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I don’t have any tattoos, but I have to admit that at the peak of my rebellious stage, when I was about 20, I couldn’t resist getting my belly button pierced. Pfffff, I know. But it was cute, I didn’t keep it for very long, and it helped me realize I definitely wasn’t the right candidate for something more permanent.

It left a little mark and, ever since, I let whoever recognizes what the tiny scar above my belly button is to make fun of me as much as they like.

But I didn’t stop there — a few years later, I got my ears pierced (I have three piercings in my left ear). Those piercings I’ve always liked, though. Even so, I kind of neglected them a little bit, and one of the piercings eventually closed up.

So recently, when I was thinking about wanting to get it pierced again, I realized there must be something happening with piercings right now, since I’m the anti-trendsetter when it comes to piercings: total follower.


So. Since piercings are making a huge come-back right now, at the Studio we all thought it would be a good time to talk about them, from sweet and simple ear piercings to more extreme ones that come closer to body art…

What about you? What piercings do you have?

lizz jardim piercings beauty garance dore photos

Jewelry Designer

What’s the story behind your favorite piercing and your favorite piece of piercing jewelry? 
My favorite piercing is my nose. I mean, almost all of my piercings are in my nose… I love the hardware I have currently – Indian earrings that I wear as nose rings, they’re more ornate than most nose rings.

How old were you when you got your first piercing and what was it?
I was 16 or 17, it was my nostril and I had to borrow my friends ID to go get it because I wasn’t 18 yet.

Is there an adrenaline rush that keeps you coming back? Are piercings really addictive?
Adornment in general appeals to me more, changing up my hardware is just as rewarding as getting a new piercing… But I’m sure for a lot of people there’s an adrenaline rush.

How did your nose piercings evolve?
I had just the one for a few years – I eventually got the opposite nostril and realized they were uneven, so I got a third. The hardware has gotten more elaborate over the years as well. The chains were added to the mix about two years ago.

You have a beautiful jewelry line—how did it come about? Was it inspired by your piercings? 
Thank you! In short, it came from me being a broke college student with taste that far surpassed my means. I couldn’t find what I wanted to be wearing and, if I did, I couldn’t afford it.

A lot of your jewelry designs involve intricate body chains—was this a niche you were looking to fulfill? How do you incorporate your jewelry line with your piercings?
Not intentionally, but this context sheds light on an aspect of my work I hadn’t realized – it could satisfy that itch some people have to get more piercings… It’s not a matter of incorporating my jewelry into my piercings, but more of a way to adorn my body in a similar way I can adorn my face.

If you could give us a piece of advice regarding piercing, adornment and jewelry, what would it be? 
Freak what you feel.

Was there a particular person or moment that inspired you to get your piercings? 
Tibetan women, Indian wedding jewelry, tribal cultures… It’s all-encompassing, I can’t cite one person in particular.

Are there any piercings you regret? 
Not yet! Haha.

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Please list all your piercings. 
Four in my right earlobe and three in my left, as well as one in each tragus.

What’s the story behind your favorite piercing and your favorite piece of piercing jewelry? 
The year I graduated from high school – 1996 just to make sure I properly date myself! – my friend and I went to get our lips pierced together by this girl named October. I was shocked at how little it hurt and how fast it healed. I felt super cool for about 4 years until I chipped my tooth on it while eating a bagel. I finally decided to take it out in 2000 when I moved to New York. My newest, favorite piercing is my tragus. A couple of girlfriends and I went out for a ladies’ night last year, had dinner and got pierced by Cassie at New York Adorned.

How old were you when you got your first piercing and what was it?
Ha! I had to call my mom to answer this one. She had a rule that I couldn’t get my ears pierced until I was 13 but she caved when I was 11. I chose the standard ’80s little heart.

Is there an adrenaline rush that keeps you coming back? Are piercings really addictive?
I think the anticipation is the real rush.  None of them really hurt except for my belly button. I have an extreme innie and the mere thought of the clamp they used to pierce it still brings tears to my eyes.
A few years ago I had an appendectomy and, as the surgeon was examining my belly, he looked at my belly button ring and asked “You want that?” I replied that I was kind of over it and he said, “I’m gonna go through there.” So now I’m all stitched up with no piercing scar!

Back when we were in high school there was no Instagram, there were no blogs. How did you know what look you wanted to go for with your ears?
The good old days! I’m happy to have lived through Portland in the early to mid-90s. It was a very inspiring place. At the time I didn’t know how special it was, but girls there had wonderfully original style. I remember going to shows and being totally wowed at what girls were wearing. Famous punk girls didn’t have a lot of piercings. I remember the first time I saw a girl with a septum ring and thought it was so sexy – feminine and brutal.
There was one woman who I was particularly obsessed with. She was the lead singer in a local band called The Clergy. She was a whisp of a girl and had the tiniest nostril piercing and a septum ring and rows of silver hoops all the way up her ears…

What piercing is next for you?
I love the forward helix and my friend Eva Fehren, a jewelry designer, is dreaming up a way to bring my lip piercing back. Are diamond fangs age appropriate?!

You’re wearing a really amazing piece by Eva – tell us about it.
I met Eva at a wedding and immediately fell in love with her down to earth, humble, and totally lovable personality not to mention THE MOST killer design skills. When she was nominated for the CFDAs she asked me to do her hair and I was stoked that she wanted to do a trade for the Saber stud as she is hands down my favorite jewelry designer!

Where do you buy most of your jewelry? Any favorite shops or designers? 
I’m always looking for new designers but I frequent Catbird and New York Adorned and Bird for special pieces. I am dying for a Maria Tash, Bliss Lau or Meredith Kahn piece for my next piercing.

Your ear is so perfectly curated—any tips?
Go slow – like buying the perfect furniture! Save and spend your money on beautiful pieces you’ll love forever – and invest in plastic backs so they don’t fall out while swimming or showering!

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Art Director

Please list all your piercings. 
I have two earrings and a septum ring.

What’s the story behind your favorite piercing and your favorite piece of piercing jewelry?
My favorite piercing and piece of jewelry is my septum. It took four months to get to the size I wanted it, which was one size larger than what I have now. It’s definitely a larger than average septum piercing. It’s also a very personal piece of Jewelry because I had a hand in making it. My friend who is a jewelry designer at Nün did almost all of the work, but I got to polish and finish it.

How old were you when you got your first piercing and what was it?
My first piercings were my ears. I got them pierced in the parking lot of my high school when I was 17. A friend was piercing people and just popped the ring into my ear. Looking back it was hella unsanitary, but worth it.

Is there an adrenaline rush that keeps you coming back? Are piercings really addictive?
I don’t find piercing to be addictive, however it was a lot of work to get my nose ring to the size it is now, which could have been a momentary addiction. There’s definitely something fulfilling about adding a new element to your body that reflects your personality.

You’re an art director and you have a clothing line—how do your jobs inform your sartorial choices and piercings?
I never stop thinking about design and I love the process of refining. It’s very much reflected in my style. When you build and refine your design sensibilities within your work it naturally moves into your personality, your personal style, your piercings and your tattoos. I think we all have the ability to design ourselves in a way that reflects our ideals, aspirations and true selves. I’m on a never ending process of defining and growing into myself.

With your septum piercing, what made you decide to go with the larger versus the smaller, more subdued nose ring? 
I’m very influenced by the elaborate jewelry you find throughout the continent of Africa. I really love their grandeur when it comes to accessorizing the body, which is why I wanted to have a such large gauge in my septum. Also, septum rings weren’t as common as they are now. I loved the reactions it evoked out of people. Some positive reactions, some people were freaked out. I’ll still get kids that will stare at me and point to their nose. It’s a nice reminder when people react strongly because I’ve had it so long sometimes I forget it’s even there.

Some of the other people we’ve talked to for this story also have tattoos, as do you. What are the similarities between tattoos and piercings? Do you think they go hand in hand?
I think they definitely go hand in hand. They’re both forms of art that we use to tell our personal stories and share our values and ideals with the world. They both encapsulate moments in our life but, personally, my tattoos tell a much deeper and broader story because they’re visual. My piercing are more decorative than narrative.

Do any of your piercings have particular meaning?
My septum ring is very much an ode to the beauty and self expression of Indigenous peoples.

Is there a piercing you would absolutely never get? 
Prince Albert…. I would never put a needle or a piercing down there.

anthony bryant piercings beauty garance dore photos

starr belew piercings beauty garance dore photos

Professional Piercer, Sacred Tattoo & Pure Body Arts

Please list all your piercings.
I’ve had so many piercings, but currently I only have stretched earlobes (19mm), an inner conch (center of the ear), daith (center ridge inner ear), symmetrical nostrils, septum and lower navel.

What’s the story behind your favorite piercing and your favorite piece of piercing jewelry?
I had gone to my piercer at the time for a bridge piercing, however he didn’t feel comfortable that the amount of tissue in the area could sustain a piercing so we opted for a septum piercing. It came out a little crooked, but with tight fitting jewelry it looks perfect. It’s my favorite simply because I love the jewelry options. There are vast designs and I’m partial to fancy gold and gemstone jewelry.

How old were you when you got your first piercing and what was it?
Aside from getting my earlobes as a toddler, I pierced my right nostril in my bathroom when I was 11 in 1997. It was a terrible experience and I’m still amazed that it healed with no infection!

Is there an adrenaline rush that keeps you coming back? Are piercings really addictive?
A lot of people get a rush or are “addicted” to getting pierced. I don’t necessarily feel that. I don’t enjoy getting pierced, but I love the jewelry. I’m more minimalistic with it now, but when I was younger I just wanted fancy jewelry anywhere it could go.

What is the most radical or “out there” piercing you’ve had?
I guess just surface piercings, but they’re common currently. I’d never seen one in real life and I thought it would look cool to have piercings along my collar bones. It wasn’t a terribly painful experience, but they were done improperly and rejected pretty quickly. Eventually I gave up on them.

You have both tattoos and piercings—which one came first for you? How do you approach your tattoo choices versus your piercings?
Piercings definitely came first by almost a decade. My piercing choices I base purely on jewelry; “Where would this beautiful jewelry look best?”. For tattoos I give an artist I love a basic idea and let them do the rest, they’re the experts after all and visualize and approach it better than I could.

And what are the piercings you’ve decided to let go of? Why?
Oh, too many to even remember. I’d estimate that in the last almost twenty years I’ve had around 80 piercings. I’ll get tired of something and remove it and just redo it again later if I miss it. Most recently I took out two in my lower lip and one in the center of my top lip, I loved them but they annoyed my gums a bit and I just liked the way I Iook without them better.

You work as a piercing artist, what’s the biggest misconception about piercings?
Oh gosh, way too many. I guess the biggest I think would be the risks involved; if a piercing is done appropriately and as aseptically as possible and taken care of well, there is very minimal risk of infection, scarring, etc.

How did you become a professional piercer?
I was self taught and offered a job after a piercer had seen a few that I’d done on a friend.

What’s the craziest piercing you’ve ever done?
A friend wanted a piercing to kind of weave in and out of the back of his neck. Difficult to do and it never healed.

The most popular?
Currently I’d say nipples and septum, though it changes all the time.

Are there circumstances when you can’t give someone a piercing?
Absolutely! I say no often. If a piercing isn’t a good idea due to placement or lifestyle I’ll always recommend something else. Also, random things like if the client has impending plans that would hinder proper aftercare or health situations such as pregnancy I would decline to do the piercing.

starr belew piercings beauty garance dore photos

Interview by Lisa Przystup | Translated by Andrea Perdue


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  • Je suis rebelle aux piercings! je n’arrive pas à sauter le pas !si quelqu’un peut m’expliquer!

  • Perso, les piercings dans le nez surtout avec un anneaux et encore plus avec un anneau qui passe par le milieu du nez je trouve cela très vilain, alors s’il vous plait jeune fille ne cédé pas la mode !

    J’ai 30 ans, et je ne pense par encore être hors-jeux, certain/certaines ne vont pas être d’accord avec moi, mais je trouve cet anneaux vraiment très vilain !

    Pour tout vous dire, je trouve qu’une fois posé sur le nez, j’ai l’impression d’avoir affaire à un animal que l’on emmène à l’abattoir par le bout du nez, oui oui c’est très laid si vous voyez ce que je veux dire.

    Et puis pour les tatouages, croyez moi dans quelques années les peaux non tatouées vaudront de l’or.

  • Personnellement, je ne me suis jamais fait piercer ou tatouer, mon côté rebelle à moi a été de vivre une belle histoire avec un très tatoué piercé ! Il faut que j’arrête de vous écrire (2 fois aujourd’hui), mais le sujet m’a amusé ! Je vous conseille au passage ce livre Changer le corps ? Il n’est pas récent, mais passionnant. Bonne fin de journée.

  • ah non.. NO NO NO! I don’t even have my ears pierced, every time I thought about it, I prefer the beauty of my ears as they are, withhout some piercing in it..

  • Karelle June, 18 2015, 10:26 / Reply

    C’est drôle, j’ai moi-même trois trous à l’oreille gauche et un seul sur la droite. Je pense parfois à m’en faire faire d’autres toujours sur cette oreille gauche, mais je renonce quand j’imagine une version âgée de moi-même, avec toutes ces cicatrices. Mais, avec le temps, je commence à me dire que si ma grand-mère avait gardé une trace physique de son jeune âge et d’une période moins sage de sa vie, loin de le lui reprocher, j’aurais beaucoup aimé sentir un peu de ce qu’elle avait pu être plus jeune. Bref, plus je vieillis, et plus je me sens le courage de ne plus me soucier du regard des autres… et de mes (petites) peurs!

    By the way, il est chouette cet article! Ca sent l’ouverture de nouvelles portes!

  • When I was 13 all I wanted was a belly ring and a lip ring — that lasted about 5 min. Of course I never got either (thank god!) I ended up getting my ears pierced and now 11 years later I never even wear earrings. But some people look so cool with piercings

  • J’ai juste un trou à chaque oreille, mais j’en ai tellement bavé (infection – ils se sont rebouchés – j’ai refait percer) qu’au final je me contenterais de ceux-là!

    Je trouve plutôt joli de multiples bijoux sur les oreilles, mais vu qu’aujourd’hui on en trouve plein qui ne necessitent plus de passer par l’aiguille, je me fais plaisir quand même!



  • Marjolaine June, 18 2015, 11:17 / Reply

    Lizz Jardim est magnifique!!!

  • Au pire pour ceux qui ont peur de se faire percer, il y a toujours les faux piercing. Moi j’aime beaucoup ça! je trouve ça tellement joli. Et moi aussi je me suis faite percer le nez dans ma période rebelle lol!

  • I had to wait until I was sixteen (archaic!) to get my ears pierced. I was dying! Dangly earrings have always been my favorite type of jewelry, and I couldn’t stand having un-adorned ears. Then at twenty, I got a double-pierced. Then at twenty-one, a third in my left ear, with a friend. I still have them all. I wear tiny silver hoops in the three upper piercings and just change out the bottom ones.

    At twenty-six or so, I got my navel pierced. It was SO the thing to do…but I really liked it. Still have it…no one ever really sees it and my husband doesn’t mind it, so it stays…so far. I won’t tell you how old I am now, but it’s been in for a WHILE. :)

    Two years ago I got my first (and only so far) tattoo. I am a bit of an anti-commitment girl, so I was always afraid I’d get a tattoo, regret it, then spend a lot of time and money removing it. And I never had anything I really wanted on my body in that way, until recently. It’s a blue feather on my left hip, and it was done so it could be hidden, if I want, by bikini bottoms. I’ve thought about other tattoos, but haven’t taken the plunge (or decided if I’m going to)….to be continued… :)

  • I don’t know why but when I see stretched earlobes, nose piercing, huge tattoos all over the body it gives me the creeps. And also nose piercing reminds me about slavery. Perhaps it’s too much reading and too much imagination but I can’t help it. I don’t want any more piercing for me (old fashioned 3 holes in earlobes when was 16-20 y.o.) And definitely no tattoos. When I grew up it was a sign of criminal past. It just stuck to my mind. Also I’m too afraid of any needle inside me. No need of unnecessary pain and potential infection. Sorry no judgement it’s just IMHO.

  • I have zero piercings, not even my ears. I got them pierced when I was 12, but it was very traumatizing. Shortly thereafter they closed up. I never wanted to get them pierced again. I think, as a result, I’ve become more of a necklace wearer instead :-)

  • Dis donc, on en voit bien peu des piercings sur ton article ! au final, seulement sur l’oreille et le nez… rien de très anti-conventionnel… Personnellement j’en ai un sous la lèvre inférieure, et je vois pleins de gens avec des piercings sur la nuque, au-dessus de la gorge, aux sourcils, sur le visage, aux têtons… C’est pas assez fashion ? :)

  • Je n’y arrive pas. A 23 ans je dois être méga vieux jeu mais je trouve ça vraiment horrible, je n’y peux rien… :s Les seuls que je trouve beaux sont ceux aux oreilles (donc ceux d’Allison), et à l’extrême rigueur ceux au nombril s’ils sont de bon goût.
    Au septum ça me fait penser aux vaches et aux bœufs, je suis désolée… et les piercings au nez de manière général me font également penser à l’esclavage…
    Les écarteurs dans les lobes me mettent horriblement mal à l’aise, je pense que ça doit être irrationnel, puisque je suis incapable de regarder ça plus de quelques secondes… A chaque fois que j’ai croisé quelqu’un dans la rue qui en avait, je détournais les yeux…
    Pourtant les filles sur les photos paraissaient jolies… Mais c’est juste moi.

  • Got my ears pierced at age 30!! I get the yips when I see nose rings, unsanitary maybe?

  • carole June, 18 2015, 1:36 / Reply

    I have pierce ears…i wear tiffany elsa peretti tiny gold and diamond studs…..i never wore heavy eating but i wore gold hoops which caused my hold to tear …a doctor closed the hold and re pieresed … Septum the photo of Star is the first time i found it attractive….Lizz its too in your face…. it’s like tongue piersing everyone was sticking out their tounge ..It’s a fairly young adornment and can’t imagine how it will stand up physically in time

  • carole June, 18 2015, 2:19

    ps i pierced my sister and my mom’s ears….my girlfriend pierce mine

  • Carole June, 18 2015, 7:24

    Starr….the last portrait of her u see her and then her piercing and tattoo…great style

  • I had my belly button pierced in rebellion against turning forty. It is still there and I am now 54! I don’t care, my belly is still flat and it only shows when I am on the beach so it is staying for now :-)

  • I like earlobs, because I like earrings most. their style is great.

  • I find noserings seriously gross. I could never look someone with a ring through their septum in the face; I would be shuddering with distaste.
    I have two piercings, one in each earlobe.

  • Katherine June, 19 2015, 8:56

    Amen, sister!

    Although between all the “Monroe” and “Prince Albert” stuff, I think we need a cooler name for it. How ’bout “the June Cleaver”?

  • Par réflexe dans ma tête j’ai répondu non, j’aime pas autant, c’est trop. Et puis j’ai pensé à des personnes qui pour moi sont des icônes, comme Iris Apfel, DVF, Kate Moss etc. Et j’ai compris pourquoi : j’adore les vêtements, j’adore les accessoires, même énormes (Iris !!). J’aime quand ils changent, varient, quand on peut jouer avec. C’est l’aspect joie et jeu que j’adore dans la mode.
    Ce que je n’aime pas et ne comprends pas avec une grande quantité de piercings et/ou de tatouages, c’est que ce n’est plus un accessoire, c’est une constante, c’est toujours pareil, et on ne peut plus retrouver la nudité totale, le subtil “juste la peau” si on souhaite. Je n’aime pas non plus l’aspect tribal, la notion de faire tous la même chose en même temps et appartenir tous à la même chose est quelque chose que je ne comprends pas, sans jugement, dans le sens où le fond de moi n’arrive pas à comprendre cette notion.
    Avec une petite quantité, je trouve qu’on peut gérer, mettre ou enlever/cacher dès qu’on souhaite s’en servir d’accessoire.

  • Gabrielle L June, 18 2015, 5:06 / Reply

    Lobes pierced aged seven or eight as I didn’t want to go to school (my father had died some months before and I was dismayed) and my mother knew it’d be a great motivator as I’d be the first girl in class with pierced ears. First tattoo at 19; second tattoo at 28; clitoral hood piercing at 31, swiftly followed by both nipples; helix piercing right ear age 34; second hole in right earlobe age 37. Still have them all and crave more. Hubby loves the piercings but feels indifferent to tattoos. If that weren’t the case and I weren’t a uni professor I’d probably have many more tattoos by now (though I do tend to put them in concealed places). Piercings however he likes, so I’ll probably get more of those as I’m about to turn 38 and it seems fitting to mark what is a watershed year for me by punching more holes in my ears!

    Piercing tale: I was in an accident whilst visiting my mother two year ago (she lives on the other side of the world to me) and broke both of my ankles. Had to have an MRI scan and they require that you remove all piercings. She had no idea about any of them (besides those in the ears) and it was something of a shock for everyone involved. In the end I left in the ‘intimate’ piercings as I point blank refused to remove them (they close almost immediately and are a pain to get back in, with or without both feet in plaster). Now each time I see my mother she scolds me and pointedly asks if I have any new ones, then quickly reneges and affirms that in fact, she doesn’t really want to know…

  • Ma mère m’a fait percer les oreilles quand j’avais 1an, depuis j’ai toujours porter des bo mais surtout des “clous” (toutes petites bo). Vers 13-14 ans j’ai voulu rajouter un ou deux trous à l’oreille droite mais ma mère était plutôt contre en rapport avec les points d’acupuncture. C’est passée par la suite mais depuis environ 6mois j’ai de nouveau envie et je pense que je vais finalement le faire!

  • Love love love this piece! I have 5 in the left ear (lob,auricle, tragus) and 4 (lob, anti helix)in the right and my nose pierced. I pierced my nose for the third time when I turned 30 last year and put what I wanted in for years a tight gold hoop. Thank you Daria for the re-inspiration! When you have beautiful jewelry and a place/someone you trust to do a great job it is a very fun way to decorate :)

  • Delphine June, 18 2015, 6:23 / Reply

    j’ai aussi eu le piercing au nombril il y a 15 ans (wow ça fait mal d’écrire ça), ça allait bien avec la mode un peu croptops pouffe de l’époque (britney superstar !)
    ensuite j’ai laissé tout ça de côté, y compris mes classiques trous aux lobes, pour me concentrer sur autre chose – les fringues, les accessoires, le makeup
    et puis il y a 2 ans, j’ai été ultra-séduite par le côté “rebelle discret chic” des nouveaux piercings bijou, je trouve ça très très cool, surtout avec un look assez simple de trentenaire qui bosse : du coup, de passage à NYC, je suis allée chez NY Adorned, découvert grâce à into the gloss, et me suis fait percer le cartilage + un 2ème trou au lobe. J’en ai été amoureuse pendant 2-3 mois, pensant que ça allait être ma “signature” un peu cool de retour à Paris, et puis tout s’est infecté, et je n’ai pas lutté face au rejet qu’en faisait mon corps, donc c’est de nouveau oreilles nues pour moi !

  • Wow Garance! These are really bold and for the brave!
    Nevertheless cool to see.

  • Amazing ones ;)




  • Je dois être vraiment ringarde sur ça mais le seul piercing que j’ai est celui sur le lobe de l’oreille que m’a mère m’a fait faire quand j’avais 6 ans. Je suis myope astigmate et mon ophtalmo de l’époque, avait conseillé à ma maman de me faire percer les oreilles car cela pouvait être bénéfique pour mes yeux. Je ne sais pas mais il y a surement un point “oeil” dans l’auriculothérapie…
    Toujours est-il que je suis bien contente d’avoir eu les oreilles percées jeunes, j’ai pu profiter des joies de la boucle d’oreille avant mais copines! ;-)

  • Pauline June, 19 2015, 6:18 / Reply

    Super article, on ne parle pas assez des vrais piercings je trouve ! J’ai 3 lobes à gauche, 2 lobes et un conch à droite, et je prévois de faire 2 hélix avant sur l’oreille gauche. J’aime beaucoup les piercings parce que j’adore les bijoux, surtout sur les oreilles. Le septum est magnifique aussi mais je ne me lancerai pas tout de suite ..

    Ce que je trouve dommage c’est qu’il n’y ait pas assez (en France en tout cas) de boutiques de bijoux pour piercings, pour le conch par exemple. Il n’y en a que chez les perceurs, mais ça reste limité, ce sont des anneaux simples. Si quelqu’un a des bons plans en France, n’hésitez pas à me les dire ! :)

  • I don`t have any piercing but i have four tatoos. Love both

  • Such a cute story! I had my nose done when I was 18 and have since gotten rid of it to be more professional… it was cute though!

    Warm Regards,

  • Screenplay June, 19 2015, 11:27 / Reply

    Maybe I’m an old crank, but I fail to see the beauty or cool in piercings. Not only does the practice seem transgressive, it’s self mutilation and frankly just turns my stomach. The healthy body we are born with is the best expression of beauty.

  • Raphaele June, 20 2015, 3:04 / Reply

    Article vraiment un peu top sage etant donne le sujet

  • Les photos sont sublimes, ils sont sublimes, c’est juste…Sublime, voilà, en fait ! Voilà de vrais personnalités du monde du tatouage/piercing, qui font cela avec passion, qui le vive vraiment. Tiens, ça donne même envie d’un tatouage ou d’un piercing, c’est dire!

    Bravo pour ton article,
    Bonne journée,

  • Jialing June, 20 2015, 8:52 / Reply

    Un anti-helix et un rook pour moi (en plus de mes lobes). J’aime bien, c’est discret, les gens ne les remarquent pas au premier coup d’œil, mais ils sont là quand même. Si j’ai les cheveux lâchés on ne les remarque pas, pratique pour les entretiens d’embauche / le boulot (je n’ai pas la chance de bosser dans un milieu réputé pour son ouverture d’esprit niveau apparence physique), et si je relève mes cheveux on les verra un peu plus.

    J’aime me dire que les piercings me donnent un petit côté “badass” ahah ! ;)

  • Piercings are something not all can wear. It looks very cool and bold and …I like them :)

  • I think piercings are addictive! I got me earlobe stretched when I was 16 after that I just wanted more and more. I took everything out two year ago because of my job, now I have a hole in my ear! Can’t decide if I want to stretch it again or close it up? I like the idea of it but I would love to wear normal earnings as well!

  • Ai-Ch'ng June, 22 2015, 2:29 / Reply

    Lovely photos of lovely people with their lovely piercings!

    I adore tattoos on others, but have never loved a tattoo design enough to have one myself: I also wouldn’t know where to put it!

    Piercings, on the other hand – or rather – in my ears – I find more versatile. I have ten ear piercings (eight lobe and two upper ear helix), and I love wearing different earrings in each one – mixing tiny gold hoops with small freshwater pearls, with an American Indian small gold charm, and a black porcupine quill-like 6cm long earring, and sapphire and gold studs. I guess my ten multiple piercings (in which I wear earrings that I never ever take off) are my versions of a tattoo.

    My first earlobe piercings were done by a little local jeweller, by putting hot gold needles through my ears, which he then bent into circles to make my very first 22K sleepers. It was painful!

    At nineteen, I upset my parents by coming home from two months in gorgeous Melbourne with another two piercings – one in each lobe – not at all radical, but at the time over twenty years ago it just wasn’t the don’t thing for “nice girls” (my mum’s freaked-out words) to be pierced more than once in each year. They were asymmetrically done by gun (inadvertently by the piercer), and their imbalance bugged me for years. From that time, I wanted to get a cartilage piercing in my upper left ear, but there wasn’t really anyone doing it – let alone wearing them where I lived at that time. Even the punks only got nose piercings and multiple lobe piercings – but no cartilage upper piercings then.

    At twenty I then got four more piercings – two more in each ear. These I deliberately made very imbalanced, so that I wouldn’t be bugged by the imbalance of my previous piercings. About this time, I really wanted a double nose piercing juts of my right nostril – but hay fever and allergies to some of the materials I was working with daily, made my constantly runny nose a poor candidate for a nose piercing.

    Finally, at the ripe old age of forty three and after over twenty years of wanting one, I walked into the local piercing place, and got a double helix piercing with needles in my left upper ear. It was quite painful (but over in less than five seconds for both – wow the piercer was fast), and the residual after care of two years was (due to so many on-and-off infections and slow healing on my part due to stress and exhaustion) horrendous. But, three years on, I am glad to have had it done. Of course, my mother still freaked out, as did my son and husband. However, I did it for myself, and still don’t think it is all that radical.

    I would love to get another upper ear piercing – just a single one – in my upper right ear, just because… (perhaps that means I’m addicted to piercing?!). However, the tedious after-care and slow healing from my previous double-helix piercing has made me think twice about doing so!

  • ça ne me dérange pas chez les autres, mais… je trouve ça un peu ridicule ! Surtout au nez… l’effet Vache-qui-rit, sans doute.
    ça exprime un tel besoin de “regardez-moi, regardez-moi”…
    et c’est un truc de plus à gérer pour se préparer… la simplicité, la sobriété, voilà ce que je recherche.
    ça ne passera pas par moi !

  • J’aime l’art de choisir qui l’on est. Cette notion de choisir sa norme. De ne répondre qu’à son instinct. De n’être que pour soit. Rien qu’à soit.
    Et c’est lorsque c’est ainsi percu que je trouve belles et beaux ceux qui choisissent de se piercer, tatouer.

    j’ai pour ma part un piercing au clitoris ( capuchon vertical ). Une piercing que je n’ai presque pas reflechi. Que j’ai fais sur un coup de tête après une discussion avec des amis et mon mec qui trouvait ça assez “hot”. Je l’adore, il me fait bien rire et me rappel une certaine forme de jeu sexuel que j’entretiens avec mon mec.

    C’est une autre demarche…une dimension du piercing totalement nouvelle. Sans aller dans un extrême trop brutal.

    En aucun cas je ne le vis comme mutilation.

    Se mutiler, c’est aussi boire, fumer, manger des choses de très mauvaises qualités. C’est aussi entretenir une vie triste, être avec les mauvaises personnes.

    Le piercing est une démarche qui englobe différentes démarches…très très personnelles.

    voilà pour ma part.

  • For those who live in Paris, WHITE bIRD has piercing workshop every first Thursday of the month, more details here:

    And we do carry Maria Tash’ amazing piercing collection!

  • Perso j’aime bien :) J’ai eu les oreilles percées très tôt, et j’en ai rajouté un sur le lobe il y a quelques mois. J’ai aussi fait la narine, le tragus, le conch et le septum. J’ai laissé se reboucher les deux premiers, en me disant que j’aimais moins et que j’évoluais, mais finalement je regrette, ils me manquent vraiment ^^ ! Mais je n’aurais pas porté narine+septum comme Lizz, c’est super sur elle mais ça aurait fait un peu too much je pense. En ce moment je suis à la recherche de l’anneau parfait, donc j’ai un retainer pour éviter que le septum se rebouche aussi. Et j’avoue que j’en rajouterai peut-être un peu sur les oreilles …

  • I like them…

  • really good.

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