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I met Jenna on the street in LA* last week and she jumped right on me, made me meet her dogs and gave me tons of nail polish just because she thought I was all too pretty.

Yeah yeah yeah ok, maybe it was only because I was with some mutual friends that she pounced, but I don’t hold it against her, so let me introduce you to Jenna.

Jenna is a celebrity nail stylist, but that’s not so surprising because everyone is something to the celebrities in LA. There are celebrities hiding in every corner and I don’t know why, everyone seems to know Michelle Williams (Except me) (but it seems like she’s super cool). So quick. Jenna, nails, celebrities.

One day, as she was working, she realized that she was getting incredibly dizzy and it was because of the chemicals in the nail-polish she was using. So she started looking for brands with the most natural ingredients possible. That’s when she found RGB.

Anyway. So on sunday, we were kind of getting bored with Delphine** at Urth café on Melrose when suddenly I think of the beautiful Jenna and her California coolitude and I tell Delphine come on, let’s hop in a taxi, I have to introduce to Jenna.

We ended up with a cabbie who, of course, must have been smoking a weed pipe**** right as we were getting in. He drove rather… elastically… A good souvenir.

We got to Jenna’s studio and she tells us the rest of her story. It turns out she met the creator of RGB, a green nail polish brand, that they got along super well and Jenna, who has a million ideas a second, says to her that she would love to create a foundation for nails.

Like a nude nail-polish that covers up any imperfections.

But why would you do that? Because when you are a celebrity nail stylist, it means you end up doing a lot of nude nails : In a photo, you can’t have the celebrity out-shined by her nail-polish (?!!!)(You see how I teach you something new every day?)(And why do people always ask me if I want the fire-engine red polish ? Do they want to outshine me !? Mmmmm…)

As you can imagine, it all worked out perfectly and that’s when the new line was born, Hipp+Rgb.

I’ll stop with my novel here, but look at the photos and admire Delphine’s hands who was super lucky to get her nails done by Jenna like millions of celebrities, which I thinks makes you a celebrity by association, Delphine.

And make sure to check back later, s’il vous plaît. I’ll put up  picture of Jenna’s business card which has been cracking me up since Sunday (I showed them to everyone I came across)(so  have to show them to you as well).

I guess in the end, this post doesn’t have much to do with the two dogs, Maggie and Duke. Nothing at all, in fact, but they’re both just so darn cute.

Oookay, one day I’ll be able to talk to you seriously about beauty. Promise.


* I was in LA!!! I was shooting in Paramount studios!!! I was on the set of Glee! If you ask, I’ll show you a photo!!!

** I have to introduce you to Delphine as well. She’s my agent and we did yoga together in LA and IT WAS HILARIOUS.

*** I know, all that’s a lot of info. But you should know that I ate the Farmer’s salad at Urth and didn’t see a single celebrity. But someone recognized me right when I was about to unbutton the top button on my pants because oh man, that salad was so good (good and organic too. I don’t know if you’ve heard but in LA, when it comes to organic, they’re not joking around). I came to the conclusion that 1/ it’s never appropriate to undue the top button in public and 2/ I was the celebrity at Café Urth which I think right away knocked the street cred of this very credible café down a few notches.

**** Medicinal weed is the local sport. Everyone’s so smiley.

Translation: Tim Sullivan


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