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Winter Tan

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There’s always so much talk about color, but how about neutrals??

The reason neutral tones are so popular in most wardrobes is because they are effortless — you can incorporate them into any look (nearly!) and they can be worn again and again in so many different ways.

But it can be nice to break up an outfit of neutrals with contrasting colors, like Whitney does here with her tan coat… Her look is so classic and elegant, perfect for Uptown New York where this photo was taken.

Do you prefer an all-neutral look or more color?


Add yours
  • She is wonderful!
    Love so much her outfit! <3

    Le monde des petites

  • you tricked me: i was looking forward to a real winter tan :)


  • Teintes neutres et un joli imprimé pour casser, et ouais !


  • Love a neutral look, but colors can be fun too. I recently spiced up a colorful pair of jeans for fall on my blog with all black accessories.


  • I wouldn’t really consider this to be spicing it up – isn’t tan a kind of neutral too?

    I personally like to play around with different shades of neutrals to give a look more layers & depth. Perhaps a bit of colour in the accessories.

  • I really love neutral colors since it makes it easier to combine my complete wardrobe. Somehow that sounds a little lazy but it really is! I really need to add a beautiful camel coat like this to my closet someday soon xx


  • I wish I could be wearing neutral colours, but they make me look like a victim of a late stage of tuberculosis :( Same goes for pastels. If I could have worn neutral, I would go for the look from your photo, i.e. all black with a beautiful neutral coat or maybe a little cashmere sweater [sigh].

  • Teintes neutres for ever ! Il va sans dire que j’aime beaucoup le style de Witney.

  • Enfin…Garance, le camel EST une couleur neutre ! :-)

  • I was thinking the same thing. Camel is a neutral color. :] // ? itsCarmen.com ?

  • I love this look!!!!!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  • Katherine November, 18 2014, 5:28 / Reply

    I love a neutral look like this. It looks best on someone young with a fresh beautiful face. When one ages a bit, a little color is needed, such as a colorful scarf or necklace.

  • I love neutrals, they are great for bright colored items. If you’re curious, this is how I wore my vintage camel coat last week: http://lerablogs.blogspot.com/2014/11/a-dash-of-mustard.html

  • To some extent it is where I’m at in my life (full-time working mom with two kids under 3), and to some extent the classics seem to be trendy right now (how convenient!), but I’m just so in love with the neutrals right now. This morning I was at home with my sick baby girl, trying to work frantically while she napped before her doctor’s appointment, and I got dressed instantly in all black under a shawl-collar camel sweater I’ve had forever layered with an oversize grey sweatercoat. And it worked wonderfully! I felt chic, warm, and still interesting, and it was effortless.

    I may be a bit biased toward the classics, though, because I’m one of those colorless dirty blonds who tend to look best in black and white, and I’m tiny-short and tiny-boned, so I really look best in simple shapes. Part what suits me, part proclivity, but all love!

  • You are asking a life-long New Englander here, so while I love neutrals, they get a bit boring come February and you’ve been wearing the same coat and boots day after day after day. So in a perfect world (well not exactly because if it were perfect I’d live someplace warmer) I’d have a nice red or olive green overcoat to break things up. But wait, can’t we treat red and olive like neutrals?

  • Love a tan or camel coat as a go-to for everything from all-black outfits as in your photo (she looks so comfortble and warm) or with denim blues or prints and other warm colours, all scarlet or prints.

    Whenever I am in a rush, my mid thigh deep tan deerskin fringed jacket is the one I reach for. I love natural coloured, tan leather coats and jackets for everything.

  • love the coat

    giveaway on my blog!


  • Wonderful look! I’m glad you brought this issue up, I’ve been over thinking buying another winter coat because I have lovely ones that are not functional for the polar vortex and functional ones that are not lovely (they’re too puffy, picture Marshmallow man from GhostBusters, they’re great for walking my dog though). What do you suggest?

  • I found that a colorful scarf open and attached by a belt like in Burberry fashion show. a hat will add fantasy to this took classic and beautiful look..
    Yael Guetta


  • What a beautiful coat! She looks truly great. I have been on a hunt for a camel coat that doesn’t break the bank but still has the thick luxurious fabric of expensive item. If anyone has any ideas…

  • Garance, est-ce que tu pense que l’imprimé léopard peut etre consideré comme un neutral? Je viens d’acheter un manteau en faux léopard très classe, et ça va avec tout! Certains pourraient dire que c’est devenu un peu cliché, mais moi je trouve que ça reste edgy (Kate Moss is still often in various versions of the leopard coat), mais aussi versatile que le camel.

  • Couleurs en été, tons plus doux en hiver, je ne sais pas pourquoi, mais les couleurs vives avec le teint blafard de l’hiver, ça ne fait pas bon ménage !

  • I used to be a color fanatic, but since changing my hair to platinum, I much prefer the subtly of classic neutrals to balance the harshness of my hair. Furthermore, it makes pulling together an outfit in the morning infinitely easier.

  • Neutral. Always. I’m waiting to win the lottery or something like that to but an iconic Max Mara tan coat.

  • She looks great! Up to date and ready for everyday activities everywhere. It seems to be effortless. Maybe all items were chosen intuitively, but for the effect it is all in the details. About the black shades: Big stitch knitting, rivets, and spots enrich the black with textures. See some skin on her flats, same tone in her hair and in the coat. She deals with her own natural shades. I think that’s intelligent and ideal in all situations you don’t want to make much noise about your person – but in a confident way.

  • I don’t have any color in my wardrobe except for red (which is almost a neutral to me). To me neutrals in great fabrics look always chic, and it saves so much time in the morning to get dressed.

  • Je n’aime rien tant que lesc ouleurs neutres (mon influence parisienne ?) : le gris, le blanc et le camel (ou tan), rien de plus chic ! J’adore son manteau d’ailleurs d’où vient-il ?


  • Love this look. But camel (and khaki as well) is neutral colors for me.

  • Bernadette November, 19 2014, 7:18 / Reply

    She looks beautiful, but for my taste her look is a bit too perfect, classy and elegant…

  • Love the shoes

  • I think we imitate the nature: grey and black and white for the trees revealing the bark, the camel for the last brown and copper leaves..probably it makes us feel in harmony with what’s going on around… but I can’t go through winter without color! When I walk in the bank district and brush my shoulders with all the black and grey coats, my mood goes down….

  • I prefer neutrals, and contrasting neutrals even better, mostly because it is easy to pull together in less than a minute (since I am always running late but hate being actually late)…hehe. What I prefer to play around with are accessories (a playful handbag, a funky scarf, fun earrings).

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  • Love the coat.

    Priscilla Joy
    Dutch Caribbean

  • I love all neutral look. It’s a classic.

  • Depends where you live: you live in Brussels, you dress like this, you live in LA you forget compltely about grey, dark brown and beige, they just won’t work under the palm trees.

  • I love the bag! Anyone knows what brand it is?

  • tan classic colour for winter

  • I love a tan jacket for Fall! Perfect match to your surroundings and whilst this look is classic I love how she has kept it as a laid back look. with love sojustnice.com

  • I’m confused about the terminology here – as far as I can tell she’s wearing ‘neutrals’ (nicely done, by the way). Where/how is she breaking this up with color? Personally I like very much to pair tan/camel with an orange-red color. superchic and a bit retro.

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