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Let’s talk about boobs.

Women are defined by countless attributes but, when it comes to the body, breasts are the most marked point of difference. They’re a source of delight, disappointment, discomfort… and, over them, women bond. They’re the key to the secret girls’ club.

The relationship we have with our boobs is a personal one. A lot of us feel that ours are too big or too small, or maybe a little uneven. My boobs aren’t big; they sit right in the comfort zone of small-ish. I’m a short skirt, high neckline kind of woman. And I didn’t always like my breasts, but now I really do!

I think this is a struggle for all women — we all deal with a chest insecurity at some point, so I decided to ask the rest of the Studio how they felt about theirs.



How do you feel about your boobs? Would you change anything about them?

I love them — even thought it’s always more difficult to get dressed with bigger boobs. With how fashion is cut right now, it always seems that they’re in the way. I wouldn’t change anything though. One day I got very skinny and they started shrinking, and I stopped feeling like myself.

What kind of bras do you like?

I love lace and triangles of course, since it’s the type that’s the most difficult to find for my size — we always want what we can’t have! I found a great brand that does some really cool ones though, it’s called Fortnight, they are beautiful.

If you could have the boobs of anyone else, whose?

Jenna Lyons’s


How do you feel about your boobs? Would you change anything about them?

I’m fine with my boobs. I used to desperately want them to be bigger, even looked into those alleged breast-enhancing pills when I was younger. But now I feel more confident, they’re small and I’m just trying to keep them up! ;)

What kind of bras do you like?

I like super simple bras. My favorites are from VPL, they are soft non-wire bras, a more adult version of training bras, which I suppose are made for me. And Valentine NYC makes the most perfect lace triangle style. But more often than not, I just don’t wear a bra. Free the nipple! Hahaha.

If you could have the boobs of anyone else, whose?



How do you feel about your boobs? Would you change anything about them?

I’m super happy with my boobs. They’re pretty small but I love them as they are. That said, I’ve recently noticed that they’ve grown even though I’ve lost weight (I know, shut up Emily!), but I’m serious! Hopefully they don’t get much bigger, because then I worry about them sagging when I get older.

What kind of bras do you like?

I love a soft cotton or lace triangle bra—super simple and really comfortable, and I’m definitely not afraid of a little nipple. I hate underwire bras, they dig into my chest (yes, even when I’ve had them sized by a pro). I love Cosabella and COS, and luckily my boobs are small enough that I can pull them off without too much bounce.

If you could have the boobs of anyone else, whose?

Ashley Olsen? Small, but she has a good chest—I’m into it!


How do you feel about your boobs? Would you change anything about them?

Recently, I love them! It’s a new love, but I think smaller boobs are kind of special. They don’t try too hard… they’re just keeping it real! And I never look overly busty in a low-cut top or feel uncomfortable when I exercise. They just feel like me.

What kind of bras do you like?

Most days I wear a cotton bra sans underwire, usually from Xirena or BASE Range (so comfortable and gives great shape). Sometimes I forget the bra altogether, and a couple of days a week it’s a black lace number. Lonely Lingerie has some really pretty ones.

If you could have the boobs of anyone else, whose?

Kate Moss. I mean…


So, there’s a fair amount of boob love in the Studio. But it’s clear that each of us have our ongoing struggles – big or small (boobs) – though this seems to be easing with time. I’m not sure if acceptance of oneself comes more so with age (I definitely feel as though I appreciate mine more and more as time goes on), or if it’s more about the experiences we’ve had. Maybe it’s a little bit of both.

We’ve all felt self-conscious about our boobs. I remember I was at a bar once and met a plastic surgeon. With little hesitation – and after only five minutes of conversation – he said, “If you’re ever in LA, I can do your boobs for a really good price.” Uhhh, excuse me?! It wasn’t said in a generous way, and boobs are a sensitive point. It was upsetting but it was also helpful – it made me realize that I had to love my body, even when others didn’t. I don’t even weigh myself, but that’s a different story.

The common thread in our Studio when we talked about boobs was that we’ve all had crazy (and insecure) thoughts about changing our breasts (Brie considering breast-enhancing pills??) – and I’m sure all women do – but we have also surmounted them. We’ve grown to accept love our own.

It’s not like cutting your hair… when your boobs change, it feels like something is altogether different. I remember when mine first started to grow – it felt so weird and, indeed, I was changing. All women have been there. And, like Garance experienced, some women don’t feel like themselves when theirs shrink for some reason. It goes both ways.

Another change comes on later in life; as Emily mentioned, there’s the fear of sagging… but she talked about how having small breasts alleviates this fear. Sorry, Em, but all breasts sag at least a little bit eventually — and some boobs just naturally sag years (sometimes decades) earlier than others. It doesn’t matter what size or shape.

Buuut there are definitely ways to prevent or slow this process down (can I hear a unified sigh of relief?!). I did some research, and here are some suggested ways to slow down any sagging:
1. A bra that fits perfectly, so that breasts are well-supported but also have breathing space (it’s healthier than squeezing them in, even if it does add a little more bust).
2. No bra (Brie was waaaay ahead of all of us on this one) — I know this sounds at odds with my first point but, if you have breasts that allow, wearing no bra can help strengthen the muscle and tissue of your boobs so that further down the track they are more resilient towards sagging.
3. No smoking — it breaks down the muscle tissue, so things do get saggier.
4. Workout.
There are more ideas out there, but these seemed to be the most widely supported. These are things you can do to maintain your breasts, but I like to think I would be happy with mine even once there’s a bit of sag. A new bra every now and then is enough of a transformation – I wouldn’t change them. And it’s nice to know that this is a universal struggle… none of us are alone in feeling self-conscious about this very personal part of our body.

There’s definitely comfort in that. Don’t you agree?
Have you struggled with the same issues and thoughts that we have?


Bra and underwear, Lonely Lingerie; sweater, Banjo + Matilda.


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  • Ca alors, chez COS ils sont sans fausse note même pour les seins !

  • Tellement beaux les seins en général… autant fan de la voluptueuse Laetitia Casta que de Charlotte Gainsbourg l’androgyne!!!
    Je ne vois pas comment on peut complexer. Tout est beau. Bon je m’arrête là, on va croire que j’ai viré de bord!! ;-)

  • I am satisfied with my breasts, it is the right size!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  • Neada,

    J’adore ton article, tellement vrai et sympa. J’ajouterais une petite chose pour contre-carre l’attraction terrestre mortelle pour nos pauvres poitrines… Muscler le haut de son corps aide beaucoup a maintenir un joli buste et ralentit la fatale dégringolade de nos chers seins!! Je dis aussi oui au journée seins libres!
    Voila de vrais problèmes qui nous touchent profondément!
    Bonne journée


  • And then there are the changes that come with nursing the babies – I’m still adjusting to this one! Nursing itself comes with lovely big boobs, but now that it’s done, my perfectly nice little-but-round boobs have gone flat like sad little pancakes. I’m having to figure out how to get dressed all over again, since the t-shirts and knits I’ve always relied on no longer sit so well. I’ve been very lucky with how pregnancies have not changed my figure – I’m still very slim and my abs are good – and I adored nursing and would never change that, but still, sad!

    I think I will invest in some very good push-ups while I get used to the new status quo…

  • Same here. Small boobs that you think will never fall or shrink. Well, they do. Fine after nursing my first baby, but after the second….OMG! Go for soft padded bras. I definitely feel more comfortable when I wear them.

  • je n’ai jamais eu de complexes par rapport à ma poitrine qui est plutôt petite, sauf peut être quand en classe de 4ème ma (ex)copine Elodie m’a montrée des exercices pour augmenter la taille de mes seins. Non, mais de quoi je me mêle ??
    j’ai une préférence pour les soutifs en dentelles toute douce en forme triangle. Mais il m’arrive très souvent de ne pas en porter, surtout en été.
    par contre, quand je fais du sport, je porte toujours un soutif spécial sport pour éviter d’abimer les tissus qui soutiennent les seins. Je pense que c’est là que le risque est le plus gros d’avoir des seins qui tombent.
    et puis surtout, je les hydrate après chaque douche avec un lait. En prendre soin est important aussi pour les accepter tels qu’ils sont.

  • The bra in the picture is absolutely stunning! Can you please tell us the brand?

  • It’s Lonely Lingerie!

  • Chouette article! Petite remarque au niveau du style cependant: attention aux répétitions de “C’est sûr” et “Bon”

  • Love it! Are you going to talk about all the ‘sensitive’ body parts? Would be great!

  • Salut Neada, alors moi c’est marrant mais je n’ai jamais ete complexe par mes seins qui sont plutot de petite taille.. J’etais trop preoccupee par mes fesses & mes hanches… lol

  • J aime bien mes seins aussi, en plus on me complimente dessus assez souvent. Les fesses c est une autre histoire-chacune ses problemes :)

  • Getting dressed with dryle and big boobs is a challenge. Shirts with “fishes” between the buttons, dresses that make you look like a table ( with its tablecloth on) or a stripper… Hard to be Garbo or Lauren Hutton with boobs.

  • I believe that breast is also a cultural thing..for example women in Franch/India/Israel…will be more comfortable to show different parts of their body…so it also define your relation with your body…and also what is fashion at this time
    Jennifer lopez changed the way women see their “ass”…the image of the body change …so what we see as beautiful and less change too…
    it is so important to love yourself..this is something we need to learn again and again…
    Yael Guetta

  • i remember garance made a comment a long time ago (pre-cut) about how we all naturally have the hair that fits our face, I think the same is true for boobs on our bodies :)

  • MissPimpin December, 11 2014, 10:29 / Reply

    C’est terrible ces sujets qui ont l’air universels et où soudainement, je me sens affreusement seule au monde.
    Mes seins, je n’en ai jamais rien eu à faire, ils sont petits et (paraît-il) plutôt jolis et sympa (étaient devrais-je, l’apesanteur faisant un peu son effet)
    Quand ils sont arrivés (tôôôôt !!!), j’ai dû arrêter la corde à sauter
    Plus jeune, je portais des trucs totalement transparents, sans souci ni vergogne, comme pour leur enlever tout caractère sexuel
    Je comprends rien aux gens qui hurlent en voyant une femme allaiter
    Je me suis même toujours un peu demandé ce que les hommes y trouvaient …
    Zéro complexe, zéro fierté
    Mes seins pour moi, c’est comme mes coudes

  • I was always fairly flat chested as a teen and aspired to have bigger boobs, mainly to be able to buy my clothes in the junior department rather than tweens. Boobs are important for clothing because they do determine shape and drape. Anyway the two times in my life that I had decent boobs were as mentioned when pregnant and breastfeeding and now that I am older. With the assistance of a good bra, what at first glance looks like sagging boobs can be folded in to make the most fabulous cleavage I ever had!
    Accidental Icon

  • Magnifique photo! et article très drôle :)
    Merci de nous décomplexer! C’est toujours un sujet délicat la poitrine.

  • Thank you so much. This was great. Breaking free from status quo norms and loving yourself is hard. Even if you’re feeling good about yourself one day, you get on the subway and there’s a plastic surgery ad in your face (you know the one – “Dream BIG”). I have to try to constantly love myself even when my world tells me otherwise.

    p.s. This is the only fashion blog that I will read all the words instead of just looking at pictures. Thanks for all your words. Garance, you and Rihanna are on my list of people to hang out with one day #LifeGoals

    <3 <3 <3

  • I have always liked my boobs except for when I am wearing a bikini. While wearing a bikini I wish for larger boobs. Boo hoo.

  • Hahaha, love that post :-) … and well …. Emily, I think you need a pregnancy test ;-) …. about my boobs, I always thought they are to small but thats long ago, now at almost 45 I’m actually happy they are quite small, cause they still look good after two pregnancies and in total 4 years (yes, 4 years!!!) of breastfeeding :-) and I can tell you, today I have two other persons in love with my boobs, hahaha, my husband and my little one who I only stopped breast feeding a couple of month ago…. and this is very funny, cause I never ever thought, that anybody would love my lil boobs as much :-) xxx

  • I hope not!!! At least not quite yet…
    Thanks for reading us Gabrielle! xx

  • I’m very happy with my (small) boobs. I don’t know what I’d do with bigger ones! What I am unhappy with is the difficulty in finding nice bras for small boobs – it seems like everyone / most companies assume that if you have small ones you want to push them up, pad them to the max and make them look bigger.

  • Maybe you are all yong and have beautiful smallish breasts…i don’t know. Just that , have you ever photographed or seen a very elegant mature woman with big breasts? Not saying sexy, but élégante, sophistiquée ?

  • Love this article. Boobs are such a personal issue. I come from the other end of the size spectrum, after having a breast reduction 3 years ago I went from a 34FF to a 34DD, and while they’re still huge it’s so much easier to find cute bras! I’ve wanted small boobs my whole life, and agree with previous posts it’s so hard to dress in many styles with large breasts.

  • It’s so interesting, post-motherhood, to read a whole female conversation about breasts that doesn’t mention them in their biological function (nursing). I’m not saying that with any judgement–before I had children, I never thought about that function. Then once you have kids, if you nurse (not everyone can or wants to, which is fine!), you might struggle to think about your boobs outside the context of nursing…LOL.

  • I was thinking this as well. As I am post-nursing too my thinking has changed. My boobs are now mine again, but definitely different than before breastfeeding. I am a little sad that they are flatter and smaller than ever, yet don’t feel as inclined to beat up myself about it after having grown and fed a new human life. I am little past judging myself, but not totally.

  • I love my boobs! They’re small but not too small and they just make me feel like a woman. They’re very proportioned to my body.

  • Quel beau billet ! Comme vous j ai adoré mes seins et puis un jour un gentil chirurgien (mon ange gardien) m a annoncé une vilaine maladie et qu il fallait retirer les 2… A cet instant précis, j ai vu le soleil brillé et mes seins n ont plus existé… Quelle importance avaient ils par rapport à ma vie ? Depuis je profite de chaque instant, j ai 2 jolies petits seins refaits et je porte de jolis décolletés trompeurs :))) Mon dieu que la vie est belle ! Les filles, aimez vos seins, montrez les et surtout n oubliez pas de faire des mammos !!!

  • Bravo pour la pêche de ton commentaire et profite bien : ) Très belle vie à toi :)

  • I agree, quite a few comments here are from people with small breasts. So much easier to deal with, n’est-ce pas? (I still remember being harrassed by a man in the streets of LA because of the size of my breasts… I was 15 and trust me, I didn’t wear tank tops for a loooooong time after that…)
    At least, gravity hasn’t done too much damage so far. C’est déjà ça.

  • #2. was news for me. I have really small boobs, and it’s hard for me to even find a bra small enough. I was worried that walking around braless will sag mine more in the future. I’m kinda glad to hear the news!

  • I always had big boobs and when I got pregnant they became even bigger. I’m done breastfeeding and they’re now super big and saggy. Boooo. Oh well. I want more kids so it’s just gonna get worse. Luckily my self-worth has never been tied up in my boobs. My waistline on the other hand…

  • Eternal*Voyageur December, 11 2014, 1:35 / Reply

    To check what a correct fit would look like, try this trick: tie your band as snug as you comfortably can or get someone to pull it tight behind your back, then bend forwards and scoop all your breast tissue with your palms from the armpit and back into the cups. Now stand straight, chances are that your cups will be spilling over. This means that cups are too small and the band is too loose, which is the fitting mistake which almost all women make. Check out the subreddit ABraThatFits or The Bra Matrix for info on how to fit yourself.

    Another thing: because cup sizes are relative to band size, you need to adjust that when recalculating sizes. For example a 28F, 30E, 32DD, 34D, 36C, 38B and 40A all have the same cup size, but different band sizes. A 30D has much smaller cups than a and a 38D (3 cup sizes smaller, to be precise).

    Even professional fitters fit women into wrong sizes, just to sell their bras in a miserably small range of sizes. A good bra brand should carry over 80 sizes! Check out Panache, Freya and Ewa Michalak for gorgeous and affordable bras in a huge size range.

  • Thank you for this comment!! I also see sooo many women with the wrong bra fit…and I would say that the most important thing is to find the model that suits you the best. I know that some brands are more in fashion but women should always keep in mind that when it comes to bras, the fitting does it all – nobody cares what brand it is. I went to London to shop with my mother and my sister-in-law. They both have huge breasts and no idea of their true size. I took on the mission and taught them their real size and now they look beautiful with their breasts in the right height and position. :-)

    I am a 34C (EU 75C). When I was in my 20’s I could actually be without a bra, since they were so firm (oh, those were the days…) but now in my 40’s and after having 2 children (I gained 30 kg with both pregnancies and then went back to my normal size, I produced around one litre of breast milk every day while I was breastfeeding…), I definitely need a bra from the moment I get out of bed.
    Also, back in the days I fit best in a very v-cut bra (keeping them in from the sides, with a very nice plunge), whereas now I fit better in a balcony model (holding them up but letting go on the sides :-)). I love a lace triangle bra and wear them from time to time, but they really don’t do the job, unfortunately…

  • Stephanie December, 11 2014, 3:07 / Reply

    You literally interviewed people with small chests only.
    This post is pretty useless to anyone else.

  • Hi Stephanie,
    Garance doesn’t have small boobs! I just talked to the women here in the Studio, but would love to hear your thoughts – and hope that this will encourage others with larger chests to share their thoughts here in the comments :)

  • The eternal boob debate :) I used to want to have big bouncy boobs when I was a teenager and used to stuff my bra with tissue :) Then my boobs grew and for a while I was very happy with them until I discovered fashion- and realised that clothes basically look better on a very small chested women. Having said that, I qiote like them :) I love soft lace bras but it’s difficult to find pretty & sophisticated bras without spending a fortune. I’ve recently discovered Polish brand Charlotte Rouge and loving it. A push up makes for fun for the hills.

  • Excellent survey! And a topic near and dear to our own hearts. We hope you won’t mind if we pose the question(s) on our own site.

  • I like everything about your article! Such a rare thing to find an honest conversation about boobs)
    I personally like by boobs too. They’re very small but comfortable))
    The only thing that frustrates me is finding a nice bra. Don’t know why, but in Ukraine in stores you can only find wire padded wonderbra style ones. I want lace triangles too!

    BarbarianMe Blog

  • Bien joli article, effectivement sur un sujet qui nous concerne toutes :) je dois tout d’abord souligner que la parure de lingerie sur la photo est particulièrement jolie ! Pour le reste, je suis un peu comme vous, plutôt pas mécontente de ma poitrine, pas bien grosse mais que je trouve adaptée au reste de ma morphologie.
    Je trouve les soutiens gorges en triangle dentelle noire superbes, mais sur moi j’avoue que j’aime bien un petit effet push up, même si je ne mets pas particulièrement de décolleté (comme toi, je préfères dévoiler mes jambes !).

    xx CarolineJ

  • How about talking to some stylish women who have had children…

  • Qu’est-ce que je pense de mes seins? JE LES ADORE. Je ne veux pas avoir les seins d’une autre personne, les miens me suffisent. Elles ont une size PARFAITE, elles sont rondes comme jamais, super soutenues! Mon copain est toujours aussi fasciné par le fait qu’ils sont aussi ronds et soutenues. Il m’a dit en dirait une chirurgie, mais ce n’est pas le cas. Il prends bien soins d’elles (wink! wink!) Durant l’hiver, je porte des sweaters donc je me permet par moment de ne pas mettre de soutien gorge! LIBERTÉ et si confortable. Parfois, je mets des «bralettes» aussi, qui sont aussi confortables. Durant mes vacances d’hiver pendant un mois et demi je pense les laisser le plus possible free! Elles le méritent.

  • I like my small breasts! I used to want them to be bigger so I bought a lot of push-up bras but they were so uncomfortable! I’ve learned to embrace their size and now I wear nothing with filling -it just doesn’t feel like myself. Besides, they’ve gotten a little bit bigger since I started taking the pill. Nonetheless, it can be quite difficult for me to get a bra that fits perfectly (specially when buying strapless ones with support) since my back is too large, and the cups of the sizes that fit my contour are always too big.

  • Thank you Garance for bringing up the big boobs’ clothing problem ! It’s like EVERYTHING nowadays is designed for small-chested girls and it feels extremely frustrating. If i don’t want my boobs to look like they’re huge and low (like, with claudine collars), i end up with cleavages. And i don’t always want to be this feminine, but when you have a generous bust, you don’t have that much choices… (And i don’t think that Garance has really big boobs, she looks super fine in outfits that would never work with my size). I love my boobs, it was hard to accept them when growing up, but i did and i wish clothes would stop making me feel like i’m not normal.
    Sometimes i wish i could spread the world in the fashion industry… hey! not everyone is shaped like a model ! and it would be much more fun if we could all have a big range of options when it comes to tees, dresses, bras and so on ! Think about Christina Hendricks, Lara Stone… Wouldn’t it be great to see more of these beautiful, bigs boobs ladies ;)

  • Brooklyn Confidential December, 11 2014, 4:59 / Reply

    When it comes to my breasts.. I was on a quest to lose weight and get healthy so when the pounds dropped, so did my breast and I hated that. I have been a D since my teens but never thought they were connected so closely to my weight. My family is really small chested with small waists with a lot of butt. So when I went down to B’s, my world stopped and didn’t like it at all. I have settled with the idea that health is more important than anything but I wouldn’t want to be any smaller than a C.

    The bras I like most are the ones that do their intended job primarily and then provide some feminine style secondarily. I love the Donna Karen brand and per styles, I *need* full coverage and wider bands. A well supported underwire that is a balconette fit. The brand that I hate most is Victoria’s Secret. How can a lingerie brand make such poorly constructed, overly padded and cheap bras that cost $50? Insanity. Why do they pad D cup bras??? No women who is a full D needs that horrible padding or shaping they add on their bras.

  • i am really happy ETERNAL*VOYAGEUR made her comment. majority of girls do not know their real bre size!
    i am an american apparel S size, 160cm, to give you an idea on my figure – and my bra size is 65 ff . when you read it, you most probably imagine my breasts as huge baloons stuck to my chest; the truth is that – well – my breasts are not small at all, but at the same time they are not enourmously huge. just breasts that are more visible than other breasts. my sister has always considered herself as completely flat, but when she had her bra chosen by a professional brafitter, it turned out she is a 65C size. C! she thought Cs were reserved for curvy girls and – surprise – with her quite boyish figure she was one of the C-cup girls herself. and it did boost her self-confidence too. every girl try to look into lingerie brands that offer huge range of really cute bra sizes (freya, panache): women are not made to wear 70A -75B – 80C – 85D only!

    and i also had a feeling that studio interviewed smaller-chested girls only. or girls that do not know what their size is..? anyway, if a girl has bigger boobs – and i consider myself as one – she could never wear COS or forthnight triangle-cut lingerie! i have tried COS bras becasuse they’re SO pretty and – – – they could work as nipple covers only cause in terms of support and fit that bigger breasts need, they are completely useless.

    and the fact that buying clothes is a bit more complicated when you’re bigger boobed is a completely different story.

  • ahahah Je lis cette article et j’imagine toutes les filles qui ont du faire comme en moi en finissant de le lire : soulever leurs tee-shirts et inspecter leurs seins pendant 30 minutes ! J’ai accepté mes petits seins mais je rêverai d’avoir des gros seins pendant une semaine pour connaitre la sensation : je me dis pour me consoler que ça m’arrivera peut être si je tombe enceinte ;) ;)

  • Georgiana December, 11 2014, 8:26 / Reply

    Mine literally exploded out of my body at the age of 15 and it took me a long time to get used to their size (big), their shape (more National Geographic than Playboy), and how to dress them. Big boobs are tricky, they can look cheap if not dressed juuuuuust right. Anyway, twenty three years and a child took their toll on my beautiful boobies. I recently had them lifted and am very happy. The twins are perkier than they’ve been in a very long time!

  • I have size 30F boobs, and even though I love the way the girls sit naturally, I feel like anyone else I know with big boobs has perfect perky implants! So jealous!
    I do however make sure I use MV Skincare Jojoba oil or Mio boob tube lotion, and massage in an upward motion to help keep ’em perky! I’ve actually noticed a big difference by doing this post shower quick ritual. I wear the Chantelle Rive Gauche Bra, the only great sexy and supportive bra I’ve found that works with any type of clothing. The good thing about big boobs is, it makes your waistline appear slim!

  • J’etais hyper complexée adolescente… Toutes mes copines avaient des mégas boobs et moi je restais plate… et j’espérais désespérément qu’ils poussent mais ma mere m’a dit un jour : ”N’espere pas avoir de gros seins. Dans la famille on est toutes plates, tu ne feras pas exception”… tristesse… Je revais de chirurgie et de gros seins. J’avais l’impression que je ne trouverai jamais de copain avec une poitrine pareil. On est con quand on est ado quand meme…
    Et puis a la sortie de l’adolescence c’est passe… le complexe est parti et maintenant ca m’est completement egal. Je ne les aime pas particulierement, ils pourraient ne pas etre la, ca serait (presque) pareil.

  • OK none of you has very big boobs, but many of us do. At 13-14 I was an otherwise skinny girl with a 70D (32D), and I hated it. Then I gained some teenage weight and my boobs grew even more. Hated it even more. My friends got cute little bras at H&M with flowers or Snoopies, and I had to wear these big grandma things.

    As I got older, I lost some weight, but the boobs stayed. At 29 I am a 70F (US 32DDD). But since some time in my late teens/early twenties, I started loving them. Like Garance, I had a moment when they shrunk a bit, and it felt weird.

    I have found that good bras (Chantelle, Simone Perele, Freya, Curvy Kate) make ALL the difference when it comes to both comfort and looks. I like bras that don´t push my boobs out towards my armpits, but that lift them just a tiny bit inwards-upwards. “3-piece” models (the cup is made of three pieces of fabric, like this work better than two-piece or one piece ones.

    I hate the word sagging, but of course big boobs hang lower than small ones. When I am naked, I still think they are beautiful like that. with clothes on, I want that little lift that a good bra gives.

    But first and foremost, we should stop obsessing with having perfect boobs! They are just as different as noses, all unique. I love what Keira Knightley did, refusing to have her topless pic photoshopped.

    Love to all of you and your boobs!

  • J’ai des petits seins, 85B, mais sur 1.60 m, c’est plutôt proportionnel. J’ai été en paix avec eux dès qu’ils ont poussé, j’aimais bien leur forme. Avec la grossesse, je suis passée au 85…E !! Bon, c’était rigolo, le temps de la grossesse… maintenant ils sont revenus à leur taille d’avant, mais leur forme a changé, ils ont perdu leur galbe et oui, pendouillent un peu… j’ai un peu plus de mal avec eux, depuis. Deux options : assumer, avec des sous-tifs triangles, ou alors le push-up. En tous cas j’ai dû changer tous mes soutifs, plus un seul ne m’allait :-(

  • Great subject, loved reading this post!

  • La photo de cet article est très belle!
    C’est très intéressant de savoir la vision de chaque femme par rapport à cette partie si intime d’elle même.
    Concernant les soutifs moi j’aime beaucoup Princesse tam tam, marque française, cocorico!
    Garance a raison, les français savent faire de la belle lingerie.


  • Vraiment sympa ces petites interviews … moi qui suis complexé à mort, j’aurai un peu de mal à en parler :-(

  • I’m almost surprised to see that there seems to a majority of smaller-breasted women out there. And, here I thought it was the contrary! Be that as it may, I’m rather on the bigger half of the scale. Nothing overwhelming (I’m a 85D : 32C US?), but big enough to make dressing a bit of a challenge and requiring some thought before buying/dressing in order to find a flattering look.
    In dance/ballet class, I can’t not wear a sports bra. How I envy those with smaller breasts who don’t have to worry about this. Personally, I choose my bras carefully, cuz I want support and none of the bouncy effect (especially I have a very determineg gait!), and no strap lines in the back, if at all possible (same problem as underwear lines. :) Even though I’m rather petite in terms of back, bras nowadays tend to come with these damn strap lines, no matter how fit your back is). My husband loves the bouncy effect, but I find it unattractive and sometimes painful (depending on the time of the month, yes, hehe). Finding a good sexy bra with proper support has become somewhat of a challenge too. And, I’m not ready to buy a grandma playtex model, no sir. lol
    Choosing a comfortable, adapted, sexy bra with good support is definitely a complicated operation. In addition to back lines and bouncing, I can’t stand it when they fall or buldge out when you bend over. I never was a big fan of a double boob per cup. LOL

    My breasts tend to fluctuate a lot, in connection with weight, hormones (damn you, hormones!), etc. So, I have to choose my bra carefully depending on the garmet I’m going to wear, what time of the month it is and the hormoned-induced fluctuations, etc. Maternity also had an effect obviously. I had gone up to a good E cup (France) during my pregnancy, and after breastfeeding, they had shrunk down to a small C/big B. But, now, they’re back to their regular D cup. Over the years though, I do feel more comfortable when I’m down to a C cup; it’s much easier to live with than a D cup, which is borderline too big and complicates dressing.

    I don’t dislike my breasts though, don’t get me wrong. I’m lucky cuz they’re nicely shaped, but I do have to put some extra thought into how I dress them and support them, that’s for sure.

    Anyhoo, to each her own, right?

  • Voilà une page qui servira beaucoup à ma copine, elle complexe assez pour cette partie de son corps. Alors que, moi, je trouve qu’elle est superbe.

  • This is kind of a nice way of talking about breast size, sites like the Daily Mail and a lot of magazines make such a big deal out of huge boobs and butts (ahem, Kim Kardashian) that sometimes I feel like a skinny, unwomanly alien. It’s comforting though to read about other women with small chest sizes that are accepting of their body as it is, as it makes me feel more encouraged to love my own.

  • I am a large-breasts-on-a-small-person, and have always been uncomfortable with it. 34D or 32DD. When I was 12, men on the streets made seriously inappropriate comments which made me want to be invisible. I was a performer for most of my life, and had no trouble being practically naked onstage–it was a character, not me—but I DID hate showing my body in life. Clothes do not fit, partly because of my chest size, and partly because I seem to generally be a large small person, if that makes sense. 5’2″ and curvy, big breasts and butt and small waist. Basically, the 1950s Playboy ideal, which I HATED, because in my mind I was 6′ tall, straight up and down and flat-chested. Think Jenna Lyons.

    It’s been interesting reconciling how I seem to outsiders with how I feel inside. Now that I’m 54 and no longer performing, I dress as I please and feel fine with my body. Fashion says I should show my curves, but you know what? I don’t want to!!!! I wear big loose tops and leggings and boots and feel great. I just want to be comfortable and stylish in my own way. Getting older is fabulous—your head stops spinning around about things like breasts…..:)

    But for all you larger-breasted women–a good well-fitting bra is a must. Wacoal is mine.

  • Jenna Lyons is not flat-chested, if Jenna Lyons is the one you call having small brest, what about the rest of us??! :))

  • I have 32B breasts and I have had a like/hate relationship with them, even though since I was in college I’ve had some awesome compliments from boyfriends. When I was younger and didn’t have them (was a late bloomer) I loved it as my friends were all in chest pain from growth and I could still be very physical like the boys were. I remember telling my mom I never wanted to wear a bra so she got me a “it’s nice to be a female” book but that didn’t change my mind. I wore bras but hated them (partially why I hated my boobs, thinking I HAD to wear a bra) but then in my 20s I told my mom again that I hated wearing one and she said so don’t wear one! Revelation! I still wear one occasionally and had it professionally fitted which made a big difference, but I still opt not too and I’m starting to think that it’s sexier rather than being embarrassed by it. I think some people are put off by this, especially in the summer when I’m riding my bike. I know I’ve unintentionally flashed some people, but I keep telling myself that it’s their problem. I like the European way that boobs are natural, and quite attractive! so why be so offended by them? At least I like to think that’s the European way, but I guess it depends where you are.

  • Please do not call them “boobs” That is an insult to start. How about simply…BREASTS!

  • I believe I am in the middle, average size wise. When I was younger I wanted them bigger. When I was pregnant they seemed huge and annoying at times. Now they seem back to normal, almost, and sometimes I wouldn’t mind if they were a bit smaller, maybe.

    But what has saved me since my first pregnancy is a bra fitting. I found a great local shop, independent, and the owner and staff are very knowledgeable. They fit you properly and you look so much better in the right size. My boobs look good, my waist looks smaller, my clothes fit better. I check my size once a year and besides pregnancies I’ve pretty much stayed the same. But I swear by this shop and the owner they saved me!

  • ” let’s talk about boobs.”

    I really like this blog and with all do respect that opening statement feels like I just opened 17 magazine. I am used to this blog being grown up and sophisticated and having a great sense of humor and irony. I think this blog has a better reputation than writing like that.

  • Thought you might enjoy this very funny piece on bras…Yes! to new sizing!,28804,1677329_1678543_1677895,00.html

  • Good for you for addressing this issue! At 50 I’m loving my big boobs (32DDD at 5’3″) though I have considered a breast reduction and there have been the ups and downs of ill-fitting blouses (which I eventually gave up on) and constant cleavage which I now see gives instant sexiness when I want it. As for wishing for big boobs in a bikini…it doesn’t work as the cup runneth over:).

  • J’adore cet article !
    Mon rapport avec mes seins évolue avec le temps, j’ai longtemps été complexée, les trouvant trop petits au point même de ne pas me sentir totalement femme.
    Puis il a fallu le regard d’un homme, de mon Homme qui les aime comme ils sont, il m’a aidé à me décomplexer, à leur porter un autre regard et à les aimer.
    Je me sens encore plus femme, ils sont certes petits mais ils sont beaux, tout ronds et desirables pour mon Homme. Merci à mon amour :)

  • Genevieve December, 12 2014, 8:10 / Reply

    Great post. A bit off topic but I would love to know what you all wear – at home – when you want to be comfortable but still look stylish. Especially with big boobs! All the pretty little chemises do not work with a larger chest but who wants to wear a bra while at home. I’d love a post on this subject! Love the blog. xx

  • Hi Neada! Instant LOVE for the underwear in the pic.. Thanks for making me discover!
    I’m a size S with a C cup and sometimes do think it’s more difficult to dress (fitted knits, delicate lingerie) than a smaller cup size.. but then again I guess girls with curly hair want straight hair and vice versa :-)

  • I am a 32 F but also very short from my breasts to my waist so always have to alter the straps of all bras. It can be very hard to dress my figure and at times the reality is so far from my ideal that I give up and revert to all navy with stan smiths etc and give up on the feminine. I agree comfortable bras like Simone Perele are a miracle but they sort of spoil you for anything else! Can’t be bothered with something ill fitting so despite trying on numerous styles revert to same Perle model all the time (plus strap shortening!) … Re comment above for at home I always wear a bra – except to bed. Was fascinated by US soaps like Sex & the city where the woman seems to wear a bra to sleep in – & make love in!

  • Great post! And love the heads up on these bras. I finally decided to stop wearing padded underwire bras and didn’t know where to shop now I do!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  • I have very small boobs, and it’s only in the past year where I’ve started to embrace them…and slowly grow to love them and be comfortable with what I have. When I was younger I’d wish for bigger boobs and yes I had contemplated perhaps getting surgery on them in the future, but growing older I’ve decided that would be a shame to change myself. I’ve started to get comfortable in wearing non-padded bras. I always used to wear padded bras even though I hated them. Slowly, and I mean slowly, I am starting to lean towards non padded in my everyday life!

    I do get the occasional “I don’t feel womanly, or feminine enough” but I’m working on that. Posts, like this, really help me to remember that I am a beautiful woman… Big boobs or small! Thanks Neada, Garance!

    But taking it a step forward, what sort of clothing/tops and cuts look good with small ( and I mean small) boobs?

  • I agree! I want to wear comfortable bras that still make me feel sexy!

  • Eh bien moi je n’avais aucune poitrine. Apoplasie mammaire ça s’appelle. Je le vivais assez bien, une vraie liberté de mouvement, dormir sur le ventre sans se poser de questions, sentir la poitrine et le coeur de son homme battre contre le sien, c’est sympa. Mais ô que je ne m’aimais pas dans la glace. Je me trouvais disproportionnée. Alors, je ne dis pas que c’est pour tout le monde (oh non), mais depuis mon augmentation mammaire, je m’aime pleinement. Mes seins me font encore mal (c’est assez récent, moins de 6 mois) et mes cicatrices ne disparaissent pas autant que je l’aimerais, cependant ils ont acquis une certaines souplesse (fluffing) et j’adore ça. Pour beaucoup je n’ai toujours pas une grosse poitrine (90B), ce qui me convient: je garde ma liberté de mouvement et ma silhouette générale n’a pas changé. Par contre je suis toujours perplexe sur comment parer mon torse à présent de façon à ce que ma poitrine soit mise en valeur sans agiter les personnes aux bonnes moeurs ;)

  • :( I have tuberous breast deformity and will never understand what it’s like to love my breasts and plastic surgery is really my only option even though I don’t want to go through it. women: do not take your nicely shaped chest, whether big or small, for granted!

  • Merci pour cet article ! j’ai longtemps été complexée , mon plus gros complexe étant mes seins trop petits. mais heureusement il y a toujours des solutions

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