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What about the bra?

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What about the bra?

When it comes to the white shirt, what kind of bra are you wearing?

Sometimes I pull a Carrie Bradshaw and wear my white button downs with a black bra, something soft and delicate. You know, to keep the boys interested (just kiddding mom!). Other times I’m going for nude, a little something that won’t be at all noticable. And I never wear a white bra with a white shirt, because I feel like that stands out even more than a black bra.

Nude? Black? Red? White? What’s your bra + white shirt formula?

PS: The bra in this photo is by Carine Gilson!


Add yours
  • I usually wear a black bra under my white shirt.
    It’s supposed to be a nude bra but I shrug my shoulders and put it on anyway.

  • a white tee bra: it looks like you have nothing on :)


  • Nude. My skin is so pale, my nude is ivory. I’m not hip enought to wear black.

  • everyone is hip enough to wear black :)

  • Je ne mets rien (je plaisante, maman, et mes filles !)

  • Tiens, moi j’aurais mis du blanc

  • Moi aussi je mets du blanc, je trouve ça joli un beau soutif blanc en dentelles sous un top blanc…

  • Quelque chose de discret (et de non blanc). La chemise, si elle a une belle coupe, se suffit en elle même pour être sexy :)

  • francesca April, 15 2014, 12:25 / Reply

    i usually wear a black bra even though i do have nude ones. now this is partially because i just love black bras (they work for every other color in my closet which is usually black….black…..black…..grey……navy blue) and am otherwise too lazy to buy different colors. it never really bothers me if others can see it. in fact, i like the subtle yet not so subtle nature of it. i am covered but i am revealing something at the same time.

  • White with lace, black with lace, normal nude and fluo orange (triangle)

  • It depends on my mood. For evenings/nights I wear it a black one. For the day I wear it with a nude one. And sometimes, very rarely, I wear it with blue, because.. why not?? And I love lace too, it looks lovely. :)

  • charlène April, 15 2014, 12:50 / Reply

    Du rouge ou du nude.

    Une fois, innocente que je suis, j’ai mis des sous-vêtements blancs sous une robe blanche parce que moi aussi j’aimais l’idée romantique que ça donnait.
    Le soir venu, mes amies et moi sommes allées dans un bar boire un verre et fêter la venue des beaux jours. Sauf que les lumières repéraient le blanc et je me suis retrouvée comme nue devant tout le monde, mes sous-vêtement étaient affichés en surbrillance sous ma robe !! Grand moment de solitude…
    Je suis traumatisée du soutien-gorge blanc sous des vêtements blancs maintenant.. ^^

  • C’est trop vrai – c’est blanc qui paraît le moins bien!
    Moi je porte noir ou bleu pale si le chemisier n’est pas trop transparent!
    Nude, c’est rarement joli, mais rosé ou crème c’est une belle idée!

  • Black or nude mostly, sometimes a little twist like a bright blue one or a dotted version. Depends on the shirt too, one white isn’t as see through as the other!

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  • Definitivement nude sous du blanc.

  • Nude!!

  • hahahah I was having a bra discussion this morning. I am changing my bra and underwear to just go all black because it drives me nuts not to match my bra to my underwear and after acquiring to many weird colours, I’ve concluded that I just need to have one colour so I can match easily! And bras cost a fortune.
    I love white and grey shirts as well, but I haaaaate bras! I grew up in a place that bras were reserved for mothers or pregnant women, anyone else just goes braless. Wait until I moved to the US and in my second year of university my advisor pulled me a side and educated me on the american culture and their love affair with bras! I was shocked. A friend of mine says that bras are boob jail. So once the temperatures hit 70 degrees I go braless. I wear bras for warmth if you ask me, in the winter time I definitely need that extra layer :) As am dark skinned, under a while shirt, I am either braless or with a black bra.

  • Haha, this is so true. It is hard for people brought up in American culture to permit the idea of going braless. It’s good to remember how much of that is just social pressure. Thanks for your comment :)

  • En général j’opte pour du nude ou un joli soutien gorge blanc, de préférence avec un peu de dentelle !


  • Nude!!

  • Plus rien désormais si ce n’est une écharpe qui cache un sein en moins

  • I love the lace bra underneath a white shirt but it depends on where I’m going. When I have an appointment I choose one that pretty much invisible xx


  • Charlotte April, 15 2014, 2:17 / Reply

    Un petit soutien gorge nude ou noir!!! pas de blanc, l’erreur absolue ;)

  • La lingerie sur la photo est vraiment belle.
    Sous le blanc j’aime porter mon soutien-gorge aux lignes graphiques de chez & Other Stories mais je crois que c’est parce que j’aime le porter avec tout.

  • I prefer black but when it come to seen through materials- nude is always the best option!


  • I have a bra just for my favourite white shirt! :) I thought I was the only one concerned about this matter.

  • Definitely nude!!! But I almost just wear nude underwear.

  • Either black or something peachy, orange or coral. Usually not lace. Sometimes tringle. I go for laid back and cool. I don’t like nude bras and I don’t even own white ones.

  • Hi Alex,
    The bra in this post is beautiful & perfect to wear underneath a white shirt. The difficulty is finding a nice nude bra….but you can. Some are so boring but if you’re wearing a thin white t-shirt you really need a skintone seamless. White, definitely not & lumps and bumps look frumpy. Isn’t it funny that the most simple things are sometimes the hardest to find.

    my blog:
    Today: an easy but seems “gourmet” Easter recipe

  • but girls, I always wear a red bra under a white shirt. one, because it does the trick of not showing and two, because it also does the trick when the shirt is off.

  • Brooklyn Confidential April, 15 2014, 3:33 / Reply

    I would say it depends on your skin tone.. for instance I’m black and my skin is median to dark (N40 Mac is my press power color match) and I wear black bras with white shirts. I was told nude was what women should wear with white shirts but you can see my bra when I wear nude with white shirts.

  • Il paraît que le rouge est la meilleure couleur, mais bon je n’ai pas encore testé. Pour le moment, je mets du nude, pareil pour le slip sous une jupe blanche !

  • White! But I really like it in black but I’m not brave enough!

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  • I have the same issue with my white tees actually… Mostly because, regardless which bra colour I choose, it’s visible anyway! If I pick a nude bra, you still see the outline so why bother wearing something boring underneath?!

    I have always liked the look of a black lace bralette – a little more of a cute/sexy option depending on the situation.

  • C’est marrant qu’il y ait autant de votes pour le soutif noir, je n’aurais pas cru… je ne jure que par le nude car j’ai l’impression qu’un soutif apparent peut vite passer pour du mauvais gout. Je préfère de loin la sobriété au bling-bling

  • I use with light pink bras because looks awesome on my brown skin. But off white works too!

  • Je n’ai que des soutien-gorges de couleurs foncés. Ma garde-robe est composée de couleurs assez neutres tel que le noir, blanc, bleu main, gris etc. Donc des soutien-gorges colorés ça seraient «show-time everytime». Par contre mes petites culottes elles, je me permets tous les couleurs. :)

  • This is a complex answer, but stick with me… Ok? First, where are you going in the white blouse? For drinks with friends? Heels, jeans an extra button undone, then yes, show the fun and sexy bra. To a business meeting? Depends on your line of work- certain business sectors are still very conservative and a red or stand out bra would do all the talking for you during that meeting. Not always a good career move. Second question, skin tone? Black bras practically disappear on dark skin making it perfect to wear in almost any setting. Not wearing a bra to work in a conservative setting… Quel shock! Get ready for a call from human resources. Go with you gut ladies and keep it classy. Even white bras can be exciting. Men get as excited about a woman in a sexy black bra as they do in a white tee shrt bra and panties. It is all about the girl.

  • Rouge, Nude ou Noir. De toute façons c’est quasiment les seules couleurs de sous-vêtements que j’ai… :)

  • du rouge svp! pas de nude et pas de noir. puis… du blanc, j’en ai pas.

  • I usually wear a black bra under all my white and cream shirts, sometimes a red bra, but mostly black. I love the contrast and the feeling of being a bit naughty (:

  • nude or white.. i can’t pull of black…


  • Nude. I go nude for everything, except when it’s a black top/shirt, then I wear black underneath.

  • Martine April, 16 2014, 1:38 / Reply

    I always wear a white bra with a white shirt. It looks clean and crisp to me, even though it does show.

  • I hate the lines you get whatever bra you wear with a white shirt so I usually wear a nude bra and a white slip under my white shirt.

  • Nude sofisticated bras makes me feel very happy with myself:)

  • Hey Alex! A friend of mine told me that you had to wear red under a white piece (shirt or jean) and it’s invisible! But I never tried it so I don’t know if it’s true! I mostly wear nude under something transparent.
    Kisses from Bordeaux!

  • No bra, just a white vest, or none if I can get away with it.

  • I think a white bra under a white shirt is very beautiful. Clean and classic. I don’t want to look “naughty” or “edgy.”

  • I keep it simple so it wouldn’t be noticable during the week. The problem is work surrounding and having to sit in a conference room with many men, while the aircondition works big time. So, imagine wearing something in lace, your nipples sticking out. Ok, you got the point?
    Other times, black is always a good for contrast. And the idea of having red one sounds great!
    The other problem you girls might have encountered is the thickness of the bra. I am amazed how they make them now, I always say to the lady offering me that ridiculously stuffed one: Can you please give me something that is not an armor? O_o

  • Caroline April, 16 2014, 4:21 / Reply

    I agree with Sandy, it all depends on context, skin colour… and also bar size! If you’ve got big breast, there’s usually no point in making them to be even more obvious (unless you want to attract stares, obivoulsy). I’d go for nude/ light blue/ grey. Anything but white (too visible) or black (in my opinion, quite vulgar).

  • Am I the only one who wear red?

  • Melissa April, 16 2014, 5:17 / Reply

    Usually black, sometimes lacy, always naughty. I’m ((sort of)) kidding, I just wear whatever I feel most comfortable in which is coincidentally black with a little lace. I’ve reached that point in my bra drawer where almost all of them are the same type/material/padding because it’s just second nature to me to buy that type of bra now. A few days ago I wore a white shirt with a red bra and thought I felt eyes burning into my chest but people will stare at anything they’re not used to which in this case happened to be a girl who is comfortable and confident in her own skin (and bra). A bra is a bra and girls have boobs, screw everything else.

  • When it comes to white t-shirt and bras… I kind of don’t mind, I wear a white plain bra, but also lace colored ones.

  • D’habitude du nude, mais aujourd’hui j’ai opté pour du rouge, qui bizarrement est aussi invisible sous du blanc…

  • Du rouge également! J’avais été étonnée la première fois qu’on me l’avait conseillé sous une chemise blanche, mais il est vrai qu’étonnement le rouge ne se voit pas du tout sous le blanc…

  • I always weat a matt golden bra. With an olive skin that is more my kind of nude.

  • JessicaE April, 16 2014, 7:53 / Reply

    I always wear a nude bra under a white shirt. I’ve seen way too many people wearing white bras under white shirts and it showing through like crazy.

  • The bra in the photo is really lovely!


  • I work in an office where a neutral bra is a must. In fact, if the blouse is sheer enough, I wear a white camisole too. I do not want my coworkers seeing my belly button. (I don’t mind if a little bra silhouette is visible.)

    But that presents another question. Is it a faux pas to wear a bra and a cami?

  • the prettiest white lace bra possible under white voile tuxedo/french cuff blouse = heaven

  • Body or not body this is a question ! :-))) Je porte toujours des bodys !!!

  • As we learned from Garance in an early post: (http://www.garancedore.fr/en/2014/01/28/nude-2/)

    “Nude” is a relative term, as a brown woman a brown shade would be my nude. So please careful defining nude based on only on a limited range of skin colors or one skin color.

    In answer to the question I opt for no bra at all. Or maybe a camisole that is a nice brown shade. But that is because I am so flat chested the last time I tried to buy a bra the saleswoman had to search in the back inventory. She did not find my size I figured that was a sign not to bother again. *smile*

  • For me, it is always a nude bra (it can be a very soft pink in lace, looks cute). But I definitely liked the idea of a black one to spice things up!
    But never EVER a white bra! It is something my mom always warned me about, and nowadays I think it looks mega tacky.

  • Camille April, 16 2014, 9:48 / Reply

    Nude lace bralette! I’ve embraced my small chest and have been loving bralettes, and I think a lace bralette peeking from a scantily-buttoned white shirt is very sexy :)

  • Lace or Leopard print! I like wearing something ultra fem or a little naughty with a men’s white shirt ;)

  • I don’t own any other color of underwear than black. Always matching.
    So my go-to is black bras in any shape. If I don’t want my black bra to show, I simply wear a nude color silk singlet underneath my shirt

  • Black!

  • for causal daytime look, definitely nude or grey marl (just like your old school gym jersey tee), they are invisible under white tee.
    sometimes I do wear black lacey bras, when my white tee is pairing up for a night-out with something more glam.

  • I never use nude lingerie.
    Because the color is so old ladys underwear in a bad way….I know , it’s a best-seller but I’m not feel confortable wearing this. I always prefer a good white bra with a good white shirt. I will try another colors bra rsrsrs…. Kisses ju.

  • I don’t wear any bra unless the shirt is made of very thin fabric :D (But I’ll put a bra on when I meet my mom.)
    Hmm…. I’d wear white lace bra with white shirt, sth light and not too padded. Because notmally I don’t have much boobs, so I either wear push-up bras or nothing at all, but with a thin white shirt, I would wear an unpadded white lace. x


  • Je porte définitivement du noir, mais un joli soutien-gorge, délicat parce que quitte à ce que cela se voit, autant faire les choses harmonieusement.
    Quoi qu’en ce moment je songe à porter du très vif sous mes chemises blanches, du corail, rouge, vert pimpant, bleu Klein…

  • I have surgically enhanced goodies, so I love not wearing a bra – they’re not big but they are perky, and they look their best when they’re set free of underwire. However my daily uniform is a white tee of varying degrees of sheerness/print or my boyfriend’s button down with jeans so I usually chuck a lacy American Apparel bralette on – I have red and navy but I want the burgundy and dark beige as well as a classic black and white. It’s enough to register as a bra but still gives me the freedom of feeling braless.
    If it’s for an evening out, I wear a bright pink and yellow number from Agent Provocateur or a black lace bra by the same brand. Their bras are sexy and supportive without ending up with my boobs up around my ears.

  • Et oui c’est un soutien gorge rouge qu’il faut porter si on veut que cela ne se voit pas. Le choisir bien sûr lisse, genre satin ou coton sans trop de relief de tissus.

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