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Oil Everywhere

Is it me or is oil the new moisturizer?

I have been using Root Science facial serum for the past few weeks as my moisturizer and I am beyond happy with the results. And we just got another super cool (minimal branding but good quality packaging)(can you tell I love packaging!) oil product called Everyday Oil, which is an all-natural, unisex skin care line for the whole body and the whole family! How lovely is that? It has everything from organic coconut and jojoba oil, to lavender, palo santo and shea butter oils.

I honestly love how oils are so good for my skin and help out with dryness – it’s truly a win-win situation! What do you think of oils replacing moisturizing lotions? Are you a fan?


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  • I use coconut oil for everything! I had very severe acne until I just stopped using harsh cleansers and moisturizers. Now I only use oil (coconut most of the time, but also olive, and shea butter), and it really helps me fight breakouts and even make my acne scars heal. Sometimes I blend essential oils to treat my skin. But I will never use a regular facewash ever again.

  • i have always used oil in my routine. i started with j&j oil for my body when i was very young and now i’m using an oil beneath my cream most of the year. i love blue orchid oil by clarins! :)


  • Isabel June, 14 2016, 4:05 / Reply

    I love, love oils;)!!! Internal & external use. We need them internal too, for beautiful, smooth skin and good health. One of my favourite is Fab Face by Aesop, I just bought today 7 days cure (rose oil) from Weleda and many others. RMK from Japan for cleansing. Oils are much better for our skin than any other lotions I find.

  • Jessie Buckmaster June, 14 2016, 4:55 / Reply

    Yes yes yes! Oil Cleansing changed my skin forever. I’ve struggled with breakouts since I was 13. Once I tried oil cleansing with jojoba oil my skin instantly cleared up. I’ll use coconut oil when my skin is extra dry.

  • I have so many myself. To name a few of the usual suspects: coconut oil (of course), grapeseed oil which I cook with too, avocado oil, Josie Maran’s argon oil which likes my hair more than my face, and one called Biossance *revitalizer* which I use on my face after toning. It’s an oily situation these days…and I love it.

  • I use oils constantly and for everything for 10+ years. It is a timeless way to hydrate. Frankyly it has been the thing to do for generations. Cultures have been anointing their bodies with oils for thousands of years. Creams to me are so strange and trendy, fleeting really. They will come and go.
    I am glad you found and are falling in love with oils. You will never go back!

    Erin J

  • I have fallen in love with all types of essential oils recently. They are a definitely better option for sensitive skin.


  • lavinia June, 15 2016, 4:08 / Reply

    I use jojoba oil in the morning (rebalances your oily/dry parts) and argan oil (nourishing for dry skin) in the evening both before my avene hydrance rich cream. I love them they give me a brightness and my face/neck is soft like a baby. I am 52 and have no wrinkles on my face (no one even near eyes contour!). I follow the “japanes method” japanese women use. I started using cream when I was 15 and I remember my mother laughed…

  • lavinia June, 15 2016, 4:09 / Reply

    p.s.: to wash my face I use evening bioderma and in the morning I like water on my face + a delicate foam cleanser

  • Ana Leonor June, 15 2016, 9:59 / Reply

    I do love them: the scent, the smoothness, the glow… As my skin face is really dry I haven’t found one for my face that makes me skip my moisturizer. So I’ll use the oil but as an add-in, not alone.

  • Oils are amazing but need a well hydrated skin to penetrate properly , a well balanced routine mixing water base moisturizer daily and oil once or twice a week are the best for a beautiful skin . A regular exfoliation is also the key to avoid clogged pores .

  • Great post dear!

  • therese June, 16 2016, 11:47 / Reply

    I love oils. i have been using Weleda’s Sea buckthorne oil and Pomegranate oil night and day. I cleanse with One Love Organics Vitamin B oil cleanser. A mist of Rose water and I am set. My skin has never looked better,

  • Every night i use rose hip oil on my face to help with acne scarring and it works wonders. I definitely believe oils are the new moisturizer.

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