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Things I Do When I’m Home Alone

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Things I Do When I’m Home Alone

Unable to afford living alone in NYC, there are certain activities that bring me such pleasure in the very rare instance I am left totally alone in my apartment for a weekend without roommates. In no particular order:

1. Eating anything and everything for dinner while standing at my kitchen counter falling deep down the rabbit hole of Instagram. For example: a bowl of cereal, followed by a glass of wine with popcorn and then maybe even ice cream. This could totally happen in reverse order, too.

2. Showering with the door wide open so it doesn’t get so damn hot in my windowless bathroom!

3. Drinking wine, doing a face mask, and painting my nails in my underwear while watching back to back episodes of Seinfeld.

4. Sleeping in my birthday suit with my bedroom door wide open for a better cross breeze.

5. Cooking a big breakfast and leaving the dishes in the sink. For 24 whole hours. Or more.

What are your go-to solo activities??


Add yours
  • Oh, my! I RELISH the minutes when my family is out of the house and not around. I love them dearly, BUT…. I can listen to intellectual podcasts (economics, public health) in English without having to wear earbuds. I can eat when I want and not at precise hours that are set … by whom? Who decided that lunch is at 12:30 and never at 12:10? I want a word with them! And I can drink all the coffee I want without lectures.
    Also: opening ALL the windows for maximum cross-ventilation (known to others as death-inducing drafts), not shutting doors.
    And the thing I love most and never ever do because I never have a moment of quiet alone at the right time of the day (more like night with the time difference): Call friends back in the U.S. Or if I have a moment of quiet, I’m probably sound asleep. So…

  • hahaha, I’m crazy organized and clean so I wouldn’t leave dirty dishes in the sink. aside from that, I’m in love with this bedroom photo! Need to find the exact same table and chair asap!!!


  • Sanja Van Huet August, 10 2016, 2:54 / Reply

    Dancing around and playing MY music. Doing yoga in the lounge room. Letting the cat in (shhhh!)

  • Love this post.

    When alone, I enjoy blasting the volume up of my favorite Pandora tunes, eating and making a mess in the kitchen to clean it whenever I want, taking up all the space in the bed (I live with my husband), and healthy missing him hahaha

  • Charlène August, 10 2016, 4:27 / Reply

    Hahaha I absolutely understand you as I live in a big flat with six people. But the strange thing is when they are too much out, I miss them and am really happy when they come back at the end! :)

  • same here! When my bf is not home: vive les green clay masks! (without 1000 questions why and what for and weird smiles)

  • Hahaha on dirait moi, j’adore ce post ! C’est génial de se retrouver seule parfois, pour faire toutes ces choses :)


  • When I’m home alone I sit deeply on my sofa, watch back to back episodes of Fixer Upper, salivate over British Vogue’s: INSIDE THE WARDROBE episodes and catch up on Garance Dore’s podcasts with headphones on. Weirdly enough, I’m so relaxed while in sensory overload with no one around to ask what the hell I’m doing.


  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira August, 10 2016, 11:33 / Reply

    I live by myself ,so it’s pretty normal …but, yeah …sometimes, usually on weekends when arriving home Saturday morning from a night out with the guys in Bairro Alto or Cais do Sodré (Lisbon ) , strange things happen later that evening in terms of food combinations cause of the «munchies» , you know what i mean?

  • hahhaa so true !

  • I can’t remember the last time I was alone in my apartment–but I live with my boyfriend, and no other “roommates,” thank God, so I can walk around in undies/do face masks/hog the bathroom whenever I want. (I lived with multiple people in two other apartments, so I definitely relish it.) But when he isn’t home, I like to blast music he doesn’t like and sing/dance along (too embarrassing to do in front of him haha).

  • Opposite. My husband and I are both shift workers. His son is a teenager and always out with his friends these days. I am often in the house with just the dogs. I love our time together and my time alone equally.

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