As an older woman( probably old enough to be your mother), I heard this advice: wear your shorts the length of your skirts. So if you wear knee length skirts that’s where your shorts should be too…good advice imo!

  • I think it comes down to comfort and confidence. My Mum used to wear tiny shorts and crop tops back in the 90s when I was growing up, and I think she looked amazing because it was what she was comfortable wearing. Having said that, at the time I was slightly embarrassed that she didn’t dress like the other Mums, but I would love to have her confidence in dressing when I reach the age that she was.


  • Even though people still think I’m 22 instead of 30 I don’t feel comfortable wearing too short shorts anymore.As long ad my behind fits into them I’m okay with it but any shorter just feels uncomfortable. But honestly, as long as you have the legs and the but for it and you feel comfortable in it. Go for it! xx

  • Definitely agree that being vulgar relates ore to the attitude than to what you wear!
    I think as long as you feel comfortable, you should wear whatever you want. Whoever does;t like it should just look away.

  • I couldn’t agree with you more, Garance: People should be able to dress however they want to, no matter what age they are. I just turned 30, and am finally feeling like I’m sorting out my fashion approach or identity; I’d like to think that the fun’s just beginning. The sad thing is–at least from what I’ve noticed in this culture–is that even at the relatively young age of 30, many women are sort of programmed to feel as if they’re passing their prime! Horrifying! I even find myself fighting off those thoughts sometimes! F that. We only live once.

  • Et non il n’y a pas de date de péremption, c’est finit tout ça…le seul blocage est dans la tête ! Moi je m’habille très court, même à Paris. Mon cher et tendre persifle parfois mais moi j’assume (de toute façon il y aura toujours des gens pour te regarder de travers, court ou pas…le tout étant de ne pas jouer à la cagole ). Et puis ça oblige à faire un peu de sport, c’est tout bénef (enfin le truc qui marche le mieux pour les jambes fines c’est la marche à pied sur plusieurs kilomètres !).

  • Bien d’accord avec toi, tout est dans l’attitude!!! ;-)

  • My barometer is this – if my 21 year old, college age daughter and her friends would wear it, then it’s not for me. There is that saying, mutton dressed as lamb……

  • I hate to agree with the majority of posters, but I think that even if you have an amazingly fit/toned body, at some point you look decidedly un-chic if you wear certain styles or lengths. For me, Madonna is the perfect example. Her body still looks rock-hard (in pictures, at least) but when she dresses in tiny shorts or lets it all hang out up top, I think she looks vulgar and like she’s trying too hard. And older, to boot! I think that as you get older, you won’t go wrong it you strive for a chic or elegant look. I prefer Anna Wintour’s look to Carine Roitfeld and Anna Dello Russo’s, although in my mind they are all in the same age group. Perhaps it’s just my taste/style preference!

  • I should clarify my statement in regard to the direct topic of shorts – I feel shorter shorts on vacation to hot places is acceptable for all ages. whatever keeps you cool. Beaches, Oceansides, Lakes and their corresponding towns etc. Yes! An older woman in short shorts on City streets? No. Bending over in short shorts on a shopping trip to Costco? Big No. The young can get away with it. Chalk it up to youth. We mature women should know better.

    A time and a place for everything. I’m a right proper ol’ biddy of age 43!

  • Up to you. Who cares what judging strangers think That said, I wear yoga pants everywhere, even under shorter dresses and no one sees my knees but my hubby. The pool is in the backyard, so thats where I go crazy.

  • What kind of freedom is it to wear mini skirts because they are getting trendy ? (and not just because you WANT to be dressed that way?)

  • Curly too August, 19 2014, 1:13 / Reply

    To me it seems you can get away with a lot as you age, as long as your clothes are made of good quality fabrics.

  • C’est vrai que je ne suis pas très fan de Twiggy, mais j’aime beaucoup les sixties, période de liberté et de “rompage” des codes, en tout cas je suis d’accord avec toi, peu importe l’âge il faut d’abord assumer ce que l’on porte pour avoir l’air à l’aise dedans !
    Bises, Marine

  • Tout à fait d’accords avec toi sur le fait que la vulgarité repose sur l’attitude !

  • My trick has always been, with my arms resting by my sides, I like the tip of my fingers to be touching the edge of the fabric, where the skirt/short seem meets my skin. At 5″10 this allows me to make sure I look appropriate for work and outside. All rules out the window on vacation!

  • We have asked ourselves, on occasion,”How short is too short?” Distinct vs Vulgar are matters of opinion, are they not? So, what is the standard?

  • Entièrement d’accord!! Ma mère a toujours fait beaucoup plus jeune que son âge (a 28 et 53 ans on nous prend toujours pour des sœurs) et surtout s’est toujours, toujours habillée comme elle l’entendait. Elle est fan de petites robes à fleurs, de jean motard, mini jupe en tweed et short en cuir…le tout est qu’elle porte ce qu’elle veut et avec beaucoup de goût et de chic, rien n’est vulgaire si on le porte bien et qu’on a l’attitude qui va avec…Et je suis à 100% pour! J’ai d’ailleurs la chance que nous fassions la même taille et même pointure, qu’elle se lasse vite de sa garde robe et se renouvelle beaucoup résultat, je récupère énormément de ses fringues et c’est top de voir comment chacune porte certaines pièces de manière assez similaire ou alors complètement différemment! C’est amusant!

  • I am working *hard* to get my body back in shape after having my son and eating terrible yet delicious food. For years. I am proud now to show off my quads in shorter skirts!

  • Je pense que ça reste toujours une question de style et de façon de porter les shorts, les crop tops, etc…
    Surtout, faut pas se mettre trop de restrictions :)

  • Hello,

    Vous voulez rire, fin juin je suis allée aux Galeries Lafayette afin d’y trouver un pyjama d’été léger. J’ai trouvé un petit ensemble sympa composé d’un top et d’un petit short en coton bleu ciel. Heu…… comment dire le short a été porté tout l’été mais de jour, pas de nuit.

  • Bon moi je suis pour la communion du vêtement et de l’esprit : on se sent bien dedans alors on porte bon bien sur évitons le ridicule mais on se fait plaisir la vie est trop courte! Par exemple j’adore les shorts short! enfin pas trop non plus ce n’est pas UNE CULOTTE!!
    Vive les shorts!!


    voici mon dernier post :

  • i think anyone can anywhere anything…it just depends on HOW you wear it. and, perhaps, just as important, WHY.

  • Jennifer August, 19 2014, 3:02 / Reply

    I am 36 and have certainly changed my look as I’ve gotten older. Some of it because I’m no longer in a formal business office, part because I am a mom and my body’s changed, a little because I like reinventing who I am at this stage. I like one piece bathing suits more then I ever thought I would, almost sexier sometimes. I do wear shorts and short skirts but in a different way then I did in my 20’s, more polished, classic maybe. My view of sexy is a whole world away of what I thought it was, it’s more about my confidence now then showing skin.
    I’m looking forward to turning 40, I want with each year a better idea of who I am and what works best for me, to find happiness in my inner self as well as my closet and make up bag.

    If a women in her sixties still has great legs and feels fabulous in a mini then go for it. But I think something are better left to youth.

  • Marrant, j’ai un short noir mais cet été je ne me sentais plus de le mettre et je cherchais un jolie bermuda (court…hum, bref un short plus long) mais ai bien du mal à trouver ce que je veux…
    Paradoxalement, c’est juste que je le “sentais” comme ça, et que morphologiquement je me dit que ça m’irait mieux, mais je me suis pas posé la question de l’âge (ou pas consciemment).

  • Stephanie August, 19 2014, 3:25 / Reply

    Yeah…not so excited that 60’s fashion is back — but you know, I’m open, maybe I’ll be surprised

  • Tes dessins sont vraiment super beaux !! J’adore !
    J’ai essayé d’en faire quelques uns, je les posterai sur mon blog dans quelques jours surement :)
    Tout simplement tes dessins m’ont et me donne envie de dessiner (même si je galère…)


  • I agree, we should remove stereotypes and judgements and dress as we like. As you say being vulgar lies in attitude, not in clothes.

  • 30 and NEVER wear shorts, I do wear short skirts and dresses, though, but if they’re supper mini (and I love minis), I wear collants underneath. In summer days, if it is too hot, I wear fishnet tights, generally the beige ones or black ones, I dont care. THE REASON BEHIND THIS is that, though I guess my legs are OK, I dont feel too comfortable with too short anything. I’m not SUPER FIT, and direct sunlight can be tricky, I discovered that one time, on the street, looking at my reflection on a window, didn’t like it, and sort of repressed myself to tights all the time now.
    I see woman younger and older than me, with beautiful legs, rocking short shorts, and I love how they look, and sometimes I see some other girls, with legs not so perfect, still doing it great. I guess it’s in how comfortable you feel with it, and if you are not comfortable it just shows.

  • Hi! To me, it’s not about the age of the person…it’s really about what looks flattering. One could be 18 and look terrible wearing short shorts but, on the other hand, one could be 56 and look amazing in short shorts!

  • Hi Garance,
    It was such a pleasure to hear you speak today in Montreal. You are as charming in real life as you are on your blog, and I am a huge fan. As for the shorts, I need to get myself to a gym first…

  • Je suis à la fois d’accord avec tout le monde et contre tout ce qui se dit. La jeunesse a besoin qu’on lui laisse son audace et ses excès. Si la mère d’une fille de 15 ans porte elle aussi un short dissimulé par un t-shirt, que peut faire l’ado pour marquer sa différence ? Je crois que le fait qu’on ne laisse pas à la jeunesse ce qui lui appartient la pousse à aller trop loin. Je vais loin mais je crois qu’on pourrait trouver là une explication aux selfies sur lesquelles les très jeunes filles ont pris l’habitude de s’embrasser entre copines etc. On leur vole leurs uniformes, elles n’ont plus qu’à se créer de nouveaux comportements “limites” pour se recréer un univers et des codes à elles.

  • flanellerouge August, 20 2014, 7:13

    Laura ! Je me marre !!!
    Quand ma fille avait 13 ans, j’en avais 42, j’étais une jeune divorcée, je portais mes mini-jupes Kookaï en maille épaisse, avec des collants opaques et de fines bottines plates lacées ou des escarpins + un blazer strict.
    Elle portait quoi ma fille ???
    D’infâmes salopettes bagguy avec ses chères Dr Martens, énormes sur mon p’tit bout d’ado. C’était sa révolte !!! on est dans les années 92…
    J’étais rassurée qu’elle ne fasse pas sa crise Lolita…. qu’elle ne se mette pas en danger…

    Elle a su séduire à 17 ans The père de leur dernier 3ème baby, une histoire d’amour qui dure !!!
    Quant à moi, j’ai pris 15kg depuis, je ne supporte pas mes moches genoux, et je les cache !!!!!

  • Je suis tout a fait d’accord !

  • never wear anything that was in fashion that u wore the first time it was the trend…..

  • Never follow a fashion rule that starts with the word “never” lol!

  • I was us Paris visiting a friend …..She said I look like a whore with great taste…I took it as a compliment!!! I wore suede boots over my knee with a AW boy con dress…My niece said I look like the walk of shame….I’m not ashamed I am flatter LOL

  • ps i had bare legs…

  • Candelaria August, 19 2014, 6:26 / Reply

    Holaaa Garance! I adore your blog! I´m from Argentina and I´m studying Fashion Design here. My friends and I follow all your thoughts, but we also have a lot of friends that don´t know English or French. So I´m thinking: When you will have your page in Spanish?! I even volunteer myself to do all the translation!! Hahaha.
    I hope you think about it, your Spanish followers will be very happy!!
    Un abrazo!

  • A partir d’un certain âge une femme ne doit plus paraître sexy, elle peut paraître sensuelle oui, mais pas sexy. Il y a une différence. Paraître sexy serait vulgaire.

  • flanellerouge August, 20 2014, 6:31

    Je suis bien d’accord Lola !!!
    C’est beaucoup plus subtil de paraître sensuelle, et bien plus difficile à réaliser….
    Une dentelle qui dépasse d’un pull ? Une jupe aux genoux un peu fendue ? Un top en V très moulant avec un pantalon large ? D’autres idées ???

  • Oh my gosh, I am so glad you said that about the Twiggy editorials. Boring! Any of those elements out of context would be sweet, for example a Bruce Weber shoot with Twiggy clothes, or Twiggy makeup and very preppy styling. You really articulated something I’ve felt many times,I love when that happens.

    To your point about lengths, age, etc. I agree 100% that its all attitude, as it so often is the key part of the recipe.

  • jenjenchoo August, 19 2014, 9:40 / Reply

    i do believe women should dress in whatever they feel comfortable in – no matter what their age and it all boils down to attitude, authenticity and what works for you – for me, when i wanted to feel sexy in my 20s i wore backless tops, jeans and heels – but as i grew older, i felt more comfortable in a less obvious kind of sexy like showing a glimpse of shoulder or the cunningly cut pant – I may have even mastered the art of being completely covered up but still alluring – i don’t know if it was because i grew older or that my style also evolved as I was working in design and fashion but as i said before it was and is what i feel right in – now on the cusp of 40, i wonder how my style will continue to evolve but I look forward to it

  • I love short shorts. Shortness is part of the point, no? Part of the raison?

    I don’t want them to be quite hotpants (though I can support hotpants, too, in the right context), not so short that the bum is actually showing (though this can look great in an image, usually it never works for me in real life, no matter how good a figure someone has, only in a swimwear context), but just a TEENY bit longer than that. Just long enough to show maximum leg without showing anything more than leg. Or within a few inches of this point. (elaboration : )

    Not sure how I’ll think about it as I get older. 31 now and slowly my definition of what is short is getting longer and longer…

    I hope I will wear whatever I want.

  • Jane with the noisy terrier August, 19 2014, 10:58 / Reply

    Oh where to begin? I’m actually “une femme de age certaine” and realize that I can’t wear the same clothes someone in their ’30’s might wear, no matter how “comfortable” I might feel. Frankly, dressing like a twenty-something when you’re over 50 is aging. I look at photos of Anna Dello Russo in sleek pant suits and she looks so much younger and fresher than when you see her in a micro mini with a crop top. I recently traveled with a woman my age who had a terrific figure and wore very short, very small and very skin-baring clothes. From the back, she looked 21. but when she turned around and you saw her clearly 50+ face, you almost recoiled in surprise. I’d rather look like a cool and chic 50 than cling to a style I should have retired decades ago.

  • Your mom’s probably hot. She wears shorts. Leave her alone.

  • Tu as tout à fait raison de dire que c’est la manière dont on porte les vêtements qui nous rendent élégante ou vulgaire ! J’ai 46 ans, je crois que pour mon âge, je me défends pas mal niveau cuissot … et je porte des shorts l’été. Je me sens parfaitement bien dedans, mais je les mixe avec de jolies blouses ou chemises légères. Jamais de haut moulant, jamais de talons ! Des sandales Minnetonka au pieds et voilà ma tenue de l’été !

  • Je pense pas que ce soit une question d âge mais plutôt de morphologie et de silhouette. Pour ma part je suis beaucoup trop complexée par mes grosses cuisses celluliteuses pour porter des shorts :-/ et pourtant j ai (que) 34 ans ….

  • Yeah it depends on the cut/ design too. I love those that slant more towards formal, with navy blue colour. So chic

  • This discussion reminds me of a wonderful poem by Jenny Joseph:

    When I am an old woman I shall wear purple
    With a red hat which doesn’t go, and doesn’t suit me.
    And I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves
    And satin sandals, and say we’ve no money for butter.
    I shall sit down on the pavement when I’m tired
    And gobble up samples in shops and press alarm bells
    And run my stick along the public railings
    And make up for the sobriety of my youth.
    I shall go out in my slippers in the rain
    And pick flowers in other people’s gardens
    And learn to spit.

    You can wear terrible shirts and grow more fat
    And eat three pounds of sausages at a go
    Or only bread and pickle for a week
    And hoard pens and pencils and beermats and things in boxes.

    But now we must have clothes that keep us dry
    And pay our rent and not swear in the street
    And set a good example for the children.
    We must have friends to dinner and read the papers.

    But maybe I ought to practice a little now?
    So people who know me are not too shocked and surprised
    When suddenly I am old, and start to wear purple.
    Jenny Joseph

  • je pense que cela dépend beaucoup plus de la morphologie et du modèle que de l’âge… Il faut bien le choisir, c’est comme un futal (tailles épaisse, fesse plates ou généreuses en galère…) et une mini (taux de vulgarité, rendement ville/vacances, genoux , cuisses et mollets inspectés) à la fois… Une prise de tête…

  • C’est plus une question de jambe que d’âge non? Ca dépend de la finesse de la jambe, de la cellulite, etc… plus que de l’âge je trouve.

  • flanellerouge August, 20 2014, 7:29 / Reply

    J’imagine facilement ma fille, 35 ans, jeune maman d’un troisième baby, c’est une mère active architecte :
    ” Au secours !!!! ma mère va à la plage avec un short raz la touffe !!!!! Même moi je ne le fais pas !!!”

    C’est ici, ou c’est ailleurs – maison familiale à Sanary, sur la côte pour ma fille.
    Ailleurs, qu’importe !!!!
    Je fais ce que je veux – du moment que je ne choque pas (genoux ramolos moches, mais décolleté somptueux)
    Vouloir choquer est juste une prise de position, pour comment on s’habille comme pour tout .
    bizzzàGarance so dear

  • Christine August, 20 2014, 7:41 / Reply

    I never used to wear shorts, because I always felt I was ‘too old’ for them. But now that I work from home and live in a place with long warm summers, I’ve completely changed my tune. I wear shorts all summer long and I’m 51! My legs still look good, although not as great as when I was in my 20’s, but the thing is: I don’t care two bits.

    You put it well, Garance, when you wrote that there has to be a place for older women in the world. We don’t have to resort to invisibility just because some 20-year old can’t handle the view! The world is ours just as much as it is theirs – maybe more ours than theirs, I dare say.

  • OLE OLE y OLEEEEEEEEEE for your mom ! i´m sure she´s style and a lot of confidence ..

  • So “Fashion” dictates we shall all wear short skirts? Even if we are nearly 60? Come on! Grandmas in crop tops is foolishness.

  • HappyLilly August, 20 2014, 8:55 / Reply

    Je me sentirai libre de porter ce que je veux si le regard de certaines personnes (et principalement des hommes- tous âges confondus) n’était pas aussi “déshabilleur”. Leur avis m’importe peu mais se sentir scrutée de cette façon m’indispose.
    Pour mon quotidien, la bonne longueur, est quand on ne voit pas les sous-vêtements quand on se penche, marche, s’assoit.
    Et je compte bien porter des shorts en jean jusqu’à la “fin”, genoux ridés ou pas, grosse ou pas. Ah bas les diktats sur le juste tour de cuisse, sur la sexytude, la vulgarité et l’âge!!!
    Il m’est même arrivé de trouver un peu de vulgarité assez sexy et captivante. Et de constater qu’un excès de zèle à vouloir avoir l’air distingué(e) faisait parvenu devenu snob.

  • Yessss!! Garance in Spanish! ABSOLUTELY, I volunteer as well ;)

  • Entièrement d’accord avec ton post, tout est une question de style et d’attitude. Et puis je suis bien moins choquée par une femme de 60 ans portant un short mais de façon très chic, que par une fille de 12 surjouant la provoc !

  • vivafuerza August, 20 2014, 11:15 / Reply

    I used to see an old woman walking around the Village years ago. She was tiny (like me, 5’1) and had a wild mane of grey hair. The last time I saw her, she was dressed like a 14 year old girl on summer vacation: green short shorts with a pink tank top. She was in pretty great shape, but appeared to be in her 70’s or older, so the skin was wrinkled and droopy, but she radiated vitality and joy. I agree that what makes something look ‘inappropriate’ is the apprehension on the part of the wearer. If you love yourself, that’s what reads. I myself am in my 40’s and starting to get some cellulite on the front of my legs. I’m in good shape, but feel pretty self conscious about this early sign of aging. Hoping to have the courage to wear shorts again soon!

  • I haven’t worn shorter shorts since my cellulite and spider veins started being obvious (around age 25?). I admire all these people with amazing legs and wonder how they do it (gym maybe? ;) One thing I’ve been noticing in London lately and HATE to see is the super-short shorts where the bum cheek actually HANGS OUT. Like you can actually see the person’s actual BUTT. Sorry but there is a limit, and that’s mine, I don’t care how confident and comfortable those ladies feel with their butt cheeks hanging out, it is just really, really vulgar. You have to wonder what kind of message they are trying to send. That may sound judgmental, but honestly I don’t care. OK, my short shorts rant is over ;)

  • confidential August, 20 2014, 12:27 / Reply

    For me it depends on the occasion. I work in a corporate setting so I would prefer skirts and dresses hit the knee.. I’m tall so that can be hard to find but a good tailor can bring it down an inch or so. I don’t wear shorts other than some cut offs that I live in every weekend. I have to say I don’t care for women (even teens) in cut offs so sort you can see the underside of their butt. There is no style there, just your actual butt shown the world. So, I’d ultimately say that the lengths of a women’s skirts and dresses should be appropriate the function she’s going to but in terms of shorts, lets just agree to cover your entire bootie.

  • Well, I like my legs and I hope to show them off as long as possible.

    Also, I”m partial to fun t-shirts, but as a middle-school teacher, I have to be a bit careful when I go to work, you want to be taken seriously!
    As always, I loved this post!

  • it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it!! As a person in their mid-30’s and working in the creative industry, very much looking forward to the 60’s trend returning! :-)

  • I loved this post, I agree, people should wear what they want, no matter their size or age, however, I do find it a little bit awkward when it looks like “out of context”. It would be great to see a picture of your mom wearing shorts! Haha, my mom wears really short shorts all the time at home, she doesn’t really wear them to go out, unless she goes to the beach, where she wears not so short shorts, but they’re still shorts, not bermudas, I really like that. :)

  • Je pense que le short, même un peu court, peut être porté à tout âge si le corps va avec et que le rendu est bon ! Comme tu le dis, il y a tellement de filles jeunes sur qui ça fait très vulgaire, pourquoi une femme d’âge mure qui le porte de manière chic devrait s’en priver ?

    xx CarolineJ

  • I think all people should dress for their own personal tastes, and taking their bodies into account while doing so. All this shoulda-coulda stuff is so subjective, there really isn’t a right answer. What I love is women like your mother dressing in a way that people can appreciate, especially when she encourages people to rethink what they thought they knew about ‘women-like-that’ :-)

  • Moi ce n’est pas par rapport à mon âge que j’ai la sensation de ne pas pouvoir tout porter mais plus part rapport à mes formes. Le short est presque une épreuve pour moi, pourtant je vois des filles bien plus ronde que moi qui en porte. Mais personnellement ça me met mal à l’aise. J’ai la sensation qu’on m’observe et avec un short je ne peux pas camouflé mes cuisses (vergeture et cellulite non plus).

    En tout cas j’adore ton blog, j’ai d’ailleurs voté pour lui pour les Bloglovin’ Awards!

    Des bisous, Romane.

  • My mother is 55 and despite being a bit overweight, she has truly wonderful legs. Still, she refuses to wear mini as she considers herself too old. I always tell her that it doesn’t make sense as I know many women around my age (23) that doesn’t look good in mini but wear it only cause they’re young. Even though I believe everyone should wear what they feel most comfortable in, I consider matching your clothes to your age a nonsense. If someone despite advanced age takes care about themselves and has really nice legs, why not show it off a bit?

  • Age doesn’t matter as long as you’re dressed somewhat appropriately for the situation, but again, rules were made to be broken!

  • I hate 60s but I think we’re in luck ’cause 80s aren’t back though…

    Regarding the age, well, I think we must assume it and dress accordingly…Whatever the attitude, I can’t figure on what level Anna Dello Russo looks good…I think that at a certain age you may look stylish, elegant and classy and leave the shorts, bustiers, majorette-skirts and the hair pom-poms to teenagers…

  • Martyna August, 3 2016, 4:07 / Reply

    I just hate seeing women who feel uncomfortable in their clothes but they wear them just because they feel like it’s what’s appropriate for them… Just wear what you like, what you feel good in. If you’re 50 and you love to rock shorts, go for it. If you’re 20 and you hate them, just don’t wear them. We are so lucky to live in times where fashion is so complex and mixed, and it’s all about simply finding your own personal style. I love wearing shorts everyday during summer, in town as much as at the beach. When it comes to the length, just listen to your gut. You will feel it when they’re too short for you, you just won’t feel good. And that’s the only standard you should consider.

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