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Omorovicza’s Magic Moisture Mist

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In Partnership with Omorovicza
Omorovicza’s Magic Moisture Mist

My beauty routine is a real hodge-podge of products. I’ll take a cleanser from one line, pair it with a toner from another line and top if off with moisturizer from another line completely different from the first two.

At least that was what my beauty routine resembled till I was introduced to Omorovicza. You see, my beauty routine is now very streamlined because….

Every. Single. Thing. I. Have. Tried. From. Them. I. Have. Loved.

That took me awhile to type out but it needed to be emphasized. From their Acid Fix (a new staple in my skincare routine) to their Thermal Cleansing Balm to even their Midnight Radiance Mask, I am a Omorovicza cult fanatic.

And now I have one more product to obsess over, their new Magic Moisture Mist. The Mist is 80% Hungarian thermal water and 20% anti-oxidant oils and essential oils and it instantly hydrates and revitalizes parched skin. When combined, the oil and water provide weightless hydration, enriching the skin with pollution-defying, antioxidant plant stem cells, as well as nourishing, regenerative essential oils.

I’ve kept a Magic Moisture Mist on my desk for the past few weeks and have been spritzing if from time to time when I needed a refresh…. although I suspect others around me are sneaking spritzes because the Magic Moisture Mist is disappearing at an alarming rate ;)

Below I asked Omorovicza’s founder, Margaret, a few questions about her brand while trying not to out myself as her biggest fan girl.

How do you define beauty?

Beauty for me is a life well lived, a lack of artifice or camouflage, kindness, mindfulness, a spirit which shines through when doing inspiring and delightful things – whether that is wearing a fabulous red lipstick, learning a new trick or simply being healthy.
I love the story behind Omorovicza. Can you tell me a little bit about why the thermal baths are so important to the culture in Budapest? 

Thermal baths are one of the most idiosyncratic expressions of Hungarian culture; a very unusual phenomenon. Thermal bathing has evolved over time; 2,000 years to be precise. Something which started in Rome, was brought to Hungary by Marcus Aurelius, was adopted by locals as they alighted upon the curative properties of their waters, witnessed miraculous healings, etc. Then ottoman Turks added a very distinct flavour to Hungarian bathing; a large number of baths in Hungary were built by Ottoman Turks in 1500s – they were built like Hammams but on top of thermal springs. And on it goes through magnificent, opulent, baroque 19th century follies. All stitched together by the idea that bathing heals and should be a part of a life well lived. It is a time to see friends, reflect, but also address aches and pains. Doctors prescribe the baths for all ailments; different baths for different ailments, based on centuries of empirical observations of the benefits of different combinations of minerals to the organism.
Where did you look to for inspiration when developing the Magic Moisture Mist?  

The Magic Moisture Mist was inspired by the Queen of Hungary Mist, itself inspired by the Queen of Hungary Water, a perfume created in the 1300’s for a Hungarian Queen, which pre-dates the first Eaux de Cologne by about 300 years. The Queen of Hungary Mist is a wonderful mist, energising and uplifting and we all used it all the time. So much so that we wondered whether we could create a moisturiser in the form a mist, combining our Healing Concentrate™ and some beautiful oils for on-the-go hydration! We included oils which are very nourishing, others which are anti-oxidant and yet others which are essential and have aroma-therapeutic properties. And thus the Magic Moisture Mist was born!
Your products don’t just deliver on skin care, they also provide a luxurious experience for the consumer with everything from the packaging to the smell of your products. Why is the overall experience of beauty and self-care so important for you to deliver to your consumer? 

Our concern with every aspect of the Omorovicza experience stems from our own appreciation of all the little (and not so little), unique details dreamed up by the creative minds at work behind our favourite brands. We want the experience of Omorovicza to be delightful through and through, to provide moments of escapism which take the mind away from the day-to-day to the serenity of a glorious thermal SPA!

What’s your favourite place to visit when you need a dose of inspiration? 

My favourite place tends to be the last place I’ve visited. Right now, it is Gora, up in the hills of Hakone, in Japan. But recent favourites include Paris, Ortigia in Sicily, Charleston (as I am Southern) and Copenhagen. I find inspiration in pounding the pavements of an unfamiliar city as well as in exploring my favourite sites in a beloved. Seeing, hearing, smelling the ways a city comes to life and the different ways people choose to express their identities is also inspiring.

Photo Karolina Kaczynska


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