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How stupid are we when we use Social Media? All of our most basic instincts come into play (follow me!). We all end up as original as a rock in the desert (look at this picture of my feet! #FromWhereIStand) plus we spend all the money we could have invested on the pair of shoes we’ve just instragrammed on annihilating our data plans (Oh my god look at those shoes I’m dyiiiinnnnng! On my wish list asap! etc.)

Then add in all the collective hysteria of fashion week and all dignity goes out the window.

Plus, the stuff we post… I mean c’mon.

Blurry pictures.
Does that sound good to you? 1,465 blurry photos from the Dolce&Gabbana show? No?
Yeah, I know so annoying, but, it’s not our fault! It’s the models! They are walking too fast !!!

Here’s a photo taken by Cathy Horyn, who has quite the talent for blurry photos.
And who has a good sense of humor as well as she retweeted this here:
RT @AndreChiles1: @CathyHorynNYT You really aren’t the best at taking pictures, are you?

One legged models.
Have you ever tried to take a picture of moving shoes? Try it. It’s not your fault. It’s that the models walk too damn fast.

The finale shot.
EVERYONE posts a blurry picture (SERIOUSLY CAN THESE MODELS STAND STILL FOR JUST ONE SECOND?) of the show finale. Do you want me to post my finale photos? No, seriously… I’m curious, do you?

The #WhoGivesAShit tweets

Today, I’m wearing @Balenciaga, @Marni, and @Topshop
No photo attached. Already we could care less about what she’s wearing, and plus we have to make all the effort of imagining the thing. Seriously, #Couldn’tGiveAShitIfITried

The #TMI tweets
Spotted: @Caroissa in front row @Topshop eating @PretaManger sandwich.
I mean, for starters, it’s a little #WhoGivesAShit about what Caroissa is eati…Okay, to be honest, our natural instinct to be voyeuristic (Don’t play innocent. You know it’s true.) gets a huge lift for a micro-hundredth of a second.

OF COURSE you have to fight this instinct. We have to protect ourselves from ourselves. I mean, you can paparazzi yourself as much as you want, try not to paparazzi folks who don’t realize you’re doing it.

Tweetiquette: Let’s all try to edit our tweets and think about what the person whom we’re tweeting about will think of said tweet.

Well, do you think repeating the Tweet in question on my blog is some form of metapaparazzism? I won’t ask Caroline. I hope she reads this post long after fashion week, a long long time from now. Never, even. Caroline, if you’re reading this, please forgive me. I love Prêt-À-Manger too. And sometimes, I’m in the front row and I’m darn hungry.

The #MyLifeIsSoMuchCoolerThanYoursCommaBitch Tweets.

@BryanBoy : Huge breakfast before the Marni show.

Really Bryan, really? A fruit plate?
So annoying when you just scarfed down two croissants.

@DerekBlasberg : Did you see @KateBosworth @JessicaAlba @TheLSD @MariahCarey @NaomiCampbell @NicoleRichie (and more) in my NYFW diary?

Oooooh, so annoying when you’re not invited.

The #WelcomeToTheNewWorldOfTechnologyAndCommunication tweets.

If you’re interested, @AnnaDelloRusso instagrams all of her daily credits (Meaning the who’s she’s wearing that day) inventing a whole new fashion series. Live. Awesome AND terrifying at the same time.

The “quote” tweets.

No need for another quote please. We already have many too many on our Twitter feed. Why are we flooded by quote and wisdom tweets? Because a quote is short, you don’t have to invent it, and you usually get a lot of retweets. A quote is a massive followers-getting weapon.

Tweetiquette: Let’s not do these too often. You end up seeming desperate for followers.
Now all these tips don’t apply to Diane Von Furstenberg, quotetwitteuse-in-chief who regales us with her aphorisms. And who quotes herself, so to speak…

*The moment of bliss that follows is brought to you by Dianne…*

Be true to yourself. It is hard but avoids complications. Good day Love, Diane.
Clarity, clarity, clarity… not easy but SOOOO important! Getting there! Love, Diane
I tell the world “dare to be you” and sometimes I forget it myself! Love, Diane.


Arggggg shit!!! At a show, when someone is sitting in front of you (in runway terms, that means next to you going the opposite direction of the models’ walk) and decides it would be an awesome idea to film the entire show with his iPad. He then sticks in right in front of your face.
You have two options: Either you fold yourself in half and try to watch the entire show underneath his iPad or you just watch it right on his iPad. It’s the blurry version, but you’re probably already used to that. You can try to express your discomfort, but with the electric ambiance that pervades the shows this year, don’t be surprised if you get slapped.


Instagram is high-drama for perfectionists. Me, for example, I have four photo apps. It takes me hours to put together a single Instagram. #NoKidding.

Yeah, anyway, since 100% of the people around are Data Roaming like crazy during the fashion shows, the internet never works. Your iPhone just keeps thinking and thinking and you shake it like its going to change something (I mean I do that all the time) and your battery runs out real fast. That’s how you have 100% battery at 8:00 a.m. and 7% at 11:30 a.m.

Solutions? Either you have a car with a charger, or you make stops into cafes :
“Buongiorno avete una prisa (?) elettrica (???)” with your charger and a converter (Which is enormous and takes up tons of space) to have it work with the Italian outlets. That or you buy an external battery. Here’s my experience with those: #Don’tWorkAtAll

Anyway, long story short.

Since we’re just between friends… If you’re addicted to Twitter and Instagram, you can subscribe to our group, TIA.
Twitterers and Instagrammers Anonymous.

Here’s some excerpts from a conversation I had with Matt @BaronNYC and Emily, @emilynote (Did you really think you could have a group of ANONYMOUS Twitterers and Instagrammers? Are you CRAZY? That’s totally contradictory. We WANT to be known, just like everyone else. FOLLOW US.)

[This conversation has been adapted with the angle of Fashion Hysteria in order to better serve this post.]

“I always try to use the same filter. I just like to think this is my filter, my way of seeing the world.

“Well, for me, every photo is torture. I have three filters, 5 photo aps, and every Instagram takes me so much time I could’ve done another blog post. Ugh. This thing…” (Recognize me? Yep, that one’s me)

“Yeah, I wish I could share my life with more than four people. How many followers do you have?

“165,000. You?”


“Pffff. You see the problem, don’t you? It’s not the number of followers you have but the number of likes. You know what my goal is? I want you to see not the people who like the photo, but have Instagram put just the number of people who like it. Like, you have so many likes that you can’t even read all who liked it. That’s classsssy. Like you, Matt, you have SO MANY likes that you have to move to the next step: THE DOUBLE DIGITS.”

“Omg. So true.”

“You know what… I’m gonna give you my secret. You ready?

“My secret is the HoD. Yeah. The Hour of Delivery. For example, if you post a photo right when it’s the end of the Prada show. Yeah. That’s just too bad for you girls. It’s 7:00 p.m. Everyone is busy posting blurry photos of the show. Instagram is blowing up and your bomb of a photo goes unseen. Two likes, max. But if you do it at 4:00 when everyone is bored about the beeeeeep show, then you’re like-count is through the roof. You’ll get 12 likes right off the bat. Listen to this: Thanks to my HoD technique, of that, one day, I totally blew up: 31 likes!!!”

“Damn Matt, you’re gooooood.”

“Aaaaah, yeah and you never have the moment where (small little voice) Oh nooooo! I forgot to put the blur option on my photo! Noooo!

“My style is the moody photo. You know, all artistic. So, see, the photo I posted of that latte, 5 minutes ago? It was a huge artistic risk that I took there. My followers could’ve taken that terribly. They could think I’m a sell out.”

“That said, the only thing that is always appropriate are pictures of cats. With a cat shot, even during fashion week, you can never go wrong.”

That’s it.
So of course I had to report this fascinating conversation (I know, you just can’t wait to join TIA, right?) to Scott, and he told me that since the most popular subjects on Instagram are cats and food and so he’s going to start an Instagram of cat food.

With that, I’ll leave you with a few pearls from a girl who knows how to twitter. Short, personal, and lethal. Lauren Santo Domingo, @TheLSD. She’s got it down to an art.

  • Skinny looks good on everyone.
  • Why is it that men who have the most expensive tastes in life have the cheapest taste in women?
  • The following are not real jobs: cocktail waitress, bikini model, former reality star, aspiring actress. (Aspiring anything, actually)

And one that should apply to me :

  • Being an adult means feeling relieved when one is not invited somewhere.

Ha! I’ll try to remember that one next time I read a Tweet from Derek ;-)

Translation : Tim Sullivan


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  • I’m loving this rather hysterical post Garance! It seems that social media do stress you out quite a bit, and it’s true that they have added an n-th dimension to our lives which is, well, quite stressful. As far I’m concerned, I’m not interested in latte pictures or blury catwalk photos on instagram, much prefer pictures that reflect the behind-the-scenes of people/brands that I admire.

    Elisa – Wandering Minds fashion

  • what are your four iphone photo apps?

  • I have Iphoto, Instaplus, Cross Process, and Camera+.
    I know, it’s crazy.

  • Yep ! It’s so difficult to have a real net life while you pretend to have a fashion life oriented to only clothes, yoga ( as AdR ) and obsession for heels !!

  • Tellement d’humour ! Merci de m’avoir bien fait rire ! Et culpabiliser … oui je me suis un peut reconnue mais un peu c’est tout :) faut pas exagérer non mais ho :)

  • ..tu devrais peut-être essayer de photographier l’iPad avec l’appli Insta (pour vraiment énerver le celui-devant-toi..)

  • Ca sent la fille hyper enérvée là, ça doit être ça la fashion week.
    Petit déjeuner de Bryan très équilibré, sans oublier le petit pruneau
    pour combattre la constipation.

  • J’adooooooooooore cet article, la GaranceTouch à son apogée ! Merci de contribuer à m’offrir 10 minutes de rire et de bonheur au milieu de cette bibliothèque remplie d’étudiants gris et maussades !

    J’en commande un par jour ahah !!

  • Hahaha! I’m so RT this! Now for some reason I’m craving a ham and cheese croissant and we don’t have Pret in LA! Thanks Garance ;)

  • You do not need a bulky converter for your iPhone, just a Continental (or UK, if that’s what you need at the time) outlet that goes in your USB port part of the cord :P I left my old iPhone with my sister in Greece and that’s what she does. Tada. ;)

  • I love this! I’d much prefer a detailed account of a show with an opinion rather than blurry instagrams. People need to enjoy what is happening in front of them in that moment not watch it through their phones, you can do that at home and give your seat to someone who cares!

  • Hi Garance!
    your posts are always so funny, I really enjoy reading them cause you show another (and usually more interesting) part of fashion world (especially for who doesn’t work in this area…).
    Yesterday I stopped you in front of Ferragamo and you’ve been lovely (even pose for a shot) and the only thing I told you has been…”I love your blog, it’s my favorite one….” and even if it’s the true I should add 10000 things more like you look so lovely with Scott (I also shoot a nice pic of you together…I hope you don’t mind..) and I found that your blog smart. Yes, smart is the best word I can find. Plus you have a very charming and relaxing (difficult to find especially during FW!) look….to sum up, thank you for your kindness yesterday :)! I posted some pics of street style on my blog (my very first experiment) if you want to have a flash look…


  • Garaaaaance! Meilleure hashtag du monde ce “#MaVieEstTellementPlusCoolQueLaTienneVirguleConnasse.” Je l’utiliserais. Même si je n’ai pas trois verres de jus d’orange au ptit déj.

  • Alors là oui quelle formule délicieuse! J’en suis restée béate d’admiration. Synthèse sublime et hilarante. Petit élan de compassion aussi, pour nous tous, fourmis passagères, et notre besoin tragicomique du regard des uns-des autres!

  • La Zitella September, 24 2012, 9:33 / Reply

    I’d really want to bother you last week just before the Prada show. I thought it was you and, like always, I was so happy to see you but also so scared to talk to you.
    BTW I saw that you find the Perfect Flat Shoe, and it’s a studded Valentino..!
    Since when I saw them on you I feel the NEED to have them.


  • J’ai éclatée de rire (en cours !) devant “#MaVieEstTellementPlusCoolQueLaTienneVirguleConnasse”, merci Garance de me donner quelque chose de plus intéressant à suivre que ce que raconte le prof !

  • Cet article fait franchement réfléchir sur la place que prend les réseaux sociaux depuis quelques temps.
    Je reconnais me prendre moins la tête que toi sur l’envoi d’une photo Instagram, mais effectivement, il y a un message derrière tout ce que l’on communique de “nous” (ou de notre chat, de notre latte…).
    Cela nous définie t-il en tant que personne ou est-ce juste du futile pur jus ?

    Merci pour ce joli article, il est intéressant et assez drôle ;)

  • Love love the post. Mais le jugement que Lauren Santo Domingo pose sur les métiers qu’elles qualifient de so-métiers est … pathétique tant il démontre de sa fermeture d’esprit et de son arrogance à peine voilée…

  • This is possibly one of the BEST posts I’ve ever read. I love the ‘huge breakfast’ one, it’s a damn fruit platter – how stuffed can you feel unless you’re eating a kilo of grapes?

  • Garance, I am your big fan. This is just hilarious.



  • Brilliant. Just when I was feeling over whelmed that I’m not part of fashion. (secretly longing to figure out how i cam place myself in the field, The glamour, the fun you bring it (me) back to reality in a really profound way. Fashion is great in small doses. What is really fabulous is the beauty you see in the everyday and how hard sometimes it is to convey that. Thank you Garance for again speaking to me, because of course it’s all about me ;), as you so often and I’m sure purely by coincidence do. love you blog, will follow and “like” you forever.

    Ps I secretly love it when I am the first to like or post, im sure im the only one ;), but I truly love that even if it’s post 75 you read what we have to say. Xoxo

  • This post made my day in so many ways. I related in every single way to the Instagram stuff, and finally began to understand the point of Twitter. Sort of. I’m still not sure I get it.

  • Garance, un question s’il vous plait…. what materials did you use for this illustration? I’m wondering about the brand of pencil/markers/pens… and the ink splots… what are you using to do that?

    merci beaucoup xoxo

  • i am trying to figure out the same thing.. i think i saw a muji brand marker? not sure.. it looks like a mixture of pencil, marker, pen and some colored markers and paint but for the ink drop style? no idea.. fountain pen? no clue.. but i like the effect of when the writing gets thick and thin.. wondering if thats a special shaped marker or a fountain pen..amazing technique Garance!! xx

  • Thank You, great post, I like it! You have right!

  • Hilarious! This made my day, especially the fruit platter breakfast. You know there were a couple of croissants and mini-baguette off to the side!

  • Ahahah! As usual, a very good observer and (fun) commentator of all the nonsense in our contemporary lives!
    That’s why we love you so much! :)


  • beauty is where you find it, and it isn’t always nyfw – I did that once when my cousin had a label, I really prefer Fruit Stand Style.

  • Oh, I’m exhausted just reading this(!), let alone trying to follow all of it on the myriad of platforms. I can only imagine trying to create/recreate it at the time. Seems like it’s always a little bit about trying not to fall down the rabbit hole, no?
    I also cannot imagine trying to work within all the different mediums in one day: I mean, so you’re writing the blog, adding an illustration, all the while living inside your head, then you have to go work editing a video with others, or by yourself, that must take hours. You come up for air, so when do you disappear again inside twitter, or Instagram? How do you even care about all of them at the same time?
    Garance, you are a new age superhero! Take a bow, and take a picture of yourself…uh oh there you go!

  • hahahahahahaha
    hey, j’ai mis un like à cet article !!
    (je mets presque toujours un like à tes articles)
    (pi je te follow sur ton blog)
    (mais pas sur Tweeter parce qu’en fait je n’en ai pas encore compris le sens)
    (mais j’adooore les tweets de DVF c’est vrai, ils sont aussi sur son site web)
    (j’admire cette nana en fait)
    (je suis aussi tes Instagram mais en flux RSS)
    (je suis beaucoup de flux RSS, c’est peut être pour ça que je suis peu de Tweet dont l’instantanéité me pollue la tête)

  • First, your illustration is amazing. Gosh you’re good. Second, I still can’t figure out the point of twitter. I use it sure, but whenever I look at my feed it’s like being in a room full of people talking about themselves as if no one else was there. It makes me wonder, does anyone look at their feeds? And I’ve completely lost interest in instagrams. Pinterest I like, but that’s a whole different thing.

  • Allez :BADAMOUM , ça fait du bien de se lâcher , y’a que toi qui pouvais nous la faire celle-là !!!
    Dire tout haut ce que tout le monde pense tout bas, comme j’aime….
    Bravo Garance !!
    PS: j’ai commencé mes instagram avec mon chat pour modèle, lol !!!
    PS2: si ton amoureux fait VRAIMENT l’instagram de nourriture pour chat je m’abonnerai, juste par solidarité, qui sait, c’est peut-être le concept du futur ?

  • Hahahaha. Oh Garance, this is so funny!

  • your post made me laugh so hard. this is so real! (and my comment could actually be a horrible tweet, too!)

  • You’re awesome

  • Ahahah, thank you! FOLLOW ME ;)

  • ton post contient toutes les raisons (poilantes – le tweet onsenfout, MDR…) pour lesquelles je ne serai jamais ni sur Twitter, ni sur Façeuubookeu…

  • Jicky : c’est une attitude très saine de ta part !

  • Hahahaha! Oh Garance! You always make my day, but today I just laugh into tears (and everybody en the library told me to leave the room, but that is ok) I love the way you look everything, life, friends, fashion.


  • ouaaarf ouarrf “Les tweets #MaVieEstTellementPlusCoolQueLaTienneVirguleConnasse.”
    excellent; et “avete una prisa”, pliée de rire…

  • Hahahaha, what a post, Garance) A huge BRAVO to you, every word’s so on the pulse and btw yeah, those quotes and wise tips how-to-live in fact are turning into the most stupid and cheap things on the web. Thanks for good laugh today. xoxo

  • … en même temps, il n’y aurait pas les réseaux sociaux, on n’aurait jamais eu ce post hilarant de ta part. Sérieux, tu sais vraiment raconter ces tranches de vie en nous faisant vraiment, vraiment, marrer (et très bon, le concept d’auto-paparazzage…c’est exactement ça)

  • Etre adulte c’est être soulagé quand on est pas invité quelque part… Tellement vrai.

  • lili tebaldi September, 24 2012, 11:32


  • Laia Massiell September, 24 2012, 10:58 / Reply

    hilarious and oh so true – My name is Laia and I am an instagram addict (first step is admitting you have a problem haha)

  • HAHHAAHAHAHHA! You made me cry laughing and no breathing! You’re so daaamn right! Thanks for making my day!

  • Tellement vrai tout ça ! Moi je me suis résignée à mon anonymat dans les social médias et ce n est pas plus mal.. Quand je vois toutes les réponses sur les instagram des personnes connus je me demande si c est elle où son PR qui s en occupe ….

  • #Garancelablogueuselapluscooldelablogosphere ! <3

  • That’s true, I loved this post !!

  • Christelle September, 24 2012, 11:17 / Reply

    Aaah enfin un post où ce n’est pas j’adore si, j’adore ça ! du sens critique c’est gé-nial. L’un de mes posts préférés.

  • Hahahha, Garance you make me laugh so hard!!! Always a pleasure to read you, but this was simply hilarious (and so true).

    She Wears: Fashion Illustration Blog

  • j’ai 16 appli photo ;)) je crois que j’ai un iphone juste pour la photo, je mets 10mn à faire une photo, pour mes amis c maladif :)
    je v créer le groupe IPA (Iphone photo addicted)

    Bref essaye snapseed, c ma nouvelle meilleur amie, euh appli pardon, tu peux tout faire avec, c vraiment l’appli qui me fait le plus penser à du photoshop, chaque filtre peut etre redoser individuellement, genre tu choisis de passer ta tof en B&W et tu peux qd meme modifier contraste, lumiere, grain, et plein d’autres trucs, j’en suis dingue

    voila je file je dois appeler mon psy pour parler photo :)

  • Une petite chose qui me déçoit depuis quelque temps : j’ai l’impression que vous écrivez d’abord les textes en anglais et qu’ils sont par la suite traduits en français, et non plus l’inverse comme avant..mais je me trompe peut-être et je m’en excuse

  • Bo, non non, malheureusement,
    1/ je pers mon français
    2/ Internet et encore plus Twitter et Instagram, c’est le royaume de l’Anglais…

  • Haha je me disais bien que j’avais remarqué une différence dans le style d’écriture depuis quelque temps! (Ca fait je pense plus de 4 ans que je suis une assidue “followeuse” ) . Je comprends que ce soit dû à l’américanisation (pour être honnête j’avais aussi un blog il y a 5-6 ans, que j’écrivais en anglais car je trouvais l’anglais plus adapté au langage de la mode que le français! ) Quoiqu’il en soit merci de la réponse et keep on rocking, I will continue reading you no matter the language :)

  • Man Repeller did an entry about the subject a bit ago ( Leandra is brilliant because she used herself to develop her idea about how dependant we had become of all those social illusions. In my opinion, this social media thing had only come to satisfy our need to probe our existence. Some people meditate, others try to fall in love, other buy big cars or designer pieces, and others do all that together.

  • F-ing HILARIOUS!

  • antoinette September, 24 2012, 11:32 / Reply

    awesome!!! you are the BEST!!

  • Hahahaha! Garance, you need to chill out! Eat chocolate, go to your yoga class, get a cat and be happy :)

  • SO TRUE Garance!!! I think it’s somewhat stupid that “fashion” people always try to give live reports on what they see and do. I agree that it should be edited better. Most of us can’t relate with their surroundings, and most of us don’t care with what’s happening right at that moment.. Just give us the pictures, update your blog.. that should be enough.. at least for me. If you want to update us with live report, give us some juicy gossips from the fashion world.

  • Man Repeller did an entry about the subject a bit ago ( Leandra did a brilliant article using herself to develop her idea about how dependant we had become of all those social illusions. In my opinion, this social media thing had only come to satisfy our need to prove our existence. Some people meditate, other people starve, others try to fall in love, other get naked, other buy big cars or designer pieces, others try to show how exiting and unique their life is and others do all that together. I love to think that all people using Social media stuff are now real creators or better than that editors or curators of their own life. This is the future where we thought we will be sending our happy, successful, smart avatars to be out there living the best life we can dream.

  • Voilà les nombreuses raisons pour lesquels je ne serait jamais sur twitter, tumblr etc.
    Un peu trop de «je raconte ma life» pour moi!
    Et puis où est la limite de la vie privée maintenant? ça fait peur non?

  • Why do you follow somebody not at all interesting? Isn’it your choice?

  • It’s called humor, and the first person I make fun of is me – And I can’t unfollow myself !!! ;)

  • “Being an adult means feeling relieved when one is not invited somewhere.” – Hilarious! because it’s so so true.

  • Too true, quelle horreur that we would be happy with our own company when we’re young, and such a revelation when we can just be down with our own bad selves!

  • Mama, j’ai rien compris à ton poste. J’ai moins de trente ans, dc a priori, je devrais etre encore assez souple vis à vis des nouveaux medias; mais j ai tjs rien compris à tweeter…. surtout si on a deja facebook, blog, instagram et cie…. euh c est dla folie ?!!! Et euh…. Instagram boude mon telephone…Incompatible. Mais j’aodre le “MaVieEstTellementPlusCoolQueLaTienneVirguleConnasse.”

  • ça me rappelle que j’avais écrit ce post, sur le sujet, mais en nettement moins drôle que ton récit:
    (génération Narcisse 2.0 ou; mais bon. Le tout est de garder la juste mesure dans tout ça. Étalage (de soi) et immédiateté de tout, ce sont les deux effets pervers de ces nouveautés dites “sociales”. J’ai lu très justement l’autre jour – dans un courrier de lecteurs d’un magazine – qqu’un qui disait fort justement: “mais ces réseaux qu’on dit sociaux, et qui isolent tant les gens (les jeunes?) au coeur de ce relationnel virtuel ne devraient-ils pas s’appeler au contraire “réseaux asociaux”?
    J’ai trouvé ça très juste.

  • Dire tout haut ce que tout le monde pense tout bas… ONLY FRENCH CAN DO THAAAAT :P Et merci à l’unijambiste qui m’a bien fait rire. Je trouve ça fou comme on passe notre temps à se dire non mais quand même on est maintenant dans cette ‘ère’ hyper voyeuriste je me montre j’aime qu’on me voit qu’on sache ce que je fais où je suis ce que mange ma nouvelle paire de pompes (n’est-ce pas Garance?!! ;-)), mais let’s be honest, derrière notre écran ça nous amuse bien d’espionner les gens, et ça nourrit aussi les gossips! Ma conclusion est: que serait la vie si on ne pouvait pas se moquer de ceux qui postent 10 photos de leur chat par jour ou encore déclarent leur flamme à leur bien-aimé(e) 20 fois par jour (‘I just love my baby so much, best BF ever!’ #Isodontgiveashit)?? HEIN?? Beaucoup moins drôle.

  • Garance je n’ai rien compris à ton post, c’est la première fois que ça m’arrive! ahahahah!!

    Signé une fille pas du tout (ou presque)”social média”!

  • pareil pour moi !

  • Je n’ai presque rien compris a l’article mais j’ai quand meme beaucoup ri car votre style d’ecriture est hilarant !
    D’autre part, je n’ai plus l’age de twitter, facebooker ou bien je suis trop privee pour etaler ma vie a tout vent. Je fais partie des exceptions et…..tant mieux !

  • Un oubli : j’aime beaucoup votre illustration.

  • Funny…but I only need to know who makes the boot on that “one-legged” model?

    Today: old fashioned baked goods

  • Tsss, pour la première fois de sa vie G. a été un petit peu méchante. Coquine. (Gentiment ?) moqueuse.
    J’aime beaucoup le #MaVieEstTellementPlusCoolQueLaTienneVirguleConnasse.
    Mais j’avoue, je fais des photos de banlieues déprimantes, alors est-ce que je me la joue pas un peu #MaVieEstTellementPlusProfondeQueLaTienneAbruti ?
    Parce qu’en fait, je veux des jus d’orange pressés par un esclave (un boy ?), moi aussi.

  • Sappuccina September, 24 2012, 12:27 / Reply

    (Ceci n’est pas un (Ceci n’est pas un (Ceci n’est pas un cafe)).

  • Omigod, you just verbalized all the thoughts I have when strolling through my Twitter feed. “A mango for breakfast? REALLY??” “Yeah you have fun at the Lanvin after party, you beeeep” and so on. I think people should tweet only if they have something to say and that’s why I love twitterers like you, Leandra Medine and LSD. As for our dependence on these social platforms, you can’t blame us for trying to make our lives look better through filters and flaunt it in each other faces. We are all guilty of doing so. But that’s OK because at the end of the day, we can’t change a thing in our lives, not even making the colors of our Marni skirt look brighter with lo-fi :)

  • Three cheers for this post! …even if it’s just in jest.

    A serious reaction…
    I look into the world of mass technological hysteria (fashion week(s) is a perfect example) and shake my head with sadness. Sadness that, for every thought expended re which filter to use, and which shot of which shoes to broadcast to an all-too-interested-posse (or not, I would hope), opportunities for real ideas to form have, in all likely hood, been lost. Ah dear. Yes, I work in fashion too…

  • Ah un défilé Alexandre Vauthier, je ne faisais presque que des photos nettes, miracle! me suis-je dit… Mais évidemment, le final, une mini robe “sublime et improbable” (importable?) arrive, miroitante:,r:26,s:0,i:151

    OH MON DIEU, j”ai un super angle entre la tète monsieur relou#1 et monsieur relou#2, je vais l’avoir!!!!….. NOOOONNNNN, FLOUE, et pire encore, la robe renvoyait tellement de lumière que seule une maxi tache blanche apparaissait avec 2 pauvres jambes de mannequin! (s’il faut faire un réglage photo entre chaque silhouette en plus!) Le pire, c’est que j’ai réussi à prendre un superbe cliché de son dos, dans la netteté la plus totale histoire de se dire en la regardant, AH J’AI FAILLI AVOIR CETTE F*****G PHOTO DE FACE, WHYYYYY GOD?!

    (Sinon c’était mon tout premier défilé, eu l’invitation un peu par hasard, j’ai adoré!!!)

  • C’est vrai qu’on est tellement accros à twitter, facebook et j’en passe ! mais je trouve que instagram reste une façon assez cool de communiquer avec ses potes :) j’hésite plus à me désabonner de ces comptes tellement chiant, avec des photos tellement non recherchées (200likes à la minutes), limites à mourir d’ennuis… Mais y a des comptes sur instagram assez cool avec des photos inspirantes et qui ont du sens (enfin c’est mon avis)

    Toutes les photos que je publie mon instagram (@florianmoix), sont des moments qui m’ont marqué et que j’ai envie de partagé mais après je m’en fous du nombre de “like” que j’ai sur chaque photo, car ce n’est pas mon but premier ! J’ai pas besoin de poster 15 photos par jour pour me sentir exister !

    Je suis belle et bien abonner à ton instagram, mais je trouve que tu postes des choses funs, qui sont cool et surtout qui reflètent ta vision des choses, c’est en quelque sorte une prolongation de ton blog ! J’adore ton blog alors continue, ton travail est vraiment sympa ! Et de toute façon instagram n’arrive pas à la cheville de “Pardon my french” ;)

    Bisous ;)

  • LOL..I’m in mobile technology…and laughing that it all boils down to cat photos wow…I will be sharing this tidbit in a meeting I am about to enter.

  • Hiiii, je te follow tout de suite!

  • Que dire ? Tu as tapé juste encore une fois :) Et le pire… C’est que je me suis reconnue !! On est tous devenus des social victim.

    Je peux rejoindre le groupe quand ? ;)


  • I love this post and your blog! I feel like social media, especially in the fashion world, is being used to create envy instead of using it to talk about the clothes and the designers. I love the end of the post about LSD and Derek, it’s so true!

  • Ton post m’a laissé l’impression de deux files électriques qui se touchent!!!! Je t’imagine entre le rire et l’extrême fatigue…. moi qui ne connait presque rien du langage codifié de twitter et du texto, ton post m’est apparu comme un Tsunami … tu sais lorsqu’on mélange sucre et grande fatigue chez les enfants…on se sait jamais quel phénomène météorologique va être déclenché??!!! Bien, je crois que les fashions weeks ont eu le même effets sur toi!!!! Merci Garance :-)))))))

  • Garance your crazy! I like it! It is 10am in Los Angeles and I have been studying for my big board exam for months. Last final stretch. Feeling crazy too! Have a great day!

    Turn off your phone and go on a bike ride =D


  • I am so happy to see more of your illustrations lately. Always a big fan ^.^

    Go Garance, go!

  • @bryanboy Really? All that liquid for breakfast?? How can you bladder even hold that without exploding?

  • Il n’y a que les gens cools (propriétaires d’I-phone, I-Pad, Mac book et autres outils geeks hors de prix) pour trouver que le social média à outrance c’est de la lose.
    Du fin fond de ma province dans laquelle avoir un smart phone est encore gage d’appartenance à une caste sociale privilégiée, il n’y a que le frustré jaloux ou peu portée sur le progrès pour critiquer ces outils bénis qui rapprochent et démocratisent bien des situations même si la photo est floue, que le comment est pourri.
    Je sais, je ne suis pas drôle dans mon rôle de rabat-joie qui sait même pas voir la dérision dans ce post mais j’avoue en avoir un peu ras le bol de ce parti pris de se moquer d’outils fantastiques (propres aux gens de la mode “j’ai une vie cool mais j’ai du recul hein j’ai encore un pied dans la vraie vie). Et comme je suis toute chiffonnée :
    – par les photos floues de Kathy Horyn d’un show auquel je ne serais jamais invitée…
    – par le petit déjeuner mode palace de Bryan Boy (F**** ! Moi j’ai mangé des cocopops de kellogs avec vue sur la Beauce et corbeaux sur ciel gris).
    – Le Latte de Jeff ( parce que mon cafetier de campagne me regarde avec des yeux ronds à ce genre de commande et me répond par un laconique:” On est pas à New York ici! Ici, on est France ok? On sert des cafés courts ou long okaaaaay…Regardez la carte avant de demander n’importe quoi!”

    Donc chiffonée, je suis et je préférais de loin la vidéo de 2011 sur les nouvelles technologies qui allier cette légerté bénie et de la profondeur pour moi modeuse, avec carte de fidélité Zara qui crève d’avoir un I-Phone de twitter mes photos de shoes Nicolas Kirkwook depuis NYC@AnnaDelloRusso@Kathy Horyn@CarolineIssa…

  • OK…i’m dying from laughter at your, “I can’t unfollow myself”….that made my day….ok gotta go now to take my cat pictures!

  • ce qui est drôle c’est que le “moins” les gens sont vraiment dans la mode, et le plus ils se prennent au sérieux sur le sujet… merci pour cette rigolade =)

  • Je t’avoue que je n’ai pas lu le post en entier, trop fatiguée peut être mais j’ai bien ri pour le peu que j’ai lu!
    Et tout ça n’ira pas en s’arrangeant!

  • Poilade! Tellement vrai,me me reconnais trop ( et c’est triste lol) heuuu je finis par : FOLLOW ME. Too bisoux

  • Awesome post, so much social media going on that it can get a bit overwhelming. It’s always good to step back and unwind. I get to lazy to even update all the social media’s I am on, kudos to you for updating constantly! :-)

  • Hilarious post! I had to laugh out loud at some parts (lots of party, actually). You’re an amazing writer.


  • Wow Garance, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I cut myself off from looking at personal fashion blogs and fashion tweets. I used to read about 50 blogs a day and now I’m down to you, Scott, William Yan and Mademoiselle Kdia. You guys are the only ones that keep it real. You don’t brag, you don’t think you’re above everyone. You make me a little jealous from time to time but you deserve all the success because you are amazing. There are 9,000,000 fashion blogs and it seems like more and more people keep becoming “famous” fashion bloggers. I have a blog so why hasn’t it worked for me? What are they doing that makes them so successful? Is it their looks? Or how much money they have to buy clothes? Is it their connections?
    The other day I looked at my iphoto where I used to save 100s of Scotts photos and I noticed that all the girls in the photos are now huge fashion week stars. A few years ago I had no idea who they were I just liked their outfits. Now, they are in JCrew ads, pictured all over town. It seems like everyone’s made it but me. When you’re a hungry 26 year old with so much drive and passionate, it’s hard to read twitter, it’s hard to read blogs. I just keep telling myself it took Garance till she was in her 40’s (I think that’s how old you are…) to gain success. Maybe I won’t be “successful” until I’m old but in the meantime all I can do is block out all the bulshit and work towards what I want.

  • this is hilarious! i laughed so hard. thanks for writing this, Garance. finally, i am not alone. LOL



  • ce qui serait drôle, ce serait de parachuter un adulte n’ayant vécu que jusqu’en 1990, sur ce post. Il se demanderait s’il est tombé chez les fous et surtout, il n’y comprendrait rien de rien… Comme quoi, la préhistoire se fait de plus en plus récente! :-)

  • Nini Piccola September, 24 2012, 11:56

    Jicky! Cette idée me fait presque peur… Une conversation interactive qui se fait sur toutes sortes d’ordinateurs et téléphone cellulaires parmi des gens qui ne se connaient pas et qui n’auront jamais l’opportunité de se connaître. Yahoo! Follow me!

  • Love that post! So funny and so true! I enjoyed very much reading it :)


  • Excellent, je vais garder en mémoire le dernier tweet de Lauren, il est plein de sagesse.

  • This is fabulous and real. Thanks for putting so many of the things I was thinking into print. Who goes to a fashion show to actually experience the collection and think about what the designer is trying to say? Perhaps the next step of the conversation is to think about if it is worthwhile to struggle to make or share art (instagrams) that does not provoke a conversation or even a reaction from the vast majority of your audience. Are audiences being trained to not respond, that their opinion is not part of the transaction of the creation of art?

  • Oh,Garance,t’es trop drole(puisque vrais),merci de me faire rire, on dit”prEsa elettrica”:)))))))

  • This post is so ADHD…;-)))

  • Sunny Side September, 24 2012, 3:05 / Reply

    Je pense à Kubrick en lisant ton post qu’en ferait-il ? N’utilisant pas tous ces outils virtuels j’ai à moitié compris tant ce langage m’est inconnu. C’est quasiment un sketch à jouer sur scène !

  • chapeau bas ! Quel humour ! un régal ce post !

  • Hello,

    Comme tout le monde, ou presque, j’ai un compte Twitter.
    Peu d’abonnés mais 90% sont des organismes qui ont des trucs à vendre
    J’ai plutôt tendance à tweeter sur des questions politiques ou d’actualité.
    Je fais des photos à la con sur instagram
    Et j’ai une envie folle de me défouler contre ASOS …. bah ! c’est eux qui ont commencé les hostilités…

  • Funny and otherwise interesting point of view….XX

  • Yvonne Marie September, 24 2012, 4:15 / Reply

    Ummm…….anyone heard of NARCISSISM?!

    I do two things reading this post. I laugh at the humor in which it is written because I can appreciate.
    Second… blood starts to boil and I get an irritating feeling. I LOVE fashion and I LOVE people bringing fashion to me in ways that are educational, intellectual and fun! I don’t however like what has happened in the blog world where everyone is blogging pictures of themselves, tweeting what they are ingesting, where they are, what color nail polish they just painted their nails, what music is on at that very moment……….etc! It goes beyond people trying to paparazzi themselves…’s become a social dyfunction! What happened to preserving your life and savouring it for yourself, friends and family?! Is nothing special anymore?!! Is everyone so insecure that they need acceptance from EVERYONE IN THE FREAKIN WORLD? F###!! I don’t tweet or any of that crap and luckily my job doesn’t require me to. I protect and cherish the time I spend with people. For them, I AM PRESENT. Being normal is a lost art. Really and truly! A cell phone and email is as far as I’ll go. Facebook???……’ve got to be kidding me……… the saddest thing to happen to society! Grrrr!!!
    On a more positive note…..Garance, this is a great post to remind people to be individual and that being individual does not, in any way mean stripping yourself of all grace (if anyone even knows what that means anymore). xo

  • Garaaaance !

    Aujourd’hui, je suis fière de dire que j’ai “follow you” mais pas virtuellement ; bel et bien physiquement… Rassure-moi : tu étais bien en ballade dans le 9e/10e en cette fin d’aprem ? Ou bien je te vois en dédoublé dans la rue… Je suis donc toute émoustillée de t’avoir croisée telle une fan anonyme et regrette de ne pas t’avoir demandé une spéciale dédicace à l’écrit. Mais pour dire vrai, j’étais encombré de mes 3kgs de pommes et mes 2 paquets de gerblé, sans compté mon parapluie qui séchait.

    Alors, tu es aussi belle en vrai & tes nouvelles lunettes te vont à merveille !

    En attendant te demander ton autographe la prochaine fois (#jesuistimidemaisjemesoigne), je te follow encore plus et like ton poste !

    Mille Bisous from Paris !

  • Erm, the Bryan’s breakfast shot. You’re right about that only being part of a breakfast; it lacks cheese, honey and pastries(and possibly charcuterie). But seriously; you only had two croissants?

  • Best end of the day post ever. I just don’t understand how people can be so obsessed with twiiter and instagram. It takes half of your free time and you dn’t really have anything out of it.
    Love your sense of humor and that you are not afraid to write about the tweets of the fashion celebrities.

  • Hahaha. I work in social media. This is the kind of thing I moan about all day… Also, my Instagram feed being: Baby, baby, baby, cat, baby, cat, cat, latte, dog.

  • Funny and true. Love your honesty, Garance!

  • loved that ‘insta’ – ‘tweet’ post. awesome and so so true.

  • Hahahaha! So refreshing to find some humor, and sense, amidst the hysteria!

  • Heh you made me lol with that story with that guy and his Ipad! Watching the show that is right in front of you on someone’s Ipad. Wow!

  • This post is hilarious! It’s a funny social media world we live in. Thanks for the LOL’s :D

  • too hilarious and i couldn’t agree more. i may be one of these people on occasion but the extremes are absolutely ridiculous.

  • garance, I love you, and I saw many of these tweets and instagram photos on my phone myself and was wondering if everyone in the fashion industry was so hysterical, delirious and as utterly batshit insane as what their tweets and photos led me to believe
    your refreshing comments has made me sigh in relief- not everyone is completely crazy in the fashion industry after all!

    so much love for this, and you.

  • Am loving your take on all of this, too true….the “huge” fruit platter made me laugh so hard i almost choked on my chocolate cake ;)

  • Nini Piccola September, 25 2012, 12:16 / Reply

    Ok this is probably your best therapeutic confessional post ever!!! We are all out of control with social media but detaching at this point is very difficult. All of the platforms have different uses and needs and so we just jump onto them without really thinking about how addictive they become. Facebook? I HATE it but it works for my overseas friends. Instagram? I was an early convert and now have over 1300 photos but the most likes I’ve ever received? maybe 14. Sorry I’m not famous…yet! And with regards to not wanting to know WHO liked your pictures well that is part of the voyeuristic fascination of Instagram… Plus I find Instagram relaxing and a fun way to explore different parts of the world. I don’t do twitter but at one point I was posting on three tumblr accounts!!!!!! I do like tumblr but I only post my own photographs – no reblogging!!!! What’s the point?

  • Nini Piccola September, 27 2012, 12:26

    What I meant to say re: reblogging is that if your whole tumblr feed is reblogged then you have just created a Pinterest? Boring! Everybody has a camera/cellphone nowadays so there is no excuse to not contribute an original image or thought. PS – this blog is taking over my life Garance! Must delete all others tant pis pour eux.

  • This is ridiculous and funny. Made my day.

  • Here’s one you can use as revenge:
    “May your life be as awesome one day as you pretend it is on Facebook!”
    PS: I’m old and still on FB hahaha!

  • j’adore!!! excellent et tellement vrai!!! merci Garance

  • Hilarious! We are so addicted to social media, it’s not even funny anymore. But I love voyeuring the worlds that I want to be in (but can’t….) xo

  • Quel bonheur de te lire à nouveau! Jouissif!!

  • I loved this so much! You made my night! You have such a great sense of humour, Garance – you always make me laugh with these posts! Everything you said was SO true and I, too, am guilty of spending hours over which filter to choose for just ONE Instagram photo! It’s crazy! Very well said indeed. x

    Kate {Modette}

  • Soooo right on spot! Love it!

  • Ah Garance, merci pour ce post pleins de vérités et qui s’adapte, finalement, à toutes les situations et tous les milieux. Les tweets de la #SuperConnasse sont les pires, nous sommes bien d’accord.

  • Oh là là … Si je commence à mettre le bout du doigt dans Instagram ou dans un tweet, il va rester coincé et je suis certaine de rester à tout jamais en symbiose avec l’ordi ou la tablette. J’ai déjà une addiction pour le chocolat (love, love), je vais tenter d’éviter les autres tant que je n’ai pas plus de temps devant moi.

    Un billet génialissime, tant du côté de l’avalanche d’humour que de celui du très joli dessin !


  • Désolée, je comprends rien, je ne sais même pas ce que c’est que cet Instagram à la con.

  • Garance, you are very funny and I very much admire your tongue-in-cheek criticism of some of social media’s young and sometimes self-important stars. It’s also reinforced to me why I have no interest in Twitter. I have no time! I am not against it, I just can’t trust myself with more time wasting activities. And my gawd who the hell cares who is eating what. Unless Christian Bale is sitting front row with a sign around his neck saying I love (ha cheeky move, don’t you say?) I don’t want to know. Really funny Garance, keep us in the loop!

  • Quel kiffe de te lire tes longs posts…
    j’ai pouffé de rire sur la remarque de Scott!

  • Garance, I love your blog. I would have loved your tweets either but I don’t have a Twitter or a Facebook profile. I was one of the first to have a Facebook profile but had it deleted as soon as I realized what was about to happen. Social, really? By hiding behind a screen and feeding people the most useless information one can possibly come up with? Lovely way for people to think they are much more interesting than they actually are. And, in the case of Facebook, hook up behind their partner’s back. Great! (but don’t get me wrong, in cases such as yours and a few others, I would have really appreciated any feedback. That case is one in a million. No blurry photos and stuff).

  • ton article est écrit avec beaucoup d’humour et fait vraiment ressortir l’absurdité des réseaux sociaux quand on en abuse ! car ils font aujourd’hui parti intégrante de la vie de la plupart d’entre nous !!! J’ai un compte twitter mais bof, je n’y vais jamais ( sauf pour annoncer mes nouveaux posts ! mais je sais que ce n’est pas bien car il ” faut entretenir la conversation avec ses twitters “, parait-il ! ce que j’essaie déjà de faire via mon blog et ma page HC ! ) Par contre, je suis beaucoup plus Instagram… Mais bon, il faut essayer de ne pas tomber dans la lourdeur des photos qui montrent ce qu’on mange tous les mâtins au petit déj ou le vernis à ongles qu’on change tous les jours !… Ne pas tomber dans l’obsession et ne pas croire que notre vie est terminée sans connexion internet !!!
    Très bonne journée à toi !

  • AHAHAH j’ai bien ri! (ça se lit d’ailleurs!) Excellent!!

  • Merci Garance, je sais pourquoi je ne tweet pas! Et ton post me fait tellement peur que c’est pas demain que je vais commencer. Mais le jour ou, je reviens faire une réponse à ce commentaire.

  • Même pas 30 jours depuis ce post… toujours aussi peur et je tweete par procuration. Ma colloc m’a dit que je devais le faire pour mon projet Pippa, mais faut pas déconner j’ai juste linker mon blog.
    C’est fou à quel point ça va vite tout ça, même pas 24h que j’ai crée le compte et j’ai déjà un abonné… alors que je n’ai rien twitter…

  • Hello there,

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  • So funny about the cat :) my sister will feel totally justified now! I love seeing the fashion world through your eyes.

  • you are so hilarious. so awesome! i read this laughing and thinking she’s so ball-sy too…stepping on a few toes and not giving a hoot!- some will laugh it off, some will really be insulted. who cares? it’s all the truth!

  • Oh Garance! Tu sais qu’à chaque FashionWeek, ou à chaque fois que tu fais de sérieux projets, ou à chaque fois que tu gagnes un degré de starification, j’ai la trouille et je me dis “et merde, là c’est sûr, elle est passée du côté obscur, d’accord elle rigole tout le temps mais elle est tellement impliquée maintenant qu’elle commence à prendre ce monde de tarés au sérieux…” Je ne critique pas le narcissisme généralisé qui règne en maître dans le monde merveilleux de la mode, hein, on s’entend, (que celui n’a JAMAIS googlé son nom leur jette la première pierre) mais avoue que c’est quand même un milieu bien barré…

    Tant que tu écriras des posts de ce genre, ton blog restera dans mes favoris.
    Le jour où tu passeras du côté obscur, tu peux compter sur moi pour t’envoyer un commentaire bien senti (on dit merci maman)

    Allez, t’es une fille géniale, je ne te souhaite que du bonheur, du saucisson et du fromage.



  • Bonjour Garance,

    True story ! nous sommes d’accord.

    Anyway, pour la cerise sur le gâteau, une petite citation qui te reflète bien avec ton côté rebelle :

    “The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd.
    The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.”

    donc stop to”following”.

    J’ai encore hier rédigé un article qui exprime mon désaccord avec tout ce mainstream qu’on nous oblige de suivre pour être hip et in.


  • Non mais Garance, Garance, Garance….
    je ne commente jamais mais là je me lance (whaouou, une rime) (et comme il parait que tu lis TOUT !)
    Ce post est totalement démentiel d’esprit d’observation, d’énergie et d’auto-dérision.
    Merci, j’ai tellement ri !
    (Pas plus tard que cette semaine j’ai liké une photo de Scott sur Instagram. Et dans la seconde sa photo est passée “populaire”…j’ai pas pu m’empêcher d’être fière…#pathétic, I know )

  • You do have an interesting point of view dear. It makes total sense.

  • Garance, this post is just hilarious! I love your sarcasm … plus everything you wrote is just SOOO true.

  • Hahahaha!!! Garance, tu me fais tellement rire avec ton humour détaché + ton autodérision!! Merci de partager tout ça avec nous, tu enlèves ce côté hautain et inaccessible au monde de la mode. Je m’étais toujours demandée combien de temps ça te prenait d’éditer tes photos… en fait je croyais être seule au monde à utiliser une autre app de photo avant d’instagramer… mais de toute évidence j’ai trouvé meilleure que moi!!
    <3 Continues comme ça, tu es #GENIAAALE

  • You know , this post really made me… think and act ! So I cleaned out my Instagram Following list and the fashion blogs bookmark folder I have on the browser ! I guess I have a lot of free time now… since I’ll finish my all day watching/reading on-line stuff faster !
    Well , I don’t know why I did that , but that is the feeling I had after reading your post , Garance. And I must say : Thank you!

  • Finally! Thank you, Garance! Sooo relieved you feel practically the same about all that crap! Thank you!!! You’re just the best! :)

  • Carol Melo September, 25 2012, 2:26 / Reply

    Garance, you are so real that it is surreal to read you.

  • La fashion week je ne connais pas vraiment, mais j’ai bien aimé l’expression :

    “Il vous reste deux choix. Soit vous vous pliez en deux pour voir le show par en-dessous l’Ipad.
    Soit vous regardez le show À TRAVERS L’iPad. En version floue, mais normalement vous avez déjà l’habitude.” @Garance

    Bien joué pour ce post vraiment Inside sur ce microcosmos!

  • Hilarant ! Quelle frénésie ! ce que j’adore dans Instagram c’est le moment ou au milieu d’un fatras de Feed on tombe sur LA photo: poétique, décalée, bien cadrée, pas floue, pas filtrée… bref une photo de photographe où surgit la Beauté si j’ose dire. à défaut faut que ce soit très drôle ! quant à Twitter c’est aussi tout un art ;-)

  • I love u Garance! I enjoy every single word you write!

  • u r fun to follow no pressure merci!!

  • Pilar Aranda September, 25 2012, 5:15 / Reply

    “…les sujets les plus populaires sur Instagram étant les chats et la nourriture, il va ouvrir un Instagram de nourriture pour chats” MDR!

  • DressingDeStar September, 25 2012, 6:27 / Reply

    I Follow You since… ALWAYS !! ;-)

  • Parfait cet article, toujours aussi hilarante! C’est vrai, parfois ca tourne au ridicule tout ca…

  • Oh this post gave me the giggles! Glad to know that I’m not the only one that’s over 80% of the sh*t that gets posted via SM, which is a little scary since I’m a fashion blogger and am SUPPOSED to love it all lol! Seriously, It’s like people don’t know how to engage without it appearing like their life is oh so fabulous 24/7! I like realness and I like a balance so I do my best to only follow people that are good at it.

  • ;*) yes, yes indeed!

  • Garance, haha, what a great post this is. Very striking! I’m sure everyone will recognize this (and can honestly admit that they are doing – or at least need to try hard not to do – the exact same thing). Be authentic and try not to let your ego (such an over-estimated thing!!) take control – that should work. Good luck with all of the fashion weeks hysteria. I’ll make sure to follow you. ;)

  • Le moment Instagram… j’ai cru mourir de rire! Cette conversation est à mettre en gras, imprimer et encadrer dans un salon, c’est vrai c’est conceptuel voir totalement symptomatique de notre génération. Ahahahah j’adore!!! Je likerai désormais toutes tes photos Instagram.
    C’est difficile à croire mais je me bidonne sur la prise de risque sur le latte… ahhh j’adore !

  • So funny, so true. Whatever happened to consideration, working at something until it is better & editing? (like magazines, for example). Everything everyone thinks & does is not interesting & instant access does not mean that something is worth accessing. We all need to be more selective about what we give out & what we take in. Thank you for having the intelligence & humility to recognise the danger of getting lost in self justifying insta-nonsense

  • Try Pixlromatic

  • Je dois dire que c’est tellement vrai… Encore un post qui est dans notre réalité, et si marrant de se retrouver dans chaque mot…
    love it <3

  • You made smile, like you always do :) .

  • ENORME ce post
    Merci !

  • I hate the finale shot! Why why why?

    The “atmosphere” shots are a godsend, though. For years you had to SCOUR the internet to find a picture of the Chanel sets that everyone was talking about. Even at Dior Couture, it was *impossible* to find pictures of each of the flower rooms. It’s art! Show it!

    Anyhow, couldn’t get through your convo on tweeting. Too wanky. Good advice, though!

  • The part about starting a cat food instagram nearly made my coffee come out my nose. And then I choked.

    It was worth it.

  • Hi Garance! This is by far the best section of your blog, just you, genuine, talking about reality with a witty, natural and relaxing accent. Love it and it’s what makes me come back.
    To me, the latest addiction is Instagram- OMG, it’s impossible not to check it or explore it… far, far more addictive than any other social media.



  • Ha! This is really apt to our times. This week I passed two women while out on my daily walk in my normally deserted neighborhood. They stopped to take photos of each other so I guess they could later show their friends they had exercised and enjoyed the day. Rather than…just enjoy the day and each other’s company? I don’t understand this urge to record every moment, no matter how banal. We are all missing out on the present moment when we do this. I know everyone will wake up soon, though. We took this social technology all the way to the negative and now its time to readjust. I come to your site because you take great photos and I get to experience fashion through someone who has unique communication skills. Im sure from this era some great writers and photographers will emerge and others, who merely want notoriety and perqs, will be weeded out.

  • bahahahahahahaha I love this little {extended} random rant Garance! Give us more!
    To be inside your head would be like a crazy wicked adrenaline thumping roller coaster.
    Love it!

  • Tellement vrai! Super post, je Like!

  • Ce post est tout simplement hilarant!! Surtout le passage sur l’Instagram de nourriture de chat! Merci pour ce bon fou rire Garance!

  • Tu sais pas que je me sens très très très très vieille d’un coup.
    Je blogue.
    Je suis sur Facebook.
    MAIS :
    Je me suis inscrite sur twitter il y a 3 mois et je ne comprends toujours rien.
    Je me suis inscrite sur TUMBLR hier, je comprends un peu plus, mais pas beaucoup beaucoup mieux non plus.
    Je viens de lire ce post à côté duquel j’étais passée (savoir pourquoi ….) et je n’ai RIEN COMPRIS.

    Next time je t’envoie une carte postale, tiens…

  • Great blog! Do you have any hints for aspiring writers?
    I’m planning to start my own website soon but I’m a little lost
    on everything. Would you suggest starting with a free platform
    like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many options out there that I’m totally
    overwhelmed .. Any recommendations? Thanks!

  • Tellement vrai ! Aujourd’hui, j’ai un peu l’impression d’être un alien quand je dis que j’écris sur un blog … et que je ne me contente pas de faire des photos …

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