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Summer is the season for a lot of exciting things: barbecues, warm rooftop social gatherings, and as G wrote about last week, beach days where we can grapple with self confidence and grace as we maneuver the sandy beaches in a bikini we aren’t ready for enjoy the sun rays and ocean breeze! It’s true, summer is great for a lot of things. Heavy makeup is not one of them.

In an effort to find the perfect beauty look for summer, you know, the one that will cover my blemishes while simultaneously making me look like I’ve achieved the perfect glow with flirty eyes and luscious lips that required little to no effort, we worked with makeup artist Samantha Lau to come up with three go-to looks for the warm months ahead.

It turns out, you don’t have to be Beyoncé to master the effortless beauty looks, you just need a few staple products, and these tips and tricks from Sam, as shown on our beautiful friend of the studio, Athina.

For the Lips – There is something nostalgic about a glossy lip that brings me right back to the early 2000s and makes me think (for a second) about hanging a Britney Spears poster back up on my bedroom wall. While I’m not going to do that, I am going to embrace the gloss.

Before you lather up those lips, apply SPF balm to moisturize and protect, and if you need some serious help, exfoliate your lips prior. Apply as many coats of your favorite lip gloss (might I suggest Dior’s Addict Ultra-Glass in Cruise?) as you desire, and make sure to bring that baby on the road with you! Re-application throughout the day is encouraged.


For the Eyes – If you’re anything like me (that is, a total makeup amateur) you’ve experienced the “I put on eyeshadow this morning where has it disappeared to?” or worse, the eyeshadow filled creases on your lids, panic one too many times. The secret to avoiding this isn’t a professional live-in makeup artist as you may have imagined (no? Just me?), it’s actually just a cream based shadow and a little eyeliner.

If your day is looking like it’s going to be a little more adventurous than usual, you can add a shadow primer, but most cream based shadows are waterproof and tend to last through the elements! Add a water-resistant eyeliner and mascara to make the look slightly more dramatic, and you’ll be ready for whatever the day (and night!) throws at you.

athina elaiya garance dore photo

For the Face – Lather up with a moisturizer and SPF (or as we’ve mentioned before a moisturizer that contains SPF) to prep your skin. You know the saying, “work smarter, not harder” ? It’s applicable to your beauty routine too.

Once you’re lathered up, apply a powder bronzer with a rounded brush in circular motions on the cheeks, across the nose, forehead, and chin to add just a dusting on the skin. Add a touch of translucent powder under the eyes and forehead to prevent shininess. Pro tip: bring the bronzer compact and brush with you to touch up as needed.

Swipe a few strokes of waterproof mascara on your lashes and coat your lips with that SPF lip balm again to pull the look together. You can thank me for the extra few minutes of sleep tomorrow.

And voila! You are perfectly bronzed, glossy, and sun kissed. The best part? It’s fool proof. Trust me.

So what about you, what’s your go-to summer makeup look? Any tips I should know about?

Striped Shirt, Mih ; Earrings, Melissa Joy Manning / Pink Glitter Top, Opening Ceremony ; Earrings, Melissa Joy Manning / Orange Dress, Sonia Rykiel ; Earrings, Vita Fede


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  • She is gorgeous!
    And thanks for all these tips! <3

    Julie, Petite and So What?

  • Not to mention the raccoon eyes when coming out of the water with running mascara.
    Beautiful model–she could do anything she wants and still look good.

  • In the Summer the best look is natural less makeup just hydrate your face and. Mascara and red lips….the light is so strong that it’s better to take care of the skin so it will look natural and fresh . The make up that goes into the little wrinkles ..isn’t amazing in summer..
    I believe that less is more..
    Yael Guetta

  • Lucile June, 2 2016, 10:35 / Reply

    Cette nana est sublime.

  • Cette jeune femme semble illuminee de l’interieur. Quelle beaute !
    Il y a entre Erik et ses modeles une complicite et une aisance qui se ressentent dans ces belles photos.

  • Merci beaucoup Sevan! C’est trop sympa :)

  • Such great tips. So important to get on that SPF grind. Thanks Natalie!

  • Heavy makeup? In summer? No! Mascara and primer.

  • Beautiful make up!
    When it’s hot I try to do sth that doesn’t melt…
    I always use mascara (otherwise my eyelashes are invisible), for summer it has to be really good quality (I don’t even use waterproof). A lipgloss. SPF for sure. That’s it!
    When it’s cooler I like to use more colours in summer – cool eyeshadows or sth like that.


  • mademoiselle mauve June, 2 2016, 1:24 / Reply

    la fille : la beauté

  • I love Garance because she is so democratic. As a black girl, it is so nice to see makeup tips on a black model for a change. I can use these colors, haha! Beautiful and thank you so much!

  • Antoine June, 2 2016, 3:20 / Reply

    Beautiful make up and so refreshing to see on a beautiful black woman. I am Caribbean British so this gives me lots of lovely ideas for the summer. Thank you Garance and the team! x

  • This woman is so stunning! I have no lingering sentiment for gloss, though – the early 00’s were such a fashion hinterland, and I’m happy to send it packing to the grave (along with “boho” and bedazzled Britney jeans).

    I actually love seeing people wear makeup to the pool, and always take a waterproof mascara and red lip stain with me in my bag. As for everyday summer, setting spray is a necessity – Ben Nye Final Seal is just $10 at Ricky’s. ;)

  • Teresa June, 2 2016, 5:35 / Reply

    With a face like that, who needs makeup!

  • lemissa June, 2 2016, 11:12 / Reply

    More black woman, black beauty, black stories told. Please.

  • As always great post dear!

  • Great to see a black woman with natural hair, I envy black girls for that (and their natural beauty anyway) and really enjoy seeing more diversity here on the blog!

  • Alexandra June, 4 2016, 4:39 / Reply

    Elle est tellement belle… Etant métisse, je trouve super cool de voir plein de beautés différentes, ce qui arrive souvent sur ce blog.

  • Beautiful makeup and model! This is the kind of makeup I love, subtle but still groomed, love it!
    For summer, I apply an SPF, usually one from Korea these days as they feel more like moisturizers and less like sunblock and then concealer strategically placed, bronzer and I use a waterproof eyeliner or gel eyeliner along the upper waterline to enhance the lash line and then mascara. Great tip to layer your SPF lip balm under the gloss.

  • Très belles photos! Très belles modeles!!

  • vanessa la belge June, 6 2016, 5:53 / Reply

    Waouw !! Ca donne envie d’essayer ! Et je dis MERCI de montrer des beautés d’origines diverses :-)

  • J’adore l’idée que tu montres des modèles de toutes les couleurs de ce monde. J’en suis presque émue! ( j’exagère un peu )

  • Christine Berardi July, 15 2016, 5:18 / Reply

    Your beautiful model seems to have lost one of her hoops in the last photo! I’d love to see a picture of the earring- hoops are my go-to earrings!

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