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So, I packed light for my trip… but I still managed to fit all of my favorite summer products! A tiny bit of makeup, my skincare products (SPF! Hats!!! Scared of the sun girl), a cool cleansing water from NARS (as much as I love Bioderma, their packaging, you know…), my hair oil that I told you about (in a slick travel tube to prevent spilling), a brush set… I think I’ve got it all.

For the things that don’t need to be “applied generously every two hours” (I’m looking at you SPF!!!), vive les travel containers.

What are some of your travel beauty essentials? What do you always pack?

In my bag…

Diptyque Rose Candle: Because it makes me feel at home anywhere in the world, therefore more relaxed, therefore more beautiful (girl math).
Chanel Blush: Who can live without Chanel and without a blush?
Chantecaille Travel Brush Set: I do everything with brushes now, even concealer.
Clinique Chubby Stick in Richer Raisin: My favorite colooor!
Beauty Counter SPF 30 for Face: Ok, so it’s a little thick but what!!! There are no parabens in it! Not so easy to find for a good SPF.
NARS Jungle Red Lipstick: In case I have a party…
Elizabeth Dehn x One Love Organics Mist: Unecessary, so basically just pure luxury. Love it.
Darphin 8 Flower Nectar Oil: Because summer, because oils.
Kjaer Weis Eyeshadow: In case I have a party…
Dolce & Gabbana Bronzer: So I’m afraid of the the sun, I need to find my tan somewhere, you know ;)
NARS Makeup Removing Water: Chic alternative to Bioderma.
In a travel container, Beauty Counter Glow Scrub: You’ve got to scrub regularly for a more even, beautiful tan they say.
In a travel container, Darphin Vitalskin: My summer face lotion, light, comfortable, and easy like a white shirt.

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  • I always pack different pairs of shoes ( ballet flats, kitten heels and heels). They can dress up or dress down any outfit :) ooo and lipstick too!

  • Pour ma part, dans mes essentiels, mon crayon noir de chez Make Up Forever, mon eye-liner Estée Lauder et mes fonds de teint Clinique!!!!

    Le monde des petites

  • Parmi mes essentiels: un recourbe-cils et une bougie Diptyque!

  • Agree. What woman could go without Chanel or a red lipstick?

    And I love it when you put up your lists…they’re inspiring.

    I always carry sunscreen (a whopping SPF 60 that makes me look like a white-faced clown for five minutes). Other essentials include Russian Red by MAC, a black kohl pencil, hair serum from TiGi and a homemade face-n-body oil (because I have SUPER dry skin, yes)!

  • Nom d’une pipe Garance, toi aussi t’as la brosse à dent Muji ! J’aime d’amour cette brosse à dent, qui se pose comme une oeuvre d’art minimaliste sur la faience du lavabo.

  • C’est une bonne idée la bougie pour se sentir chez soi!

    je ne pars jamais sans mon mascara Dior et mon blush Dior (parce que moi je ne peux pas vivre sans Dior ^^) et surtout un maxi châle russe qui sert autant de couverture dans le train, de jupe dans les lieux religieux et de doudou à l’hôtel ;)


  • Raquel Oliveira Duarte July, 17 2014, 4:14 / Reply

    Oh! You’ve forgoten to mention the portuguese “pasta dentífrica Couto”. It’ a vintage. Very well ????

  • I’m never without a hat, and in the summer my hats always have very wide brims.

    I always wear sunscreen, too. I steer clear of the common ingredients that can disrupt hormones or cause cancer. That leaves physical barriers, but the formulas with zinc dioxide make me look like I’m doing Kabuki theater, and I leave white fingerprints everywhere. Titanium dioxide in nanoparticles works a treat. This year I’ve been using Acure’s sunscreen; it’s moisturizing and all organic.

  • J’ai toujour lisent votre blog en Anglais, mais maintenant je suis lise la en Francais, à pratiquer mon Francais. Oui, je vous remercie pour l’assistance! C’est tres utile.

    J’espere que moi mots c’est logique.


  • Moi aussi! ça m’aide beaucoup:) mais maintenant j’ai le vocabulaire de mode fantastique mais les autres sujets sont un peu negligés, hehe

  • VICUNA July, 17 2014, 4:34 / Reply

    Bioderma existe maintenant en “travel size”,j’en ai fait l’acquisition hier !!!!

  • I use Color Science mineral sunscreen. It contains zinc oxide and no harsh chemicals and feels like a light mineral powered going on (but not color or tint). It’s SPF 50 and comes in a great tube with retractable brush, so great for travel or to keep in your bag to use though out the day! Best part is it doesn’t leave your face all sticky so you can wear during the day with makeup or at the beach.

  • Great pics with OLO mist! essential for summer!x

  • So happy you love our SPF!!! It’s moisturizing enough that you don’t need an extra day lotion, but also doesn’t make you break out. LMK if anyone wants a sample : )

  • Hello, can I get some samples? Though I love in the UK. Best Regards

  • Hello Evelyn,
    I am a makeup artist and I currently run a beauty blog
    I would love to sample your products….I like your philosophy!


  • Michaela July, 17 2014, 5:10 / Reply

    Salut Garance, c´est marrant, moi aussi j´ai toujours dans mon sac de voyage ma bougie préférée (en ce moment Numéro 2 de Yankee Candles, ce n´est pas une bougie petite, mais bon, tu me comprends), Chubby stick de Clinique et L´huile a la mandarine et Emulsion Vitalskin de Darphin:) Bisous de la République Tcheque.

  • Virginie July, 17 2014, 5:14 / Reply

    Euh…tu emmènes une bougie qui pèse 1/2 kg et tu appelles ça “voyager léger” ;-)

  • My favorite SPF is Pratima Neem and Rose SPF…it’s amazing, light, neem oil prevents breakouts, no scent, no white streak…pure (toxin free) perfection!

  • GiuliaM July, 17 2014, 5:19 / Reply

    – an organic cream & facewash
    – zao cosmetics and brushes
    – Emanuela Biffoli’s wooden hairbrush
    – a black sleep mask
    – MAC ‘russian red’ or ‘chili’ lipstick
    – sephora’s top coat
    – Kiko’s coloured eyeshadows (they’re very intense)
    -mani/pedi set

  • Maxinti July, 17 2014, 5:24 / Reply

    Raquel a raison! Le super vintage dentifrice portugais Couto qui revient en force!

  • J’adore! The only thing missing is a luxe TRUFFLE Clarity Clutch, oui?

  • great photo and list! (the D&G bronzer looks lovely.)

    i’ve been traveling most of the summer and have distilled facial and body cleanser, moisturizer, and shaving gel into one amazing product, organic coconut oil. it covers so many uses and smells incredible too. it even works as a deodorant.

  • How many great products in this beauty!!!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  • Pas d’Eau Dynamisante ;-) ?

  • Sabrina July, 17 2014, 6:05 / Reply

    Je dirai que je ne pars jamais en voyage sans mes produits pour la peau, qui sont selon moi bien plus indispensables que n’importe quel autre produit maquillage :
    – une petite bouteille de bioderma
    – mon gel nettoyant papulex
    – ma crème hydratante biotherm
    – mon contour des yeux nuxe
    – ma pommade au calendula pour hydrater mes lèvres.

    Pour le makeup, je dirai le mascara effet faux-cils de YSL, le Nars radiant creamy concealer et un blush rosé pour aller avec tout :)

  • I love how you styled this shot. It’s so well organized & the color palette is refreshing. On another note, you don’t need to head to a party NARS Jungle Red Lipstick; you can rock it anytime! :] // ?

  • I always pack my samples for the plane so I can try to arrive looking ok.
    Post on arriving refreshed :

    So happy to hear you all wear sunblock!

  • Cerave Moisturizer Day and Night ( Must take care of the face at night).
    Dr H Rose Day Cream for extra gleaming skin.
    Coconut Oil for hair and body all over pre shower at night.
    Cetaphil Body Moisturizer
    Fresh Lip Balm /L’oreal Lip Blam
    Make up – All Urban Decay – BB Balm, Foundation, Naked eye, powder and must have UD Setting Spray!
    Laura Mercier Cover Up.
    Benefit and L’oreal Mascara.
    Any Jo Malone or Creed Florissimo scent.

  • Garance, I’m a Beautycounter consultant, so I’m so happy to see you featured our new sunscreen! Because the formula is full of moisturizers you can skip your regular face cream and use it alone as a moisturizer/sunscreen during the day; that might help if you’re finding it a bit too thick. It also absorbs better when applied to skin that is slightly damp; I like to spritz with rose water first then apply. I hope that helps! Would love to see more Beautycounter products on your blog!

  • Great list! This post made me laugh because I’m currently packing my beauty essentials for a trip and I have the horrible habit of wanting to bring my entire makeup and skincare collection with me. I’m having the hardest time trying to fit my beauty products into one pouch, but thank you for writing this post because it’s making it soooo much easier for me to pack!

    Cheers from San Francisco,

  • Rose hip oil and lavender oil. No matter what … they both rescue any type of skin problem….dry, sunburned, itchy, chapped, tired. Face, cuticles, in the bath, after missing your connection…….. My absolute ‘go to’s’.

  • Soo many amazing brands. I need some new products like that. xa

  • <3 Pasta científica Couto <3

  • Sans aucun doute, l’huile Nuxe qui me sert à tout et me permet de voyager super léger !

  • Come on…. are you taking a candle with you on vacations?

  • Isabel July, 18 2014, 3:40 / Reply

    Sisley SPF 50 for face. It’s very expensive unfortunately but I didn’t find anything better so far.
    They have great products, far far better to La Mer, La Prairie and so on.

  • L’eau micellaire Bioderma est dispo en 500ml, 250ml eeeeet… 100ml :)! Une adorable petite bouteille, parfaite à emporter partout, même dans l’avion pour se rafraichir la face ;)!

  • MissPimpin July, 18 2014, 5:00 / Reply

    MDR la taille de ta trousse de toilette et ta conception du voyager léger !!
    Mais je fais la même chose, alors je me moque pas, hein ;-) ?
    Indispensable en toutes occasions, l’eau de beauté de caudalie (effet bonne mine et on brille moins en plus), la bioderma (oui oui je confirme ça existe en format voyage !!!), eau nettoyante caudalie, antioxydant skinceuticals, retexuring skinceuticals, mascara Benefit et crayon benefit waterproof
    En vacances, j’ajoute la crème solaire anthelios, la crème neocica de filorga (uuultra réparatrice, c’est un truc de post-chirurgie, en plus c’est très agréable comme texture), le soin hydratant rené furterer pour les cheveux (il donne en plus de protéger, un effet un peu mouillé wavy aux cheveux)
    Gommage corporel aussi de chez nuxe, indispensable pour un beau bronzage et ne pas peler au retour
    ET surtout, la crème pour les pieds Scholl pour lutter contre la corne dans les sandales (je dé-tes-te ça!!) et plein de vernis !!!
    Ooooh, comment j’ai envie de partir là ….

  • Coucou ! Impossible de partir sans le lait crème concentré Embryolisse, mon sérum Visionnaire Lancome, un contour des yeux (à mettre au frigo!!) de chez Clinique, l’huile solaire 50 de chez la Roche Posay et les capsules d’huile Weleda pour le visage.
    Buona vacanza !
    Baci, Ali

  • Love it! I’ll check this post to prepare my holidays!!


  • Lovely products


  • What a great selection, and adorably arranged. Enjoy your hols!

  • Alberta July, 18 2014, 8:08 / Reply

    These beauty essentials look so good!

  • UltraSun comme crème solaire, c’est propre et infaillible pour ma peau blanche. Pas besoin de s’en remettre souvent.
    Les crayons à lèvres, ça fond moins, les Revlon supers.
    Egyptian Magic pour tout faire : baume, cuticules, démaquillages yeux, pieds, piqures de moustique, coup de soleil.

  • I try to keep a hat on at all times to keep my face protected. I also wear sunscreen/sunblock daily even though I don’t burn (I have chocolate skin) because of Lupus. So whereas summer is generally a source of happiness and carefree dressing for most, it’s the time of the year when I have to be the most careful and select my pieces wisely, especially when traveling.

    -Multiple wide brimmed hats
    -Supergoop City Sunscreen Serum (spf 30)
    -Supergoop Sun Defying Sunscreen Oil (spf 50)
    -Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator
    -Coconut Oil (in travel pot) This is great for everything!
    -EOS lip balm
    -SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Shine Shampoo (travel size)
    -NARS Satin Lip pencil in Majella

  • Haha j’adore ce genre de posts !
    J’adore les blush Chanel aussi, les meilleurs ! Et pour la bougie, c’est tellement vrai,rien ne vaut une odeur qu’on peut ’emporter’ partout :)

    J’aimerais bien essayer le bronzer Dolce, est-ce qu’il est bien ?

  • Love Diptyque candles…!


  • For a face cream with SPF and paraben-free, have you tried Laroche-Pasay Ultra-Fluid SPF 60? It’s great and gives a matte finish!

  • Belle trousse de beauté ! Il ne manque qu’une seule petite merveille : L’huile de graines de pin maritime ® d’Océopin pour apaiser les rougeurs après les bains de soleil ;)
    A shopper tout l’été sur

    Great “travel beauty” : you need to add a perfect serum L’huile de graines de pin maritime ® d’Océopin – Maritime pine seed oil ® from Océopin.

  • Patricia July, 18 2014, 2:03 / Reply

    Where is the travel bag from???
    Happy summer!!!

  • Catarina July, 18 2014, 2:06 / Reply

    pasta couto <3

  • Elisha July, 18 2014, 4:07 / Reply

    Try the sunscreen from VMV Hypoallergenics. It has zero paraben and zero allergen. It’s lightweight, non-sticky, and applies smoothly too. Plus they offer high SPF, up to SPF 60. It’s best sunscreen I’ve ever tried and I wear sunscreen everyday too.

  • Your kit looks amazing!

  • Jane with the noisy terrier July, 18 2014, 4:39 / Reply

    I’m in Paris for a month so I pack fairly few products, knowing I’m coming back with goodies from CitiPharma. New discoveries– Oh My Cream! on Rue Touron with the loveliest, fresh faced salesgirls and Buly on Rue Bonaparte for Old World charm with New World innovation. You MUST do a post on this place next time you’re in Paris, G. You will literally swoon.

  • What a beautiful collection! The way you have set out and photographed these products is very stunning!
    Instant magpie over here! I will be keeping an eye out for some of these products in stores, as it is Winter here in New Zealand and theres no wrong time to start prepping for Summer, right?

    Being fair I will always pack sunscreen, and also a BB cream if I’m going somewhere hot! I also have been loving Estee Lauders BB Glow which is lightweight, but offers great coverage and is very long wearing on my skin. Also can’t go without some form of moisturiser too. Lush has their Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner that you use in the shower that saves on time, and is very effective, not to mention smells a dream!

    Thanks for the beautiful post!

  • Caroline July, 18 2014, 6:06 / Reply

    Those Chantecaille Brushes are calling to me, must find them!

    Is the cylinder tube of yelllow stuff the Darphin face lotion?

    Have you tried Coola SPF? No parabens and pretty silky at that, I think you would enjoy.

    I love a summer mist too, and the One Love Organics one is really good. I am currently obsessing over YULI Cocoon elixir, which I think you’d like as well!

  • I travel A LOT so have refined my beauty travel products down to the bare essentials:

    – A facial sponge to wash + exfoliate.
    – Organic cold pressed rose hip oil for the face.
    – Coconut onion a small jar to use as cleanser + moisturiser.
    – Lemongrass + clove facial mist.

    + for on the flight: a honey + propolis facial stick to protect the skin

    And then of course makeup! But that’s for another time.

    Loving your collection of things Garance! xo

  • I’m totally with you on oils! I was sooo nervous at first but it’s working wonders on my skin. Next stop- hair oil!

    Have a fabulous trip!


  • Renata de Rabakoz July, 19 2014, 5:51 / Reply

    non mais attends, les emballages de tes produits sont soit noir, soit doré, soit jaune! Tu choisi tes produits selon la couleur de l’emballage ou quoi? – trop forte ce Garance, trop forte!

  • Béatrice July, 20 2014, 5:36 / Reply

    Les QTips Muji, je voyage jamais sans!!!

  • Looks like my summer makeup bag needs an update … thanks for the suggestions!

  • Jessica July, 20 2014, 10:18 / Reply

    Diptyque candles are divine!

  • When I travel, bringing sunscreen is a must. I highly recommend VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Sport 70 for sun and light screen for face and body. Perfect sun protection for those who are into extreme outdoor activity. It’s waterproof and definitely my fave travel essentials!

  • Travelling with a candle. Thats something !

  • aurelie July, 21 2014, 9:46 / Reply

    Garance, juste pour te dire que Bioderma fait une petite bouteille expres pour les voyages, week end etc… pratique!

  • Johanna July, 21 2014, 12:01 / Reply

    Mais l’été c’est fait pour ne PAS se maquiller !!! Avec le teint halé, du mascara pour sortir suffira !!!

  • Garance, I just discovered your blog through a post on One Kings Lane and I love it! Hooray for no parabens and red lipstick! I can’t wait to explore your blog and find some goodies! XO

  • Just decant your Bioderma into a tiny travelproof bottle. Why buy a whole new product?
    Muji’s are great and leakproof for under $3…

  • Travel candles are the best for musty hotel rooms. I just wish I would think to refill my mini pots with wax and oil so I don’t have to buy additional ones. Travel tip: buy one when you arrive and gift it to someone after you use it UNLESS you can put it in checked luggage. I’ve been stopped and swabbed by TSA for having a travel candle in my carry on. (it can be considered an incendiary device).

    I travel a fair bit, so my essentials are:

    -coconut oil in a travel jar (great for hair, skin, and nails)
    -L’Occitane Rose et Reins solid perfume or Stella McCartney Stella in a travel rollerball
    -Good old Neutrogena soap bar
    -MAC CC cream with SPF 30
    -Essie topcoat
    -If I have to wear one lipstick it’s Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in Red Alert
    -Lavanila the Healthy Deodorant travel size
    -Marvis toothpaste in Jasmin Mint. (Can’t wait to try the Coutu one though)

  • I love Kjaer Weis products. They are free of hazardous ingredients, are beautifuly packaged and are so actual with the latest shades! What’s there not to like?!
    I myself use the eye shadow one and also the mascara, which I wrote about on our blog:

  • There are always so many beauty products I want to bring with me! My must haves are:
    Kiehls oil free gel moisturizer
    Fresh lip sugar
    Blotting paper
    4 pan MAC eyeshadow palette (specifically for travel….I know, I know)
    Solid perfume (one less liquid to pack!)
    GHD 1″ flat iron


  • I also use the Beautycounter sunscreen, but prefer their face stick with a bit of the concealer pen and a lip sheer for color and hydration. The lotion is really nice too, though! There are so many nice face oils available right now, so those are my main source of hydration for the summer. I hope to see you share more about pthalates and hormone disrupters in upcoming features!

  • Looking for fragrances and soaps. Like the make up travel kit above top of these adds and comments. One particular, moastique..a very nice perfume. I am 56 years old. That may give you a idea what I am looking for.
    Hope to hear from you.

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