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I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, or say, a beauty product by its packaging but don’t you just love it when your products look so beautiful they double as shelf art? Because looks are a thing but not everything, we went on a mission inside our own respective medicine cabinets to find the beauty products that not only sit pretty but work really well too.Turns out beauty and function CAN coexist, also turns out, we’re all a little more high maintenance than we thought…

Garance, Pratima Love Oil
This oil was a present from Delphine, and at first I thought “Oooooh it’s so pretty with all these herbs gracefully floating in it and the beautiful minimal logo!” thinking it’s probably just that: pretty. But then I opened it, and not only does it smell amazing, but I love the way my skin feels after I apply it. Delphine doesn’t mess around with beauty. This oil is from the very highly regarded Pratima Ayurvedic Spa in New York, where it seems like all the cool girls hang out lately. So after loving the oil so much, I went and got a treatment. It was amazing as promised, and now I want to buy the whole line.

Audrey, Eve Lom Cleanser
As I write this, I’m realizing it means I can no longer claim to have a low maintenance beauty routine… I was the girl who got ready in 5 minutes but the Eve Lom Creme Demaquillante Cleanser changed everything. So yes, it takes a while to use and it’s a whole process. There’s a cloth that comes with it and it goes on your face 4 different times. Rinse, repeat, rinse, exfoliate, it’s a ritual that at first I didn’t think I’d be able to stick to. But from day 1, my skin felt so great, so soft and clean without being dry, that I never ever looked back. Now it takes me 10 minutes just to wash my face and I swear I’m fine with it, it’s the best part of my morning.

Tori, Quip Electric Toothbrush
I had been debating whether or not to make the oral hygiene jump from manual to mechanical. I am one of those people who always thought, why do I need a fancy overpriced toothbrush when I can get one for $5 that gets the job done? Plus, I was never enthused by how clunky and obnoxious the mechanicals would look hanging out on my bathroom sink. Then, the Quip came along – modern, slender, and sufficient. I never thought I’d get the most compliments for my toothbrush, but, hey, I’ll take it.

Brie, Couto Toothpaste
I acknowledge that I am a real snob when it comes to wanting all of my products to look beautiful when you open the bathroom cabinet, however they must also be useful. As in not just cabinet-candy. Couto toothpaste is pretty AND rich with history, created in 1932 to help receding gums, it is still carried out by the Couto family in Portugal. Plus, it’s slightly less trendy than Marvis.



Emily, True Botanicals Pure Radiance Oil
If you’ve been reading the site for a while, you know when it comes to beauty I like to pretend that I’m super low maintenance but you’ve probably sensed a pattern that I’m actually not. This oil (while part of a very serious cleansing ritual I have now) is amazing as a stand-alone product. My skin can be pretty temperamental with the weather (too dry, to oily, totally clear, totally full of pimples) and it has helped even me out without making me break out. I use it on my face every morning and night and it’s keeping the area around my nose that gets fuzzy with dry skin totally shining and my pimply forehead (I blame the bangs) moisturized and clear. It’s pricey, I know, but for me it’s one of those products that’s totally worth it.

Natalie, Cosmos Everywhere Salve
I thought I had low expectations when it came to beauty before I started writing this paragraph. Characteristics that I look for in a product: Affordable, attractive, effective, natural, cruelty free, multipurpose, and cute. Is that too much to ask? You might say yes, but I actually found one. The Everywhere Salve by Cosmos, DIY-esque in the perfect way, checks all my boxes and has become my year round sidekick. I use it religiously on my lips, under my nose, on my eyelids, and (in the spirit of being honest here) on other parts of my body when I go braless on a cold and windy day, if you catch my drift….

Alison, Koreas Olive Oil Shower Gel
I never really cared about the products I used at home, usually just buying basic, easy products I knew worked for me and didn’t break the bank. However, Garance returned from Greece over the summer with this shower gel as a souvenir (and a thank you for watching Lulu), Thanks G! It was perfect timing as I was running low on my usual wash, and I’ve been in love ever since. It’s natural, earthy, and has an amazing texture. Best of all, I finally have an aesthetically pleasing product in my shower (if you divert your eyes from the Pantene mountain in the other corner).

Pia, Aesop Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser
As someone with extremely sensitive skin, it’s always such a bonus when I find a beauty product that looks good AND doesn’t make me break out in hives! Aesop also uses recycled glass, plastic and cardboard in their packaging and their products are cruelty-free, so it’s a great brand to buy if you’re interested in sustainable living. Can we also just discuss the smell for a second? Heavenly!

Carie, Herbivore After Sun Soothing Aloe Mist
When things are multipurpose, their appeal instantly increases in my book. Even better when they don’t intentionally strive to check off more than one box. I first discovered Herbivore’s After Sun Soothing Aloe Mist this summer when it ended up on my desk at the Studio. I tend to use it late in the afternoon when I feel drowsy as it lends a nice, caffeine-free, pick-me-up quality. Now that it’s cooler outside and our building is overheated, the mist feels extra refreshing as a cooling and moisturizing treat, and the smell makes me nostalgic for the warmth and happiness of summer Fridays.

Brittany, Nasomatto Narcotic Perfume
I have to admit, I was initially sold on it by the packaging alone. The square glass bottle with a sculptural wood top was just so cool that even if I hadn’t liked the scent, I might have convinced myself I did to justify an indulgent beauty product purchase. But, on the first spritz of tuberose and spices, I knew I’d found that perfume— the one that never fails to make me feel amazing. Even on a bad day, a spray of it always gives me that extra something (and it’s a little work of art for my top shelf).



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  • I’m intrigued by Quip. What a brilliant idea. Electric tooth brushes are the best but mine is awkward and ugly.
    My game changer was One Love Organics Vitamin B cleanser. Cleanses but doesn’t dry my skin out.

  • Totally agree with you, when a product has a beautiful packaging, the experience of using it becomes radically better. I’m a packaging lover <3

    Discover the new section on my blog, wonderful women, & meet Itziar Fuentes and her brand Homies Marbella.

    Have a lovely day! MG

  • Hey! Where’s Erik in this list? :)

  • My thought exactly !

  • Je suis vraiment archi fan du cleanser Eve Lom… C’est vrai que c’est un petit rituel qui prend du temps mais le matin au réveil ma peau est repulpée et toute douce!! Je ne peux plus m’en passer !!

  • Ce qui manque ici, en France, c’est le Probiotic Skin Refiner de The Beauty Chef.
    Vous l’avez testé de l’autre côté de l’Atlantique ?

  • …also “diptyque” Infused facial water — sublime…

  • Beaux et géniaux, pour moi : les opiats dentaires et les huiles végétales Buly, celle d’argan, en tête!

  • It is amazing

  • It is amazing post. Thanks for our post.

  • Heu moi j’aimerais bien que Nathalie explique davantage parce que non je ne vois pas trop ce qu’elle veut dire même si ça a l’air très drôle.

    sinon moi c’est C Ferulic de Skineuticals. on dirait des fioles pas sexy mais pas moche moche non plus. en tous cas hyper efficace pour moi qui aie la peau foncée qui vire olivatre l’hiver.

  • Beauty and fashion are two essential facts of women life…

  • I’ve been using AND LOVING the Pure Radiance Oil from True Botanicals for months. It’s such a breakthrough. I think too many women get the wrong idea about facial oils after trying a low-quality one. Plant-based oils are notoriously fragile, meaning that if they’ve been improperly processed or adversely affected by heat, light, or air, they can be downgraded from a skincare powerhouse into a dull, lifeless substance or—worse yet—a rancid free radical-promoting brew. Which is why I love this one. I can rely on the quality. The bottle ends up lasting me about 8 weeks with day and night use.

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