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On Sunday, I was at the Golden Globes.

Naaaaa, not really at the Golden Globes… Much better than that! I was slouched on my couch with a macro from Souen (macrobiotic food = happy conscience), a glass of red wine (screw you happy conscience) and my friend Emily.

Warning = This is definitely the longest post of my life, almost as long as an overly long Golden Globe speech when they start playing the music over your speech to tell you that your time has long passed. So if you want to go get a latte before diving in, or some aspirin, whatever, now’s your chance.

Okay, we’re going to do a little review of all my opinions and emotions (feel free to jump in any time) but first, I’ll say this:
Teeth: Whoa, so white! Seriously, are they all getting their teeth painted before and event like this? I’ll have to remember next time I get an invite.
Celebs: Wow, the number of celebrities per square foot always fascinates me. How do you work out the whole table of honor thing? Sheesh.

The men

Let’s start with a little shout out to the guys. We don’t talk about them enough on this blog. Don’t tell me you don’t like a guy in a tux because frankly, you’d be lying. What could be sexier than a man in a tux jacket?

It’s pretty simple:

Gonna go with John Hamm, because not only is he beautiful without being too perfect, he just seems so so so so so much fun.

Oh, and what’s better than a bunch of dudes? A BOUQUET OF DUDES IN SUITS. (holding hands)

The Dresses

Let’s talk for a quick sec about dresses.

Favorites, you say? I’ll give you three. Anne Hathaway in Chanel. Purity, eternity, sublimity, Sang With Her Own Voice in Les Mis, bankability, ultimity.
And plus…
Hold on I’m thinking.
Okay that’s it actually. I’m only giving you one dress, sorry.

I know what you’re thinking… Too classic !!! Too boring !!! Not sexy !!! She’s annoying !!! Looks like she’s wearing a cast !!! I don’t care, I love it !

Fine fine fine, let’s not talk about dresses. Let’s talk about beauty. Because even if their dresses weren’t the most amazing, some actresses have me reeling just because of their beauty.

Les Belles

Julianne Moore !!!
That face, that smile, aaaaaah! That woman will take your breath away.
Not at all as loved (but seriously, not at all) was her Tom Ford dress. I dunno, I think it’s one of those love-it-or-hate-it situation. I mean, Cathy Horyn loved it. It’s gotta be a question of taste.

Jennifer Lawrence !!!
The Gown Was Almost Perfect – and even something wasn’t quite right with the décolletage part (which you can’t really see in pictures), I thought the tailoring was right on and loved the tiny waist and beautiful shoulder.

So cute !!! J-Law, I just love you.

Rachel Weisz !!!
We can all get together and agree on just how beautiful Rachel Weisz is, right? She had Daniel Craig as her accessory who, even with his too-small tux and black sunglasses that seemed to serve only to make him look pretentious, isn’t half bad.
Her hair was so Hollywood and I loved it.

Julianna Margulies !!!
Can someone please explain to me where her supernatural radiance came from?
Has she swallowed her Touche Éclat, or what?
I don’t get it, but this woman is magnetic.

Jessica Alba !!!
I know. It’s all too classic. The hair, the dress, the river of diamonds, tralalala.
But what a neckline! So beautiful!

+ Adele (love!), Marion (purity, serenity, ultimity), Taylor Swift (!!!)(Yes!), Michelle Dockery (seems trapped in that top part of the dress though).

Too bad

I could’ve waxed poetic about the Givenchy dress Amanda Seyfried wore, but the mermaid hair got in the way.

No way, guuuuuys, pick it up.

The time comes when you simply have to put your foot down and say no way, that’s just not possible.
J-Lo, Halle Berry (décolletage Fail), Eva Longoria (!!!)(Was she trying to pull a leggelina? Her dress was all over the place)
No wayyyyy !!!!!

The performances

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, we love you!!! They had us cracking up the whole time.

I loved Amy Poelher’s reaction when Bill Clinton made a surprise appearance:

“OMG, that was Hilary Clinton’s husband!”

And then there was this one :

The Hunger Games was one of the biggest films of the year, and also what I call the six weeks it took me to get into this dress.”

Ah, and :

“Meryl Streep is not here tonight. She has the flu — and I hear she’s amazing in it”

And plus, Amy was beautiful in Stella, Wooooop!
Nothing too much more to say other than she’s so classy and Amy, please adopt me!!!

The Tweets

I spent all night cracking up at Twitter. Some people are seriously funny. Here are a few of my favorite.

@MeenalMistry, about Jodie Foster’s awkward speech:
Jodie Foster gets 7.5 chairs on the Clint Eastwood Scale of Televised Confusion #goldenglobes

@kellyoxford, About Lena Dunham’s awkward walk:
How would GIRLS and Lena Dunham make any sense if she were comfortable in heels? #goldenglobes

@VanityFair, about Bill Clinton’s cameo to present the movie Lincoln:
“If you thought [Bill Clinton] was impressive, the Queen is going to parachute in to make a last minute pitch for Skyfall.”#GoldenGlobes

It was as if Jodie Foster’s mouth was wearing Lena Dunham’s shoes. #goldenglobes

Jodie Foster is about to have a conversation with a barfly everyone.

Glenn Close Drunk

And now I want to be best friends with Glenn Close.

The scandal.

There can be nary a fancy party without some sort of scandal. But it’s even funnier when you don’t expect it and it just unravels in front of your eyes with no one giving you any kind of warning… I mean, I could’ve used something like : Look out, Jodie Foster is about to blow a 2987654 magnitude media bomb!!! I would’ve paid more attention or something.

Because we love her, yeah, but we also don’t really give Jodie much thought, do we?

And then suddenly there she was, yelling out brandishing her Golden Globe, “I’m 50!!!”

Not the most elegant entrance ever…But you tell yourself, oh, wow, 50, DAMN ! She looks goooooood !!!

There. She did get your attention.

She then goes into some small talk, a little out of breath which is a little weird since the award was a lifetime achievement thing so she knew she’d have to give a speech, and then suddenly, she said she had to make an announcement.

So of course, right away you think she’s talking about her gayness, which nobody really cares about, but that would be kind of good to share once and for all, to go a little against the Hollywood closet (damn, how many are they in there?), but then here’s her big reveal:

“I’m single.”

Seriously Jodie? So anti-climactic.
And then she goes into a speech that is somewhere between a bash of reality TV, a half assed coming out, a farewell to acting and a tearful message to her mother.

And then right then, and I can’t say why, but I just start crying. Emily looks at me weird,I say what the hell is happening to me, and I can’t figure out what’s going on BUT STILL I’M SITTING THERE CRYING.

And now today, I get it. I think Jodie was drunk. And she put her own confusion on us and we got overwhelmed and only tears and tweets could follow.

The cinema and the silver screen.

I still haven’t seen Zero Dark Thirty, but I think some of the judges at the Golden Globes have great taste. My favorite movies were very awarded (Django, Argo, Life of Pi) and the ones I wasn’t so big on didn’t get much (Silver Lining Playbooks? Meh). And all the shows I love (Girls, Homeland) got a lot of awards. Wahooo! Oh, and Christoph Waltz, Tarantino’s new fav actor. Forever love.

Ahhhh, Lena Dunham.

Lena, if you ever want to be my BFF forever forever, we could go up the stairs together. I’d take you by the arm and even if we fell on our faces in front of George Clooney, and the whole crème de la crème, nobody would care because they’d say we are the avant-garde, the future of cinema, and that this sort of this is just so us and that’s why everyone loves us, that, and our unending amount of talent.

What, I am trying to steal your limelight ? Neeeeeeeeeeuuuu !!!

Oh, love.

You know what always gets me during these stupid award ceremonies?
It’s all the beautiful couples. The couples who seem to have it right who aren’t too plastic or too smiley or too anything, the couples who seem like they’re really in love. (I identify !!! ;)
And sometimes, they make grand declarations in public.

Ben Affleck to Jennifer Gardner, soooo cute.

“So, I just want to thank my 3 kids, Violet, Sarah and Sam, I love you guys. And I want to thank my wife who is the reason I’m standing here. I adore you, I love you so much, thank you for sitting through this, you’re my everything.”
(PS : congrats to Ben “the return with revenge” Affleck – after being a little out for a few years, you gave us something to cheer about. Your movie’s great!)

Hugh Jackman to Deb, his wife. A little long, but really great.

“… My wife, I’ve gotta tell ya, a lot of you know my wife. She’s the greatest woman and the world and if I forget to mention anyone babe can you come up and thank them after that would be great. Tom I have never told you this. 3 weeks before we started filming, we had a terrible day at rehersal, a humiliating day, you’ll remember it. I came home to Deb and said, “it’s time. I’ve got to ring him, I’ve got to tell him there’s someone else to play this role.” I really thought I had bitten off more than I could chew. My wife talked me off that cliff, like she talks me most days. Baby, I’m going to say it now in front of the entire world, thank you for always being right. I love you.”


And finally, Jodie Foster in her love note to her ex, because even if she seemed confused up there, she still could get out a few words of love.

“There is no way I could ever stand here without acknowledging one of the deepest loves of my life, my heroic co-parent, my ex-partner in love but righteous soul sister in life, my confessor, ski buddy, consigliere, most beloved BFF of 20 years, Cydney Bernard. Thank you, Cyd. I am so proud of our modern family. Our amazing sons, Charlie and Kit, who are my reason to breathe and to evolve, my blood and soul.”

So great. Go get it Jodie.

Aaaaaaah, America.

Right as Emily was getting ready to go, she said to me, “I can’t believe the Golden Globes were that fun to watch. Do you think we’re becoming real Americans?” (Emily is australian and came to New York about at the same time as me)

“Hmmmm…. Nooooooo.”

– Well, is it the first time you sit through the Golden Globes from beginning to end, no ?
• Ah, yes !
• It’s the first time you get all the jokes, no ?
• Mmmm, yes.
• It’s the first time you cry in front of an award ceremony, no ?
• YES.

Guys, I’ll let you draw your conclusions :)


Add yours
  • Ma robe préférée était sans aucun doute celle de Anna Hathaway… C’était simple et délicat. J’ai aussi aimé celle de Jodie Foster, mais son discours m’a beaucoup plus marqué que sa robe en tout cas.

    Gaby Lang,

  • i liked lucy liu in versace. a fresh take :)

  • It may be your longest post, but it is sooo much fun to read! I agree with you all the way: congratulations, you’ve become a REAL AMERICAN! ;-)


    Cheers! Cory

  • Excellent ! On a vraiment l’impression d’avoir exactement fait la même chose que toi avec tes amies.

  • Georgina January, 15 2013, 9:40 / Reply

    Hi Garance!
    What did you think of Lucy Liu’s dress?
    Personally, I loved it, but I know a lot of people did not…
    Georgina xx

  • Lucy was my favourite also.
    Her braided hair complements the floral print on the dress so nicely!
    My coverage on GG :

  • Oh yeah, Garance, on adore que tu commentes des évènements !
    Et nous aussi, on a absolument adoré Anne Hathaway, rayonnante, presque agaçante.


  • you left out Marion Cotillard… Dior…and her shoes were the same color..but is just had a shimmer She get my vote…and Jennifer Lawrence…Jessica Alba perfection

  • the shoes r in the new Dior ad….

  • J’adore voir ces robes, ça fait rêver.
    Celle d’Anne Hathaway est toute blanche ce qui donne en plus des inspirations robes de mariées.
    La plus belle robe red carpet qui pourrait aussi faire robe de mariée, c’était la robe cape de Gwyneth Paltrow en Tom Ford.
    Merci Garance de nous montrer tout ces looks, c’est vraiment inspirant.

  • Love Ann Hathaway…she is in her zone..I would if preferred…if it was one piece..

  • Ca tombe bien je me servais une grande tasse de thé avant de lire ton post, j’étais donc parée pour le lire ;)

    Quant au post en lui même;;;naaaaaa Garance il y a des manquements!!! (remarque tout à fait subjective c’est clair!):

    – Chez les hommes: Jamie Foxx !!!! Où est Jamie Foxx??? En tuxedo, wow!! Il était à tomber par terre aaaaaargh!

    – Chez les belles: Kate Hudson!!! Ok, beauté surfaite, presque surnaturelle, mais je n’ai pas pu mempêcher de la trouver “wow!”, sa robe bling bling juste sublime.

    Sinon pour le reste, je dis “Amen” ;)
    L’intervention de Jodie Foster était juste powerful, …ça m’a serré le coeur tellement c’était fort, à mes yeux elle est un vrai modèle cette femme. Si à 50 ans je suis aussi brillante qu’elle et aussi riche en expérience je serai ravie de la vie que j’ai mené jusque là.

    Bisous Garance!

  • Merci Garance, on s’y croirait presque.
    Il faut dire que chez nous, la cérémonies des Césars ne dégage pas le même tourbillon glamouro-émotionnel
    :-) dommage

  • PS: Le dessin est superbe, j’aime ce trait noir épais qui le souligne :)

  • To be honest I didn’t watch the show I just went online to check out the dresses. I only watch 2 shows (Big Bang Theory and Girls) so most shows that are getting awards I have no clue about them. But my top 2 main ladies were for sure Amanda Seyfried and Anne Hathaway.


  • Le dessin avec le titre « Golden Globes » est un peu ambigüe ou mieux il se prête a une mauvaise interprétation. Suis je malade ?

  • So, how do you feel about Girls?

  • Merci pour le débrief Garance ! J’ai bien rigolé !

  • Maybe you will become american when you will no longer understand France and french joke. But that will never happen, you have to cherish your difference, you’ll be a mix! A unique perfect culture mix :-)

  • Anna Hathaway is faboulous in Chanel !


    New Post on Purses in the Kitchen!

  • Garance, j’adore également la robe d’Anne Hathaway (qui pourrait ne pas aimer!) mais j’ai aussi eu un énorme coup de coeur quand j’ai vu Rachel Weisz (d’ailleurs elle forme un magnifique couple avec Daniel Craig)! Sa robe est certes plus simple que la robe “classique des Golden Globes” mais je trouve qu’elle lui va à merveille, elle est originale et très classe.
    Par contre, je suis déçue du choix de Jessica Alba, elle aurait pu mettre quelque chose qui sort un peu de l’ordinaire et ne la vieillit pas!

    Et pour les hommes, Ben Affleck was gooorgeous!! :)

  • trop cool! Tu l’invites pour les oscars??
    J’apporterai des m&m’s…

  • Ps: superbe illustration! Un air de Laetitia Casta non? Enfin, on ne saura jamais vu que tu n’as pas dessiné les chicos ;)

  • A great and fun post!My favorite besides A. Hathaway was Jessica Chastain ! I love her mint green dress and her wavy red hair!

  • no worries i think we were all surprised at how entertaining the globes were this year – tina and amy should probably host everything

  • Questions robes et beauté, Michelle Dockery n’était pas mal non plus…

  • Et la robe de Michelle Dockery? A propos, tu regardes de temps en temps Downton Abbey?

  • … I was going to write something, but I can’t! I have no words, this post is hilarious! I can’t stop smiling and laughing! Thanks Garance for making my day!XOXO

  • Bonjour Garance,

    Je pense que tu viens de gagner le Golden Globes du meilleur post de la terre, que dis-je de l’univers sur les Golden Globes!!! AHA, je suis en plein open space en train de pouffer de rire toute seule alors que mes collègues se demandent si j’ai définitivement craqué!

    Comment te dire…. Merci, merci Garance pour cette pause longue & exceptionnellement drôle :-)


  • C’est pour quand ta version de Fashion Police!!!
    Je reve de cette émission version Française avec comme présentatrice Amanda Lear (= Joan Rivers + trash), comme expert styliste gay Jean Paul Gaultier, experte journaliste mode Mademoiselle Agnès ou Sophie Fontanel et It Girls bien fun…. Toi!!!! Je me marre déjà, je suis prete à prendre l’abonnement satellite rien que pour cette émission.

    J’adore tes postes trop long, l’aprem passe plus vite comme ça!!!

  • Alexandra January, 15 2013, 10:31 / Reply

    Stressée par les examens qui commencaient lundi, je ne pouvais pas fermer l’oeil et j’ai les regardé en streaming sur internet. autant dire que j’ai adoré, je n’en reviens pas moi non plus de la concentration de star au même endroit au même moment.
    Elles sont toutes magnifiques ces stars d’ailleurs! Le hommes comme les femmes. Les deux présentatrices étaient très drôles en effet, même si elles m’étaient complètement inconnues.
    Quant à Lena Dunham, je l’adore depuis que j’ai découvert Girls il y a 2 semaines (qui fait parti de mes série préférée maintenant). J’étais vraiment trop contente pour les récompenses qu’elle a reçu!

    Bref, un vrai coup de coeur ces golden globes. Bon j’y vais faut que je me mette à Homeland! xo

  • Hahaha what a funny post Garance!! love it!! I share the Judy’s speech I was completely disconcerted. I didn’t know if I liked or just couldn’t belive that she was giving such a wierd childish speech, but endeed up crying at the end!! I think what it means is that she deserve the oscars and the golden globe!
    Anna Hathaway is cute but just that, to me the start is RACHEL WEISZ!! Love her dress and she is just beautiful.
    Ah! and I will always love Helena Bonham Carter, to be faithful to herself and always go with it no matter the critics! Which at the end is what is all about: be faithful to yourself!!! She doesn’t try to stand out in any way, definitely not to be the most stylish but neither in any other way but she defenetily stand out for her weirdness that is soooo personal. Love her!

    Thanks Garance for such a funny moment reading your cronics of the Golden Globes



  • “Elle a avalé sa touche éclat ou quoi” Merci Garance, je pouffe de rire quasiment à chaque fois que je te lis :)
    ça doit être une drôle de sensation que de se sentir devenir américaine, mais pas désagréable j’imagine…

  • Virginie B. January, 15 2013, 10:51 / Reply

    L’illustration est trop belle!

  • je suis arrivé à la fin de ce long article certes, mais trop drôle et j’ai aussi adoré julianna maguilies , et j’avais pas vu ces images de Glenn Close , un mythe s’effondre lol.

    Bonne journée Garance

    PS: le discours de Ben Affleck était juste géniale et en plus y’avait tout ces potes à sa table trop classe :)

  • Haha merci pour ce résumé on s’y croirait presque ! :)

    Nouvel article sur mon blog:

  • You must have mixed me up with Halle.

  • I didn’t watch (I’m on the other side of the pond), but I did check out the dresses :) I agree with most of your choices, but I miss Naomi Watts (I thought the colour was stunning on her, even though some people seem to hate it) and Helen Mirren (I hope I look like this when I’m her age). I didn’t really like Jessica Alba, I felt the colour didn’t suit her. And I didn’t get wet hairy cat bag… Oh, and I secretly loved Nicole Richie (minus the blue eye shadow). That dress just fitted her so well…

  • Very interesting post and great job. Have a nice day.

  • Anna Hathaway est très belle en Chanel. Tu m’as bien fait rire avec Jadie Foster et le scandale! Je vais aller voir la vidéo de suite héhé. Ton illustration de Laetitia Casta (je me trompe?) aurait remporté les votes non?

  • great roundup garance. xx

  • This was the first time I watched an entire awards show, and the two reasons why I watched it were Amy and Tina. They were so spot on funny! Jodi’s speech made me feel awkward and Ann Hathaway was annoyingly fake-humble about everything. Other than that it was super fun to watch! Highlight- Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig. I thought Kerry Washington looked stunning! Not everyone can look that good in that dress.

  • You’re my favorite. This is the best Golden Globes recap by far. Best tweet- It was as if Jodie Foster’s mouth was wearing Lena Dunham’s shoes. HAHA. Seriously amazing. I loved it all. It was entertaining and even though so many parts were awkward, that’s life. Everyone’s awkward and what’s better than to see awkward on professionals who’s job is to portray something different, perfectly all the time.


  • This was the funniest Globes I have ever watched. Thankfully I was not on duty and was able to watch it from the comfort of home. Personally, I was disappointed with the fashion. – except for a few. Kate Hudson was my hands down fave. Local Malibu girl done good! Second choice was Claire Danes, third Julia Roberts ( another Malibu local who cleans up good – a far cry from the way she looks when I see her around town. ) – The men were all gorgeous. Kevin Costner was my Comeback King. He is aging so well – god is he gorgeous. Fave lines from the night: “Nobody ‘plans’ to do porn” and “Harvey, thank you for killing whoever you had to kill to get me up here” ( Jennifer Lawrence ). ADELE was the sweetest moment. All in all a great night – and congrats to Ben Affleck for best pic!

  • Mais c’est Laeticia CASTA que vous avez croquée !!! une autre jolie Corse ! ;-)

    Bon ! maintenant je vais lire le long compte-rendu…

  • Tu nous fais regretter de ne pas être en Amérique, je suis bien d’accord, Anne Hattaway est sublime!

  • Virginie B. January, 15 2013, 11:25 / Reply

    Sorry mais je suis en pleine rédaction de rapport en ce moment alors quand je lis j’ai tendance à détecter les fautes :

    “Hunger games fut les des plus gros film”
    “encore plus drôle quand quand on ne s’y attend pas” (le scandale)

    Voilà, juste pour te rendre service et pas pour t’embêter, parce que jme marre toujours autant en te lisant :)

  • Mon dieu Garance ! Quelle illustration ! TROP BELLE, autant que celle des Oscars l’an dernier, dont je rêve que tu la mettes en vente un jour (du coup je rêve de celle-ci aussi, ohlala…). D’ailleurs l’état d’esprit est bien différent de ton post à l’époque haha !
    Je n’ai pas encore lu cela dit. J’ai juste vu.

    Tu sais, l’autre jour les liens affiliés (c’est ça?), m’ont un peu troublée. Quand tu en avais parlé ça ne m’avait pas gênée, j’aurai été prête à cliquer dessus juste pour te rapporter de l’argent hihi.
    Mais finalement, tomber dessus après des photos comme celles que tu fais, ça m’a troublée. ça cassait un peu l’ambiance intime de ton blog, et aussi le côté “sentez-vous à l’aise” ; tout a coup, les belles photos du dessus sont devenues un froid catalogue. Personnellement je ne viens pas sur ton site pour repérer des vêtements mais voir des choses simplement belles (désintéressement Kantien hahaha !), pour lire tes post qui sont toujours pleins de gentillesse, de drôleries et dans les quels on se reconnaît où on a envie de se reconnaître. ça met du baume au coeur et ça m’encourage à trouver ma voie (le truc trop bête à écrire mais, bon ! puisque c’est vrai !…).
    Enfin, les liens ne sont pas raccords avec la vision que j’ai de ton blog. Mais je conçois qu’il y en ait d’autres, et je comprends très bien l’aspect “service” de la démarche. C’était mon avis.

    Cela dit j’insiste: vends les poster d’Oscar et Golden Globes !!! Tu as ma commande sur le champs (même si ça va m’en faire beaucoup).

  • hum bon, je viens de voir les posts sur la base et celui sur le gommage. là, je suis pour les liens. C’pas pareil que les photos d’Ana je dirais.

  • Moi aussi j’ai fais ma Jodie confuse sur les Golden Globes…

    Quoi de plus sexy qu’un homme en smoking ?
    2 hommes en smoking voir plus.

    Le scandale? c’est qu’il est pas french quand quand… sur la première ligne du paragraphe ;)

    Illustration tres hollywoodienne!!! c’est celles que je préfère.

  • Hahahahahaaaaaa Garance you are so funny!!! The globes werent broadcasted here sadly.
    And talking about couples, hat do you thi about jason statham ( so hottttt) and rosie huntington-whiteley?? I saw a picture of them and went instantly envious (so un christian of me but I’m very single at the moment)
    Big kisssssssss!!

  • J’ai revécu mon dimanche soir en lisant ton article!
    Moi aussi j’étudie au Canada depuis septembre et je suis devenue tellement nord-américaine! J’ai passé ma soirée devant la télé, pliée de rire devant toutes les blagues de Tina et Amy, et surtout devant la pub “L’oréal Color” à chaque tv break avec l’accent français tellement forcé pour faire chic!

  • Mais Garance, what do you think about Rachel Weisz dress?

    Everyone is sooo divided about it, is it a hit or a miss?

    I am so conflicted…funny enough i am asking people in a poll what they think on my blog so I shall tally votes and see what people really think…

  • Marie Andree January, 15 2013, 12:04 / Reply

    Fantastique resume de cette soiree!!! J’adore tout tes commentaires et partage tes opinions … et je rie toute seule assise devant mon computer!! Mois aussi je veux etre amie avec Glen Close et je voudrais bien etre ton amie aussi, on ne doit pas s’ennuyer avec toi!!! Merci!

  • Congratulations!You are an american, Garance!And I absolutely loved this never-ending post, so, so good!

  • brave pour ce poste Garance !! j’ai adoré, je l’attendais et je ne suis pas déçue. tu sais en le découvrant ça m’a fait le même effet que quand tu ouvres ton magasine préféré que tu as attendu un long mois

  • Is your getting through the Globes like my getting through Eurovision?

  • Céline et sa FBFF (Futur BFF) January, 15 2013, 12:24 / Reply

    Mais nan Garance, c’est moi qui veut être la meilleure amie de Lena Dunham, alors ousst ousst, du balai!

  • Blaspheme Garance. How could you insult the god and the deity that is Daniel Craig and Michelle Dockery. Of all the people I love Lucy Liu dress the most. So beautiful.

  • Haha, I have to agree with you on Michelle Dockery’s dress! So funny!

  • Ton article est génial Garance et on illustration me fait penser à AMY ADAMS !!!

  • Can someone send a memo to JLo on her attempts to always wear SUPER tight dresses and show boob? Sofia and Halle Berry ALWAYS the same dress cut and Eva Longoria, zero elegance and class…Ok I am over it! LOL
    You made me laugh about now being “real” Americans? I am from Mexico and have followed the GG and Oscars since I was in High School (while living in Mx). But you know what? I like it! I now live in US and I am proud of not being part of the whole sports marketing thing and rather consider myself half American for seeing fashion and following cinema. Besos!

  • by ‘owwwwww’ do you mean ‘awwwwww’?? because you say ‘ow’ more as a response to being hurt (I think it’s more like ‘aie’ in french, but you say ‘awww’ when something is really cute or emotional.
    just fyi!
    Great post though, thanks for being so fun to read Garance!

  • Une question me trote dans la tête depuis quelques temps : comment as tu appris à maîtriser l’anglais et toutes les subtilités ?

  • Hihihi ! ça va, j’avais mon mug avec moi. Très drôle !
    J’aime beaucoup Rachel Weisz : elle est subliiime et tellement sous-employée, je trouve. Je l’avais beaucoup aimée déjà, il y a quelques années, dans “The Constant Gardener”. (Évidemment, Julianne Morre est formidable, rien à dire.)
    Sinon, Jodie, c’est Jodie. Je crois qu’elle aurait pu arriver en maillot de bain que je l’aurais appréciée de la même façon.
    Merci pour cette soirée en mode macro (pas de magret de canard, alors ?)

  • Les mecs, je prends les trois ! Le plâtre…j’adore !
    Le reste en effet trop long (faut dire que c’est l’heure de l’apéro…)
    Julian Moore, je suis fan depuis toujours.
    Et donc Gleen Close me donne de l’espoir !
    J’adore ce post que je lirai entièrement dès demain (une fois l’apéro terminé) !
    Et ça je t’en fais le serment !
    Merci Garance !

  • Merci pour le rapport très consciencieux :-)

  • I didn’t catch the awards night on tv and you just gave a good summary… Very good and funny! Anne Hathaway is my fave of all.


  • One dress I loved that wasn’t mentioned was the beautiful floral dress worn by Lucy Liu. Seriously gorgeous! And I was so delighted that Lena Dunham won! Girls is so much fun to watch!

  • NYSgonzalez January, 15 2013, 2:24 / Reply

    If I could steal one dress it would be Ann Hathaway’s Chanel– To which I’d add a statement something (earrings maybe?)

    Let’s plan an intervention for Halle. That dress screamed Mid Life disaster to me.

    What about Daniel Day Lewis? His speach was the best. So elegant! And Adele, too. So fun. (anything with a British accent, really)

    Tina and Amy— I second the vote to let them host everything! Awesome job.

    Jodi: ??? No words.

    Silver Lining Playbook: A bit overrated, I agree. But Bradely and J Law are adorable.

    J. Lo… oh dear….

  • J’adore trop Lena Dunham! Et Girls vient juste de recommencer parce je trouve dommage que les épisodes soient si courts…

    Désolé du hors sujet, bon les cérémonies je regarde pas tant que ça, je pense que ça doit être bien quand tu y es :)

  • Garance, you are an european in America, and that’s it!! :)

    Xoxo, Ana

  • Garance, alors toi aussi tu as verse ta larme devant le discours confus/ fouilli/ embarassant de Jodie Foster?!? Merci je me sens moins ridicule…
    J’ai suivi les Golden globes depuis Londres ou je vis depuis presque 10 ans maintenant, et j’etais super fière des artistes British qui gagnaient comme si j’etais leur mère! La honte…. Apres réflexion, j’ai compris moi aussi que je devenais de plus en plus Anglaise… ;-)

  • Et le Speech d’Adèle?!!!!! Il était pas trop cool le speech d’Adèle?!!! Super authentique, drôle, moqueur, honnête, sincèrement ingénu…
    Et sinon je suis d’accord avec toi, j’ai adoré la robe d’Anne Hathaway, et elle est vrmt sublime dans Les Misérables.
    La robe d’Amanda Seyfried était magnifique également, et j’ai apprécié le risk-taking de Lucy Liu.
    Au fait merci pr ce post!!! Je l’attendais avec impatience! Pareil pr les oscars please!!! En revanche j’ai adoré Silver Linings, alors qu’il faudrait me payer pour que j’aille voir Life of CGI… heu Life of Pi pardon ;)
    Je te laisse ce fabuleux lien! Enjoy :)

  • Holy Slit Haley and Eva…
    Tina Fey looked so amazing! i wish there was more of Poehler and Fey.
    Congrats to Lena (a woman my age who writes, acts and directs….never ever could i hate on that!) Jessica Alba was my favorite look of the night. Dont forget who else looked amazing! Claire Danes, Jessica Chastain (zerodarkthirty=intense, so well written, so well directed).
    Oh, and Mr Jon Hamm….can i steal him away to have lots of sex and babies? please? thanks.

  • Love this blogpost!
    So amazing how you have the ability to write what other/a lot of people think.
    Thank you!

  • Hahahahahaha mais je n’aurais pas mieux mis les mots sur la soirée !! Jessica alba la magnifique , Tarantino, waltz que j chéris, le speech de Jodie Foster qui m’a ému sans savoir si c’était drôle ou vrai ou n’importe allez je partage

  • After reading this, it feels like I also was at the Golden Globes. Love your writing!

  • Dieu que j’aime cette illustration !

  • Laetitia Casta ?
    Pour en revenir aux Globes ou au red carpet, tout cet etalage est too fake pour moi, je prefere la simplicite des francais. Marion Cotillard par exemple.

  • Trop drole ton post Garance!! Moi aussi je suis devenue américaine, j’ai malheureusement rate la ceremonie Dimanche :(
    Mais j’ai adore les robes de Jessica Alba, Lucy Liu et Emily Blunt

  • I missed the half of the Golden Globes, and I’m so happy to read the most important details (funnier than on the TV if I may!!;-) about it on your blog !! Merci merci dear Garance !

  • Garance does the Globes! Girl you killed it:) I think this awards show is so much fun because it is the least ‘American’ of all the awards shows (no singing, and dancing, just awards, drinks and fun).

  • That is the most beautiful illustration ( to me) of yours yet! Love the post, and your blog too! XO

  • Christina January, 15 2013, 9:20 / Reply

    I love Souen!!

  • Argh! I love Anne Hathaway’s look in the Golden Globes! I don’t care if it’s too simple by red carpet standards… she looks stunning. :) I wish I can pull off that hair.

  • And. Hugh Jackman won! I love Hugh Jackman. :) Thanks for posting his speech for his wife, Deb. Awwwwww…. I wish that someday, I would witness a speech like that dedicated to me. :)

  • awww come onnnnnn. naomi watts. killer. seconded only by julianne moore and kate hudson. why? it was COLD!! dressed comfortable, sexily and appropriately – forget about it!

  • Oh, Garance – reading your post was like hanging out on the lounge watching the awards with my best friend. Thanks for a great, fun post!

  • Je termine cette journée sur une bonne note grâce à ce post! Nice reading moment!

  • Sunny Side January, 16 2013, 3:51 / Reply

    Tes larmes çà s’appelle de l’empathie … ??? Tous ces gens étaient très “grateful”, tu le sens aussi beaucoup pour ce qui t’arrive à NYC.

  • Nobody recognized Sienna’s dress!? It took my breath away! She was really a 60’s Girl on the red carpet and the dress was perfect for her nomination as Tippi Hedren. An elegant floral custom with a little twist, which was funny and charming and keeps me dreaming of spring. Also Lucy Liu. She was beautiful!!! Other people on the red carpet take fashion too seriously, just to be on best-dressed lists. Pfff…
    I am impressed by Anne Hathaway’s choice! Her style is sometimes so confusing to me. Chanel made her shining and it really suits her with the new haircut. She is a person for classic and elegant clothing, maybe a new Audrey… less is more.
    And of course Marion Cotillard! So simple and gorgeous. The detail with her belt, just brilliant! The asymmetrical hem made the dress more high fashion for me, whereas Lawrence’s gown is much more traditional and looks like a prom dress.
    My last favorite: Naomi Watts!!!! Her vintage look is very Hollywood. I just love it. It is a very dramatic look cause of the deep red and the cutout back! Aaaahhhhh!
    I just wanna give all of them a high five!

    P.S.: Garance, thank you for being so funny and honest. Have a nice day!

  • alex de berlin January, 16 2013, 5:01 / Reply

    merci Garance pour nous faire partager cet evenement qui parait etre a trente mille lieux de “nous” ;-) tu nous montreras une photo de toi dans ta robe aussi ? et ouah, ils sont tout simplement beaux les hommes en smoking!

  • Céline T January, 16 2013, 5:06 / Reply

    Moi je l’ai trouvé génial le discours de Jodie! hyper touchant, sincère, effectivement un peu messy, et alors ? et puis elle a plus rien a prouver donc elle a raison de choisir cette liberté de ton, non ?

  • Et oui Garance tu deviens une parfaite américaine, pas trop quand même hein, il faut garder ta corsitude :-) D’accord avec toi pour Anne Hathaway, mais il faut dire qu’elle n’avait pas de concurrence ce soir là (où sont passés les Personal stylist ? toutes décédées ou quoi !)

  • when i was reading the Anne Hathaway part about people not liking the dress i was like.. WHAT?! are u kidding me the dress was so.. haa.. yes!! i was right when i said it to you in twitter =D and YES you’ve become one of the real Americans for sure.. you just joke like ’em C’mon!

  • haha glad for you, but the first time I sit through the Golden Globes from beginning to end still has to arrive… maybe next time… :)

  • Ahah Garance, j’adore aussi la robe d’Anne, elle est vraiment sublime dedans! Elle est tellement gracieuse, on dirait presque un cygne (Ok, ce n’est peut être pas la comparaison appropriée mais ça m’est venue directement à l’esprit quand je l’ai vue)
    Et omg on dirait que J-Lo s’est empaquetée dans un rideau là…

  • haha i always think that when i see all their white teeth! need to schedule a dentist appt now… lol. i love jessica alba and rachel weiss’s looks! gorgeous

  • Mireille January, 17 2013, 6:39 / Reply

    je n’ai pas regardé mais merci pour le debrief Garance!!
    J’adore Rachel Weisz et Jessica Alba et une énorme admiration pour Jodie Foster….

    Bien rigolé en lisant ton looong post!!!

  • Could Anne Hathaway be pregnant? (Maybe someone here as said this already) It was my impression when I saw her acceptance speech and then I google “anna hathaway pregnant” and realize it was not only me who got that impression… Hence the two piece-gown (if pregnant and not wanting to let the world know I humbly think another type of dress would have than a better job).

    That said, beauuuuuutiful woman beyond words (OMG her complexion is to die for!), charming actress, wonderful voice, gorgeous dress!!!

  • I read this before watching a rerun of the golden globes! I totally get what you are talking about Jodie fosters speech! I was getting choked up in the end!!!

  • I love this post – even if it is long. My husband even leaned over and started reading it (very rare)…

    The illustration looks like Laetitia Casta. It’s really, really beautiful…

    Well done!

  • I actually really love your long posts:), and I haven’t watched Golden Globes, but now I will have to.

  • Honestly, can’t believe your favorite was Anne Hathaway!!! It was my favorite too!! I feel like a little girl discovering Santa on her living room on a Christmas day hahaha

  • Princesse Leia January, 23 2013, 5:52 / Reply

    MERCI GARANCE pour ton post!
    il est effectivement très long mais tellement bon!
    Le terme de BOUQUET DE MECS est juste complètement parfait, drôle et fameux!
    Et puis quel excellent choix de photo! j’aurais tellement aimé le faire ce bouquet!
    Il n’y a vraiment rien de mieux qu’un bouquet de mecs en costumes, c’est tellement sexy!
    et puis Glenn Close faisait la pochade, c’est excellent!
    merci encore Garance t’es trop forte!!!

  • Oh My Goodness Lovely G, I am HOWLING at your reference to Anne Hathaway’s gown as making her look like she is wearing a cast….Thank you, I will be in stitches the rest of the day!

  • Pretty! This was an extremely wonderful article. Many thanks for providing this information.

  • It’s actually a great and useful piece of info. I’m satisfied that
    you simply shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us informed like this.
    Thanks for sharing.

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