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In Partnership With Augustinus Bader
Pocket PMF: Augustinus Bader

A little while ago, Veronica introduced you to a new brand on the beauty beat, Augustinus Bader, and the science behind its two products, The Cream and The Rich Cream. Like a true beauty junkie, Veronica committed to trying out The Cream for 27 days and she’s here to report her findings and generally talk skincare shop with Caitlin, a self-declared luxe beauty addict who’s newly devoted to The Rich Cream, Emily, who’s on a serious mission for clear skin, and Mary, one of the lucky few who’s cruising through life mostly blemish-free and consequently would rather spend her money on shoes. The group delves into their individual skincare histories and how they’ve evolved with age, tips they gleaned from their mothers, why Veronica and Caitlin will be continuing their journeys with their respective Augustinus Bader creams and more. We love learning about other people’s beauty routines, tricks and questions, so please share them with us! Also because Emily not-so-secretly loves to dive deep with readers in the comments!

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On skincare…
Caitlin: As I’ve become older, I’ve been more focused on not necessarily acne per se, but more so wrinkles and having a smooth complexion all around. I’ve finally gotten to the point where I’ve realized it’s quality over quantity and being able to have a consistent method that can travel with me, that maximizes my time in the morning and evenings, but also makes me feel like I’m doing something healthy for my skin. It’s just been an evolution.

Initial thoughts on using Augustinus Bader
Caitlin: First of all, I’m a luxury beauty product junkie.
Veronica: And she’s not shy about that fact. You invest in your beauty and skincare routine.
Caitlin: I do. It’s more important to me than investing in seasonal clothing. It’s constant maintenance and it’s my skin and my face. Once I find a product I like, I stick with it. I had been using a very specific luxury beauty brand for almost a decade. But, after we were introduced to Augustinus Bader and you were familiarized with the science behind it, I was super excited to try it. I’ve always been kind of sold on the feeling and the dream – it’s a luxury product with beautiful packaging, but it delivers and has a following. Even though this was something new, it had science behind it and 27 days is nothing! I chose The Rich Cream because I like a very rich cream in general. I like the feeling of having heavier cream; I feel more protected for some reason. I fell in love with The Rich Cream. It goes on super smooth and lasts all day. It replaced my night cream.
Veronica: Did you used to have a different day and night cream?
Caitlin: Yes.
Veronica: And this is now your day and your night cream?
Caitlin: Yes. And I saw a smoothness in my face within about two weeks. I told Mary within a week of using it that I was obsessed.

On the fear of editing your beauty when going through TSA…
Veronica: I recently got back from Scotland and learned that the UK is much stricter about liquids than the US. I got flagged hard core. These two TSA ladies took me to the side room, laid out all my beauty products, and were like, “What are you doing??” I explained that I write about beauty for the site and carry a lot with me and they said I had to throw some of them out. I was like, “Not this one. This cream has to go with me!” They were like, “Well what cream is this?” They’d never heard of Augustinus Bader because it’s a new brand and company, but by the end of my three minutes with them, they’d taken photos of it and were buying it on the spot.

On the skincare products you’ve used the longest…
Emily: I’d say miceller water and sunscreen.
Veronica: I need to get better about sunscreen.
Mary: I’ve been using a redness reducing cream, because I feel like I have discoloration, that my mom starting using and gave to me about six years ago. I use it everyday.
Emily: Ok, I’m going to preface this by saying I’m not a scientist, but I have read and heard that if you get redness on your skin it’s a sign of inflammation in the body. It’s a diet thing.
Mary: Oh gosh. Really? I didn’t know that at all.


Who do you trust and get your beauty and skincare recommendations from?
Caitlin: I’ve never been someone who’s picked up a random beauty product and tried it out because it was getting pedaled on the sales floor. It’s always been about someone validating a product and having a good experience with it.
Emily: Unless I find someone who has similar skin to me, I’ve learned that I can’t take anyone’s recommendations because it’s such a personal thing. I’m trying to trust a really good esthetician or doctor. It needs to a professional who knows what type of skin I have and says this is what I should be using. There have been too many times I’ve tried stuff just because I saw a cool girl was using it, but didn’t know anything about her skin or issues and it backfired on me.

On pain in beauty…
Emily: Do you guys enjoy getting facials? I HATE it. It’s so painful because of the extractions.
Veronica: I love the pain. I’m one of those people that’s like, “If it’s not painful, it’s not working!”
Emily: You’re such a masochist.
Veronica: I am. There’s a mask I’m using right now twice a week, and it burns so much.
Mary: I think we must be using the same mask.
Veronica: It burns fucking burns and turns my face bright red and I can only leave it on for two minutes.
Mary: Oh my god, we do not use the same one!

On beauty essentials…
Veronica: I like to treat beauty like I treat fashion, in the sense that it should be your essential edit. When I started using this Augustinus Bader cream, I was like this is an essential edit, this is like my white button down shirt that will never go out of style and I can use it for so long! It really targets so many different things in terms of long term skincare with preventing wrinkles and short term cell turnover so I can have acne scars disappear quicker.

On how skincare impacts your self-esteem…
Veronica: You don’t feel like your best self if your skin is broken out. There is always a spring in my step when I have a good skin day. Or hair day.
Emily: Oh, totally. The best is when I come into work and Mary tells me, “Your skin looks amazing!” You know how to get to my heart, Mary.


After introducing you to Augustinus Bader with this post a few weeks ago, we received so much interest from our readers! Next week, Veronica and a special guest will be discussing their experiences using The Cream for the full 27 day cycle – stay tuned!

Thank you to The Smile Radio for letting us record in their rad space!

Augustinus Bader

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  • The stomach issues I believe have a direct consequence to how your skin is reacting. Lots of articles a out it online

  • So glad Emily is back. I really missed her. Do you guys ever plan to do a podcast on work management, how you handle your team, solve conflicts, choose the right people to work with, your work dynamics…? That would be really great! I am a big fan of Pocket PMF, always waiting for the new topic. Lately I’ve realized that I’m actually much more interested in Atelier Doré team than other guests you have on podcasts. Keep up the good work!

  • Hello ladies! You confised me, I got one! Now just wonder what kind of eye is Veronica using? Love Atelier Dore!

  • Veronica January, 3 2019, 11:49

    Hello! for eye cream that is affordable i always suggest kiehls, but i was gifted Orveda eye cream which i love and am using that right now. but when it runs out — i’ll be going back to my kiehls :)

  • Tanja Beiser December, 9 2018, 4:58 / Reply

    I am from Germany and actually used Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream vor 27 days. For me that cream doesn‘t work at all. I was really disappointed. Not only because of the money I have spent, more because of not having the promised results. My skin felt quiet dry (and it was the rich cream!) and got a lot of blemishes. So it is as Emily said: Unless I find someone who has similar skin to me, I’ve learned that I can’t take anyone’s recommendations because it’s such a personal thing. I’m trying to trust a really good esthetician or doctor. It needs to a professional who knows what type of skin I have and says this is what I should be using. There have been too many times I’ve tried stuff just because I saw a cool girl was using it, but didn’t know anything about her skin or issues and it backfired on me.

  • Veronica January, 3 2019, 11:47

    I’m sorry to hear that — but I do agree with you that skin care is a really personal journey and you have to listen to the type of skin you have. I did continue to use my anti-acne products in addition to the cream and found i liked how they worked together. x Veronica

  • Ok you work with brands and sponsors. If you can afford >200€ for one cream, there are very few women able to to it in the US or Europe.
    Part of the price , a large one goes to marketing ( advertising, press, packagings….etc)
    The when talking about cosmetics try to have some sense of biology.
    Your skin reflects not only how you eat but very much how balanced are the main actors of your body, hormones , cortisol, thyroid… then your digestive system from your mouth , estomac, liver, pancreas , intestin… Any inflammation or unbalance will show first on your skin !
    You know about the « microbiote » of your intestin, the mix of good and bad bacteria, and how important it is. Your skin is the same, so to make it short if you clean it the wrong way (too much) or use a « burning » mask , you destroy the skin microbiote.
    Then whatever cream you use, if your skin is not balanced, the cream will be useless. Moreover there is no cream able to penetrate the surface when the derm needs complements…….. Surely pleasant to have a nice packaging, airless is the only criteria you should look for. Then it is only comfort , up to you to spend in that but please don’t make anyone believe in miracles. Drink water, eat properly, protect your skin from pollution, be reasonable by not over cleaning…. You will see changes . ?

  • this was interesting, thank you for posting. but it sounds as if there are only two options: investing in the skin with luxury beauty products or not caring at all. why do you think that only luxury brands do the trick?

  • Caitlin M. December, 10 2018, 9:16 / Reply

    This is all very good, but I would love to know what luxury brand Caitlin swears by. I realize you have to do paid content, but I miss the days of promoting products because the team really loves them. I trust this is a good brand, and I appreciate you are selective in your partnerships, but it would be nice to pepper in other brands that the team enjoys. (Note: I have purchased a lot of products based on non-paid reviews on this site, and am deterred to do so here because this is paid).

  • Alexandra Thom January, 20 2019, 2:22 / Reply

    Hello! In the podcast, you referenced an esthetician that Emily and Garance both love. Would you mind sharing his/her name? I’m on the hunt and would love your recommendation.

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