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Last week, Alex and I went for a coffee with Norma Kamali. You may have heard of her, she is known for her bathing suits that give you the body of a goddess. Initially, we planned on doing a Beauty Minute with her. But the conversation continued, and it lasted much longer than a minute! We quickly fell under Norma’s spell — she is bright, energetic, radiant, and most of all, incredibly (and naturally) gorgeous.

Oh, I almost forgot. Norma is 68. Now you want to know even more about her, right?

So here is our beauty “hour” (we condensed it a little bit, of course!) with Norma Kamali. And one day, she’s definitely going to have to tell us the story of her career. That’s a must.

What is your daily routine like?

My routine is very simple. I really pair down products and like things that I can use as a universal cream. I have a liniment that I have found as a result of searching for olive oil through the Olive Belts. It is a liniment made with calcium and olive oil, and it is a very ordinary liniment that is you know, found anywhere – it is not special. But I brought the liniment here, and I use it for everything. I swear to you it is the best thing.

In the morning, I brush my teeth before I take a shower – I brush my teeth with a tooth soap that is made with olive oil and cinnamon. It is just a little dropper and then you brush your teeth with it. It pulls bacteria out of your mouth. There is a thing called oil pulling. You can use this for pulling because it is oil. It is a great practice. [Editor’s Note: We haven’t tried oil pulling yet, have you done it?] Then the next thing I do is take a shower – and I have olive soap which is made with the paste that comes after the olives are pressed the oil goes out. It has no chemicals in it. You can wash with it and it smells like the earth and it really cleans. You feel squeaky clean and there is no residue. I wash in the shower with a loofa and the olive oil soap and then I take the calcium liniment in the shower and while the water is still going, I put the liniment all over my body and I just let the heat help it sink in to my skin, so when I towel dry it is mixed into my skin perfectly.

When I shampoo my hair, whether it is in the morning or at night or whenever I decide to do it, I use this shampoo that doesn’t have any soap in it and it is called Purely Perfect and it’s so amazing. You will see such a difference in your hair with it. We have had it for like 6 months now and I love it. My hair feels so different from it.

Throughout the day I literally have my little bottle of calcium liniment that I just put on my face, especially in the winter or in the summer when your skin gets dry. I will put it on my legs. I use calcium liniment for anything and everyone. At night I put calcium liniment on my feet, and I put my work out socks over them and it makes a difference. I use the liniment to take my makeup off. I don’t really use makeup except for mascara. I am experimenting with one that we just got in from RMS. And then I use our stain lip color that is also made from plants. It is all plant based. And so basically everything I put on my body, you can eat.

So you don’t use foundation?

No, but I do use a tanner that I did last night. The tanner is from The Organic Pharmacy in London, and we just started carrying it here too. It is great because it is organic and it is really great stuff. Anything that is plant based is great. I use that maybe once or twice a week so I don’t need to put any foundation or anything on. The older you get the worse your skin looks with makeup on. And I don’t think people need foundation. I think less is better.

I use a fragrance that I love called Restore and that is also plant based. You can actually drink it with hot water. And the thing about plant based fragrances like that is that they make you feel good and it is not so much about you recording my scent when you see me, but when I put Restore on I feel good. I feel restored. And it makes people feel good around me to because it has a quality, it has a scent that is very relaxing and restorative. And that basically is it. I don’t use nail polish. I need a manicure, but whatever. When it happens it happens, and I am pretty low maintenance as far as that goes.

Do you put a SPF on your skin?

Yeah. And I go in the sun for a while, but I don’t lay in the sun. If I am on the beach walking around I put something on. But most of the time I am not so focused on lying there. I don’t have that personality. I can’t. I am like, ok, I got to go.

Do you ever get facials?

I absolutely do. First of all, I do acupuncture every week because I think that’s really important. I get the micro-current facials. I love love love them. I go to Joanna Vargas. She is terrific. I love going there and I always fall asleep. I fall asleep with acupuncture too. I think I just go places so I can take a nap.

But I really think that it is amazing. It is amazing that it really works. I go every week. The idea of having anesthesia and cutting into your face so scares me that I will go to Joanna everyday if I have to.

What do you do for hair color?

That is the tricky one. The color I use has the least amount of ammonia. If you have hair color like mine with no blonde or highlights – what they do is that they will put just the pure color with something that transfers the hair color to your hair, but it is not as intense as ammonia. And so they will just put that on. But if you have shades and stuff going on. It won’t work. That is the big nemesis because there is nothing yet. And every once in a while I wonder how much grey do I have and what would happen if I just left it and made my ends black. But then you’re looked at too much for being different and I am not wanting that right now. I had red hair for 15 years and that was fine and then I said I didn’t want to do that anymore. I loved it and it was a lot of fun.

What is your diet like?

For a long period of time I did raw. More than 85%. Now I mix. I have fish. Which is probably the only non-vegan thing I do. And then the other thing is that I have steamed vegetables. I go to Souen and get stuff to go. So that is not raw because it is steamed. But it is the food I like best.

Have you always eaten that way?

No. I tried a macrobiotic diet. And being a vegetarian was part of my life for a good part of it. I used to have a smoke and eat a bacon cheeseburger, many, many years ago, probably in the 70’s. I was smoking a cigarette and eating the bacon cheeseburger, just to be clear, incase you didn’t think you heard that right.

In fact, everybody smoked in the company. In the sample room. Around all the fabric. There were ashtrays with cigarettes. All the pattern makers. Everyone. There would be smoke up in the ceiling. It wasn’t anything we thought about. It was a prop. Having a cigarette and a cup of coffee or a cigarette and a glass of wine. That was kind of it.

Do you have a workout routine?

Well I think working out everyday is very important. At 4:45pm everyday I go to the gym. I come in very early so my day is technically over then. I’ll come back if I have a fitting or something to approve then I do that and then I go home. And then on the weekends I can mix it up and do different times. But I like it. I need it because I have this energy thing.

I have done so many different types of exercise. Since 1980 basically every kind of exercise you can think of. Seven years ago – more than 7 years ago – I tore my meniscus.I didn’t want to get an operation so I did physical therapy but I was really out of shape for a whole year of doing nothing really and so I said on New Years Eve, I am ready to go back to exercise. said I am going to find the closest place to this building, I don’t care what it is. The closest building. So I researched and researched and found 25 West 56th street. In it is this exercise called Physique 57 – so I went in and I hadn’t even seen what it was. I said I will do 5 classes and if I commit to 5 classes, I will go. I will figure out how do it. And I go into the class and go what the hell is this? I was really out of shape and I was nervous about my knee. But after the 5th class I was like I love this – this is perfect for me. I do it everyday.

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  • J’adore “tout ce que je mets sur ma peau est comestible”.
    Je n’arrive pas à croire qu’elle ai 68ans! Elle n’a presque pas une ride et elle est rayonnante!
    Il faut que je teste ce fameux bain de bouche à l’huile d’olive, il parait que c’est génial.
    Merci pour toutes ces astuces beauté!

  • What???? 68 years old? Can’t believe it!
    Anyway, she has a perfect healthy lifestyle!!!
    Thanks for this nice article!!!

    Le monde des petites

  • i wish i will look like her when i’ll be her age: she’s fabulous :)

  • J’ai du mal à croire qu’elle a 68 ans, elle a un visage de jeune fille! J’ai récemment testé le bain de bouche à l’huile d’olive, je pensais que j’aurais du mal, et en fait c’est vraiment génial et naturel!

  • Thank you so much for sharing Norma’s beauty routine, I’m going to pin this and hope I’ll be as radiant as she is when I turn 68 ;-)

  • Adorable, bon sens, parfait and no way she is 68! :)

  • Delphine April, 29 2014, 9:39 / Reply

    I have been mesmerized by Norma for years… She is an inspiration! And her one piece swimsuits are truly the best…

  • severine April, 29 2014, 9:41 / Reply

    Mais non mais 68 ans …?
    Est ce que vous pourriez demander quand c’est à ce point hallucinant (on dirait qu’elle a une quarantaine, c’est presque flippant) si elle fait/a fait qqchose (chirurgie, injections, que sais je) ? Est ce que le débat est possible sur ce point ou ça “ne se fait pas” ?
    parce que franchement à ce point là, le discours je suis comme ça car je me lave avec une éponge loofah et je mange cru, c’est bien mais comment n’y crois pas

  • Salut Garance,

    je suis toujours religieusement ton blog et j’ai adoré cette interview, j’ai vraiment envie d’en savoir plus sur cette femme qui est juste magnifique. Merci Garance pour le travail que tu fais avec ton équipe :)

  • Great beauty routine, i love her sunglasses!!!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  • Ce que je trouve dingue c’est le liniment…c’est un produit que j’utilisais pour le change de mon bébé. Je me demande si c’est la même composition…

  • MissPimpin April, 29 2014, 10:02 / Reply

    Bon Garance, tu fais toujours de magnifiques photos qui subliment les femmes, mais là, avouons-le, cette femme est au moins aussi canon que ses maillots !!!
    J’ai honte

  • J’en reviens toujours pas que cette dame magnifique est 68 ans… Elle en fait 15 ou 20 ans de moins!!! A croire que la génétique est parfois super généreuse ? Enfin on comprend quand même qu’il y a une philosophie de vie hyper “healthy”. J’aime beaucoup sa démarche du “less is more” et puis de choisir des produits bio, ou naturels. Je mange également beaucoup d’aliments cuits à la vapeur ou crus, et ça a été une révolution pour mon corps et ma ligne…
    J’espère être aussi belle et en forme que Norma à son âge, je trouve ça incroyable…
    Au fait, j’adore ses lunettes, c’est de qui ??!

  • great routine she has, I am in love with her bathing suits.


  • Man, she really makes me take a hard look at my diet….and exercise….and beauty routine. She’s really amazing.

  • Caroline April, 29 2014, 10:12 / Reply

    She looks amazing and she seems to have a really healthy lifestyle. But, come on, amazing genes must count for at least 50% of her looks, even at 68, right?

  • Ditto on genes! Huge part of how you age.

  • love norma….love her routine…going to be looking into the products she uses….WOW..68…looks fabulous…..happy tuesday XOXO

  • Sunny Side April, 29 2014, 10:16 / Reply

    Y a carrément de l’espoir !!! Je crois que son alimentation, son non soleil ou si peu et sa pêche sont essentiels. Elle est rayonnante !

  • … et la structure osseuse de son visage : carré, structuré, parfait pour bien vieillir :)

  • Cette femme respire l’énergie, ce doit être ça son secret. Et bien sur une hygiène de vie irréprochable. C’est très rassurant de voir des personnes comme elles qui se bonifient en vieillissant, c’est une vraie leçon d’optimisme, et je me dis toujours, c’est bon, c’est pas encore fichu !

  • Ouah quelle beauté à son age . j’utilise la methode “oïl pulling” et c’est genial ca nettoie vraiment les dents et toute la bouche pareil pour les produits the organic pharmacy ils sont géniaux.

  • Tout comme Anne, j’utilise le liniment oléo-calcaire (mélange d’huile d’olive et d’eau de chaux) pour les fesses de ma fille…mais je n’a absolument jamais pensé à l’utiliser pour moi!!! Tiens je vais essayer!
    Par contre le côté produit naturel = forcément bon, moi avec ma peau réactive je suis plus que sceptique…la chimie a parfois du bon pour éviter les allergies toutes aussi naturelles elles!

  • 68??!!!?!?!! Shut UP!

    (I haven’t even read the post yet!)

  • This is amazing! My first job in New York was working for Norma over 10 years ago. I was always impressed with her dedication to her health and beauty regimen, obviously it works! She is a classic example of aging with grace, she looks wonderful.

  • 68 ans, et cette tête là, normal: sport intensif + manger correctement = c’est pas de la magie, même s’il n’y a pas de secret. Suis pas étonnée DU TOUT.

  • I have read it now – a very inspiring woman and can’t wait to hear more from her!

    I do oil pulling (no where near as much as I should) but it is the easiest thing in the world. I put a tablespoon of coconut oil in my mouth, and ‘push’ and ‘pull’ it round my mouth, making sure it goes all round – but don’t swallow any! You need to do this for at least 20 minutes (not any longer) in order to get the benefits, this is quite a long time for a beginner and can actually be quite a tough workout for all the muscles in your mouth and jaw so build up to it. If you find it difficult, it’s ok to spit it out and start again. Then when you’re finished spit it out into the trash, and brush your teeth!
    Not only does it draw all the toxins out of your mouth, clean all in between your teeth and gums, but it makes your mouth healthier, your teeth whiter and brighter, but can improve your skin and problems like migraines.
    The uses and benefits of coconut oil are endless – make up remover, moisturiser, hair conditioner, burn treatment, it has a natural SPF 4, it can replace all other oils in cooking, and so much more that I can’t even begin to list! Just make sure that it is virgin, organic and cold-pressed, it is solid at room temperature but turns into a liquid when warm.
    Sorry for the essay – I just think that coconut oil is amazing! xxx

  • Thank you , I will try this !

  • Élora May, 1 2014, 11:40

    Ditto! Coconut oil is probably the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I oil pull with it and my teeth are significantly whiter. It actually whitened my teeth more in about two months than Crest 3D White has in three years so that’s saying!

  • Wow! It’s amazing she is 68! I have always heard that ingesting olive oil was fantastic for your health and also using it as a moisturizer. I am now VERY curious about this calcium liniment!
    Could you do a post on oil pulling?
    Love her sunglasses!

  • 68? Wow! She is lovely. Love those bangs!

  • Very inspirational!! She looks amazing!

    Check out my lifestyle blog based in Brazil:

  • Bon, on sait ce qu’il ns reste à faire maintenant!!!! Pcq à part sur le fond de teint où nos avis s’accordent, je n’ai pas trop la même vie qu’elle!!!
    Du sport ts les jours c’est ça qu’elle a dit la dame?? euhhhh

  • Wow–this woman looks amazing and I am completely in sync with her type of beauty regimen. I have tried oil pulling for a few weeks. I didn’t mind it, but really didn’t notice much of a difference in my overall (or oral) health. This may be because I don’t have any issues in this area. I do like the idea though, and may start it up again now that I’ve read this.

  • Ouhaou, cette femme est magique ! Je veux tout savoir sur elle ! (vite sa carrière) Quel modèle, quelle inspiration.

  • elle es adorable! je peux meme pas croire qu’elle a 68 ans!! that’s insane!

  • je vais mettre ma tête sous l’eau froide puis je reviens relire l’âge de cette sublime beauté…
    j’hallucine (et je me remets en question..) : on a 30 ans d’écart et elle pourrait facilement me piquer mon mec…Admiration totale!

  • Nature ! je crois que c’est LE secret. Moins on en fait (côté maquillage, soins, produits) mieux on se porte. Elle en est le parfait exemple!

  • Intriguée par l’usage du dentifrice à l’huile d’olive , j’ai trouvé cette explication sur le net
    “Une étude récemment lancé par la prestigieuse British Dental Association et par des chercheurs italiens, qui démontrer une corrélation entre une consommation élevé d’huile d’olive extra vierge et une réduction de la présence de micro organisme pathogènes . Ce qui entraînerait une diminution de maladie parodontale.” ou encore
    “Une étude a évalué l’action positive des émulsions d’extraits d’huile d’olive sur la carie dentaire ou sur de des zones de déminéralisation, concluant que les éléments essentiels de l’huile d’olive sont capables de réduire la tendance à la déminéralisation de la dentine humaine.”, c’est apparemment aussi bon pour les gencives.
    une autre vertu à ajouter à l’huile d’olive…

  • J’hallucine !! Lorsque j’ai vu le nom de Norma Kamali je me suis dis “tiens je pensais qu’elle était plus âgée !” et puis plus loin, lorsque tu as dévoilé son âge “wahou c’est délirant”. Après je ne crois pas que ce soit uniquement grâce à son régime et ses trucs et astuces beauté ! J’aimerai qu’un jour une femme brise l’omerta autour des injections & co. Parce qu’après tout il n’y a aucune honte…(bon peut-être que ce n’est pas le cas de Norma et qu’elle a une génétique exceptionnelle, but….). La seule qui ait parler de ça de manière très naturelle, c’est Melle Agnès. Tu ne veux pas faire une ITW d’elle !!

  • J.y crois si tu prends soin de toi en plus l.huile ça lifte en plus si la dame elle a une vie “tranquille” oui à 70 on fait 40 ….

  • Jane with the noisy terrier April, 29 2014, 12:23 / Reply

    Back in the ’80’s (1980’s, not 1880’s–I’m not that old!) you could buy a Norma Kamali dress for under $200. I had a chambray shirtdress with enormous shoulder pads, a tiny waist and a full circle skirt almost to the ankle. I wore it with a 5″ wide red heather belt cinched at the waist, red opaque stockings and red heels, and big red and black painted earring that looked like giant guitar picks (I had short dark Pat Benatar hair then). It was probably the chicest time of my life. I had the same dress in black buffalo check flannel. There was an asymmetrical black rayon bias-cut dress with oversize roses printed on it and a racer back that I wore with black diamanté heels. Another knee-length dress in the same fabric, cut like a tuxedo jacket, again with NFL-worthy shoulder pads. And a white teeshirt fabric minidress with the full Flashdance-inspired shoulder baring neckline. All these fabulous dresses are long gone now and I only hope they’ve been well loved and worn to threads –Norma’s dresses are meant to have a great time!

  • Jane! She’s having a big sample sale this week that will include some vintage pieces!

  • great routin! she’s so beautiful!

  • What a great interview, interesting to read .. And 68?! WOW!!!


  • Elle a quel age ? Incroyable !!
    She breathes coolness. Love her hair and most of all the sunnies she’s wearing in the picture here ..

  • Wait, what, 68?! She’s absolutely stunning and so cool! Love her answers!


  • Daniela April, 29 2014, 1:05 / Reply

    Great interview! I loved her routine. So clean, and natural. That’s exactly how we are all supposed to be. And the diet is incredibly important in everything. to just in overall health, but in how we age and how we look. (Alex´s paleo diet is really in my opinion as a doctor, and personal experience one of the best ways to eat).
    I do oil pulling everyday, and you can really see a difference. I had oral surgery last year before starting oil pulling, and even with the antibiotics and following instructions it got infected. I had another surgery this year while doing the oil pulling, and the recovery was so different. I actually felt amazing. If you want to read more about it check: (Amazing blog for natural options on health).
    Love all the work you guys have been doing.
    Kisses form Mexico

  • Cette femme est vraiment intéressante, ça me fait rire sa passion pour l’huile d’olive, en tout cas le dentifrice c’est à tester!
    Bonne journée, Pauline.

  • J’aime beaucoup son “look” et son” beauty regimen”. Simple et efficace.

  • Vanessa April, 29 2014, 2:00 / Reply

    Oil pulling is a sort of annoying addition to my routine, but I refuse to stop now because since I started oil pulling several months ago, I can count on one hand the amount of sinus headaches I have suffered from. I typically would suffer from sinus headaches almost daily – especially this time of year. My husband started oil pulling as a remedy to some adult acne, and while it has not helped him much, when I read about the potential sinus relief, I decided to try it as well. For me, the relief is a godsend. Yes, there are other benefits too, (I guess my teeth are whiter), but not having to take sinus medication daily is worth the 15-20 minutes in the morning of silent swishing.

  • j’avoue que c’est la 1ère fois que je finis une post “beauty minute”,ok “hour” et puisque personne ne l’a encore dit,aahhahah-NON MAIS C’EST PAS POSSIBLE 68 AN:)

  • C’est curieux, ce post entre en résonance avec plein de petites choses du quotidien que je vis en ce moment : cette semaine j’ai arrêté d’utiliser mon démaquillant weleda qui contient de l’alcool et je me suis fait un démaquillant maison… avec du yaourt à la grecque et de l’huile de calendula, qui s’est avéré tellement doux et agréable que j’ai commencé à m’en servir comme crème de nuit. C’est un peu l’équivalent de son liniment oléo-calcaire…
    Et je remarque autour de moi que les femmes qui gardent la ligne sur la durée sont soit végétarienne, soit paléo, alors, moi qui ne réussis pas à faire plus de deux jours 100% paléo (c’est lassant, à la longue toutes ces protéines animales), je suis en train de me dire : et si j’alternais les deux ?
    Quant au bain d’huile bucal, j’ai déjà essayé. Je l’ai fait deux fois et j’ai trouvé mes dents beaucoup mieux… et j’ai arrêté parce que j’avais la flemme ! Je vais peut-être recommencer. D’ailleurs le savon dentaire m’intrigue beaucoup.
    Et en ce qui concerne le sport, après quelques mois d’arrêt pour cause de trop de boulot et pas assez la pêche pour tout aligner dans une journée, je réalise que sans mon streching et mon shiatsu, eh bien mon corps se rouille à une vitesse folle ! Et je m’y remets tout doucement…
    Bref. Tout ça pour dire que le mode de vie de Norma correspond exactement à ce vers quoi je vais en ce moment, et ça m’a fait du bien de lire ce post : ça me donne le sentiment d’être sur la bonne voie, de ne pas faire tout ça pour rien…
    Merci Garance, tout blog est toujours très inspirant !

  • Elle est sublime cette dame!


  • ok first… where do we get the calcium liniment? and the olive oil soap?

    second, I’ve tried oil pulling – I didn’t really notice a difference and it takes a bit of time. I would be open to a toothpaste option though.

    and now I want a facial – she’s lovely and I’m inspired.

  • Hi Richele! You can buy the soap and the liniment by clicking the links at the bottom or visiting Norma’s Wellness Cafe:

  • Pour les françaises, le liniement s’achète en pharmacie et ça vaut 5 euros !!! Au départ on me l’avait conseillé à la maternité pour changer le bébé, c’est magique pour les fessses des bébés et aussi pour les peaux sèches (démaquillage et aussi sur le corps). Je vais essayer de le mettre sous la douche comme Norma !

  • Hello Garance,
    J’ai tellement aime la Norma Beauty Hour que je viens de cliquer et acheter les memes produits que Norma. J’ai hate!
    Elle dégage une énergie….

  • Wow! Awesome interview! You forgot to mention she is about a million feet tall and most of her line is designed for tall women. I used to moon over her shop near the MOMA in NYC but since I’m 5’3″ most of her stuff would have grazed the floor. She is sooooo cool, looks fantastic and is so energetic! Of course we all want to know….what the heck is the liniment?!!!

  • Hi Juli! You can read more about the liniment on Norma’s site here!

  • léontine April, 29 2014, 2:47 / Reply

    Je ne connaissais pas du tout cette femme, ni ses maillots.
    Elle est juste incroyable. C’est la première fois que je lis une routine beauté jusqu’à la fin. Là, je voulais vraiment voir ce qu’il y avait derrière ce physique hallucinant. Allez, je sais bien que la frange rajeunit mais à ce point !!! ;-)

  • Au début j’étais genre “whaaaaaaat 68 ans ???” et puis j’ai lu…
    J’ai même bien rigolé un moment quand elle parle de cheese et qu’elle accole ce terme… aux années 70.
    J’ai ouvert grand les yeux à chaque phrase.
    Puis j’ai compris que je pouvais bien scruter cette photo : JAMAIS, au grand JAMAIS je ne serai ainsi à 68 ans. Et ce sera ma faute. Mais en même temps je ne peux pas faire tout ça… C’est hallucinant !

    Elle BOIT son parfum à base de plantes. C’est dingue…

  • Comme elle est belle ! Sa routine, très naturelle, me plait beaucoup ! Je suis passée aux huiles végétales moi aussi, et ma peau se porte vraiment mieux depuis.
    Par contre j’ai besoin de me mettre à niveau pour le sport, mais je suis contente de voir qu’avec une bonne routine, simple et sans chichis, on peut avoir de vrais résultats dans la durée (même en ayant fumé).
    Merci, bonne journée le studio !

  • Estelle April, 29 2014, 3:19 / Reply

    Elle est très belle, mais surtout très intelligente. Le liniment à 54 $ …comment dire….

  • I started oil pulling with coconut oil a few weeks ago. A friend and I did it together for the first time and had the hardest time not giggling. Anyway, when we spit it out we both decided it wasn’t worth it, but then we brushed our teeth and it felt like we had just left the dentist. Seriously clean, and the added bonus is that my gums don’t bleed at all when I floss, which they used to do since I am a terribly unreliable flosser. It probably isn’t for everyone, but it is worth trying at least once.

  • She looks like Audrey Hepburn. And I want to have all those healthy habits she has like right now. Beautiful and inspiring lady.

  • Cette femme rayonne beaucoup d’énergie. Elle est solaire.
    Son mode de vie sain y est bien sûr pour beaucoup, cependant à aucun moment je ne peux croire qu’il est l’unique fait d’un physique aussi jeune pour son âge.
    En premier lieu la génétique est un élément primordial dans ce genre de choses, malheureusement bien avant l’alimentation et le sport. L’alimentation et le sport ne sont que des compléments qui au mieux aident mais ils ne pallient pas l’héritage génétique de base. C’est très injuste mais c’est un fait.
    En second lieu elle a très certainement subit des injections, ou même un lifting, c’est d’ailleurs très bien fait dans son cas. Je suis dermato, je le vois bien.
    En dernier lieu, en plus de sa routine quotidienne ( sport tous les jours, alimentation, produits naturels sur la peau) elle dépense quand même BEAUCOUP BEAUCOUP d’argent pour l’entretien de sa peau avec l’acupuncture toutes les semaines, les micro-courants et sûrement plein d’autres choses… Tout ça a un prix certain… Il n’y a vraiment rien de miraculeux là-dedans :-)

  • merci pour ce que vous dites… je trouve ça malsain de laisser croire que les choix que l’on fait ont autant d’impact sur notre physique. ça mène à plein de dérives, et c’est extrêmement culpabilisant pour les personnes crédules. La génétique est bien entendu un vrai facteur.

    D’autre part, je ne trouve pas qu’une femme sans rides à 68 ans soit belle, mais simplement un peu particulière. Jane Fonda fait bien son âge et c’est une femme magnifique par exemple… le fait de gommer l’âge n’est ni beau ni laid, c’est juste un fait.
    Par ailleurs, je dois dire Garance que la photo est aussi très très bien prise ;) j’ai vu quelques autres photos de la dame sur le net, et toutes ne sont pas aussi flatteuses :) Donc bravo à toi aussi, hein!
    Après, elle a surtout l’air rayonnante parce qu’elle a un magnifique sourire! et ça, ça fait du bien!

  • severine April, 30 2014, 4:05

    Mais MERCI !

  • merci Sol de remettre les pendules à l’heure…

  • Merci beaucoup SOL !!!

  • sur toutes ses photos sur internet elle porte le même genre de lunettes immenses et surtout le même sourire figé, je n’admire pas et je n’envie pas ce genre de personnage, et je regrette qu’on en fasse l’apologie ici, en faisant croire qu’elle a réussi à arrêter le temps et que nous pourrons en faire de même en utilisant ses produits de beauté tellement simples et naturels!

  • Theodora Stella April, 29 2014, 4:13 / Reply

    i have been oil pulling for about a month now and it has CURED my hay fever. i didn’t even start doing it because of my allergies. my skin seems much more radiant, i seem to have finer pores, but really, the biggest plus is that i am now free of hay fever !!! be prepared for a slight detox-sensation during the first few days though (at first my hay fever got really bad for like 2 days before disappearing, and i had some bad breakouts for about a week after starting) but once you’ve gotten over that, it’s MAGIC.

  • Que des bons conseils sauf pour les cheveux. Un petit conseil : Une visite chez ‘graine de beauté” rue du cherche midi à Paris. Babeth (62 ans et des cheveux bruns magnifiques) saura lui faire un trés beau noir nuancé avec de la teinture végétale (100%) qui en plus de colorer, lui fera des cheveux magnifiques sans produits chimiques. Bizarre qu’à NYC, personne apparemment ne fasse cela (quelques une des clientes de Babeth sont d ‘ailleurs américaines)

  • princessglee April, 29 2014, 6:01 / Reply

    I’ve been oil pulling off and on about a year. I’m happy to say more on than off. Think I got started when I was looking for a way to deal withPMS discomfort–mainly achey joints and that foggy “sloggin’ my way thru jello feeling”. l must say my joints are a lot less achey and my head is clearer since pulling. Other benefits are that my post nasal drip is gone, my teeth feel polished and my mouth seems cleaner. Most people use coconut oil but I’m allergic so I use sesame oil. I read somewhere that evening primrose oil helps with menstrual cramps to menopause so I mix that in too. 20 minutes a day while I’m in the shower and getting dressed. Works well for me.

  • She’s absolutely stunning!

  • laurence April, 29 2014, 10:06 / Reply

    Concernant le oil pulling, regardez ça, c,est assez rigolo :

  • barbom May, 1 2014, 4:31


  • Thank you for including a profile of a woman outside your usual demographic. I would love to see more diversity (national origin, age, weight…).

  • I’ve just been to the dentist. We discussed oil pulling. It may have other benefits but it does absolutely nothing for oral health.

  • The thing is, I beleive what she says and that’s what I am trying to do. The keyword is “try.” But, I’m not yet ready to give beef yet; pork I have, as well as smoking, drinking (I still get a glass of red wine now and then). I use Virgin Coconut Oil for my skin (will try Argan Oil soon) and organic products. But I need to get more sleep, so I take a nap every lunch time. Here’s to aging well!

  • I feel that your beauty minutes should include whether or not the individual has had cosmetic enhancements like Botox or fillers etc. I’m not suggesting Norma has or has not but in the spirit of honesty it seems better to paint a true portrait

  • I just did a “can you guess this ladies age” pool around my office – the average answer was 39. Cannot believe it. Gorgeous.

  • Elle est fabuleuse ! Mais pour ma part j’avoue que je préfère manger des cheeseburgers… Tant pis je serai ridée et moche :D

  • When I first open this post I was like: Oh how good looking 30s chick! And then I read about her age and I’m in total aw!! I wanna look like her in that age!

  • SERENNA April, 30 2014, 5:25 / Reply

    I really hope once in a while Norma has a day where she wakes with a hangover at 11 and gobbles a cheeseburger…

  • Thank you for so quickly responding to my request to profile some older women in your beauty minute (I’m sure that why you did this interview ;). What a great one too! Keep it up please. :)

  • Katarzyna April, 30 2014, 6:55 / Reply

    Ah, what the heck. I was always optimistic, that there exists some magical, don’t-try-too-hard, way of aging graciously, but obviously I will just have to accept the fact that hard work is the only magic behind it. ;(
    Ok and the genes – at least I can count on those! ;))

    Beautiful lady she is – reminiscent of Audrey.

  • As a member of Norma’s generation, I’d like to add another point of view here on how this woman looks. Most of the people posting here are totally surprised that she looks like she does at her age.
    Consider this. What if, in fact, this is how 68 years olds SHOULD LOOK and not the contrary?
    I say this because I have women friends who, unlike their and my mother’s generation have had access to good medical and dental health. Who have had the possibility of eating healthy and/or organic foods and who have a lifestyle that doesn’t include painful chores like doing the laundry by hand! And you know what, they look as good as Norma!
    So, I would say that if at 60 you don’t look as good as Norma does well you are the ones who don’t look your age!!

  • Catherine April, 30 2014, 1:05

    Same generation here! Couldn’t agree more. Yes, this is how women in their sixties look like now – when we take care of ourselves (and good genes of course); tons of vegetables, maybe vegetarian, exercise every day, products based on plants, etc…) protection from the sun. No need for plastic surgery Bravo Norma.

  • Catherine April, 30 2014, 11:03 / Reply

    I knew her name but I wanted to see more photos–how can this woman be 68!!!!! Well, I tell you, her best accessory is a big, beautiful smile in every photo. She is always radiant.
    Question for the studio experts/readers: How do women with bangs keep them on their foreheads? Norma Kamali’s bangs are perfect in every shot. Anna Wintour–does the wind never blow on this woman, even when getting out of a limo during the polar vortex? Her bangs are always nice and flat on her forehead. Mine stand straight up at the slightest whiff. Even walking fast makes them take off. What to do?

  • Ah – a bit of quick googling reveals that you can make this liniment very cheaply. Lime water and olive oil. And if you can’t find lime water, you can make that too: slaked lime and distilled water. Can’t wait to try it!

  • I am a HUGE fan of Norma kamali and have many of her pieces , they constitute the base of my wardrobe….she is an amazing modern designer who really understands the female body in all its shapes and forms….she is a woman’s designer !

    can’t wait to read about her career….as a fan of many many many years

    and regarding the oil pulling technique she talks about , i wrote about it here

    it works !

  • Samantha April, 30 2014, 1:04 / Reply

    Great post and about time for an expanded generation focus! Please do another interview with her, maybe a “Kamali 101” re what a fashion leader she’s been. She essentially created the path for at least two current wardrobe staples: her big sleeping bag coat was the forerunner for the now- ubiquitous puffer; and she was using gray sweatshirt fabric for blazers, coats and dresses way back. She’s been speaking to the beauty & health power of olive oil for a while, and her own results sure show it – look at her photos from decades ago and she looks younger and more vibrant at 68 than 38! So enough Studio Garance with outdated references to anything as “grannie” (last week’s shoe post). Like many others, Kamali proves that being of grandmother age can be a very cool thing.

  • Passionnant ce post !
    Cette personne que je ne connaissais pas est facsinante. J’ai pris des notes, j’ai appris pleins de choses. D’ailleurs c’est quoi l’encre à lèvres ?
    Garance, on veut en savoir plus. Moi aussi je veux être comme ca plus tard.

  • Mais quel plaisir de lire cet article, que du bonheur !
    Je vais avoir 50 ans et pour moi aussi c’est “less is more” !
    Je suis marseillaise et utilise beaucoup le savon de Marseille à l’huile d’olive pour me laver, je fais mes soins des cheveux avec de l’huile d’olive ou de l’huile d’amande douce. Je vais essayer le liniment que j’utilisais pour mes 4 garçons et l’huile d’olive comme dentifrice !
    Je ne fais pas de régime particulier mais prends un PD de roi, un déjeuner de Prince , un goûter de valet et un dîner de mendiant ET fais un peu de gym tous les jours depuis …toujours
    Donc je suis heureuse car en continuant ainsi avec l’huile d’ olive en plus grande quantité , cette femme me conforte dans l’idée que l’ on peut vieillir naturellement tout en restant canon !
    Merci Garance pour ce bon moment
    J’attends avec impatience un nouvel article à son sujet

  • Murielle April, 30 2014, 3:01 / Reply

    68 ans !!!
    C’est pas possible, tu es sure Garance qu’elle n’a pas fait un lifting ? Car je pense que tu n’utilises pas photoshop pour retoucher tes photos ?
    J’aime beaucoup ces lunettes, c’est de qui ?

  • Encore moi, pour dire que j’ai commencé mon blog sur la mode et la beauté des femmes de 50 ans, il y a peu et recherche d’autres blogueuses de mon âge pour pouvoir échanger !
    Actuellement, je suis plutôt en contact avec des jeunettes et j’en suis ravie mais j’aimerais vraiment dialogué avec des cinquantenaires et plus
    Car la vie est belle à 50 ans et même après , il n’y a qu’à voir Norma
    A +
    Bizz a toutes

  • iamloved April, 30 2014, 4:22 / Reply

    Interesting – I love seeing and hearing from much older women than me, and seeing images reflecting that they too are attractive human beings!

    Keep it up, some photos of her outfit would have been a great addition.

  • Alexandra May, 1 2014, 5:20 / Reply

    I was already obsessed with it but this confirmed it– she’s beautiful and so natural, I love it! Thanks for posting.

  • Waow ! Je ne connaissais pas Norma mais s’il faut suivre sa routine beauté pour être aussi rayonnante à 68 ans, je vais m’y mettre de ce pas ;) !!
    Merci pour cette interview très enrichissante, une belle leçon de vie ;) !

    J’adore sa remarque sur la clope, c’est clair que la génération de nos parents était totalement inconsciente avec la cigarette, ça me fait penser au sketch d’Alex Lutz que je te conseille vivement ! Une période d’insouciance que je regrette de ne pas avoir vécu plus longtemps…maintenant c’est la période de la Société parano ! crr crr !!

    Les Selfies de Pauline

  • Et bien moi ce que je retiens c’est que cette très belle femme est quasi végétalienne (dommage pour le poisson…) et ça fait plaisir à entendre! On est encore trop peu, et surtout trop peu à le dire.
    Et OUI manger sainement et ne pas utiliser de produits chimiques se voit sur la peau, forcément!
    Personnellement, quand je dis mon âge, personne ne me croit. Et c’est cool!
    By the way, le régime vegan booste la libido. Oui Oui.
    Ça aide à rester jeune aussi, non ? :-)

  • Elle est sublissime. J’ai bloqué sur son visage quand j’ai lu qu’elle avait 68 ans. A voir sa beauté lumineuse, aucun doute : ses conseils résonnent comme paroles d’évangile !

  • Great article and good advices from Norma! Greetings from Vegas!

  • Thank you Garance for this interview, it was very interesting to read. I’ve recently observed the trend of using all-in-one ogranic products, I’ve happened to read a few articles about it, but it’s not the same as reading about someone’s first-hand experience. It seems like this kind of beauty routine is effecrive, as Norma looks truly amazing, especially for someone her age! It’s a great example for all those women who are so terrified of ageing that they use botox and other not-that-smart age remedies.

    If I can add something from my experience, the idea of not using any foundation is really something to consider. Last summer I visited the dermatologist as I have occasional problems with acne (not bad enough to qualify for a serious treatment, but bad enough to annoy me). I had been to dermatologists before, but I was either given some not-working antibiotic, or I was told not to worry as it is ‘normal when you’re young’. But the doctor I visited during summer had a very different approach. She was outraged how I could wear the foundation at the age of only 22! I started to explain that EVERYBODY wears it and in fact I’d been using it since high school. And you know what she said? That the first time she had ever wear foundation was at the age of 40! She told me that it could be the major cause of my problem with breakouts and advised me to use tanner instead, just as Norma said she does.
    Still, it’s not easy to stop using foundation when you’re used to it, but I started to put on considerably smaller amount. And the tanner really helps – it makes your skin looks healthier and improves the complexion, so you don’t feel the need on using a lot of foundation.
    I really encourage all the foundation addicts to try this out ;)

  • Love this post!

    I ended up researching her further, starting falling for her product recommendations, looked further into this PURELY PERFECT hair product and found a great (new to me) hair salon “The Brooklyn Parlour Salon” which I had my hair cut yesterday!

    Long story short- THANK YOU!

    **went for a blunt ends and fresh fringe ;)


  • Emiflore May, 24 2014, 9:39 / Reply

    Très joli article, je ne connaissais pas cette dame.
    68 ans ! Est bien, ça fait rêver. Je pense que le look joue beaucoup sur cette impression de jeunesse qui se dégage d’elle (coupe et couleur de cheveux, lunette très stylée etc.) plus cette énergie qu’elle semble porter en elle. Si on regarde attentivement la photo on voit qu’elle a des rides, mais la simplicité des soins, leur qualité + hygiène de vie et une bonne génétique améliore sans aucun doute son physique.
    Je connais des femmes de plus de 50, voir 60 ans avec quasiment aucunes rides et qui ne font pas de chirurgie, donc oui ça existe !
    Par contre je tiens à rebondir sur l’utilisation du liniment, j’approuve à 100%. J’ai utilisé des cosmétiques traditionnels ou bio pendant des années mais depuis que je souffre de dermite séborrhéique j’avais du tout laisser tomber ma peau ne supportant plus rien. Ca a été très dur et je me demandais comment ma peau viellerais sans l’hydrater.
    Maintenant j’utilise le liniment comme lait de toilette pour mon visage (un avec la compo la plus simple) couplé à l’hydrolat de camomille, un vrai miracle. Et ma peau est hydratée juste ce qu’elle a besoin. J’avais quelques ridules de déshydratation et elles ont disparus.

  • Merci de mettre en avant des femmes qui ont plus de 30 ans, quand j’ai regardé tous les posts j’ai directement cliqué sur elle, car je la trouve très belle et quand j’ai vu son âge, j’ai aimé encore plus cette dame qui est splendide. (signé une quinqua en plein doute).

  • Bonjour
    Quelle marque de liniment oléo-calcaire utilise EMIFLORE ?

  • emiflore August, 29 2014, 7:39 / Reply

    Coucou mouette, j’utilise celui de la marque babylena. Il est bio et pas cher, je le trouve à la parapharmacie de leclerc. Après le liniment ne convient peut-être pas à toutes les peaux. Mais vu le prix on peut tester sans se ruiner.

  • justine beaudry September, 30 2014, 3:15 / Reply

    i’m 37 – I thought she was my age.

  • Lee Trespasz September, 10 2019, 7:21 / Reply

    Looking where to buy Calcium Olive Linement cream online???!

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