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“You know, the important thing is to be finished. If everything is perfect – your nails, your hair, your makeup – you can show up for a meeting in jeans and totally get away with it. In New York, that’s really what people are looking at anyway…”

That’s what a friend of mine was telling me a few weeks ago, and my eyes immediately went from her bright red nails to my natural ones . And I mean natural natural. Not “natural” as in fresh “Sugar Daddy” manicure.
Oh really? That’s what people are looking at?

In short, there was nothing on my nails, my hair in a free flow, and my makeup was… Well, my makeup was ok.

I had 1/3, that’s not bad, right?

However, the idea of being perfectly finished got me thinking endlessly and started slowly taking over my brain. It’s true that in France, we don’t really pay much attention to the little details.
Had I spent the last five years shocking everyone with my natural nails and breezy hair?

A few days later, I had an important meeting, so not only did I make sure I had the most perfect hair and makeup possible, I also got my nails done right before the meeting.

Later in the week, I had a conference, and same thing – I went to see Clyde the day before to touch up my hair, and I arranged to have a manicure right before the conference so it would be fresh, clean, and New York.
It’s not like the audience was going to be able to Instagram my nails, right? In the conference, the audience is far away. But still.

What my friend said had sort of freaked me out.

There are positive things about being perfectly done up. It’s true, it makes you feel good.

Like, you’re the woman who’s got it together.
It even gives you a weird energy boost. All of a sudden, you’re not the normal, imperfect woman who slips and falls on the ice in front of a fashion show (—> everyday life, right).
You look like a page out of Vogue and suddenly you feel powerful, in control.
It’s kind of like when you wear heels (even if I happen to feel a lot stronger in sneakers)(heels make me feel sexy – it’s different).

Like, it’s suddenly a lot easier to say no to cookies, you suddenly think so highly of yourself. Maybe I finally found the perfect girl that was dormant inside of me that I hadn’t ever been able to wake up before.

Until this morning, when I found myself waiting at the door at 8am for someone to come do my makeup before I went out to film a video, and by 8:30 I was made up like a stolen car.

My nails weren’t done (reality and laziness always catch up with me) (and plus, constant manicures ruin my nails) my hair was ok, but if you saw my face, you’d think it was Alexis Carrington Colby on her way to a gala at the Ewing’s.

I freaked out (without saying a word! With a smile on my face!) and took it all off (after excusing myself!) and even after taking off as much as I could, I still felt like I had way too much makeup on.

I know what you’re going to say: this never would have happened with a good makeup artist. If it had been Tatyana, my favorite makeup artist – the one I tell you about all the time, I would have looked fresh and naturally gorgeous (she’s a magician).

But that was also when I realized that when you raise your standards too high, you always end up crashing miserably.

So, starting tomorrow, I’m going to go back to how I was:

Nude nails, done myself.
Taking care of my hair without going crazy over it – definitely not having it styled by someone else.
Makeup by me, with a little coaching from Tatyana.

That will be my version of being done up New York-style.
And as for cookies, I’m going to have to find a Plan B.


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  • peu importe February, 18 2015, 9:24 / Reply

    de toutes façons, on sait déjà que, comme le reste de la planète, les new yorkais fantasment sur le style français….

  • ever since i bought a nail buffer i haven’t put nail polish on my fingernails. boom! :)

  • J’adore cette illustration! J’espère qu’elle arrivera bientôt sur le shop!

  • i just read the entire post in my head in Carrie Bradshaw voice

  • Me toooo!!!!!! :D this is too funny

  • I love nude nails…I feel so chic!
    XOX, Gap.

  • Good for you, Garance!

  • Be yourself, Garance. French girl chic has its own look — as does the hyper-groomed and processed Manhattan style. I prefer a look that doesn’t try too hard. So I really try hard not to try too hard. Oh dear, this is hard.

    On a side note about grooming, I’m always surprised to see young women — and youmg men in business are even worse — who are well dressed, styled and coiffed, but their shoes and handbags/briefcases look like they came out of the back end of a war zone.

    Attention to detail matters more than how much you fuss/try to achieve a particular style overall.

    Have a lovely day!

  • Ahaha très juste ! Trouver sa nature, c’est important, et surtout, résister aux normes … Je préfère parfois avoir mauvaise mine (eh oui) que de me maquiller … Parce que je me reconnais comme ça … Sinon merci pour l’allusion à Alexis Carrington ! Très amusant ! Ca fait trop longtemps que je n’ai pas entendu parler d’elle ! Enfin presque … Car il n’y a pas longtemps, je l’ai comparée à son clone d’aujourd’hui, Mme G Clooney … La ressemblance est dingue … Les lunettes et la coupe ! Comment on peut oser ça aujourd’hui …

  • Dear Garance, I experimented the same changes! You’re at a point where you’d like to go back to the Parisienne altogether but I’d rather keep my mixed and well traveled style :) Now and then I opt for “the finish” with blow out at the dry bar and manicure at the pretty place and otherwise I keep everything natural with a big smile and a “je ne sais quoi” in lieu of finish…

  • vanessa la belge February, 18 2015, 9:53 / Reply

    Parfois j’oublie à quel point tu es jolie et je puis (comme il y a 5 minutes en fait) je retombe sur un ancien post avec des photos de toi (celui de Zara en l’occurence) et BAM, ca me revient en une fois !

    Le maquillage tip top et ton beau sourire… Après ca, le vernis, tant qu’il n’est pas équaillé, on s’en fout un peu, non ?!

  • it’s all about balance’ and the appropriate times you can squeeze that into your life for particular events and others not.

    it’s also a nice luxury to be able to be primped and manicured by others.

    i rarely do my nails, i so dislike when they chip in chunks and ruin the base of my nail. If the polish slowly rubs off the tips thats ok, but that is rare and i hardly find the time to sit there and touch them up… always feel like i have more important things to be doing. That said, I am also envious of nicely manicured nails even though i love my natural ones…

  • I am sure that the Americans with the perfect manicure and perfect hair don’t look elegant like you .this is something they didn’t get yet..and to me this comes more natural to French woman with a nonchalant /elegant look comparing to a “parfect” and stif please Ma Garance don’t get the American perfect complex !!stay you !Ok for a natural but done manicure:)
    Bisous bisous
    Yael Guetta

  • Just be yourself for 90% of your time. For some occasion you need to be completely perfect. Thats not natural…. but for some time, you will get used to it.

  • Ana @champagnegirlsabouttown February, 18 2015, 10:10 / Reply

    I think I prefer the less perfect look. The “off” detail, the little imperfection makes a girl look sexy and effortless without trying. When I see perfectly blown dried hair, laboriously done nails and make up, I always think that someone is trying a little too hard. ..

  • Ahah je vois tout à fait ce que tu veux dire : 1/3 ou 2/3 ça passe non ? Moi depuis quelques mois j’ai la grosse flemme de faire une manucure ! Même un vernis nude pourtant facile à poser !
    Bref je dois y remédier !

  • I don’t really like being perfect perfect like that… I love the natural feelings here and there on people. To be honest I am absolutely too scare to talk to people with perfect looks haha

  • a) I hate doing my nails (wish having personal manicurist at home all the time), so I have a decent manicure once a two weeks, usually I use nail-conditioner. Besides, have you noticed, that every time you put fresh nail polish you need to open a can/bottle, wear tights or find phone in that shopper – mess? – suddenly perfect fresh nail polish doesn’t look so stunning (darn!).
    b) With hair, they live their own life – couldn’t fight them so I had to accept them (I can always wear a ….stylish? bun).
    c) As for make-up, thank God there is a “SUGARlicious” kit form Benefit – instant beauty in small package!!! I am totally addicted to it! It’s cheap and gives the WOW factor – I feel like million bucks ;)

    Perfection is sooo boring and uninteresting! What makes us special are those little things that look effortless – this is how I love to think.

    PS: LOVE your illustrations!!!

  • I know exactly how you feel! But a weird thing sometimes happens to me when i’m so together in the aesthetic part of my life, which is that my relationships with actual people start to flag. I’m paying so much attention to myself, and my actions, that i forget to pay attention to the important people in my life. So i guess there are those people who can do both, but for me, i know which one i’d choose! X

  • La fille parfaite non stop ça m’angoisse plutôt. Je suis comme toi, j’avoue pêcher question manucure! Moi aussi je dois y remédier sans doute… flemme et manque de temps, j’avoue!

  • Lo Garance !
    Une de tes plus belles et originales illustrations. Tooo nice !

  • Je me faisais justement la reflexion il y a 5 minutes à peine en voyant mes ongles au naturel (mais coupés nickel) vs les ongles d’une femme sur une photo instagram : rouge nickel brillants ! j’ai envie de ça moi aussi … le hic : ça ne reste jamais assez longtemps nickel parce que la vraie vie c’est pas instagram. Alors je vote pour le naturel nickel pour le quotidien ! Et puis Garance, au passage, tu es resplendissante !

  • MissPimpin February, 18 2015, 10:42 / Reply

    Voilà vraiment le post d’une Française aux Etats-Unis hi hi !
    En même temps, je me souviens d’une copine américaine qui avait hur-lé en découvrant que les hommes français portaient des sous vêtements repassés (en général par des femmes), ce que, apparemment, aucun homme US (ni femme donc) ne faisait !!
    Choc des cultures :-)

  • “… made up like a stolen car!” Hilarious! Perfect! Thank you for making this snowy, frigid day much better! Makes me feel much better about my natural, no-makeup-ever look!

  • Garance, this is too true! Thank you for writing this piece. I grew up here and didn’t realize that the pressure I had always felt to be beautiful had nothing to do with clothes and everything to do with how “finished” I looked. The thing is having perfect hair, skin, nails, makeup and wearing jeans and a tee-shirt makes this kind of beauty look effortless, but it’s not. It’s exhausting. I only realized this when I moved to the UK and suddenly people complimented my curly hair on days when I felt I’d totally let myself slip. While I think the emphasis on health/natural beauty in the US is great, I think it is often confused with this kind of controlled perfection, which isn’t healthy at all.

    I’m with you… nude (natural) nails, healthy skin (obviously I want it to be as clear as possible, but I no longer freak out and hide if I get a blemish), strong healthy hair, and self-done makeup. That kind of look is the most beautiful because it really is natural!

  • Je trouve qu’à Paris on s’arrête aussi sur ces petits détails… Enfin ok, dans certains quartiers en particulier, mais finalement, c’est rare de voir une parisienne sans vernis ou les cheveux vraiment pas au top.
    Je suis bien d’accord, on peut faire moins d’efforts sur la tenue si on a le bon maquillage et les bons accessoires.

    Après, l’excès est toujours l’ennemie du bien !

  • Oui, MAIS … la New-Yorkaise est certe dans le détail , mais elle oublie l'”allure générale … et c’est pour cela qu’elle court acheter ” How To Be Parisian ” !!! parce que trop de perfection (jusque dans les détails) tue le style … non?

  • I feel quite similare when I’m all done – hair, nails, make up. I’m like the best version of myself, and it’s really empowering) But it happens sooo rarely..(( I wish I would be that way everyday.
    I understand your words “when you raise your standards too high, you always end up crashing miserably”. But I would still dream of being all done each day always. I guess I won’t believe it’s not normal until I crash myself))
    Great article! The one I like your blog for.

    BarbarianMe Blog

  • Excellent post! I feel that polished and put together does not have to mean perfect.
    I am amazed by those days when red lipstick makes me feel amazing, or second day hair being incredible and fun or how a blazer or a heel can give you strength.

    As for the cookies, search out a perfect piece of chocolate!

  • Don’t give in to the nail thing! It’s a waste of time. And, I love the Jean Claude van dammisms!

  • J’ai le même problème à Los Angeles, où je vis!
    Je ne me fais jamais les ongles (je les ronge même…), et le brushing, très peu pour moi, une fille m’a proposé une brosse à cheveux lors d’une soirée…

    Mais je reste comme Garance militante du look naturel légèrement négligé mais finalement très chic des françaises!


  • Perso j’ai toujours les ongles faits (par mes soins). J’adore les vernis, j’ai des tas de couleurs différentes mais je suis plus branchée rouge foncé, noir et nude. Mais bon à 23 j’peux encore y aller avec du mint ou bleu électrique de temps en temps :) Et mes cheveux … ben c’est toujours le bordel en fait. Je les laisse vivre tranquillement, lâchés ou alors un chignon fait à l’arrache. Et ça passe très bien je trouve. Je ne suis pas trop branchée maquillage, donc mascara, teint, lèvres rouges parfois mais en général ça s’arrête là :)

  • Bonjour Garance, trop d’artifices tuent ! Sans compter les dégâts a long terme de tous ces produits toxiques, chimiques sur notre peau qui a deja du mal à respirer. Notre allure, nous, Françaises, c’est le naturel….sophistique. Reste comme tu es : tres jolie, nature, fraiche avec ce zeste de folie équilibrée. Tres belle journée.

  • Hi Garance. I think we don’t have to be completly finish every day, but there are some tricks that can give us women that feeling when we need it, like the perfect red lipstick, a luxurious perfume, or as you said, the empowering and sexy heels. Messy hair its kind of IT and sexy, and the nails are fine as long as they are clean.

    Hope you and your team have a nice day!

    Hugs from Colombia.

  • Pour les ongles je comprends: le vernis qui s’écaille c’est vraiment dégueu… Mais j’admire tellement plus les filles qui ont du style avec des ongles propres sans vernis et des cheveux dans le vent: elles ont une aura tellement cool et bien moins psychorigide

  • Please do a makeup tutorial with Tatyana! Or a makeup essentials update. I LOVE those. Oh, and an updated skincare one, too (sorry for being so demanding!).

  • Sometimes one must adopt the Galloping Horse Standard. If you look fine when viewed from a galloping horse, it’s fine.

  • katarzyna February, 19 2015, 12:23

    Thank you for making me laugh on an otherwise shitty day!

  • Couldn’t agree more. As a slightly OCD perfectionist, I too went through a perfectista phase–and it was just not right. I work in a conservative office environment and like to push the style button a bit–and it’s actually easier being a little edgy when it doesn’t look like I spent an hour on hair/makeup in the morning. (People judge you for looking too good in my industry–like you’re not working hard enough if you have time for a blowout every AM.) Perfectistas are also barred from participating in much of the humdrum, moving loveliness of mundane life. Once I took the subway with perfect coif and berry lipstick and Prada bag and a beautiful runway coat. It was the fastest way to get uptown, and I was wearing all things I knew and loved and that were very “me”–but the whole time I felt like the worst poseur. Plus, then a mother wrangling three kids sat down opposite me and I smiled at her (her kid poked me), and she sort of just rolled her eyes.

    Nowadays I just do a sheer base, eyebrows, a bit of eyeliner for day, and a natural lipstick or tint. Shaped nails and good cuticles, but bare. And hair always a little blowsy. I think it’s a good thing. It lets the person shine through the hard gloss shell of perfect everything.

  • I think finish is often overrated. It’s like a horribly pristine room, not interesting. Yes, it can momentarily make you feel good, but then you want to mess it up again. Silver looks better with a little bit of tarnish, and architecture with a little bit of patina. This is what we all admire about French women. The ability to never look overdone, overly finished.

  • Lynn-Holly Fisher Wielenga February, 18 2015, 12:16 / Reply

    Ha. I love this post! I have struggled with the same idea of looking “finished.” I’ve read and heard so many things like- “a woman without her nails done looks like she’s given up,” and then I think, really? Do people think I’ve given up because I don’t always have my nails done? I mean, my hair is typically done (if not, it’s thrown up in a loose braid) and I almost always have some make up on… so, maybe I’m unfinished? Ah, well. I have decided not to care. At least I put somewhat of an effort in. I’ll get my nails done for important meetings, but that’s about it. I can’t stand the constant maintenance! It’s honestly too much work.

  • Lisa Walker February, 18 2015, 12:25 / Reply

    The only rule that matters for me– be authentic.

    And I think it’s your authenticity that makes your blog as awesome as it is. Great story!

  • I gave up the idea of being perfect years ago. And I am so much happier. Yes, I’d love to have my hair done regularly for events. But otherwise…I work from home. Most of the time my “working clothes” aren’t suitable for public consumption. And I’m a jewelry maker, which means when I work at home I’m dirty. Hands / nails especially. So the only time the nails get anything more than cleaned up is if I’m traveling. And sometimes not even then.

    I do love heels though! And working from home so much means that I really love to glam up when it’s time to go out. So that’s fun. I’m sure the pressure’s different in NYC but I’m in Atlanta. If I go to Buckhead that’s a little different…but sometimes I look at those girls and think, “there are so many other things I’d rather be doing with my time” than all the grooming. And I’d prefer to meet / talk to / hang out with someone who can glam when she wants, but is totally really comfortable being her more natural, authentic self. Enjoy the cookies of life, Garance. A little in moderation doesn’t hurt. :)

  • Il est certain que plus on soigne les détails et plus on peut se permettre de la décontraction dans le style sans que cela ne fasse négligé. Bises!

  • bavarian_blue February, 18 2015, 12:47 / Reply

    Hi Garance,
    so true, even if you’re a 100 % fan of natural finishing sometimes (and more at NYFW) the pressure of US-perfection all around will make you crazy. My solution for that is to do only one issue (nails or hair or make up) in perfection and the others in natural way as you like it most. Maybe that’s not the way to impress Vogue editors but to enjoy NYFW.

  • One more comment from me. Garance, the picture of you on your website under “About–Meet Garance” is so beautiful. Your hair, make-up, the natural grey-olive sweater. I love that style. It suits you perfectly. Don’t ever change.

  • Et oui, la perfection a ses limites.
    Je pense qu’il faut déjà se sentir en accord avec soi même.
    Concernant le maquillage, il m’est arrivé de me faire maquiller par une amie et de ne pas me reconnaitre dans le miroir, et là horreur, qu’est ce que je fais, j’enlève tout au risque de la vexer à mort ou je sors avec des lunettes de soleil?
    J’ai choisi la première option car vraiment ce n’était pas moi du tout et finalement je ne pense pas qu’elle ait été si vexée (elle n’en a rien fait paraitre en tout cas)!


  • Casey Ruth February, 18 2015, 1:17 / Reply

    Perfectly done everything is absolutely glamorous, and may be comfortable even, for some. It makes me extremely uncomfortable. It seems too bland and try-hard. Perfect eliminates effortlessness. You lose the cool.

  • Girl, don’t go changing. It’s your timeless natural elegance that keeps me coming back here.

  • Tu viens de dévoiler le secret de la French touch ;)

  • I know I was supposed to read the post but I fell in love with the illustration, couldn’t scroll down x

  • ” made up like a stolen car.” That’s funny. My friend says, “made up like a fairytale.”
    Love the illustration–captured the ‘tude that some black girls have.
    I like it when people and I look as if we’ve made an effort to prepare for something. I still like to look effortless so magic is made when one finds how to ride that fine line.

  • Women put too much pressure on ourselves to be “perfect.” Garance, you are lovely, and one of the things I admire about you is how relate-able you are. Feeling “put together” is great. I certainly think about what I wear, how I look, etc. But, there are other priorities in life, and sometimes (actually often) that manicure gets pushed to the side in favor of having dinner with a friend, practicing yoga, or watching the latest episode of Scandal! :)

    Thanks for the great post!

  • Are we too quick to judge our fellow women who chose to ‘finish’ their look………

    Is it not a case of celebrating each woman and how she chooses to present herself to the world each and every day – maybe different, maybe the same……

    The key is be true to yourself, know your style, be brave, be confident, be you.

    That’s a celebration of women working together.

    Zowie Carr

  • Quel beau dessin, j’adore la coupe, l’élégance des lunettes, le flash du rouge, et la silhouette parfaite…

  • great post. some mornings I use my time perfect and have time for my black or red nail polish. but sometimes, it couldnt work. till two days it snows havily in Istanbul and my hands and my nails are awful. tomorrow I try to fix that. xoxo

  • C’est pour ça que toutes les américaines rêvent de la “parisienne”???

  • I think natural is perfect:) Be yourself!
    Nice illustration!

  • C’est vrai qu’à Paris les codes ne sont pas les mêmes… et je préfère ;-)

  • Amen to that! don’t lose the cool…..

  • Yes!! Carrie Bradshaw has been in my head for a little while now. I started online dating and feel I needed some Sex and the City for support! haha

  • C’est drôle ma mère me dit toujours la même chose pour mes ongles (souvent nude, mais nude pas les nuances d’Essie comme tu dis), mon maquillage parfois un peu bavé- effet lendemain de soirée ! Elle dit aussi qu’il faut faire attention aux chaussures, à leur état particulièrement !

    Je pense que tu restes une française malgré New York !
    Je pense qu’on est toutes un peu comme ça les françaises, j’étais à NY avec ma meilleure amie (hier encore) et on a ressenti ça aussi ! Toutes les filles, les femmes sont toujours parfaites jusqu’au bout des ongles… le maquillage parfait, ça fait un peu control freak nan? La vraie vie ce n’est pas instagram (même si on a toutes une seconde vie parallèle), l’imparfait a du charme !

    Du coup, on est plutôt gang des parisiennes: cheveux en bataille, ongle nude, et maquillage léger !
    Je pense que l’allure naturellement cool et cet aura chic nous sont quand même pas mal enviées surtout à NY profitions-en ;) !

    Laetitia !

  • One of the things that made me feel really uncomfortable when I was in the US was how “unfinished” I was and how ugly that made me feel in front of my beautiful American cousin’s “finished” friends. After leaving though and living in Europe for a while though I realised that I find beauty in messy hair, light make up and imperfection.

  • Serena – maybe those polished American girls were actually envious of your European style but didn’t know how to tell you?

    I too gave up the idea of perfection (in life in general!) and now aim to be the best, imperfect woman I can be… casual hair, simple makeup that’s very much me, and nails that are not always perfect. (I’d love to have a fresh manicure all the time as I think my pale hands are too pale without polish on the nails, but having perfect nails every day won’t happen for me.) So I do my makeup and hair to my content and then go out in the world and just enjoy it. (I don’t live in NYC and wonder if I’d want to be more polished looking if I lived there.)

  • Stella! sorry – I called you Serena in my reply. See? I’m far from perfect :)

  • Bah, voilà pourquoi les new-yorkaises ont toujours l’air trop parfaites! Et qui plus est ont probablement les ongles ravagés par les manucures ;) Dis Garance, tu deviendras as un peu mais pas trop trop new-yorkaise hein?

  • Vive le vernis transparent, c’est le must.
    De toutes manières dans mon appart je dois faire la vaisselle à la main alors les couleurs ne tiennent pas longtemps sur mes ongles!

  • I love this and I love you even more!

  • I’ve found that I like to keep “the polished details” a treat for myself. When I have a special event, or I happen to feel like it, I’ll put on “finished” make-up, I’ll do my nails, I’ll make sure that my hair is really nice.

    But on an everyday basis, I just do the basics. It’s really not worth it to be perfect all the time- and do you really want to look perfect, in the end?

  • I heard French women don`t go after the “perfect nails, hair and makeup“ thing, and I find being perfect is overdone, too manufactured, trying too hard and not sexy. In fact, I prefer the effortless, natural, be yourself, confident look, such as: messy hair, a trademark of French chic. You don`t need to change your Frenchness to fit in the New York scene, I am sure lots of New York women admire your imperfect French chic and would like to look like that.

  • That’s funny, I always heard it was the FRENCH who were well-groomed (lashes combed with a pin, perfect geometric haircut, world’s best designer clothes, and they don’t call it the “New York manicure” you know… But then once upon a time in the 50’s there was the “American sporty look” which I guess meant unfussy hair, less makeup, a healthy look…
    And I think they were both supposed to look “effortless” (don’t you love photos of women “without makeup”?)

    I think a universal finish is: white teeth, white eyeballs, clean radiant skin, a precise haircut (& thus “mussable”), good new-ish stylish coat&bag&shoes. So “finish” I guess I would define as: what keeps people from thinking you’re half-asleep/sick/poor/escapee from the nursing wing/mental ward.

  • Je vis à Montréal. Mes ongles ne sont pas fait du tout ils sont au naturels-naturels. Je prends juste soins de bien les limer et les entretenir. Ça fait déjà plus d’un an que je n’ai pas mis de venir. Le maquillage date depuis le mois d’août pour un mariage. Ahah! Je suis si simple mais en même temps je suis tellement confiance par rapport à ça. :)

  • Pour y avoir un peu voyagé, il me semble que les USA confondent perfection et standardisation. Il y a des tendances très fortes par moment sur la forme des ongles ou des sourcils, ou sur le type de brushing, avec les pubs adéquates à la TV et dans les magazines. Et c’est cela qu’il s’agit de suivre, la perfection standard, pas la sienne propre.
    Ne parlons pas de la couleur des cheveux, ni de leur longueur: dès la 50aine, toute Américaine qui se respecte semble devoir être à peu près blonde avec un carré mi-long. Je suis parfois invitée à des réceptions et c’est frappant quand on en voit un certain nombre réunies.
    Je présume qu’aucune Américaine un peu influente n’a de cheveux gris ou blanc. Christine Lagarde doit vraiment détonner. Et pourtant je la trouve vraiment très bien
    Belle journée

  • En effet, je suis persuadée que les finitions font tout (ou presque) dans une tenue ! Prends une tenue basique (jean et t-shirt) suivant les accessoires, le maquillage et les chaussures, l’allure sera complètement différente … du naturel au sophistiqué !

  • C’est un peu le même adage que ma grand-mère me répétait inlassablement vers mes 10 ans : “T’as le droit d’être frippée par dessus, mais mets TOUJOURS un culotte propre. On ne sait jamais ! Tu peux avoir à te désahabiller à l’hopital si tu tombes.”

    Aujourd’hui je travaille dans 30 cm de boue et de crottin, avec de la paille et du foin dans les cheveux. Mais j’ai TOUJOURS une culotte propre ! Merci Mamie <3

  • Francesca February, 19 2015, 3:51 / Reply

    Loved reading this – natural is the best choice!

  • Good decision.
    And also.. ..”that’s what people are looking at? Seriously? These little things are monitored only by very unsecure women, without any self-esteem, which are just searching and hoping for faults in others. Normal people, especially men and boys do not even notice such details.

  • Ben moi j’arrive genre jamais à avoir toutes mes finitions en même temps. Ça doit être mon côté parisienne hein ;-) et puis je crois que j’aurais trop peur de bouger et d’abîmer tous ces efforts… Alors qu’en tant qu’imparfaite assumée je bouge sans réfléchir !

  • I don’t think it is about being made up, manicured etc , but about getting the basics right. A good haircut that suits your hair type and your life style. Good skincare so that your skin is in the best condition it can be. Nails not necessarily polished but clean and shaped to suit your hand. Clothes that are not necessarily ‘in fashion’ but suit you and your lifestyle , and the best of all a sense of confidence and a smile which are probably the greatest weapons you can have.x

    I am older than you (47) so, I can safely say- that it´s always fun to jump in and out of characters in life- the made up, all together- looking girls or the natural, relaxed and be ok with that too! You never have to limit yourself at being one type! Always great to challenge, experiment, change and change back! Love how you express all this in your photos and words!!!!

  • MariMilova February, 19 2015, 6:38 / Reply

    That’s the REAL power – to be yourself in a world where the standards are set so ridiculously high for things that don’t really matter.

  • We love you just the way you are (that’s a song, right?). Anyway, it’s obvious that when you step up your game and look good you feel better. But in my opinion that doesn’t mean being Kim Kardashian. I’ve gained a lot of weight lately due to a hormone treatment (screams in terror) so I try to do my make up every morning, dress nicely (even if I don’t fit in most of my clothes) and, the most important thing, be comfortable. So, I’m not a Taylor Swift red lip kinf od person, but I go for my best subtle no make up make up. I don’t dress like Caroline Issa, but I know that my jeans + shirt + sweater outfit looks nicer if I add a nice accessory and some litte twists (copy Jenna Lyons for that). So I guess is always nice to be yourself, only the better versión of yourself.

  • Ça c’est quelque chose que mon copain m’a toujours dit et répété… avec l’importance d’un beau manteau et de la bonne paire de chaussures. Ça rejoint ce que tu dis sur les mecs qui ont toujours raison ;)

  • C’est vrai pour les filles, mais pour les garçons ?
    Faut-il qu’ils soient juste coupés ou manucurés ?

    Petite remarque, dans ta dernière phrase, on écrit quant aux cookies et pas quand aux cookies.

  • Bonjour, est-ce que la newsletter existe en français ?

  • Who’s got time for all this hassle! I like having my nails done. I like when my hair gives up and lets me style it. I like to have a nice make-up. But I would not be able to have it on every-day basis. There are more important things to me: sleeping well, exercising, eating well and not being under constant pressure. The best manicure, the most elaborate make up will not help if one is stressed and unhappy. Being in peace with oneself is the perfect ground for looking stunning :)

  • Me encanta el post!!
    Te invito a que visites mi blog, hoy new post!!
    Feliz jueves!! besitos

  • Bah tu as bien raison ! (dixit la parisienne) Je trouve les new yorkaises bien trop apprêtées à mon goût ! Trop brushées, trop maquillées (même nude). À Paris je les repère illico. À la fois, chacun sa culture hein…

  • Perso, je pense qu’à trop s’examiner soi-même on ne regarde et on n’écoute pas assez les autres…et chez les autres dans le domaine professionnel comme dans la vie, je trouve les apparences simplement trompeuses (parce que des fois on peut avoir les mains dans le cambouis, le cheveux mal coupé…et terriblement belle)..Parfois tout est (trop) beau, trop stylé pour n’être pas une véritable arnaque!

  • Too much pressure to look perfect! In Boston, making it to work itself is an achievement. People have more courage and beauty when they overcome adversity and can smile through roof collapses, leaks, crammed roads, etc! That said, your pictures on are so beautiful- you are one of the few front row people who are smiling. In fact probably the only one- your smile always reaches your eyes! I think that makes up for chipped nails- no?!
    I am pretty imperfect most times, yet I love fashion. I don’t like the stress to look done up- it suggests anxiety, rather than comfort to me. As an Indian girl, I prefer to celebrate natural beauty with a little external help. Too much and you are a Geisha! A spectacle.
    Cheers from a cold yet warm place:)

  • le diable est dans les details…

  • Parisienne by heart February, 19 2015, 5:32 / Reply

    Over doing is never chic. Like the ultimate french woman Caroline de Maigret wrote the devil is in details. But not over doing in details but more or less looking effordless by having perfect pedi with natural mani, leather jacket with luxerious lingerie, shine natural looking (even if colored, but nobody has to know about it) hair with no blow dry, heel pumps with jeans and a hint of very personal parfume while you lean over to discuss about the book you read. But I have to agree, looking like you don’t pay attention while you pay a lot of attention is much harder than goint to a salon and having everything done.

  • So. You are able to tap into an inner, higher power/strength if you have a veneer on your nails, hair and skin. And by powerful, am I understanding right that you mean that you are able to diet really well? Blimey. That’s disappointing…

  • I’ll be honest I didn’t understand a word BUT your featured image fashion sketch is so chic I had to comment!

  • Your methods sound perfectly fine! If everyone spends all their lives trying to look ‘finished’, life would be quite miserable and.. well un-meaningful?

  • As you, I do no not use nail polishes regurarly. Maybe only for a special occasion.And one month ago I was in London for a few days and I noticed that all the ‘polished’ girls had their nails done.And pedicure looked really perfect, without any mistakes.And I felt a little bit like you,like ‘I should be more careful with these details’.So then I thought a little bit of effort every week is ok and at least a transparent nail polish can do the trick!

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