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I have a distinct memory from my childhood of my mother pulling gloves out of the glovebox of her car. Yes, she actually used the glovebox for its original purpose and namesake, to hold one’s gloves. I always thought driving gloves were intended to help grip the wheel, but she corrected me, they were to avoid sunspots on her hands while commuting to work.

To say she’s been fanatical about skincare since I was young is an understatement. So it was no surprise when I got a text the same day we published this piece on Augustinus Bader from her reading, “Bought Augustinus Rich Cream today. Have you tried yet?” (followed by a slew of heart emojis, naturally) .

While at that moment I had not yet tried Augustinus Bader, a bottle of The Cream was sitting on my desk, just begging to be slathered all over my face. My mom and I decided we would take the famed 27 Day Journey together and report back to each other on our “findings,” as if we were discovering the North Pole for the first time. No seriously, we’ve always talked about skin care with the same enthusiasm I can only imagine the explorers discovering the North Pole talked about… ice?

Why, specifically, 27 days? Because on average, over 27 days, every skin cell in one’s body is naturally regenerated. You might as well take advantage of that natural regeneration and infuse it with a little extra support, no? That’s exactly why the world-renowned stem cell scientist, Augustinus Bader, developed The Cream and The Rich Cream with his patented TFC8 skincare technology, to support and improve your skin’s innate process.

My mom tends to have dry skin that is still prone to blemishes and clogged pores, while my skin is oily as all hell and also still prone to break outs (specifically hormonal, but I digress). Because of that, my mom chose the Rich Cream, while I chose The Cream. Even better, the 30ml size is the purposefully the perfect amount for one to use for 27 days. Our very scientific findings were detailed to each other over text, as it seems that is our most prolific form of communication these days, living on opposite sides of the country…



Three days in:

Me: Are you liking Augustinus Bader?

My mom: Yes! I can already tell how hydrated it is keeping my skin. Makeup goes on so smooth over it!

Me: (emojis of blushing smiley faces). I love how it feels right after I put it on my face. Maybe I’m actually over face oils? When did I decide face oils were the end all be all?

My mom: I don’t know. *

*her humor on text message comes across by how seriously she takes it

Ten days in:

Me: Soooo….? Face check?

Mom: I think it’s also helping with my acne scars. Still hydrated. Even more plump.

Me: Yeah, I’m also not too hydrated. It seems to be balancing out my oily face.

Mom: You do have an oily face.

Me: Mom!

Mom: Well, you do.

Me: Fine. I do.

Mom: You’ll be grateful in the long run, less wrinkles I promise.

Eighteen days in:

Me: I thought I liked things with fragrances, but I actually love that The Cream has no fragrance.

(no response from my mother)

Me: Mom?

Me: Mom!?


My mom: Sorry, I had you on Do Not Disturb by accident. But yes, love how it has no scent.



Like Mother, Like Daughter
Like Mother, Like Daughter

Twenty-seven days in:

My mom: My skin really does have better overall texture, the moisture level has never been this high! It looks much plumper (these are things you going to worry about when you’re my age, plumpness in skin).

Me: I worry about plumpness now!

My mom: Well, just you wait. You’ll worry about it more.

Me: What about your acne scars?

Mom: It’s helped! I’m going to keep using it to see more improvement.

Me: It’s drastically helped with my discoloration from the acne. They turnover process is healing the scar so much quicker.

Mom: So. can you get me more of The Rich Cream? I really like.

Me: Lol

Mom: ????

Me: Okay, I’ll try.

So, the best part about this whole 27 Day Journey is that afterwards, not only did I indeed, secure more Rich Cream for my fancy mama, but MY MOM GOT TO FLY OUT TO NEW YORK SO I COULD HUG (okay, and I take a photo of her skin) HER IN REAL LIFE.

Is there anything better than hugging your mom in real life? I think not.

But, also the photo! Okay, this is us after using The Cream and The Rich Cream for twenty seven days. I’m not going to show you the before photos, because they don’t look anything like this! My mom has always been the rock in my life. Like, the rock of all rocks you can imagine. But despite giving so much, to so many, she still values taking care of herself and her skin. And I mean, if I can look half as good as her when I’m her age, I’ll consider it a win.

Augustinus Bader is now available in 15ml, 30ml, and 50ml sizes.

Like Mother, Like Daughter


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  • Alexandra Schorndorf December, 12 2018, 9:59 / Reply

    WOW! Gorgeous ladies, love these photos <3

  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira December, 12 2018, 10:23 / Reply

    *Fiu Fiiiiiiuuuuuu !!!

    (*with All due Respect, Ladies !!!)

  • hugs to you, Jorge!

  • Your mom looks so graceful! You two are adorable!!

    P.S. i’m curoius about your mom’s sweater. Everlane?

  • Hi Dina! My mom’s turtleneck is from Cos! Thank you for the sweet comment. She is the most graceful :)

  • Can you get some Rich cream for me as well, I would like to try it as well !

  • what a radiant mom + daughter! Beauties ?? I got the rich cream to try. Is the science behind it similar to a retinoid? Could I use this in place of that? Trying to simplify the skincare regime :) thanks for the review this was helpful since it’s such an investment Xx

  • Hi Megan! Thank you for your sweet comment! I’m alllll about the simplified skincare routine. I have been using this as my only moisturizer. But I still use a toner / exfoliator for acne purposes. My suggestion would be to try this as your sole moisturizer for while, while maintaining the rest of your skincare. But again, that’s just what has worked for me (skincare is such a personal, individualized journey) xx V

  • Melissa D. December, 12 2018, 10:16 / Reply

    Gorgeous photos! Could you tell me what lipstick you are wearing Veronica?

  • You and your mother are just beautiful.
    May I ask what lipstick color you and your mother are wearing. It is simply stunning.

  • Wow. Lovely ladies and good to see an age spread but too bad they’re stuck in an info-commercial for an expensive product. Skincare may be a personal, individualized journey, but it seems to end, again, at a sponsor.

  • Looove that photo with you and your mom. I too would like to know what lipstick you both are wearing… gorgeous!

  • Beautiful stylish women! It shows that any age has its charm. Very nice!!!

  • Nicely done. Hope to try this in the New Year!

  • Shireen Bora January, 22 2019, 6:21 / Reply

    Lovely read – Shireen Bora

  • Mmavalveeta03 January, 27 2019, 6:31 / Reply

    Your mom is gorgeous, as are you! She reminds me of Jessica Lange.

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