So Sporty

Okay, I’m not a total sneaker head, but I love the community around those brands! Dress, Topshop ; Bomber, Off-White ; Sneakers, Isabel Marant ; Pouch, Commes Des Garcons ; Earrings,...

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heather anderson posture garance dore photo

Perfect Posture

Out of everyone at the studio, I think it’s probably the case that I’m tied to my desk most...

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LA fit garance dore illustration

NY vs LA : Body Crazy

It’s fitness mania these days. Like, fitness is more fashionable than fashion. To the point where...

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brittany clybourn garance dore photo


Over the past several months I’ve challenged myself to try as many different exercise classes,...

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garance dore walker street style


I walk. A lot. I’ve always walked. It’s part of our culture in France, and in New York,...

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ethos activewear garance dore photos

Tech Workout

Recently, I tried the first smart activewear. Smarter than your phone! (Although they also...

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the perfect balance new balance sneakers studio finds garance dore photos

The Perfect Balance

I found it them! The perfect pair of New Balance sneakers. Equal parts dressed up (in sneaker speak)...

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body language sport active wear garance dore photos

Body Language

The name reminds me of the song by Queen but it’s also a new activewear line made in the USA...

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the new active sportswear fashion ellie trainer garance dore photos

The New Active

While we slow down and enjoy summer, it seems like the perfect time for embracing the late setting...

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work it exercise garance dore photos

Work It!

I’ve tried everything when it comes to exercise, but my general conclusion is that I’m just not...

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nike sports bra fitness garance dore photos

Sport Support

I am not one to generally sport a bra. (Remember, we discussed this… )(Sometimes I pretend...

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nike sacai garance dore photos

Nike X Sacai

I know it’s not always so chic, but I have a not-so-secret love for workout clothes.

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cindy crawford anti-gym garance dore photos


I was once a gym fanatic. I would go to the gym religiously, at least five days a week.

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garance dore illustration girl

Let’s Sweat

But take it slow….

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Anna Gray Beach Photo

Sport de Plage

I love the kind of quirky but very chic accessories that are popular right now with all my favorite...

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Garance Dore Illustration

Are you “healthy” obsessed?

There’s a health craze going around right now… And I feel it might have gotten to me,...

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Garance Doré Illustration

The World Cup

Are you following the World Cup?

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My Workout

My Workout

Lately I’ve been trying to find a good balance when it comes to exercise.

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