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Sometimes I wish I had the courage, like G, to make the chop. My hair sheds everywhere, and often I just want to cut it all off.

It pops up in crevices all over my apartment, and is a not-so-loving reminder to my boyfriend that I’m there, even when I’m not around… 
Or at least my long dark tendrils are, and they’re definitely watching. I would be the worst criminal ever, leaving strands of hair all over the crime scene!

Let’s not even get started on the drainage issues. The million times I’ve had to run out of the bathroom shouting, “The f%*#ing shower is overflowing!!”, my hair still foaming with shampoo.
Brie has a similar hair issues, and we both find little hairballs tucked in pockets when we pull clean clothes from the wash (gross, but true – anyone with us?!).

For me, it’s become a reminder that, ultimately, my hair has control of my life – and there’s no escaping it.

So why not cut it? Well, I did once – super short. But I never feel like I really rocked it. To have such a signature look, you need to feel like it’s a part of you — you’re not just running away from drain-clogging hair. I’ve also tried all types of shampoos, leave-in conditioners, brushing, not brushing – every “solution” under the sun. But maybe this is just my hair fate? To forever be that person pulling hair strands from the corner of my mouth, and being harassed by a hairy wave whenever a breeze blows.

Or do you have a real solution?

Is there anything about you that you would love to change, but you know it just wouldn’t feel quite like you if you did? Anyone else out there leaving a trail of hair wherever they go? (Just in case, of course…)

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  • I always have hairs on my shirt, on my coat…. arrhhhh…. but it depends also on the time of the year: autumn means more hair loss (it started last week, by the way).

  • Ana, now that you mention it: same here – since last week the drain is suddenly clogged with hair and I was wondering why… you’re right, maybe it’s the change of season. But shouldn’t we rather be keeping our hair, now that it is getting cold again?!

  • Pleot joelle August, 28 2015, 9:41 / Reply

    je connais les grands cheveux blonds sur les pulls noirs
    Sur les dossiers de voiture
    Dans la brosse
    La douche
    Le siphon
    Etc etc pas de solution ils tombent puis repoussent
    Et version court c’est idem il y en a partout comme les poils de chats !!!!

  • J’ai les cheveux courts et ça ne m’empêche pas parfois de perdre mes cheveux, c’est souvent lié à la fatigue. Moins fatigué, mes cheveux ne tombent §
    Peut-être que la perte de tes cheveux est lié à une carence ?


  • karacocoa August, 28 2015, 9:47 / Reply

    You may want to see a physician and rule out any medical issues first.

  • I’m always leaving a trail of hair wherever I go. I was making fun it, when i was leaving my long distance relationship’s house, that he will remember me after I left for a long time because he will find my hair pieces everywhere :)

  • My stylist, Giulia Heiman, told me that we lose at least 100 strands a day. If you’re concerned, you could also try her product –

  • Ayant une sacré tignasse, je perds des quantités astronomiques de cheveux chaque jour, je les sème aussi partout, des kilos lors des shampooings…… Je crois que c’est peine perdue!

  • Caroline August, 28 2015, 10:16 / Reply

    Now that my hair is long, every bit and piece left behind looks absolutely gross.
    So, there is only one option: cut it! (plus, it makes for healthier, shinier looking hair)

  • I just got highlights again after 10 years without. It was a risk, but worth taking! Sometimes what we need is a fresh look. Plus, hair always grows back.

    XX Anna of Analog House

  • We are never satisfied with the hair we have. I want Robin Wright’s sexy, short cut but I’m afraid my head is a weird shape and my face is too long.

  • SunnySide August, 28 2015, 10:32 / Reply

    Je suis sidérée par ce que vous dites car vous êtes si jeune ! L’eau de nyc est-elle si mauvaise ? Vérifiez si vous n’avez pas de carence en vitamines B, A, fer zinc etc … ne pas se laver les cheveux tous les jours, shampoing sans sulfate, arrêter les “plaques” pour raidir etc. J’ai eu les cheveux longs très longtemps et j’avalais tous les jours des sachets de levure de bière vivante, excellent pour les ongles cheveux.

  • I had the same problem. But then I found out that almond oil does miracles! I just add few drops to my shampoo every time I wash my hair. The first time I tried after less than a month I saw amazing results. My hair have a more healthy look, especially the ends! I love it, seriously! The only thing I don’t particularly like is that makes my hair a bit darker.
    If you don’t want to chop your hair just give it a try!

  • try to recover from inside. Zinc is one of the best for hair and anyway I agree with Karacocao …see a dermatologist who
    can take a piece of your scalp for a diagnose…it doesn’t hurt at all. Often it is a problem with the thyroid as it
    was in my case. Take a blood test for T3, T4 and TSH and I want to let you know, that I understand your hair problem very well because I had it for many years too. I wish you a healthy and shinny hair very soon.

  • my hair sheds so often too!! I take biotin twice a day and it’s great

  • Our hair situation reflect our inside health…so I believe that the cure should first come from inside …second from outside,,,,
    Yael Guetta

  • Orangeufunny August, 28 2015, 10:54 / Reply

    I have always had short hair. Sometimes a bob and sometimes a pixie. I never noticed my hair falling out except for the shampoo right after each haircut. Now my hair is shoulder length, and I am not sure what I will do. When I shampoo every other day, I pull our a small bird’s nest of hair every time. It is scaring me a bit. Although I don’t see any bald patches yet, I feel like I can’t possibly lose that much hair without leaving bare landscape on my scalp. When I get out of the shower, I lose almost as much blow drying and brushing it. Was I losing this much when it was 2 inches long, and I just didn’t see it? Plus, now I have many more products like mousse and leave in conditioner and hairspray. Maybe I am a short hair girl masquerading as a long hair wannabe

  • My sister has the same problem! She would lay down in my bed and leave tons of hairs. I think she uses some kind of organic serum made of spinach and argan oil to wrestle her hair loss problem.

  • The hair issue is tough. If you are not concerned about loosing hair( and it´s not a hormonal problem) , just ignore it ´cause there is NOTHING that will change this genetic trait you have. No shampoo, lotion or pill, don´t waist your money, please! Invest in a good dustbuster to clean it up fast and easy ; )

  • J’ai exactement le même problème en ce moment. Je commence à avoir de cheveux assez longs et ils sont partout… Je pense que la meilleure solution serait de les couper aux épaules, mais je veux encore un peu profiter de la longueur!

  • The worst part of hair loss for me is the shower drain! I hate to use toxic products to unclog the drain, but they are the only thing that work.

  • Just get a drain screen and stop the hairs from going down in the first place.

  • I have the same problem! But short hair just never works for me because I have the “moon” face shape… Also I wash my hair everyday so not sure if that makes my hair shedding situation even worse?!?!

  • Les cheveux sont je crois liés à l’équilibre nutritionnel.. Conclusion le truc qui a très bien marché chez moi et plein de copines c’est une cure de magnésium marin (hyper important qu’il soit marin sinon beaucoup moins fixé par le corps). Cure de 2/3 mois, au bout de 10 jours tu vois les 1erw effets . Ça fait aussi une peau nickel + diminuer les PMS syndromes !!! Et tout ça pour un cachet au petit dej chaque jour et à un prix tout petit ;)

  • The Bob. Go for it. It’s not as drastic as going all Garance and it looks absolutely beautiful on everyone. Sometimes trends are trends because they are nice and flattering! I made the change almost a year ago and I couldn’t be happier. In order to avoiding the shower drain problem, I’ve heard that brewer’s years is fantastic for hair loss. I tried it for a few weeks but I couldn’t stand the taste…

  • Try to do a henna gloss once a month. It changed my life. My hair also used to shed everywhere.
    Now I only use organic products on my hair :) The transition is hard but it works.

  • I was super intimidated to cut my hair short until a life choice made it the absolute most sense. My husband and I spent 5 years sailing on a boat through the Caribbean and having long hair would have been an absolute nightmare! Between the persistent tangles and constant headaches from ponytails I decided that my vanity could suffer for the sake of ease. At least that was my excuse if the cut didn’t suit me! In the end, it was the best decision I ever made and wonder why it took so long to take the leap. It might take a little time to find the right length of short hair but I think a professional can accomplish the best look for you and your lifestyle. I truly believe everyone can have some version of a short haircut. I say, go for it!!!

  • Tu devrais consulter un bon nutritionniste. Mais tu peux trouver sur internet déjà quelques conseils sur des sites spécialisés. Le corps et donc les cheveux, c’est comme une voiture. On ne peut pas lui donner n’importe quel combustible. Tous les spécialistes ont l air d accord sur le fait que manger du sucre n est pas bon (ce n’est bon pour rien de toute façon). Cela dit il y a un facteur génétique. J ai beaucoup perdu mes cheveux, je les perds moins depuis que j ai modifié mon alimentation. C est important d’enrayer la chute quand on veillit car le nombre de repousses d un cheveu est limité et donc à un moment donné il ne repousse plus et on a donc moins de cheveux. Il vaut mieux essayer de résoudre le problème avant.

  • I have very long hair and I used to have the same problem with my shower, but not anymore ! What you need (if you’re not ready to take the leap and rock a Garance haircut just yet) is a bathtub drain filter. Simple as that ;)

  • Bernadette August, 28 2015, 12:48 / Reply

    I agree with Mumbai. the thyroid.I would recommend Ioderol iodine supplement. I’ve been using it for 4 months
    and my nails are no longer brittle. Vegetal silica is also good for the skin and hair. Best of luck. B

  • i have SO MUCH HAIR. stylists always comment on how much of it i have, and i shed constantly. i literally clog the shower drain every time i wash my hair… totally feel ya.

  • I switched to natural shampoos and conditioners and it helped a lot. I always shed more this time of year. Are we getting ready for Fall who knows. I keep baking soda an regular vinegar in my bathroom. Pour it down the drain once a week and you won’t have the clogs. Drano just destroys your pipes. I also got a really good multivitamin and my hair got thicker so look into your diet too.

  • J’avais le même problème, et je fais des cures de silicium (liquide sans goût que j’achète en magasin bio), il faut faire une cure de 3 mois mini mais c’est radical!


  • Neada and Brie,

    Do what you must and change isn’t bad and also doesn’t bring the metamorphosis what might want either. I am neither one of your stylists, but I think your hair is absolutely BEAUTIFUL the way it is. I enjoy seeing Brie’s California hair, but she is one of the few who really make ombre her own. As a 44 year woman who has tons of hair and oil feeling a new chapter myself in terms of how to style myself, I really enjoy both of your long hair. Neada, I love your snaggle tooth and beautiful hair and your bablette ways!
    My mother told me once at about 26ish that she had been brought up to hate her body(a product of the fifties, given diet pills with breakfast at 12, harnessed cone boobs and all, she broke out as my mother to be an earth goddess and was a huge advocate of anti pesticide and food awareness.) She imparted despite her epiphanies she had held on to her body self loathe, and said I should enjoy my body when I was young…..enjoy my hair and zits and feel the love of the supple! So I relay this message to you!

    PS short hair seems easier, but I find it takes a while to get the right shape, stylist, let go attitude on your part, and then I find the “bobs” can be complicated because you might have a great first moment with the change and then not. They can epitomize fickleness!
    Hugs to your aspiration toward sass!!!

  • Je perds pas mal mes cheveux (mais il parait qu’on en perd normalement plus de 100/jour…), je fais des incantations à ma brosse Tangle Teezer (best invention ever)… et j’évite certaines matières qui accrochent trop (certaines laines, par exemple). Par contre, je n’ai pas encore trouvé de solution pour la douche bouchée, les cheveux qui tombent au mauvais moment au mauvais endroit, grompf.

  • I’ve felt like for a while. I went to a new hair stylist who asked me if I shower with hot water… I do. He told me to cut it out. I have and it has really made a difference. It still falls but not as much as it used to. I think it has helped. I don’t feel bald. Try it. He said lukewarm water is fine. I was showering with scalding hot water…

  • After my grandmother chemo I’m never taking for granted having long hair. There is a time when I will want good long hair, but wouldn’t be able to have… So until then… I enjoy my long hair evey day. No complaints.

  • I also was (red) hair like craaaazy……. then i shaved it off. and yes i was scared and yes i changed my default make-up a bit but i have been getting my monthly buzzcut for over six months now – – . (i think i might be a little addicted to petting it ;-) )

    now i loooove a classic red lip even more:

    but i also think “not having hair” lets me do a little more crazy things….. like green eyebrows:

    and the best part is now, that when there are long shiney strands on the floor / bathtup / sink i knoooow they are not mine.

    do it ladies! you are beautiful and radiant whatever your hair, sin, or body.

  • therealblonde August, 28 2015, 7:00 / Reply

    Re: something suggested by a commenter above: never EVER take a iodine supplement. That is a sure way to throw your thyroid seriously out of whack. Even kelp supplements can give you a lifelong thyroid condition. But do have your thyroid hormones checked out if you’re worried (and if you’ve been overly tired, have gained or lost weight without reason, feel sluggish or manic).

  • If you love your long hair, my advice is to not chop it and to only trim and condition it with a good product and natural coconut oil (prior to washing)! I did just that and am still shedding a tiny bit but didn’t have to give up the look of long hair, which for me is so versatile!! xo


    adorn la femme

  • I have had short hair for a just about two? years now. I still have the same amount of shedding I think, but it is not NEARLY as noticeable. My hair looks healthy, I get compliments all the time and I think I rock the short ‘do better than any long do I ever had. This all being said, my hair fall is do in part to medical issues, which I work very hard everyday to overcome. So, see a doctor first and rule out medical issues. Reduce the temp of your shower, if you can don’t wash your hair every day. Then go find a stylist that specializes in short hair. They will be able to help figure out your head shape and what styles would be most flattering. Then decide if it is worth and dive in! It’s hair, it grows back! Only you know what’s right for you.

  • Hello, I am a Boston based hairstylist and I notice that you did not reveal your hair texture, fine or thick – this makes a difference! If your hair is fine and shedding at an abnormal rate per day (100 hairs +) then you must see a doctor and may simply be lacking certain vitamins or nutrients, furthermore hair loss can be induced by stress – however if your hair is long and thick and shedding then my recommendation for your next haircut is simply to remove some density. Your hair will feel lighter and hopefully alleviate the shower drain…

  • J’ai le même problème et des cheveux trrrès longs. La vitamine B9 fait une réelle différence. A ne dissocier des tasses de thé, car il draine le fer (B9) Bonne chance !

  • Rinsing your hair with cold water at the end of a shower helps to stifle the shed I imagine because it tightens the hair follicles? Also tumeric is supposed to be good to prevent hair loss – I have a spray from Aveda with tumeric and other natural ingredients which is great, but I imagine some minced raw tumeric rubbed into your scalp would have the same effect.

  • I also have long dark hair, but you only lose a set number of hairs each day…so after my shower I massage my scalp and run a wide-tooth comb through my hair, pulling the loose hairs out at the bottom. I end up with a pile of hair but at least one that I can throw away instead of being strewn about the house! It also helps to do an oil massage of the scalp once a week to loosen dead hairs.

  • Aahhhh! c’est trop moi!
    Je les coupe. Puis je me dis “ah, si j’avais les cheveux longs, je pourrais les coiffer, faire des chignons, mettre des barrettes…” alors vient une longue période de pousse, avec coupes intermédiaires, sans fin. Et quand c’est enfin long, j’en retrouve partout, ils fourchent, je n’ai pas le temps de me coiffer. Finalement, ils sont toujours en vrac, et je craque d’en retrouver partout (j’ai fait des desserts glacés hier et j’en ai retrouvé dedans…). Alors, là, je ressors juste de chez le coiffeur. Un carré court plongeant… jusqu’à ma prochaine envie de les avoir longs…
    Alors je prends tous les conseils des filles aux cheveux longs. Comment faites-vous????

  • In totallllllly the same boat. Every time I cut it short though, I’m annoyed because I dont know how to style/rock it. I feel like to have short hair you have to be good at doing stuff to it.

    – Kaitlyn |

  • I became fully aware of just how much hair I’m loosing every day since I got a new bright bathroom. My advice: do not ever get a bright bathroom floor, it looks beautiful but it’s not worth it, you’ll see every single hair you shed!

  • Why would your hair fall out like that? I mean I do have a bunch of hair when I brush or wash my hair, but not that much. And not a whole lot at any other time. i like short hair, and had short hair for a couple of years, but I got tired of it.

  • Alice Tomljenovic August, 30 2015, 12:34 / Reply

    Taking pre-natal vitamins made my hair shed-proof (like I couldn’t even pull any strands out), but I’m not sure taking them while not pregnant is a good idea.

  • I didn’t red the comments, so I don’t know if someone has already said it. Go to see a dermatologist.
    About 2 tears ago my hair started to fall and my bathroom was the same of yours, and I tried everything you tried.
    So I went to the best dermatologist in town.
    He said: put off everything you are using. Your body needs vitamin. He gave me a prescription of….sorry, I live in Brazil so I can only say the name in Portuguese: Pantogar. One capsule a day, just after lunch. He gave me 2 weeks to stop the my-hair-everywhere-except-on-my-head. And it worked. He also recommended me to take the Pantogar for 6 months a year. Stop for six months and begin it all over again.
    Plus: my nails got stronger and my hair also brights so much I can’t believe it.
    If you want, you can write me and I can send the pictures of the elements in the formula. The names in Portuguese are very similar in English and in French and any dermatologist will understand it. I promise you : it was one of the greatest gifts of my life! Xoxo!!!

  • I just found out that it has the same name in US: Pantogar

  • Victoria August, 30 2015, 2:40 / Reply

    J’ai exactement les mêmes problèmes ! Même les cheveux dans les vêtements en les sortant de la machine à laver ! Par contre j’ai jamais pensé à me couper les cheveux courts. Ca ne me va pas du tout !
    J’ai essayé OENOBIOL qui stimule la repousse des cheveux et évite la chute sans y croire vraiment, et au bout de 3 semaines j’ai vu la différence ! Il faut le faire par cure de 3 mois, d’ailleurs je vais m’y remettre :)

    Bon courage !

  • more or less I share the same feeling of disgust seeing my own hair anywhere- on the floor, bath sink, stairs, sofa..the worst out of worst seems to by my chair in a car… although I do not suffer from shedding too much, these things helped me to manage not to expose myself to such views: gradually I went into lighter colors of carpets, flooring etc – I have blond hair – my hair is still there but no drama effect, I anchored myself to the moment when I am getting into my car – basically no entry before I have picked up some hair from the seat – every single time … I comb my hair twice a day , instead of not doing it at all before – whereas I do not see the difference in the way it looks, my impression is that I do a that -hair-meant-to-shed pooling at once and reduce their uncontrollable amounts on the floor… I remove my hair from shower every week, regardless of the amount.. I had to introduce these practises as the view of hair is truly disgustful to me, I do not mind sand, dust, any other dirt on the surfaces..

  • Post pregnancy hair loss will make your current situation seem like the good old days.

  • Valentine August, 30 2015, 12:02 / Reply

    idem, it’s a f***** nightmare ! je passe ma vie à balayer/aspirer mes cheveux + les poils du chat sur du parquet peint en blanc qui plus est (pe suis-je maso ? ) mais pour le moment je ne veux pas les couper, les cheveux courts on passe alors sa vie chez le coiffeur et ça ne va pas a tout le monde.

  • Whenever I want to complain about my long hair, I think about people who have lost all their hair due to an illness.
    And then I feel I’m a fool to even think about complaining.
    Long hair is special I think. I like mine. :)

  • Please check your hemoglobin count. You may just have an iron deficiency. This is easily fixable.

  • Even short hair sheds — it is just a lot less obvious! And less shower drain-clogging. While I can’t suggest anything to keep the hair on your head, I can help with the shower drain — get a small square of fine screen (the stuff on porches to keep mosquitoes out) and lay that on top of the drain. The screen catches the hair and is easy to clean.

  • Well, come on, it’s hair. It does what it does and shedding is one of the things. It leaves a nice head and something to care for on your head AND beyond. If you are tired of it, just try something else. Maybe it suites you very good. If it doesn’t work for you, let it grow again. I have cut my hair short 3 times in my life. Actually 2 times myself, the first time my mother. I had a very short boys head and it suited me well when I was 6. But my mother panicked because she thought she cut all of my curls away and wouldn’t come back. Believe me, curls don’t disappear just like that! Last time I was tired of my hair and I’ve cut it again. It was fine the first time but with my very curly hair it was (in my opinion) stupid after a while. It’s like it can be cut a certain way just once (is my experience). So I have tried a lot of lengths and models but after a few years I saw pictures and thought: ‘Who is this?’. Hm, ME…not really… So I made my hair lighter and let it grow again even now I’m not so young any more (but do feel young!). I’M SO VERY HAPPY TO BE ME AGAIN!!! It even feels very comforting to have my long curly locks again. I also got a lot of positive reactions, that is nice too. I even cut it myself because there is no hair dresser cutting it like I want. It feels good to do it myself. I do it like I want it (softly in layers) and when I want it (aprox. every 4 weeks). It takes me only 10 or 15 minutes and it appears I do it so well that no hair dresser believes me that I do it myself. And I use a lot of jojoba oil, on my body and on my hair, dry or wet. It’s a very light oil and doesn’t make your hair heavy. With a wash I put it in the tops of my hair and leave it for a while and then rinse it again. When the tips are still dry, put a little extra oil in, warmed up in my hands. So, again it’s just after every wash, check the drain, check your coat before leaving the house, etc. Everybody says it is weird that I don’t have loose hairs all over me and all over the place (I do find some though). But that is because I take care that I’m not covered in loose hair (I check my back instead of my face in the mirror, haha, especially in certain seasons more often) and I always do my hair on the same place and clean it. And every once and a while I take my hair together with my hands and slide downwards and take the loos hairs out and throw them in the bin. On the top I use some gel spray to keep it in place because it always falls forwards and in my face. That way it’s easier to live with. And with a lot of wind and rain…well, hair is hair and it does what it does. Good luck whatever you do!

  • Amla is my solution

  • I am a shedder …and a hairdresser….u can trim your hair…often just a little ….sometimes shedding comes form meds….but one thing buy a dust buster

  • I have always lost a lot of hair without getting any bald patches on my head. I always thought that it is probably because I have fine hair and a lot of it. My hair dresser also told me not to worry about it. Everybody looses hair.
    Regarding the „drainage issues” in the shower – I swear on drainage strainers or shower stall drain protectors. Even when I lived abroad in Sydney, I went to a hardware store to get some.

  • try viviscal or some really good fish oil and biotin supplement I am sure you would notice a great difference in shedding

  • Je ne sais pas si tu as phytophanère aux US mais ça marche très bien en principe. Pour les cheveux qui bouchent la douche moi j’ai acheté un filtre hyper fin… Pas très agréable de retirer ses cheveux à chaque fois mais c’est mieux que de boucher sa douche (et éventuellement celle des autres). N’hésites pas non plus à faire une prise de sang si tu te sens un peu flagada pour voir si tu n’as pas une carence.

  • I have struggled with shedding and damaged hair. I believe it is a direct reflection of what’s going on inside of my body. I don’t take enough vitamins, sleep enough nor drink enough water. I plan to really do better with my health to have healthier hair.

    Andrea Fenise

  • I’m moving in to my boyfriend’s apartment at the end of the month, and we’re already joking about how his apartment will now always be covered in mine and my cat’s hair. I’m not sure which is worse, though, her fluffy piles of white fur or my medium length golden strands. Either way, I don’t think he completely knows what he’s in for.

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