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I love fashion – I won’t let you criticize it! – but sometimes I wish it was giving me a little more of my love back.

See, sometimes, I have the feeling that fashion forgets about me a little bit. I mean, that it forgets certain aspects of a women’s body…

Breasts – Mmmm, sorry, what?

Fashion doesn’t know what to do with them, plus they vary from one girl to another, jeeeez, this would mean changing the entire geometry of a garment from one size to the next.
So, fashion just forgets them. Clothes are created a little as if women were unidimensional.

When you’re young and discovering what life has in store for you, boob-wise…

(14 years old : Oh yeah ! Here they are ! Boobs ! Yey !!! 16 years old : What, are you just gonna keep on growing? Okay! 17 years old : Ok now stooooooop!!!)

you try find things that fit you. If they’re bigger than a C (this happens to a lot of girls), you forget super fast about backless stuff (boobs without bras: they move. (What, really? They move? Ewww.)), transparent tops (highway to trashy) and strapless anything unless it’s been cut by a genius (rare), and, well, a lot of other stuff. These problems? Story of my life.

Of course, revenge comes in the shape of a beautiful décolleté.
But, how can I say, for everyday life?
We’re not on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills*, here.

Oh, and please let’s not even talk about finding a swimsuit, aahahah, what a joke.

By the way, my pregnant friends who gain 2 boobs sizes and fast always ask me: “But how do you manage your boobs?”
To this very profound question, I have no answer.

*Interlude The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:

So here is our boob problem: either they don’t exist (the runway, the magazines) or the are WAY OVERLY INVESTED IN (and way overly pumped up) and carried as a massive sexual (and mediatic) destruction weapon.

Too bad, because between no boobs and way too much boobs, there is something interesting to be done.

Okay, so we’ve had Lara Stone for three minutes (real cool girl with boobs) but she’s now MIA, Lara, come back.

Butts – What was it you’re talking about, exactly?

Ok so this is not really my field of expertise because I don’t have much of a butt (I am certainly not complaining, it looks as if it’s as complicated a gift as having boobs) but also because I don’t see a lot of it in fashion.

Butts are not very fashionable.

Same thing here, you feel like they’ve disappeared too (modern woman is unidimensional, remember?) but a beautiful curve right there can be pretty beautiful – even if it’s like with boobs: showing too much of it is trashy and hiding too much of it makes you look fat (forgot to mention, there IS a difference between having boobs or a butt and being fat) between those two I guess you can get inspired by… I don’t know, Scarlett Johanson?

And find yourself dressed in a 50’s style (which is the only answer fashion has had to curves since… The 50’s) when the only thing you want is to go spend your salary at Céline.

Kim Kardashian Interlude:

I know what you’re gonna say, butt.
Kim literally has a surreal body, but for having seen her in real life, she’s overall an expert on how to dress her curves and how to pose in front of the camera.
And in all seriousness, with the fast evolution of her style (thank you Kanye!) I think she could one day pull a Victoria Beckham and become perfectly chic.
I am curious I have to say.

Big up to Kim in her pregnancy too, for saying that she’s cool with “putting on weight” (she’s getting ripped off by the tabloids for “getting fat” seriously, guys, she’s pregnant!) AND wearing Saint Laurent at 6 months, which must not have been the easiest of missions.

All right, on that note I am gonna let you go now, cause I have to go sweat with my new best friend Jillian. Cause as much as I like my curves, I perfectly know when there is too much of them.

It’s all about finding balance in you inner-self!!! a Beverly Hills Housewife would say.


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  • sabrina April, 9 2013, 9:20 / Reply

    Merci pour ta franchise!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    totalement d accord avec ton post

    ps: tu commence le soulcycle??

  • this post was a nice surprise. you always manage to bring something new, garance! :)

  • Great article ! Full of truth.. Kim K is really the best these days for accepting her body ! And thanks to Kanye she does look stunning !

  • Les maillots c’est l’horreur mais les sous-vêtements alors ! Avoir un bonnet C c’est être dans la catégorie grand taille et donc rembourré ! C’est tellement dur de trouver des soutien-gorges en dentelle classique sans rembourrage avec des armatures classiques… Soit on a des gros seins, soit on a des petits seins. La taille normale, classique n’existe pas. Scarlett Johanson comme tu dis ou Jane Birkin ! C’est tout…

    Merci la mode !

  • Oui aux seins Oui aux fesses….mais en liberté surveillée alors? :-) bon allez, je vais aussi me mettre au travail! ;-)

  • I completely agree. I love my breasts & feel very annoyed when every garment has spaghetti straps or is backless. Not a good look for a D.

  • C’est vrai. Pour la mode il faut être mince et ca ne suffit pas. Parfois je voudrais tout cacher avec des grand pulls et des pantalons d’homme, mais c’est pas trop cool comme tu le dis

  • Totally agree! Especially on the boob’s part…. There was a time in my life where i thought i should downsize them… I am only a B cup, just for the sake of fashion and pulling off clothes without a bra… model style… Then i got my senses back… there’s also onle thing you did not mention and it’s hight. A lot of looks and styles are best on tall people, again model style, like a dress over jeans trend from 10 years ago? Or the oversized pants and blazer Armani from the 90’s or the oversized bags…

  • vanessa la belge April, 9 2013, 9:40 / Reply

    En parlant de Kimmie, j’ai revu hier l’épisode ou Kanye et sa styliste viennent faire le tri dans sa pendrie…

  • Cri d’amour à la mode….!!!! Je suis tout à fait d’accord avec toi !!! mais c’est surtout à nos chers stylistes adorés que nous devons nous adresser …. Please !! pensez un peu plus à nous !

  • i really have to argue here but seriously fashion love boobs and butts in a sick way. they want girls having 36/24/36 figure, 105 lbs and 5’10” height. However if you put these data together you barely find a naturally healthy living creature. Some of the people may be blessed to be born like this, but most of the time you only found plastic dummy like models (rumours saying they eat toilet paper to stop hunger!!!)
    As an Asian with 5’8″ height and almost washing-board-like figure, I have difficulty buying clothes. Western brands (Zara, H&M, Mango) obviously take care of girls with boobs. I fill their clothes in size XS/S perfectly except the chest area ( still space to stuff 4 pairs of nude bra!!!!). But I can barely buy Asian brands (Japanese or Chinese) cuz they are always too tiny and short…..
    I end up shopping in Boy’s department all the time (ignoring the pathetic truth of those cutting tend to be more boxy… )

  • Holly, so interesting ! never thought about that. I will now !

  • This is very true. I am an Asian female with a figure similar to yours as well and I find it difficult to buy for my body size. The only jeans that I can buy are from Acne, BLK DNM or Madewell. They “forget” a butt (or make it so it does not seem like I am missing anything). Also: tank tops and tee shirts? Staple pieces of clothing, but awkward for me to wear when I cannot fill them out correctly. I tend to just wear items that are “box-fit”, asymmetrical or loose because it adds more to my shape and I can pretend to be chic and ethereal.

  • OMG so sorry for you! I’m as tall as you, but I have boobs, and never managed to find the perfect fit for the chest area… I guess you really have to be a certain size to find what you’re looking for in clothes…

    Paris-NYC Fashion Blog
    The Deep Blue Cory Fashion Blog
    The Deep Blue Cory Facebook Page
    Xoxo Cory

  • I believe there is a difference between clothes having room for boobs and clothes design for boobs. Just because it fits doesn’t mean the look is flattering.

    Couture ignores the woman in lieu of it’s vision. Mass brands just assume women can make do with the average fit. I say, find what brands works for you and hope they don’t get too successful and go global:)

  • kin_sf April, 9 2013, 2:55

    Holly, you have 4 inches in height over this boy-figured Asian in SF….. Boobs-schmoobs – over-rated. But a cute butt? I grew up praying for one!! It’s easy to disguise a flat-chest but much tougher when it comes to the rear.

  • Ai-Ch'ng April, 9 2013, 10:18

    I hear you, Holly… and Garance :-)

    Holly, I’m a 5’5″ Asian with a chest-size to rival the smallest battery – triple AAA size chest (truly – so flat that – if I wear a bra, I lift my arms and it either slides down to become a cummerbund or a creeps up to become a neck scarf); no derriere to speak of, but there is a shadow of hip to stop me from being mistaken for a boy from behind.

    With fairly shoulders from rowing and swimming, and after over twenty years of near-fruitless clothes-shopping, I’ve now realised there is plenty out there thats is both flattering and comfortable for our boyish frames: boyish cuts in soft fabrics best – oversized T-shirts from any brand, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, and the current over-sized leather jackets (mine are very pre-loved and very ACNE-like from Etsy).

    Mostly boyish looks I like to top with a heavily printed or richly embroidered loose long jacket from a vintage store, or light, feminine print silk or Liberty cotton that I sew into plain boxy square shapes that drape as tops or boxy shift dresses that I belt at the hips with an old tooled leather belt.

    Racer back singlets – oversized and overlong – I make these myself – feature daily for me in summer, because I have wide shoulders (from swimming and rowing)

    As a flat, bottomless woman, evening sees me wearing the same skinny bottom half or unstructured trousers with a lurex, oversized top, or keeping the boxy T and covering slightly with a massive silk tasseled scarf.

    It’s perfectly possible for figure(-less) folk like us, to wear feminine lace if we wear it as a longer column – like a straight-up-and-down version, of the gorgeous fitted Dolce & Gabbana black runway original.

    Garance, of the many things I cannot wear, I sometimes regret not being able to wear strapless dresses (no breasts – can’t hold them up); spaghetti strapped fitted column dresses or Grecian dresses (make my clavicles stick right out and shoulders look anorexic); wiggle dresses (again, that super-hungry look that’s highly unattractive to me); some of the gloriously hippy, richly patterned and heavily gathered long skirts (I drown in them) – may things that fuller figured women also feel they cannot wear!! And my last regret – plain sheer or very lightweight pocketless shirts (because I still cannot find a bra that works for me, these floaty shirts become a little inappropriate for me, and I don’t like to see a singlet under a woman’s shirt – unless it is a wife-beater – and some days, it’s just too warm for two layers).

    So, Garance and Holly – I think there is something that we all can and cannot wear – no matter our body size… but that’s OK, because we all eventually find things that suit our body shapes and lifestyles.

    We hear it all the time from our mothers – and they are right: boobless or booby – everyone truly is beautiful all the time when we stand tall and confidently and spread warmth and kindness to all around us! Those things really do override everything – no matter what we wear.

  • The plight of being Asian. I’m a petite 5’3″ and have no breasts, but I am curvy with an ample bum. It is impossible to find lingerie and clothes that fit well, and to look balanced top to bottom, front to back.

    Waiting for Saint Laurent to come out with a Petite line, and make it more affordable due to less material used.

  • Lol I totally get that me at 17 I was boobs are you gonna start growing or what? the butt let me not even go there. I was like stop already! But the tabloids are nasty for making fun of a pregnant women I mean really? Scarlett it pretty much perfect.


  • La mode aime t-elle simplement les formes? les hanches? une taille marquée? sans parler de grandes tailles, certaines filles minces ont des hanches, des vraies! et des seins aussi… c’est un peu dommage en effet de tout axer sur un seul type de silhouette, mais j’imagine que pour produire en masse, il n’y a pas le choix…

  • Allyson April, 9 2013, 10:03 / Reply

    I am so glad you mentioned this! Most of the cuts of the shirts where I’m living are for people who don’t have much going on in the chest department so I end up looking pretty trashy pretty quick. And since almost all models are long legged and thin I have a hard time trying to emulate the style or wearing a particular trend I like because it just looks…odd on me, to say the least (hello, skinny jeans!).

  • Concernant les formes, je n’ai ni beaucoup de seins ni vraiment de fesses. Ca résous le problème des prises de têtes devant les vêtements, tout va à peu près.
    En revanche, l’effet de certains vêtements est tout de même plus triste. Je me souviens il y a un an avoir acheté un haut Vanessa Bruno pour le printemps. Un peu large, comme une grande liquette, mais avec décolleté plongeant. J’avais en tête de le porter « à la Jane Bikin »…
    Quelques semaines plus tard dans le métro je suis assise en face d’une fille dont je trouve le décolleté sublime… poitrine généreuse, taches de rousseur, peau abricot. Son haut la met vraiment en valeur. Mais quelque chose m’est familier… zut c’est le même haut que le mien! Le même… et pourtant méconnaissable sur elle. Du coup mon effet Jane Birkin avait vraiment triste mine à côté de son effet frais et sexy, sans faire trop.
    Je n’ai jamais remis ce haut avec le même plaisir tellement je reste scotchée par la manière dont il rendait sur cette fille….
    Kim…. Je ne peux pas m’empêcher de la trouver mignonne. Elle s’assume et ça me fait plaisir même s’il y a de gros râtés.

    Belle journée Garance,


  • Plutôt: ça résout !

  • Jane with the noisy terrier April, 9 2013, 10:09 / Reply

    Having not worn a size 6 since age 6, I find it absurd that the industry uses size 2-4 fit models then simply makes the larger sizes by increasing that body type. Hello? We ladies wearing double digit sizes have vastly different proportions (especially as we age, sorry to admit). As an hourglass with decidedly more sand in the bottom half, it’s nearly impossible to find decent pants that fit –damn you, waist to hips ratio. As for tops, boobs and sleeve-widths are the bane of my existence lately.

    Guess ill just be a nudist this year. (“My eye! My eyes!” I hear you shriek!)

  • “As an hourglass with decidedly more sand in the bottom half…” Jane, that was the best line of the bunch! Thank you for that! Gravity is no joke.

  • Lara elle est surtout enceinte elle aussi ;) c’est la saison ou quoi???

  • I’ve always looked at this issue with the “the grass is always greener” approach. I have been blessed (or cursed, depending on the day) with DD boobs AND an ass that just won’t quit – and yes, finding clothes that are “fashionable” can be difficult. People with neither often complain that they can’t “fill out” clothing, and people with both complain that they “spill out” of everything. So what’s a girl to do if she’s a “fill out” or a “spill out?”

    I choose the internet. I have found that it’s easier to shop online because there are far more options than I can get in my Midwest town (which ranges from white trash chic to midwest mom jeans…neither of which I would be caught dead in), AND most websites include measurements so I can find things I am pretty sure will fit, without having to try on 20 of something. I know that being shaped unlike Heidi Klum means I have to make some sacrifices (pencil skirts make me look pregnant…blech), but that’s part of the challenge of being a woman – finding the style that works for you and works ON you. :-)

    Best of luck in your own fashionable adventures!

  • I don’t know…I think we’re to the point where we like to look at people in magazines with crazy curves (helloooo Christina Hendricks), but you know everything she’s wearing for those shoots must just have safety pins up the back. Maybe someday it’ll be more consistent!

  • En revanche la mode n’aime pas du tout les “petites”. Tout est fait pour des filles d’1,65 cm minimum… En dessous les pantalon est jupes sont souvent à reprendre.


  • C’est bien vrai. Je mesure 156 centimètres, heureusement que je suis plutôt fine dans l’ensemble car sinon il y aurait un grave problème de proportion. M’habiller chez Zara ou H&M (ans co)? Je n’y pense pas vraiment, déjà que peu de choses sont mettables, mais si en plus parmi celles-ci il faut trouver quelque chose qui va aux petites… Chez Mango il y a quatre ans, c’était la mode des robes longues, mais lonnnngues. Bon, et bien c’est simple, pour moi ça revenait a acheter un sac de couchage. Ahahah, il vaut mieux en rire. J’ai qd même fini par trouver une robe longue qui me va bien chez Petit Bateau l’été dernier :)
    Du coup, quel n’a pas ete mon plaisir de découvrir Claudie Pierlot, une marque faite pour les filles menues. Bon, mais un total look Claudie non merci, et puis niveau budget…
    Conclusion, la mode est faite pour des filles aux proportions bien peu réelles. Les autres, qui ne font pas + d’un mètre soixante cinq, T1 (max 2) et entre le 85 C et le 90 C, bon courage ! L’avantage, c’est qu’on ne peut pas craquer sur n’importe quoi, la recherche de la pièce bien taillée pour nous, c’est une vrai recherche ;)

  • The swimsuits!!! That is my BIGGEST problem!

  • Try they have all bra sizes, mine is 28 G..

  • You are right as always Garance but I just can’t decided if fashion society is judging us this way or are we just to hard on ourselves?

    xo Hanneke

  • Tout à fait d’accord mais… les seins c’est magnifique! Il existe plein de manière d’être “fashion” avec, non ce n’est pas dans les “codes” de la mode (normal les codes c’est soit foutu comme un mec, sans fesses, sans seins, sans hanches). Mais une femme av une belle poitrine je trouve ça le comble du sexy chic… une belle poitrine, un beau décolleté ça fait rêver. Seulement c’est qu’il faut extra assumer… et ça c’est pas gagner!!
    La mode c’est une chose, le style c’est savoir porter la mode avec son propre corps et dévoiler ses formes!

  • Oh and Garance! You have the most perfect body! I think your secret is your skinny ankles. Seriously!

    Also, I think that fashion forgets the boobs and butt for another reason as well, to forget about sex. I do not mean that they forget to be sexy. Of course there is a lot of sexiness going on in fashion, but fashion is so perfect and dreamlike because they have conceptualized sexiness to the point where one does not think about the primitive base of sex. Know what I mean? Whereas Kim Kardashian… she oozes sex, not sexiness, but sex (cough cough tape cough cough). That is why Anna Wintour does not like her, Kim is almost the antithesis of fashion in this aspect.

    What does anyone else think?

  • Ah ce sujet me parle! J’ai depuis longtemps fait passer le confort et l’élégance avant la mode, tant pis. Merci pour ce coup de gueule, les filles que j’admire le plus sont celles qui jouent de leur morphologie, quelle quelle soit et s’en servent pour booster leur créativité vestimentaire!
    Pour les maillots, j’ai trouvé une marque australienne merveilleusement flatteuse, qualiteuse et avec un soutien irréprochable: Seafolly. L’aspect fesses est également très bien servi dans ces maillots.
    Je fais un bonnet E en temps habituel, et maintenant enceinte un bonnet G/H, je passe le plus clair de mon temps à chercher le soutien-gorge idéal (forme, soutien, qualité, beauté). Avec la grossesse et éventuellement l’allaitement, le 2e souci est que celui-ci doit être suffisamment extensible pour s’adapter à la taille changeante des seins et du tour de dos pendant la grossesse et après les montées de lait en fournissant suffisamment de confort à des seins hyper sensibles… Bref, assez mission impossible comme truc. Pour les soutien-gorges de grossesse, la marque canadienne Bravado n’est certes pas super sexy mais cela ne fait pas parachute de mémé et la conception, la taille, la qualité, le soutien sont excellents et vont jusqu’aux bonnets H/I.

  • I used to love oversized tops and jackets because I saw them on models and thought, hey, it’ll look just as great on me, but insert boobs and broad shoulders and you now have a very unflattering silhouetter. Now I try to look for tops that have some sort of defined waist, but that leads into peplum territory and I’m not really into that shape. It’s so true about 50s inspired clothing because that seems to be the only era that caters to my curves. It’s a struggle, because I often wish I could get a reduction because of fashion. Do you even think it’ll turn around or the industry will open up to more variety? It feels kind of glum to me.

  • D’accord, absolument d’accord avec toi. J’ai des seins et des fesses. j’habille la taille 34-36 en haut et du 40 en bas! Mon homme adore mes courbes mais les assumer c’est autre chose… pourquoi? J’adore les vêtements!!! Les acheter, c’est la déprime…. Je dois faire tout ajuster et parfois le résultat n’est pas celui attendu!!! Il faut investir et trouver une super couturière!!! Résultat: je suis habillée tout en noir et encore du noir… je me défoule avec les chaussures et les accessoires!!! Merci Garance!

  • tu soulèves un problème important, Garance ! Les fesses et les seins, de vrais apanages féminins…et la féminité ou son absence, c’est important en matière d’habillement. Le fait qu’aucunes filles n’aient les mêmes, c’est tout aussi non négligeable.
    Il y a peut être une volonté industrielle d’uniformiser, ou tout simplement de pas se prendre le chou. C’est la que la couturière qui travaille sur mesure fait la différence.
    Mais aussi je me souviens de Lagerfeld disant que si les filles ont des formes, elles remplissent les vêtements, et que si elles remplissent les vêtements on les regarde elles…et pas les vêtements. J’étais atterrée… et puis à force de m’intéresser à la pureté de la ligne, la beauté du tissu, toutes ces préoccupations haute couture, j’ai compris ce qu’il voulait dire. Mais ça ne devrait pas nous concerner nous au quotidien.
    Il y a sûrement des choses intéressantes à faire avec tout ça. une vraie révolution pourquoi pas !

  • Antonia April, 9 2013, 10:59 / Reply

    Dear Garance,

    I’ve been a fan of the blog for quite now and it’s the first time I comment. Ever :)
    I love how you challenge the questions that many of the “Fashion people” avoid as a double cheese burger.
    I am a size 44 (Italian sizes), have a D cup and a wast size 38. Most of my friends see my figure as my lack of commitment both in sports and in diet. What they completely do not understand is, well, that I am not ashamed of my body nor want to change it.
    I love fashion and always will although it very often does not love me back. To follow the trends has been quite a challenge for many years now but I found my way. And it has made a game of dressing up much more interesting.

    Thanks for this post Garance & keep your boobs, sorry, head up ;)

  • Tout à fait d’accord, la mode oublie trop souvent les femmes avec des courbes! Du coup, si on fait du 38 avec de la potrine, il faut porter du 40 pour que ça rentre! Mais comment peut-on tout prévoir dans du prêt-à-porter?

  • Ah oui, et l’illustration est trop belle!

  • Cassandra April, 9 2013, 11:05 / Reply

    Boobs: Thank you Garance! I’m a natural DD (thanks grandma) but I’m not fat. At the same time I’m fairly modest. Covering them up = fat. Putting them out there = trashy. What I’ve done many times when I love a piece, is to buy it large enough to fit the breasts then tailor the rest down. “Ready to ware” is rarely an option for a nice garment.

  • Merci, Garance ! Merci mille fois !!!
    La mode n’est effectivement pas faite pour les femmes (gaulées comme Sophia Loren, héhéhé…) avec des courbes.
    Je fais un 85 C/D, donc moi aussi, je suis obligée de porter systématiquement un soutien-gorge. Si tu savais ce que j’en ai rêvé, de pouvoir porter des débardeurs et des robes à fines bretelles, des chemisiers avec un grand décolleté à la Jane B, des décolletés dans le dos !… Et le regret est d’autant plus grand que lorsque j’étais enfant et adolescente, ma mère, qui a une petite poitrine, portait exactement ce genre de vêtements. J’ai dû m’y résigner : tout cela n’est pas pour moi. Tant pis !

    Quant aux fesses, il me semble quand même qu’elles sont valorisées, non ? Je dirais plutôt que ce sont les hanches qui dans la mode ne doivent pas être trop arrondies. La plupart des mannequins sont droites comme des mecs.

    Bon, bref. J’écarte systématiquement tout ce qui ne marque pas la taille. Quand on a de la poitrine, porter un vêtement ample donne l’impression que vous avez 5 kg de plus ou que vous êtes mal fichue.
    J’évite les tailles hautes, aussi. Ca attire l’attention sur la poitrine.

    Mais, le plus difficile, quand on a des seins, c’est de choisir les soutien-gorge. J’ai l’impression que ça devient le parcours du combattant de dénicher un soutien-gorge bien coupé, c’est-à-dire : qui maintient bien les seins, qui leur donne une belle forme et qui en même temps ne ressemble pas à un Cœur Croisé de Playtex.
    Parce qu’il faut être claire : à partir du bonnet C, les modèles corbeille, c’est pour faire joli chez soi et aguicher son amoureux, mais en aucun cas ça ne peut être porté sous les vêtements pour sortir.
    En plus, dans le commerce, dès que l’on essaie de trouver un truc joli, avec de la dentelle, on ne trouve quasiment plus que des modèles push-up avec des pads. Mais qu’est-ce qu’elles ont toutes avec leurs push-ups ?
    Du coup, je ne choisis quasiment que des modèles invisibles, en noir ou en chair. Et encore, difficile d’en trouver dont le bonnet ne soit pas doublé de mousse. Il paraît que cela vient des Américaines qui ne supportent pas que le bout du sein soit visible.
    J’avoue que j’ai du mal à comprendre le rapport des Américains aux seins : les femmes veulent des soutien-gorge push-up, rembourrés, donc attirer l’attention des hommes sur leurs seins (ben oui, ça me paraît évident…) et en même temps qu’on ne remarque pas le bout du sein s’il fait froid.

    Pour les maillots, je crois que c’est le top triangle qui convient le mieux à une poitrine généreuse, non ? Il faut carrément oublier les bandeaux.

  • Aucun danger que Kim devienne chic…
    Ce sujet me fait juste prendre conscience de ma chance. Jamais eu le moindre problème de ce genre. C’est gai d’avoir un corps de top model et de pouvoir porter ce qu’on veut, mais est-ce que ça fait prétentieux de dire ça???

  • Oui et c’est triste de ne pas voir certaines réalités sociales sous prétexte qu’on est mince.

  • J’ai des hanches mais pas de fesses … et il y a des marques ou je ne peux pas m’habiller car leurs modèles ne me vont pas du tout …. et d’autres ou ça ne pose pas de problème comme Zara;-) Depuis que je mets des spanx de temps en temps ça me change la vie pour cacher mon petit bidon et mes hanches dans mes robes trop moulantes!!!! C’est la technique Kim K!

  • Best ‘assets’ post ever. I have (natural) boobs and a butt. Yeah, it sounds like really cool and all except when going shopping- not everything fits exactly how I’d like it to. Also, when I have one too many cocktails or maybe sinful (aka delicious) foods, it just enhances my curves in a not so cool way either. Not complaining, but curves sure do make it an interesting challenge for highlighting my features in a beautiful way. Yes Kim K- thanks for embracing your curves so I can try not to complain about mine! She’s looking good right now too since her new stylist jumped on board to help.


  • Ah oui, autre chose encore, sur les seins : les photos de mode ne présentent la plupart du temps que des filles dont les seins sont tellement petits qu’il n’y a aucun repli en-dessous. Mais dès que l’on dépasse le bonnet C, même lorsque l’on a un une poitrine qui a naturellement un très bon maintien, celle-ci n’est jamais en suspension. Du coup, avec un décolleté un peu trop grand et sans soutien-gorge, c’est l’effet seins qui tombent garanti. C’est une question d’effet d’optique. Et ça, c’est vraiment énervant !

  • Garance, you are so candid. That’s why i really like your blog.

  • Yes! Boobs. I love mine… In a cocktail dress. On a more casual day I just wish that I looked as cute in a cute little top like my flat-chested friends. Instead I look like some kinda olde timey saloon girl. I’m obsessed with googling busty girls in casual wear: Salma, Kate U, Kelly Brook – not because I love their style but just see how they handle it. Unfortunately they usually handle it super sexy or not that well.

  • Well, i have medium boobs or tiny i don’t know (B cup), but broad shoulders and not a tiny waist. It’s really difficult too i find nice fitting clothes, although I don’t think i have a strange body, it seems pretty regular to me but i will never ever ever buy something online because i have to try it first. So many clothes don’t fit at all, look weird etc.

  • Virginie B. April, 9 2013, 11:27 / Reply

    Et être petite avec de belles fesses –‘
    Ou quand le pantalon est trop grand à la taille mais ne passe pas tes fesses et mesure 10cm de long en trop!!!

  • Kim Kardashian Beckhamade? Oh come on Garance! … Jamais.

    xx G.

  • franchement je n’avais jamais remarqué dans photos, vidéos et autres que tu as des seins “volumineux” = tu sais très très bien les habiller! des conseils?

  • It’s really interesting reading these comments, because it seems that no one has a body shape that is easy to dress! I have small boobs but fairly normal/broad shoulders, and I can just forget about wearing blazers… Either they are too small over the shoulders, or way too big over the boobs… So blouses and cardigans have become my thing. I also have a very small waist and fairly normal/broad hips/butt, so then we have the pant problem. If I can get it over my butt, you can bet it will be too big in the waist, giving me a gap in the back. The ones that would hypothetically fit my waist I can never get over my hips… I saw someone mentioning Zara and Mango – their clothes must be for the mediterranean body types because I find their tops too short and their pants completely wrong cut-wise (though I can wear their blouses and long cardigans). H&M fits me much better, especially pants-wise — maybe because it’s Scandinavian, like me?

  • Whohooo, I’m with you!! Exactly the same problems! Zara and Mango have really weird fits for my body type, H&M works much better.

  • Ha! I too have the Zara and Mango problem! I keep saying that it’s made for Italian/Spanish ladies and now I see that I’m not alone as a taller girl (as far as 1m70 is tall) from the North.
    If I try to buy something that fits I always look pregnant because every piece of clothing is too narrow in the shoulders and incredibly wide around the middle. I haven’t bought anything in Mango for about three years and only really buy shoes and scarves at zara :-(

  • Garance! You nailed it, of course. Solution? It can all be done, but almost requires a designer to make the same dress in four fits – “36-26-36”, “boobsy”, “bootyful” and “loaded” :-}
    I design a small line of clothes entirely constructed of upcycled t shirts and I’m always drafting patterns with boobs, bellies and hips in mind, but without major capital to do what I mentioned above, I’ll never fit everyone. This makes me sad.
    The rash of breast implants makes life hard for designers as so many girls (I currently live in Texas, so you understand the context) have disproportionately large boobs for their frame size. Fitting someone with a Kardashian style booty really well requires mad skills too and I daresay most designers don’t want to be bothered:-/ And/or can’t afford to be bothered.
    My point is it’s hard on both sides – industry AND customers. For now the onus is on the buyer to find brands that best accommodate her body type, and it ain’t easy for anyone. Waaaaaahhh!

  • Je suis bien d’accord avec toi, la mode est faite pour des corps androgyne. Moi aussi j’ai des seins et aussi des fesses (pas des grosses fesses mais des fesses quand même !) et je n’ai pas envie de jouer à la pin up, alors le plus souvent je la joue discrète et ça m’encombre un peu tout ce bordel. Il faut que les vêtements du haut soient en tissus fluide afin de ne pas faire plastron (comme c’est le cas avec certaines chemises par ex). Bon j’ai des copines qui elles se plaignent de ne pas avoir de seins, alors… serions nous d’éternelles insatisfaites (c’est comme les cheveux tiens !) ?

  • Fashion likes a 12 year old girl’s body.

  • I so agree, and sympathize with the all different body types. It seems fashion (which I love to look at)
    is represented by tall slim people. Beautiful, really, but as I’m 5′ 4′, all the great looks are for long legs! By the time I roll up or alter, I lose the look. I love mens inspired clothing, but on a boyish body?!
    I would love to see more of average height people as examples in the photos so I can be inspired too. I want to learn how to dress my” average” self with Love. Thanks for addressing this issue with pause for thought. You are lucky to have those great long legs, Garance!

  • prénom April, 9 2013, 12:22 / Reply

    ” J’adore la mode – je ne laisserait personne la critiquer !!! ” // je ne laisseraiS, mais chut, ca reste entre nous.

  • Non mais Garance tu réalises comme ton corps est parfait pour beaucoup d’entre nous ? Des seins ET des jambes fines. Le rêve.
    Personnellement, je suis maigre – oui, maigre – jusqu’à la taille environ, et après j’ai des fesses et des cuisses (mais pas de hanches hein, ce serait trop bien). Et mes mollets et chevilles sont fins. Enfin bref, mon rêve c’est juste d’avoir un corps harmonieux, du genre mince de partout ou avec des formes en haut et en bas. Vraiment, mon absence de seins cloche dans ma silhouette, par exemple en maillot de bain. Donc, qu’est-ce que je donnerais pour avoir peut-être plus de difficultés à m’habiller, mais une silhouette équilibrée ! Ne sous-estimes pas ta chance ;)
    Après, mon état d’esprit du moment étant “Acceptons-nous comme on est”, j’essaie d’y faire moins attention, et de choisir des habits qui me vont. Je pense que ce doit être le cas pour toutes les morphologies. Personne ne peut tout porter (je suis sûre qu’il existe des tenues dans lesquelles Miranda Kerr est immonde – bien cachées, on est d’accord -).

  • Caroline Mt April, 9 2013, 1:14

    Salut Julie, je ne sais pas si mon problème correspond au tien mais moi aussi il y a deux trois ans, j’ai pris quelques kilos dans les cuisses alors que je suis restée très mince (avouons-le maigre!) en haut. Pas de quoi choquer visuellement mais moi je le vois vraiment. Et il y a une solution que j’envisage c’est de me faire augmenter légèrement les seins. Oui je t’entends hurler, mais vraiment ça n’a rien à voir avec des seins plastocs à la nabilla. Maintenant ils peuvent te prélever un peu de graisse sur les cuisses (indolore et sans hospitalisation nécessaire) et ils te l’ajoutent en dessous des seins pour un effet hyper naturel. Moi j’envisage de juste remplir un petit B. Et c’est ta propre graisse, donc pas de plastoc.
    Oui je sais c’est de la chirurgie esthétique, mais je pense que ça peut être une bonne option. à voir, je commence à me renseigner.

  • Alors pour te répondre Caroline, tout d’abord je ne sais pas si nous avons le même problème mais mes “kilos” au niveau des cuisses sont surtout composés de muscles. Je n’ai pas tant de graisse (un peu plus sur les fesses quand même). Après, cette histoire de chirurgie me paraît déjà plus acceptable que la chirurgie traditionnelle, mais j’ai quand même un blocage avec la chirurgie esthétique. C’est mon corps, et ces seins que je trouve petits font partie de moi. Je les ai acceptés et j’ai accepté le fait de ne pas pouvoir mettre de bustier. Je me dis que la loi de la gravité aura moins de prise sur moi et que je connaîtrai jamais le problème des seins tombants. Et surtout, j’ai un peu de mal à comprendre la volonté de passer sur le billard pour “corriger” un défaut physique. Bien sûr, s’il s’agit d’un profond mal être qui t’empêche de vivre, je comprends tout à fait ce choix. Mais ce n’est pas mon cas, et même si quand j’essaie un maillot de bain et que je m’examine sous toutes les coutures j’apprécierai un peu plus de volume au niveau de la poitrine, et même si j’adore me plaindre de mon corps, c’est le mien et je l’aime. Donc voilà, après si tu as eu l’idée de faire cette démarche, c’est que tu as vraiment envie de le changer, et je conçois totalement cette décision. Ce serait quand même intéressant, si tu décides de sauter le pas, d’entendre ton expérience.
    Bonne continuation :)

  • Agree with you on Kim and the butt thing!

  • Annabelle April, 9 2013, 12:35 / Reply

    Have never posted before, but wanted to share a bathing suit that changed my (beach going) life. As a 32-DD, bikinis / cool bathing suits were an embarrassing non-starter until . . . I discovered the brand Jets by Jessika Allen in a specialty shop in Australia and got this top:, that actually works (no movement, looks amazing, and has held up for years). The brand is carried by net-a-porter and I recently got three of this top in different colors on sale from The Outnet. Highly recommend.

  • Comme je suis d’accord… la mode est souvent sans état d’âme, et cela peut souvent blesser les adolescents.
    D’ailleurs, la mode aime-t-elle les pieds, aussi ? Nous proposer des talons dignes de la tour Eiffel pour être cool et belle ? Mais pas de problème ! Un enfant dans un bras, un téléphone dans l’autre et hop, on peut sautiller sur les pavés de la capitale sans problème ! Admettons que nous sommes de temps en temps dans un drôle état d’esprit quand nous achetons des créations qui vont faire souffrir nos petits petons et notre dos. Je peux en parler, ça m’est déjà arrivé, plus jeune… ;)
    J’aime la mode, j’aime ses magnifiques collections qui me font rêver, mais je ne voudrais pas, justement pour une question de mode, que l’on revienne à un pré 1968 où l’on remette en cage le corps de la femme. De temps en temps, on en arrive à se poser des questions…

  • Highway to trashy? Swimsuits? Lol
    Looking at the runaway shows, fashion does seem like it doesn’t really have any “room” for larger breasts and butts.
    Which is really too bad as they are all part of real women.

  • Kimberly April, 9 2013, 12:45 / Reply

    Yep. Its different for everyone. Its impossible to find a one size fits all, hence the yoga pant trend. I am a 32E, 5’3″ and have hips, too! I appreciate brands that try to get it right, but have yet to find one that hits the mark.

  • Patricia April, 9 2013, 12:47 / Reply

    Fashion forgets me too! I am a size 18. VERY difficult to find clothes that are well made, and dare I say, stylish…???!!! It is a challenge! Made made easier today when you, Garance – fashion lover – shared your struggles. Tks for sharing everyone! :)

  • Mais on adore votre post d’aujourd’hui, c’est un peu ” confidences entre femmes”…
    Ca fait du d’entendre dire par La Blogueuse de Mode que la mode ne tient pas compte des femmes dans leur diversité ! Nous les matchingpoints, nous sommes deux, chacune a ses petits défauts sans toutefois être monstrueuse, et c’est vrai que la mode a son schéma de grandes filles longilignes sans hanches et le ventre bien plat, bien sur.
    Alors, dites le autour de vous, vous qui côtoyez les gens du milieu fashion, un peu plus de souplesse pour les femmes normales, tout simplement

  • Tu as tellement raison…


  • Meredith April, 9 2013, 1:02 / Reply

    Hello Garance!
    Can I add, fashion does not allow women to be strong? I have played sports and been active all my life, and between my derriere and strong muscles in my thighs and calves, it is tricky to find good trousers. And I can’t spend my whole life in my yoga pants! It would be nice to find a company selling trousers, maybe at a higher price point, where some basic free tailoring was included, because then everyone would benefit.
    Thanks for your great blog!

  • I have to comment – again! I love the mentions of ‘strong’ women being left out also. YES, as a former gymnast I’ve always had trouble with my shoulders fitting into jackets. AND I’m short too , 5’4″, so everything, absolutely everything is too long-waisted and long in the legs. If I didn’t know how to sew I’d be sunk. Or wearing sweatshirts and leggings everywhere. Argh.

  • I completely agree. I am a supposedly ideal 34-24-34, but with shoulders and big leg muscles (and I don’t even try–I have the dubious honor of having inherited incredible muscle tone with no work from my father. The only way to lose them is to literally not eat or move for a month, as I discovered while sick one time). I cannot find skinny jeans that fit my thighs and calves! Finding clothes that fit my waist but allow for my muscly butt (without spandex) means buying almost all vintage. And being short, I have to have almost everything hemmed 4 inches….

  • BUTT ISSUES. Thank god someone is addressing this. I have the hardest time wearing anything remotely body con (even innocent dresses) without looking like I’m going to the club because of my massive ass. Why can’t I be one of those women who looks classy and chic in a sheath dress at work or out for a day of shopping?!? Garance you should start a clothing line and solve everyones problems. I promise I would buy it…

  • You’ve forgotten hips and thighs! I have all the BHBT kit: boobs, hips, butt, thighs. Even though I’m not fat, fashion is cruel to me. And yes, all my pretty dresses look like they’re out of the Mad Men wardrobe. And I love fashion, so I love change. And for a change I would love to be able to wear other pretty things!!! Like tomboy minimal pieces! Sigh!

  • Ce sont souvent des hommes qui sont des couturiers et de surcroit, des hommes qui n’ont aucun désir pour le corps des femmes!

  • Lara est enceinte en ce moment, je te laisse imaginer la taille du bonnet!

  • Marie-France April, 9 2013, 1:51 / Reply

    Avec un 90 D, j’ai longtemps eu du mal a trouver un maillot de bain ou des soutifs a ma taille. Maintenant, même chez Etam on peut en trouver, les choses évoluent. Courage :)

  • The problem is that every house/shop cuts to a certain shape and you have to be that shape – i am small uk 6 – 1.69m and a c cup but i have really small shoulders and a scrawny chest – so i cannot get coats or jackets easily at all – trousers i have really slim hips – easier but they often hang – i now design all my own clothes and they are made to measure – this is why fashion loves sporty because it is not fitted so fits more people – not so great though if you have boobs! x

  • nathalie April, 9 2013, 2:00 / Reply

    Pensez à celles qui n’ont pas de formes, la mode est actuellement le seul domaine où elles se sentent féminines malgré tout!!! Il existe la situation contraire bien plus dure à assumer devoir se mettre en maillot de bain sans rien à véritablement cacher.
    Toutes celles qui ont l’impression qu’elles sont stigmatisées parce qu’elles possèdent des formes devraient honnêtement se poser la question de ce qui est réellement désiré par les hommes et jalousé par les femmes dans la vie quotidienne et …. arrêter de se plaindre!

  • Mille merci… C’est parfois agaçant d’entendre ces femmes aux courbes si féminines dire que les femmes sans courbes sont “comme des garçons” ou “comme des pré-adolescentes”, on n’a pas choisi notre corps, comme elles n’ont pas choisi le leur. Mais nous pouvons toutes êtres féminines à notre façon

  • I agree with Cassandra above! I am bit bigger, I am tall 172, voluptuos or statuesque :) but not fat, my breast are size F, and if I wear well fitting tops it looks trashy, and if I hide my breasts I look fat! Or maybe this trashy thought is between my ears after all? One young hip hop guy said to me once that There is nothing trashy or cheap with big breasts just a lot of “Respect attitude” so maybe we just have to change our attitudes to our bodies and not try so hard to fit in? What do you think?

  • it’s really really difficult handle bigger size cups… I totally understand, and can relate!

    But I hope the Fashion Industry is for real changing towards our Body Styles ( “real woman” ) more now
    like: Daisy Lowe, Kate Upton, Robyn Lawley etc.

    You go Girls!

    xo Cam


  • Love that you write about this problem, you’re so right!

  • Les sujets des femmes sont intarrissables ! Nous nous retrouvons ici “entre copines” pour partager et discuter de tout ce qui nous “gache la vie”.
    Je n’ai jamais eu de mal a m’habiller et cela pendant longtemps, mais depuis quelques annees, les choses ont change, et ce qui a change, ce sont les volumes de mon corps qui se sont deplaces !!!
    Comment adapter cette nouvelle geographie au pret-a-porter ? Nombreux essayages et une bonne couturiere.

  • Je déteste les filles qui se plaignent d’avoir des seins ;D … plus sérieusement, à défaut de seins (même perdu une taille de bonnet après allaitement… ouiiiiin, c’était déjà pas glorieux…bref), j’ai un beau c.. mais je confirme: faut des fringues bien taillées pour que ce soit mis en valeur sans faire grosse…et on oublie Zara qui ne va qu’aux fines…

  • Charlotte April, 9 2013, 2:38 / Reply

    Such a funny article! You’re so write. Every woman is so different. But then if you look on red carpet (Oscars especially) – all those actresses are perfectly in the same shape.

    I don’t share your problem. I have small boobs, small butt. I guess this article made me appreciate that a little bit more! I recently bought a jumpsuit where I can’t wear a bra and never thought that I couldn’t wear it if my boobs were bigger.

    But you know, men don’t like jumpsuits but big boobs…

  • La mode a des oeillères malheureusement … Si je devais lui faire UN SEUL reproche ce serait celui là . TRISTESSE . C’est effectivement soit pour les no seins soit pour les grandes tailles et encore elles sont largement trop oubliées aussi ! M’enfin … Compliqué de trouver les bonnes coupes quand on est pas toute droite . Les aléas du sexe féminin …

  • I made peace with my physique and really, its not so bad to have bigger breasts; i am now starting to embrasse them; I am a slim curvy-athletic women; i used to be a C but now a DD after 3 babies! There are brands out there for us; Splendid,Theory, Joie, Helmut all fit very well! Most cocktail dresses look amazing on us! We just need to balance with more of a v-neck or assymetrical neckline (Helmut Lang is worth paying more for a very flattering cut) Wachoal makes the best bras for us in my opinion…. Bikinis are tricky but Malia Mills (online and in NYC) have the perfect fit and fabric. (They also feature young, old, curvy, slim gals to give us an actual idea!) Since I have a pool at home I invest in one per year; they cost an arm and a leg but they make me feel beautiful and confident.
    Hope that helps!

  • Good news! Most issues with bust or derriere fit can be taken care of by an experienced seamstress or tailor. Purchase a blouse or pant that fits your bust or derriere properly, and then have a seamstress take in the seams/darts to fit.

    Yes – its that easy! Or perhaps consider having something tailor made. It’s not as expensive as you would think and your clothing will fit you sublimely!

    Ask Scott how many of those men he photographs around the Pitti Uomo actually walk out of stores with those clothes fitting the way they do. I bet most of them have them tailored at the store. And that’s why they look so damn good!! Why should we Ladies expect anything less for ourselves!!

  • Francesca April, 9 2013, 3:00 / Reply

    Ce qui est agaçant c’est que c’est toujours la même rengaine, cette histoire de formes. On focalise systématiquement sur les nanas qui ont des seins, des fesses et des hanches parce que la mode n’est soit disant pas faite pour elles, que c’est un truc de filles androgynes sans seins et 0 féminité. Ce qu’on semble oublier à chaque fois c’est que pour la plupart des filles au physique androgyne (qui part ailleurs ne sont pas toutes dans la mode, loin de là), ben c’est pas guère plus facile. Au delà du fait de galérer autant que celles qui ont des formes pour s’habiller (allez trouver un soutien-gorge quand vous remplissez pas un bonnet A, ou un joli col en V ou un slim taille haute qui remplace pas vos mini fesses par le néant total) et bien elles doivent aussi supporter les remarques sur leur absence de féminité, sur le fait que de toutes façons les hommes préfèrent les formes et que les femmes sans c’est pas des femmes. Super agréable. Au final, ni les unes ni les autres ont choisi et je trouve qu’on laisse un peu trop pour contre les maigrichonnes, les sans seins/sans fesses sous pretexte que c’est la norme dans la mode. Ouais enfin c’est peut être la norme modesque, dans la vraie vie c’est juste méga dur à assumer.

  • Déjà, j’adore les real housewives de beverly hills, sur lesquels j’étais tombée par hasard il y a un an ou deux! Je les adore!!! Ils ont fait une version française que j’ai aperçue à la télé et j’ai eu vraiment mais vraiment honte pour notre pauvre pays (sortes d’esthéticiennes blondes décolorées aux sourcils ultra épilés et parlant comme des poissonnières, horreur totale, bon certes elles se tiennent pas toujours très bien dans la version US mais au moins “beverly hills, chic chic chic” c’est beaucoup plus drôle)!!!

    En tout cas, Garance sérieusement tu te plains pour rien là : des gros seins et des petites fesses, heuh dure la vie!!!! Personnellement je rêve d’avoir une poitrine généreuse ET des petites fesses (et oui je n’ai ni l’un ni l’autre) … Donc bon hein mode ou pas mode, vêtements mal coupés ou non…

  • Lauren April, 9 2013, 3:21 / Reply

    I am a skinny girl with small boobs and I’m personally very grateful for high fashion’s love affair with the flat chest… the tomboy chic look is all I have! I love my equipment shirts and silhouettes that don’t emphasize my lack of assets! Outside of the uber-fashion concious, I feel like the exact opposite is in style. I live in California, and definitely feel a preference for tight, body conscious clothing that showa off an hourglass figure. I can’t pull that look off to save my life! In tight or low cut clothing I look like a sexless string bean. I guess the moral of the story is work what you’ve got!

  • La mode est aux corps androgynes, adolescents voir même pré-pubère. Contrairement aux années 50 qui était assez discriminatoire envers les femmes plus…filiformes. Enfin, bon, après tout, la mode ce sont des tendances éphémères. Le style par contre, ça n’a pas de taille.

  • Thank you so much Garance for bringing this subject up!
    I gained since i stopped smoking 18 pounds and i have to say fashion doesnt love me anymore. Whereas before my weight gain i could put anything on and i looked good. Today i struggle, unless as you stated i put on dresses and skirts which look beautiful on curves. BUT now thats the thing find me some trousers or jeans, impossible!
    Im more of an ass girl myself, you see and my man loves me like i am now he finds it feminine and i have to admit i feel good the way i am, but finding clothes for the winter was a mission! Im still looking like the michelin man in my Coat, but here you go : i wouldnt like to loose my waight i just wish that one would consider curvy women in need of dressing too. I love the times where it wasnt considered having hips and thighs as fat. I think women have never looked more sexy and siren but in the same time chic and classy than in the 50s or 60s.
    I hope we will soon realize that a healthy and loving approach to ourselves is the key to our happiness and not setting a goal as achieving a thigh gap by the beginning of this summer!
    Ps. Kim K. she’s pregnant and shouldnt be a subject of tabloid terror!

    Lots of love Garance you truly inspiring me xxx

  • I agree completely with you!! My eternal problem is when I find that beautiful shirt or dress and I’m not able to wear it. It’s like a nightmare!

  • I love this topic! As a girl with medium boobs and a full bum, this has been a big deal for me. I’ve finally reached a point where I know what looks great on my body and what doesn’t. Sometimes a trend just isn’t for me. But that’s ok, because outside of the trends (which can be lots of fun!), I’ve developed my own personal style. And that is most definitely just for me <3

  • Garance, you nailed again. You are right especially about the butt part.

  • I must say that I like the way you write. It’s so funny. I’ve every time the feeling that I’m talking to a friend.

    And you’re realy right, the fashion world often forgets the womans which are not size 0 or 34 in European.

    In regard of boobs I don’t know to be lucky that I’ve size A or I should be sad that there is not to much to show :-DDD

  • Enfin! Il fallait que ça soit dit.

  • Me and my South African butt has just moved to the Netherlands where most of the girls are tall and stick thin so I had to make a little mental adjustment not to feel like a freak. Now it’s no problem and guess what is my (Dutch) boyfriend’s most favorite part of my anatomy?

  • omg yes! having a butt is the worst at times! it is nearly impossible to find pants that fit over my butt without going up sizes. especially cropped pants or silk…so disappointing. I always feel left out of trends because of my curves

  • Porter un haut “flou” ? J’ai l’air enceinte!
    Un haut moulant? J’ai l’air d’une cagole!

    Garance, j’en appelle à ton réseau de stylistes internationaux, faites moi aimer mon 90D (!) autant que les hommes, eux, l’aiment !

    Un jour, tu pourras nous faire un post sur les tailles de robes. Toujours trop courtes.
    Nous n’avons plus le droit d’être grandes, minces et avec des gros lolos! Le comble ! ;)

  • Ksandra April, 9 2013, 4:33 / Reply

    Alors pour le coup je ne suis pas trop d’accord…
    je veux dire avoir des gros seins c’est loin d’être une tare.
    Une de mes supers amies fait un bon C, elle met des hauts sans soutien gorge… et c’est juste canon, limite ( la dernière fois, en plein amphi de socio elle me dit : devine quoi ? j’ai pas mis de soutien gorge.. ça ne se voyait même pas…). Elle n’a pas besoin de mettre de soutien gorge pour avoir de plus gros seins..
    et elle s’habille comme moi qui en ai des petits…. moi c’est tellement un complexe que je ne peux pas ne pas en mettre ! ou si maintenant grâce à Maje et ses robes bustiers légèrement rembourrées et coquées je peux ne pas en mettre…

    je veux dire avec ce post… les complexes reviennent notamment avec ” c’est pas très fashion les fesses… même si ça peut être très beau..”.

    Désolée de plomber l’ambiance ou bien de faire la rabat joie.. mais bon.
    Je trouve que la mode s’adapte quand même et qu’après il s’agit juste de faire preuve de bon goût…

  • Ha!

    32 GG me….I could have had a career as a porn star..what do they say? Combine the name of your first pet with the name of the first street you lived in…which would make me Cornflakes Cascade…but you can just call me corny…

    I have three main issues..

    1. My boobs adding the illusion of weight if I wear anything with a vaguely high neck.
    2. Swimwear

    And 3, not so far mentioned…

    Nightwear…I want to feel sexy at night without feeling my boobs knocking my knees…I want lace and silk and proper lingerie and glamour and 1940s tease be able to go and stay somewhere overnight without having to wonder what scaffolding will get me a credible shape under my dressing for sharing a cup of tea, toast and marmalade with my hosts in the morning…I want to look at my nightwear and feel a thrill…a delight, a joy…until then I’ll have to make do with baggy men’s stripy pj’s… it will always be a compromise…but what other option is there?

  • I’m the same size. Try Bravissimo and Figleaves online, they have beautiful bikinis for us and nightwear too!

  • I sometimes ponder this kind of stuff myself–like when my button ups look like they’re about to rip in half or when I can get jeans almost all the way up but get stopped by my hips. Good post.

  • Recette pour réduire sa poitrine : faire de enfants !!
    Voici la formule miracle : 3 kids = 90C -> 90B

  • Hello,

    My bra size is 28G, I can only buy bikini and bras from English brands. American brands don’t even produce it and I live in LA.
    By boobs look great in a dress. But so much challenge with t-shirts and jeans. If it’s too tight, I don’t feel comfortable. If too big, makes my stomach look big.
    But I would never change my boobs for smaller ones.. It’s an asset. For me, the keys to the success is to get skinny. Then, even big boobs look good. Just healthy food and yoga.. And I feel so much better. I always buy my bras from Figleaves online, Freya and Panache are great brands. Marc Jacobs dresses, Juicy Couture look great on me.. Big boobs are sexy, it’s simple after all.

  • paulinoups April, 9 2013, 5:45 / Reply

    laisseraiS* bisous Garance ;)

  • Tatiana April, 9 2013, 5:45 / Reply

    This made me smile. I always thought it was easier for women with boobs to choose a swimming suit, I’m almost flat and can’t find anything that looks feminine or sexy on me- and girls! don’t forget that having boobs makes your stomach looks flatter and, trust me on that one, having a small belly when your chest is flat gives you a weiiird body shape ( i tried to find a better metaphor but weird is the only word that comes to my mind, I’ll leave it to your imagination)

    oh and Garance please, Kim is not chic. at all. her style is even getting worse, it literally hurts my eye. She tries too hard and she never (or maybe once in a zillion times) does her body favor. I’ll tell you why it’s hard to pull off a Saint Laurent dress when your 6 months pregnant- because it wasn’t made for that purpose- it looked so wrong. She has no sense of style. I don’t mind her, but no one should ever call her a style icon. ever. (had to get this out of my (flat) chest)

    your blog makes my studying days/nigts go smoother, thank you! :)

  • I’m often stuck in a weird fashion dimension where because I’m tall at 5″11 and slim but not model slim, I have to buy bigger size trousers which have the length but will then be too large around the waist because I have no bum! I totally agree that having a smaller chest makes pulling off clothes easier, but with people like Kim K (who is beautiful) I feel that recently it has become a very much desired thing to have out of control curves, to the point where I was considering gaining weight to give myself more of a shape… maybe it’s just the area I’m from but quite often skinny girls are often put down for lacking in the sexualised parts of a woman’s body, the boobs/bum, but then loved in the fashion industry.

    Who knows what’s right??!! Everyone should enjoy their body assets and just dress in what’s flattering and comfortable for thief bodies…


  • Pauline April, 9 2013, 5:49 / Reply

    Cheveux bouclés VS Cheveux raides
    Petits seins VS Gros Seins
    Fesses plate VS Posterieur généreux

    Le juste milieu … encore et toujours cette chère Gisèle : légère wave dans les cheveux , le célèbre 90B et des fesses bombées mais qui rentrent toujours dans un bon vieux slim !

  • Garance, I cannot thank you enough for this post. As someone with an interest in fashion, but with a body more like that of Anita Ekberg than Anouk Aimee, it’s taken me a while to find a style that fits both my body and my mind. I am by no means fat, but it took me a long time to accept that and focus on being healthy and happy rather than on being skinny. Big fan of the Rag & Bone jeans + Equipment shirt combo, and focusing on luxurious material and cut rather than anything too trendy. This requires more looking and less spending, but couldn’t we all do a bit more of that these days?

  • Roxanne April, 9 2013, 7:24 / Reply

    Merci. Je me sens moins seule maintenant face à mes problèmes de me trouver des chandails (ou n’importe quel haut, tant à y être !). C’est juste chouette de savoir que je suis… normale. :)

  • I’ve been telling this to myself too lately. There are days when I wish my boobs were bigger… and then I think that at least I can allow myself to play a lot more with fashion! ‘Cause it’s true that you no longer need boobs for fashion.


  • Stephanie April, 9 2013, 8:23 / Reply

    Garance! I’ve been wanting to ask you to comment on this subject for quite some time. I’ve noticed that your illustrations always feature women who are quite small-busted, as would fit the fashion industry, but that you have boobs. I have a figure that is very similar to yours and I find I wear similar clothes to you as a result – men’s-style shirts, big coats and slim jeans or pencil skirts. When I was younger I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t find any styles that suited me up top (32D), because on paper I’m a slim woman. I often look in the the mirror and think “ACK. I wish those things would shrink just a bit.” Like other women, I find I often have to order bras online, as local shops don’t carry much if anything in my size. PS The comments are very interesting here, including those from thin/tall Asian woman who are less well-endowed. PPS I feel for the women who are G cups, etc., and trying to find bras and other garments that fit properly!

  • After years of battling with buying off the rack (I am an extreme hourglass – D cup breasts and round bottom) and resigning myself to never wearing blouses with buttons, or trousers EVER (forget swimmers that don’t have built in cups and boy leg bottoms), I recently started having my clothes made for me by a seamstress. That way, I’m guaranteed a perfect fit every time. If you can afford it and don’t mind the wait, it’ll change your life.

  • Thank you Garance! You have managed to put all my fashion woes into words. These ones in particular hit a chord:

    “And find yourself dressed in a 50’s style (which is the only answer fashion has had to curves since… The 50’s) when the only thing you want is to go spend your salary at Céline.”

    Amen, sister.

  • As many have mentioned, swimsuits and jeans are the bane of my existence. There is a sculpture by René Magritte called “Delusions of Grandeur” that perfectly sums up how I feel during the never-ending search for a perfect bikini or pair of jeans.

    ~~”L.A. Face with an Oakland Booty”

  • It IS really tough to find fashionable clothes if you have boobs and a butt! I have a D-cup, large bottom, and am a size 4…. So true hourglass shape. It took several years of wandering around various stores, trying a LOT of fashions that (looking back) were hideous and completely unflattering, and various types of exercise before I was able to figure out how to wear the right clothes. And even still, I have to sit a lot of fashion seasons out because the clothes make me look like a tent or burst at the seams.

    One thing I will say, if you have that body type…. Weights, extreme exercise routines, and boot camps are BAD ideas. They only make your “assets” MORE shapely and pronounced. Yoga, walking, and running are the only things that keep my shapely shapes in check.

  • D’ailleurs, on voit pas beaucoup de soutien-gorge sur les podium. Combien de femmes enfilent leur top et leur veste à même la peau pour sortir ?

  • Caitlin April, 10 2013, 1:30 / Reply


  • Ayant laissé un sein dans la lutte contre le cancer, vos commentaires me semblent bien vains, mesdames ! Profitez de vos seins, du fait des les avoir tous les deux (!)….. Ceci dit, je suis d’accord : la mode est faite pour les tailles 36 sans trop de formes. Je pense qu’il est tabou dans nos sociétés occidentales de montrer tout ce qui n’est pas vraiment calibré. Les femmes (particulièrement) se créent donc des entraves à la libertés de montrer leur corps, avec quelques défauts. Le pourcentage de corps de femmes “parfaits” est pourtant TRES minime. Donc, libérez-vous, montrez-vous, fichez-vous du regard des autres, pourvu que vous vous aimiez bien telle que vous êtes. ET AIMEZ VOS SEINS !!!

  • Pour les filles qui ont des fesses et manquent de modèle pour s’inspirer, foncez sur le blog de karla’s closet, la plus jolie paire de fesses que je connaisse et qui les met magnifiquement bien en valeur. Merci aussi aux Lévis Bolduc Curve pour pouvoir y calmer les miennes !

  • Enfin quelqu’un qui en parle! Merci.
    Je suis mince mais j’ai un bonnet E et l’été pour trouver un maillot de bain… J’ai jamais connu une telle galère vestimentaire !
    C’est limite à des soutiens gorge à facilement 90euros, pas de quoi avoir une tonne de maillot de bain et puis apart le noir basique, on est d’accord on trouve pas grand chose!

  • Most of my friends would agree that I have a healthy and good figure, with a bit of an hourglass thing going on, but I can’t fit any of the fashion trends because:

    1 boobs
    2 HIPS and A$$
    3 shoulders thanks to swimming

    It’s really a pain because most of the fashion trends do not fit me at all. In winter it’s ok because then I can layer up, but summer clothes are more difficult to find. Skinny jeans are terror for my figure and all the nice loose blouses and minimalist trends and peplum things look very boxy on my shape. You’re right that only these retro inspired clothes really work for my body, but then that’s not my style and I could’nt wear retro to work either.

    Yeah. For most people that aren’t blessed with perfect sizes and body shapes it all comes down to patience to look for something that fits your particular figure and not giving up.

    Is it any wonder that so many women love shoes? They always fit ;-)

  • c’est tellement vrai ce que tu dis! je suis dans le cas du dépassement du bonnet C, un petit D, mais un D quand même et rien que dans la lingerie trouver un soutien-gorge qui ne soit pas celui de ma grand-mère en bonnet D c’est pas que simple… et pour les vêtements c’est la galère… les pulls qui remontent parce que les seins ça prend de la place, les Tshirts idem, les chemises j’en parle même pas si elles sont un peu cintrées ça baille voire ça s’ouvre au niveau des boutons, l’horreur en réunion… On dirait effectivement qu’il faudrait qu’on passe notre vie soit en bustier, soit en maillot de bain triangle à la bimbo (genre je cache le minimum du minimum: l’aréole)… et quand on bosse dans la vraie vie (et pas chez les housewives de BH) on ne peut pas!!! alors heureusement que de temps en temps on voit une Scarlette ou une Lara ou une Laetitia qui rappellent que les femmes ça AUSSI des formes et qu’on n’est pas toute des grandes lianes (même si on aimerait toutes au fond ressembler à Gisèle/Natalia/constance/etc.)! Merci Garance ça fait du bien de se sentir comprise! :) Bonne journée!

  • try d cup boobs, teamed with broad shoulders! (lucky I have f-off legs)… an upside down triangle is not always the best look. deep v dress with a swingy slightly voluminous skirt, above the knee, is my best friend. full top and skinny jeans are not. trends are not my friend. accessories and shoes are my friend, . classic well cut is my friend. sorry but i think KK dresses like a twit. with kanye’s help. reminds me of ‘the rise of the idiots’ by Dan Ashcroft

  • M’en parle pas ! En casting, c’est tout ou rien.
    On me convoque en casting à la recherche d’un 90C avec des hanches 88 – 90 max… IMPOSSIBLE.
    Avec des seins, on a des hanches, sinon, c’est pas harmonieux. Et si on rentre dans cette dernière case, on s’en prends plein la tronche en casting chez Wonderbra..
    Les nanas bookées sont des hybrides ou alors elles ne sont pas réelles !
    La mode est géniale, mais parfois blessante.. Arf, comme je te comprends !

    Merci pour cette prise de conscience ;-)



  • I loved how this article was written Garance – one of my favourite all time posts ! (and i have read them ALL) (MANY TIMES!!!)

  • tellement, tellement vrai. Moi ce sont les robes tuniques qui sont à la mode en ce moment. Et d’un, j’ai des boobies, donc impossible de mettre quelque chose qui ne soit pas taille empire ou avec au moins des fronces, sinon j’ai l’air d’un sac! la robe droite merci, mais c’est pas possible sur moi.

    Deuxième problème qui fait rage, la longueur des robes. Je mesure 1.75 et toutes les robes s’arrêtent à mi cuisses! Impossible sur mon cuisseau potelé (puis vu mon job, pas possible). Je fais comment moi?!

  • So true! Someone who has both, well sometimes I feel that fashion doesn’t love me at all. :(

  • I agree with you about the boobs part! Finding clothes that fits my waist, they couldn’t go over my boobs. Wearing clothes that fits my boobs, they look like a tent. We show cleavage, we’re sluts. We don’t show cleavage, we’re a prude. Either way, can’t win. Grrr.

    There are two Polish brands that caters to this problem. Urkye and BiuBiu. They make cute clothes that fits in the waist AND boobs. :D

    Reading the comments, however, most women refer their boobs as B-cup, C-cup, D-cup. First, the letter doesn’t mean anything without the number in front. A 28D cup is much smaller than 36B. Most of us have been wearing bras with band size too big and cup size too small (The +4″/5″ method to find your bra size is ridiculous. If I use that, my size would be 32B when actually, I’m a 28G. I use this guide instead:

    Also, please and take a look at these links (shit, I’m being a Jehobra Witness now):

    All of those links above show women with boobs in the right bra size in all sizes! And people who wear A-cups (32A, 34A, etc), you might not be the size you think you are. ;)

    Alright, I’ll stop here before I annoy everyone. *runs*

  • As a french big boobs and big butt girl your article is amazingly cutting off the guilt of my curves! I don’t feel alone in this unilateral relationship with fashion :)

  • WOW! You are literally taking the thoughts and words out of my brain and putting them on paper. THANK YOU for writing about this. As a girl with a larger chest and bubbly booty, I know how difficult it can be…especially with an undeminitioanl look, which I LOVE! Thank you for bringing out the awareness and for mentioning Lara Stone. Where DID she go? She needs to REPRESENT us again! XO!

  • Non, non, Garance, tu omets une dernière option : s’appeler Monica Bellucci, être incroyable et habillée par Dolce & Gabbana…

  • Non mais allô, tu t’appelles Garance Doré et tous tes articles me font tellement rire, tous, non mais allô quoi!!!

  • Molly D April, 10 2013, 5:33 / Reply

    Today I wore a white collared shirt (which always makes me think of that picture of you on the bike wearing one of Scott’s shirts – an all time favorite!) and the fit is exactly the problem!! I need a low enough button to look feminine and sensual but a high enough so that my boobs don’t spill everywhere, and of course that button doesn’t exist! Annoying enough to even consider renewing the buttons in the exact spot I want. Is that weird? Will anyone notice??

  • Hi All
    I’m writing a little late on the thread so I’m sure this won’t be read so much, but in the hopes that it does….
    As one of the evil unilateral fashion designers I must say all of these comments are making me realize that our expectations as consumers are impossible for any designer to meet! Once, before the industrial revolution, all clothing was tailor made for each individual person…. We had less clothes but they fit us perfectly, boobs butt and all! I say, let’s go back to this mentality…invest in key pieces that you really love, size up and take them to your tailor. You will be much happier and will look better. As much as I am constantly thinking of height, boob, butt, leg, torso, and shoulder proportions it is impossible for me to make a perfect fit for everyone….I try tho!

  • I guess the grass is always greener on the other side. I’m Asian but very curvy. I, gasp, have breasts. I’ve always been envious of my tall lanky friends with the boyish figures and never ending legs. They seem to always look effortlessly chic.

  • Well hot damn! Even though my legs are long and I am very tall, I have big boobs and a big butt. I guess I’ll never be a runway model.

  • Myvoiceandyours April, 10 2013, 10:03 / Reply

    I love you ALL, dear commentators!!
    Simply love you!
    Garance’s post is fantastic but you guys so VALIDATE it.. A big thanks to all of you, who actually shared brand names that suit up..such a BIG HELP!

    As a 5’4″ Indian with 34 DD, big ass living in India, I thought these problems were Freaking mostly Indian…because most days it feels like we all inherited our mum’s/ grandmum’s curvy body shapes and now, don’t always opt to wear sari’s or salwars ( which actually accentuate our curves perfectly!* ironic surprise – anyone*!) for western clothes is such a nightmare as all the major brands, seem to cut for GOD KNOWS WHO! – nice to know that women across the world have issues with Zara, Mango etc too!! Thankfully, now I pretty much wear western evening pieces that are only handmade by a few local designers who cut for our shapes..MOSTLY PROBLEM SOLVED:)

  • Manda_Renee April, 11 2013, 4:11 / Reply

    Another great post Garance…
    i love the way that you manage to represent high fashion and all that is chic whilst keeping the voice and inner thoughts of us high street ladies! I have battled with my body image and 32F breasts since i a teenager and despite being a us size 4/6 struggled to accept that sometimes the clothes don’t fit my body rather than my body not fitting the clothes! A revelation for me was an article in a fashion magazine where one of the editorial team admitted that she too had the curse of larger breasts but wore a minimiser to keep her secret and allow her the coveted silhouette she needed to wear high fashion clothing.
    Ta-dah….minimisers entered my life and i never looked back!
    (ok, so the girls do get out occasionally – in the bedroom or when i decide to look “sex-y” and ignore distasteful looks from other women!)
    I very much agree with the above comments about the difference that fashion continues to make between sexy and sex – it is unthinkable in the fashion world to crave basic pleasures particularly food and sex as it perceived as needy and crude, the woman who is not hungry or lustful is admired whereas she who’s body does not conform and takes up more space than is deemed necessary is excessive and wanton and without control over its desires. This is why women like Lara and Scarlett, Selma and even Kim are in the minority and on the periphery of the fashion world at once admired and feared because they represent the sexuality of women (how rude!).
    The perceptions of Marilyn Monroe versus those of Audrey Hepburn are perhaps the most stark example of the dilemma of boobs and bum.
    I’d like to see more focus on health and tone and fitness and less on bones and being narrow and waif-like…and embracing our boobs/bums or even more controversially bellies!!!!
    Bisous, A.x

  • ahhh for the boobs i hear you! finding a swimsuit is a nightmare and all the ones i like are for the girls who have small boobs and cannot find a cheap one since i do not have many options!

  • Try Freya or Panache! They are designed for fuller busts and have cute designs as well. ;)

  • As a UK size 10 with FF boobs this is a daily problem and I am soooooo glad you are talking about this because it is just not done! Looking feminine but not fat, dowdy or overtly sexy is very very hard!

  • Jeannine April, 11 2013, 7:30 / Reply

    Vrai, trop vrai!
    Je ne suis pes petite, ni mince. Je mets un 90A (90 mesuré par dessous les seins, pas par dessus, à la Française) déjà quasi introuvable. Alors ils sont putôt petites, mes seins, mais je ne me plains pas (trop), ils sont toujtours (après 2 enfants) assez fermes et je peux me passer de l’échafaudage pour les maintenir en position. Par contre les fesses, j’en ai, elles aussi fermes, rondes et inhabillables. Normalement si j’essaie des pantalons, des jupes, des jeans qui me vont sur les hanches je pourrais facilement héberger une grossesse de 7 mois……dans le dos….Je me sens plutôt bien dans ma peau, sauf si j’ai besoin de nouveaux vêtements :-(
    Par pleine frustration j’ai appris la couture. Problem (mostly) solved.

  • afarias April, 11 2013, 9:22 / Reply

    Quelle chance, quand on n’est pas au Brésil, on peut ne pas s’inquiéter des fesses, autrement il faut y faire attention. Et aux seins aussi, car bien que poitrine-type brésilienne soit plutôt menue, l’augmentation mammaire connaît un fort succés.

    Ah, en lisant le Monde ( ça m’a fait repenser à ton post.
    Be fabulous!

  • J’ai des seins (un 95G voire H), des fesses juste ce qu’il faut (je rentre le tout dans un 40) et une taille super fine. Autant dire que je suis complètement out des canons actuels. Je suis plutôt taillée Sofia Loren, Monica Bellucci et en rousse en plus…

    Bref, comme tu le dis Garance, je ne m’habille que 50’s. Une sorte de Joan de Mad Men en vrai. Au début c’était par défaut, car rien d’autre ne me mettait en valeur (notamment la poitrine) et puis j’y ai pris goût.

    Je joue la carte à fond. L’ultra féminin, le glamour c’est la solution pour moi, pour mettre en valeur ce physique que j’avais fini par détester. Et du coup, je suis devenue jolie ;-)…J’ai accepté tous les trucs qui dépassaient.

  • Elizabeth April, 11 2013, 10:30 / Reply

    Since there are so many different body shapes, no one garment or style can suit everyone. Luckily there are lots of styles & brands on offer and there are tailors who can do alterations. The first thing is to be honest about your body shape: I’m 34-24-36 so that’s easy, right? No. I know that I have narrow shoulders (no blazer styles), a narrow ribcage but a D-cup bust (buy to fit the bust & have the bodice taken in), I’m short waisted (can be accommodated by a curved seam shortening the back just above the waist, but not in every case, sorry MaxMara tailored items), almost no-one makes skirts that I don’t have to take the waist in to allow for my hips (YSL used to, not sure about the new line & manufacturers are mean with zips so often if you take in the waist you have to put in a longer zip), my hip measurement isn’t too big but I am flat & wide so trousers are tricky & because I go in & out, no shifts, no raised waists, no empire line, most jeans don’t fit(J brand are good), baggy sweaters don’t work….No point regretting what I can’t wear, there are still lots of choices, I do better in clothes which echo the odd numbered decades: 1910s, 1930s, 1950s, 1970s, 1990s etc than the straight line even decades. My advice would be try on lots of different brands to find which suit you & also seek out a great tailor.

    With regards to the comments about having a large bust, apparently bust reduction surgery has the highest satisfaction rating afterwards

  • fuendetodos April, 12 2013, 5:24 / Reply

    go bespoke. seriously.

  • Génial cet article!!! C’est quand même superbe une femme qui a des formes et qui sait les mettre en valeur… Une femme ultra féminine tout en courbe c’est tellement beau, moi je suis toute plate et on a vite l’impression de ressembler à une planche à pain :( Je veux le corps de Kim Kardashian!!!

  • Hello Garance! I am a person with boobs, and yes, it can be difficult to manage them. Especially because – you didn’t mention this – not only do they move, but they usually aren’t perky. (Thanks for nothing, gravity.) Finding a strapless bra is NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE.

    As far as bathing suits go, I heard once upon a time that Shoshanna suits are for the busty woman, as Shoshanna herself is something like a DD.

    I think that in the non-high fashion world, butts are more in style than boobs & tummies. I have not seen ONE PERSON on TV or in print that has a short torso, a bit of a tummy, and boobs. Where are the apple shapes?? We are so out of style! Whereas, long torso-pear-shapes are EVERYWHERE. Not fair, although I love my pear sisters. Equality for all body shapes and sizes is totally missing.

  • Try Freya and Panache. They have bra sized bikinis meant for fuller bust and the designs are so cute. ;)

    You might want to visit as well to get more resources about bras in bigger cups.

  • pour les filles au dessus du bonnet D, je vous conseille la marque freya, dans des boutiques spécialisées, maintien impeccable, certains modèles plutot jolis, par rapport aux autres marques: super rapport qualité prix! une vraie découverte et une révolution pour mon 85 E

  • I am 5’4″, short waisted and basically legs and chest. Oh thank you for this conversation. It has me thinking even more about clothes and trying to look nice given my body type and the industry I’m trying to find clothes in. I feel also, the farther you get away from a big city – the harder it is or the idea is there that individuals sizes fall into one category or that we want non structured boring clothes.

  • I know what you are saying, I inherited from my grandmother abundant breasts and a butt that demands it’s own personal space and absolutely no low-rise jeans. Ever. So, I have turned to the solution that my sisters, mother, and grandmothers have turned to: Sewing my own clothes. Granted, it’s a pill to fit everything, but all your clothes fit like a dream.

  • aninalu April, 14 2013, 2:43 / Reply

    On the boob part, yes a lot of girls have a cup-size above c, but somehow even lingerie brands (those who make good looking, not “sexy” underwear) forget to make these sizes. It’s all about triangle bras in the moment. I like the look of them, but it would be soo wrong if I tried to put on one. I just want pretty, simple and sexy bras without stuffing but with underwire. Way too difficult to find, unless I want to ruin myself money-wise.

  • Try looking at Bravissimo, Debenhams, Freya, Panache, Masquerade, Claudette, Mimi Holliday and Tutti Rouge. All of these brands make bras for fuller busts from DD-K cups.

    Measuring your bra size is a good first step to make. Most of us wear bras with a band too big and cups too small. I used to wear 34C when I found out my proper size is 28G [UK size. US bra size is crappy and inconsistent]. The bra fits sooooooo much better. There’s a group in reddit called abrathatfits that helps women in getting their proper size. Come join us. ;)

  • Et moi qui croyais n’avoir rien a dire sur le sujet… Le soutien-gorge sert-il vraiment à quelque chose?
    c’est un débat que j’avais déjà entendu, et là dans la presse une étude qui en parle.

  • Mélissa April, 18 2013, 2:36 / Reply

    J’ai beaucoup aimé cet article, tu as tellement raison! J’ai bientôt 20 ans,je mesure 1,65m, je suis fine, j’adore la mode “chic”, mais seul “hic” : je fais du 85D. Même si je finis toujours pas trouver des habits qui me plaisent, je me rends bien compte que la mode ne cherche pas à mettre les filles de ma morphologie en valeur : les habits “cool”, jolis, bien coupés, pas vulgaires, ne sont pas coupés pour des filles avec de la poitrine. C’est bien dommage quand on pense que les seins sont sencés être un symbole de sensualité. Au final, il finissent souvent cachés dans des T-shirts larges, des pulls amples col bateau, des débardeurs loose… J’ai l’impression qu’être chic et pulpeuse n’est pas possible actuellement. Alors je patiente, en espérant que les tendances changent!

    Je te suuuuuupplie de faire un article sur le sujet : comment s’habiller quand on a un peu de poitrine? Comment la mettre en valeur sans en faire trop? Soutien-gorges, maillots, robes, hauts? Hein, dis nous comment tu fais toi Garance? Ce serait un article GE-NIAL, qui sauverait plein de filles. (j’ai déja épluché tous les commentaires)

    Bisouuuus xoxo

  • Maurine April, 25 2013, 9:51 / Reply

    “bechkamade” simpa !!!

  • C’est vrai, au Brésil les choses marchent pas comme ça!

  • Christie August, 5 2013, 1:00 / Reply

    Thank you for this article Garance! I have an hourglass figure (think Kim K) which I am very proud of but many many fashion trends are strictly for the waif/androgynous type. I have learned what works for me (wrap dress, peplum dress, circle skirt, V-neck) and I repeat repeat repeat. But I do feel a little hurt that fashion has neglected me so much! I LOVE Chloe, Celine, Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim but their clothes would often be very unflattering on my body. I also love Dolce & Gabbana, Donna Karan, Valentino but their clothes are sometimes a little too traditional (or old ladyish) for my taste. I wish some of the other designers would show us how to bring cool, chic to the curvy figure.

  • The fashion (or high fashion) industry does not cater to ‘real’ bodies, bodies outside of the ‘fit’ models. The movie industry and the media only caters to perfect bodies (large boobs and large butts and nothing large in between). There are many designers that are now changing this stance, and I applaud them. I do not know one woman who has the ‘perfect’ body, by any standard. I believe that we need to celebrate difference, and teaching our kids there is no perfect, but loving yourself is possible. And we can’t do that by comparing ourselves.

  • I have read so many articles concerning the blogger lovers however this post
    is really a good piece of writing, keep it up.

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atelier dore this or that summer sandals chunky sandals vs. delicate sandals

This or That / Sandal Edition

This or That: American or Française?

This or That: American or Française?

atelier dore this or that lingerie lace or cotton sex month

This or That / Lingerie Edition

This or That / Blush vs. Bronzer

This or That / Blush vs. Bronzer

This or That: The Beanie

This or That: The Beanie

This or That: Nails

This or That: Nails

This or That

This or That

This Or That

This Or That

Silja Danielsen Photo

This Or That: Low Knot or Top Knot