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A Beauty Minute with Laura Vidrequin

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Morning: When I wake up, I text with my friends and family in Europe. They make me smile and laugh, these two are my first skincare secrets :)

I spray my face with water from Evian to wake it up, or I love using the Sanoflore spray, which is basically a rose water. Then I use Eau Precieuse lotion with a cotton pad to clean my face. Afterwards, I use an elixir from Italy that prevents redness – it’s a trick from a Parisian pharmacist: Helichryse Italienne. My skin is sensitive and, from any little shock or outside element, it gets pink – which I am not a fan of! Once dry and ready, I apply Chanel day cream. I really love the texture and, to finish the cream marathon, I use a one I found in a pharmacy in Paris’ St. Germain. It’s supposed to keep your skin illuminated and soft as milk – Carole Frank’s Essence Eclaircissante and Hules et Baumes, Serum Éclat.

I don’t wear makeup, but I take care of my eyebrows like they are family – I brush them and use a pen from YSL, which is a pecan – or taupe – color that I really love. I would rather be late than on-time with the wrong eyebrows! Now you know. Depending on the day, I just put Chanel’s blanc powder on and I’m ready to go.

For my hair, it’s a different story – it has a life of its own. I wash with Dop hair products from France, it’s a brand I’ve been using since I was a kid. Then I use Klorane Dement Au Lait d’Avoine. I always have it in a middle part, as it’s easier to braid when busy. Really, I don’t treat my hair as well as I should – I even sleep without drying it…

Day: In my bag I always have Elizabeth Arden’s La Creme de Huit Heures – it’s a lifesaver. My mom always told me to use it in any circumstance, and it’s true. On the lip, on the cheek, on a dry area, on the eyelids, on the finishing of dry hair, cuticles – it works! I also always have my perfume, Dyptique, in a small bottle, which reminds me of home in Paris as it’s also a home scent and was a gift from my sister.

If I know it will be a night to day kind of day, I bring a black or brown mascara as well as a rose or reddish lipstick from Sisley. It adds the perfect hint of red for cheeks or lip.

Night: First thing I do is spray my face with Evian water and clean it with a cotton pad, then I have a milk form Sisley that I love – very soft – to take all of the day’s energy away: Lyslait Demaquillant. I try not to put water on my face too much, especially after a day outside – too aggressive! I use the Hydra global cream from Sisley and then an Argan oil, but just one drop. Finally, I use the baby oil from Johnson & Johnson on my body or a rose Argan oil I found in Marrakech and absolutely love. I adore any type of oil, especially rose scented, product before going to bed. I use a little bit of hand cream from Neutrogena and hop into bed, turning the light off!


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  • Love the Neutrogena hand cream, is one of the best for me

  • As always when we talk about ritual beauty ..i can’t stop thinking that one of the most important thing is to nourish our body from inside!!to smile and be happy ….and this all the cream and labels in the world can’t change…
    Yael Guetta

  • Love her smiiiiile, and me too, first thing I do I write textos when I wake up…bad habit I should stop, but I can t hahaha :)

    Bisous from France,
    *-* Sand. *-*

  • Thanks Garance for your beauty secret and especially the smile to start each day!! Me too I always have the 8 hour cream ;-)

    When I moved from Paris to NYC I continued to import French wonders like Bioderma Crealine to remove makeup but now I switch to what I found here: I order online my tinted CC Cream from Chanel and all the rest is DCL a dermatologic approved brand: cleanser for sensitive skin, ultra light hydrator, penta peel and even a conditioner to die for!

  • Qu’est-ce qu’elle est belle! C’est vrai que le teint fait tout!!!
    Merci pour toutes ces astuces beauté!!!

    Le monde des petites

  • Deborah June, 10 2015, 10:30 / Reply

    Laura’s regime epitomizes the classic French approach to beauty. Subtle but not simple.

  • Très naturel, j’adore! Elle a une sourire éclatante.
    Moi aussi je suis accro du Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream.

  • Stephanie June, 10 2015, 10:46 / Reply

    Garance, I’m going to be really cranky here — I love your site, and Laura is truly lovely, but “Beauty Minute” exhausts me. Nine times out of 10 it’s a natural European beauty who doesn’t wear any makeup, because laughter & friendship are her best makeup. (Of course!) And then it’s a face cream or two, maybe a cuticle cream, a quick brush of the hair, and then she just steps out looking fabulous. Oh, and she drinks herbal tea and does yoga. And true beauty comes from within. &c. Of course, it’s good to be reminded of those things, but zzzzzz my eyes kind of glaze over, thus causing me to need more eye makeup than under normal circumstances. I guess that means “Beauty Minute” costs me EXTRA beauty minutes! Oh well.

  • Katerina C June, 10 2015, 2:26

    :)Well it leaves me not exhausted, but bewildered. And I always come to the conclusion that I basically don’t have a beauty regime. Are all those girls doing this steps very day or once a month? Because if it is everyday, than I am from another planet. I have no problem with reading the stories, there are great ideas, I simply think doing all every single day is slavery. I happen to know people that enjoy taking care of themselves with a lot of beauty products, and I respect that, but they are like one in ten women.

  • Candace June, 10 2015, 2:48

    And any good dermatologist will tell you that using too many products are not only counterproductive, but damaging to your skin as you age.

    Just my two cents..

  • andrea June, 10 2015, 9:59

    Yes! I agree, I wish we could see a beauty minute once in a while that features a woman who doesn’t basically “wake up like this”

  • Love this! I don’t wear makeup either and I always say good eyebrows are better than wearing make up! They truly transform a face if done correctly and naturally.

    Warm Regards,

  • Haaaa la crème 8 heures !! Sa réputation n’est plus à faire ! Par contre je ne savais pas qu’elle pouvait-être utilisée sur les cheveux.

    Merci de nous faire découvrir toutes ces astuces à travers autant de profils différents !


  • Debbie June, 10 2015, 1:36 / Reply

    I get excited when I see ‘Beauty Minute’, and then find the model wears no makeup ! I know there is more to beauty than slapping on foundation et al., but it makes it so much more interesting when you see a product list to inspire perhaps a few purchases.

  • Ah bah enfin un rituel de beauté à peu près simple! cool.

  • I love the idea to use only baby oil…’never thought to use it! Me too, so happy to have found Chanel CC cream which is a god-send as the perfect day moisturizer!! xo

    adorn la femme

  • I love the way Chanel day cream smells

  • No products? There are loads of products I want to try in this beauty minute! Sanoflore spray, Helichryse Italienne, Carole Frank’s Essence Eclaircissante and Hules et Baumes, Serum Éclat, the Sisley milk and cream! Haden’t heard of most of those and have always kind of ignored Sanoflore – until now. That’s quite an impressive regime, although it’s not based around make up – apart from the eyebrows! And it was told in a quite charming and a little bit humorous way. Plus that smile!

  • C’est marrant comme toutes les Françaises rapportent leurs cosmétiques des USA et toutes les Américaines rapportent les leurs de France. On est jamais contentes de ce qu’on a !

  • Theresa June, 10 2015, 8:37 / Reply

    I love the “Beauty Minute” features–I find learning about people’s regimens fascinating. My own is very simple and natural but also very intentional and followed religiously. I’d love to read more about women (or men) who use natural or handmade products too.

  • Jennifer June, 11 2015, 1:24 / Reply

    I lthese beauty stories, they make me wonder if I am not doing enough for my skin. I have been working on my skin are for awhile and am learning it’s usually more than one product, no more one and done. Although it sounds like a lot and time consuming it’s important and this is why many of these women don’t need make up, because thir skin is so good.

  • I, for one, love these beauty minutes! Fun and inspirational. Side note, Laura, my pharmacist here in France also recommended the Helichryse Italienne to me, but he mentioned to only use it as part of a nighttime routine because of “photosensibilisante” properties … makes one’s skin sensitive to light and sun damage. I do love it though … it’s rather magical.

  • Chloé June, 16 2015, 6:02 / Reply

    Thanks! Lots of good tips.

    How do you use the Helichryse Italienne?
    Directly on your face or incorporated in a cream?

    Thank you :)

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