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A Beauty Minute with Sofia Sanchez

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Erik Melvin

Morning: First I wash my face with cold water and run out to the gym wearing Roza Gel, a French product that soothes your skin, and SkinCeuticals SPF 50. I’ve had to simplify my beauty routine because my creams started giving me pimples! So now I’m working with my dermatologist to clear out my beauty routine and I am cleansing, cleansing, cleansing. I’m learning my lesson that I need to cleanse my skin.

I come back after the gym and take a shower. I use face soap from Clinique, reapply the Roza Gel and sunscreen, and that’s pretty much it! Sometimes I’ll use Clinique’s Pep-Start Eye Cream… And then I run around! I never put make up on during the day, unless it’s fashion week or an event where there are photos. Or if I look very sleepy or hungover.

Today, just for fashion week, I put Fran Wilson Cucumber Eye Pads on to de-puff. I got them on Amazon. (I get everything from Amazon! Boxing gloves, a humidifier, Duraflame logs, an extra clothing rack for fashion week…) And then I put on my makeup! My foundation is Perfection Lumière by Chanel. I use Bare Minerals bronzer, and black Chanel mascara (but never waterproof).

Day: I always have Glossier Balm Dotcom on me. It’s great because you can also use it for your nails and cuticles. I bought a box of three so I could put one in every handbag. My hands get so dry during the winter, so it comes everywhere with me! I also bring a Laura Mercier Undercover Pot with me everywhere. I love it because it has two concealers and a powder.

Evening: For the evening I put on black L’Oréal Infallible super slim liquid eyeliner (it’s hypoallergenic!), and I always wear either a Chanel or Shiseido eyebrow pencil. I don’t wear foundation at night. It’s all about the eyes!

I use Clinique 3-Step Skin Care to remove my makeup, and then I apply Roza Gel again!
And when my skin feeling very dry, like now in the winter, I’ll use Clinique Moisture Surge.


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  • Great list and stunning picture – we actually use a couple of similar products in our morning routine. I am thinking about getting that Chanel foundation, heard good things about it!

  • it just occurred to me: the girls featured here are usually super minimalistic when it comes to make up. where are all the girls who use lots of products (like the rest of us)? on into the gloss, maybe? :)

  • I am sure that Sofia Snchez De Betak a Buenos Aires born,Model, Art Director and fashion consultant…don’t really need all this with her natural beauty and heritage…
    + she is married to the most… nice and talented man ..The Magician of the fashion world Alexander de betak.
    with love
    Yael Guetta

  • Merci pour cette petite interview! j’admire beaucoup le style vestimentaire coloré de Sofia et son makeup plutôt soft, naturel et vraiment superbe! <3


  • Thought I’d check out buying some of the Roza gel that was mentioned in the article and it said it was an anti bacterial gel for the vagina!!? Can this be correct and if not does anybody know if there is a different Roza gel on the market for the face! Almost bought tears to my eyes!

  • Michelle,
    It is not available where I live and work, but based on my brief online research Roza Gel appears to be a gel containing Metronidazole 0.01%, which is an antibiotic used to treat certain types of vaginal infections, as well as rosacea. It can also be taken in tablet form for more severe gastrointestinal infections, among other things. Generally, for a vaginal infection or for active rosacea you would need a gel 0.75% or stronger (i.e. 75x stronger than Roza Gel) so I would assume that the 0.01% Roza Gel is targeted at the prevention of redness in rosacea-prone skin. But it is the same active ingredient, so I can see how a basic Google search may yield some confusing results. Hope this helps!

    Carlotta (a real-life pharmacist)

  • Rosa gel is metronidazole (brand name metrogrl) it’s used to treat rosacea or atopic dermatitis. You can buy it at any drugstore otc.

  • Yes – I’d say the Roza Gel sound innocuous but I’d check with a dermatologist before using it as often as Sofia seems to. The active ingredient (although at a very low percentage) wouldn’t seem like something to mess around with.

  • Agreed that Roza isn’t something to mess around with. Talk to anyone with bad rosacea and they will tell you horror stories about how harsh the products are that are used to treat this condition. Nasty.

  • Great post! ;)


  • Love her. She has an amazing style.

  • Lovely.
    Peut être y a t’il une chose que Sofia ne sait pas : les produits cliniques ne sont pas de toute douceur pour la peau!!
    Choisir des produits plus naturels serait profitable à sa grande beauté nature.

  • On the subject of gels meant for the vagina used on the face I recently bought Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel for using when cycling and read lots of good reviews from people using it as a primer

  • I wish to become like you and just go out with out makeup, but I can’t just go anywhere with out at least my blush. I fear that this would ruin my face on the long run as I started really early (about 10 years old).

  • J’adore ce portrait tout en douceur.

  • Love this post!

  • Really interesting interview!Lately I’m all into beauty, and taking care of my skin. I’ve noted down the Balm Dotcom… looks the perfect product for my hands and lips.

    If you are interested on beauty and fashion news, I invite you to read my blog


  • Great interview, I really want to try that Clinique eye cream x

  • Thanks Carlotta,thanks for your explanation about the different strengths and usage of Roza gel etc.
    I also remember reading a skincare blog recently where a lady mentioned that she used a vaginal cleaning product as a face wash(it had a low pH!) after trying to find a suitable cleanser that didn’t dry or irritate her skin.Maybe there is something in this!!?

  • Nice post. I´m just a little tired of looking at Sofia, also, over rated. She is cute, but she is given a lot of publicity (not to mention amazing clothes, which really help).

    Great light in the picture.

  • Nice post! Have your pimples cleared up with just changing beauty routine and using topical products or have you had to take any medication or the contraceptive pill to help? I seem to not have any help from topical products but feel a bit hesitant to try medication :/

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