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It’s All In the Lining

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It’s All In the Lining

Last weekend I had a wedding to go to, which means that after totally screwing up the dress code—cocktail and formal are not the same thing I had to up my beauty game for the evening (since it’s basically non-existent), so I got crazy and decided to include a little liquid eyeliner in my look.

I have to say, it looked pretty cool, but at the end of the night when I looked in the mirror it looked like you could literally peel it off my eyes. It went from looking glossy and pretty to looking like a piece of tape on my eyelids.

So in an effort to not look like a crazy person the next time I try to nice-ify my face, what’s the deal? Do you use liquid eyeliner and if so what brands have you found work well? Or do you stick with a regular kohl pencil? Help!!

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  • oh! liu wen is so cuuuute! :)


  • Stila all day liquid liner, in all the colors!

  • It really depends on your preference and if you are good to apply it with all tips. I personally think that Eyeko has great options but if you want one that stays forever, MAC Liquidlast Liner is the way to go!

  • Gel liner doesn’t budge! I use a l’oreal one with an angled brush.

  • Colleen March, 23 2016, 5:43 / Reply

    The brand TOTALLY changes the look. I’m a huge, huge fan of both Stila’s and Marc Jacob’s liquid liners. They’ve both taken me through twelve-hour waitressing shifts, Brazilian Jui Jitsu, crazy all-night dance parties.. basically, my whole life.

    I also like gel pot liners – they’re less scary to put on but stay almost as long. Maybelline and MAC both make great ones in a stellar selection of colors.

  • You have oily eyelids Emily! I do too. Tape effect is inevitable, and this is coming from a 40 year old who has bought every eyeliner and primer out there. On the bright side, the skin on our eyelids are less likely to become crepey overtime, the bare, shiny eyelid can actually be really sexy (Marilyn Monroe used to put vaseline on hers to make them look like how ours do naturally!), and even if the cat-eye is not an option for longer than three hours, there will always be the equally beautiful (and kinda cooler) smokey eye!

  • Thank you A!!! I’ve always wondered why liner only looks good for the first 30 minutes I have it on my eyes. It happens with pencils and liquid and I’ve always felt like a crazy person! x Emily

  • Love the one from Urban Decay. It has awesome intensity


  • Partly it’s oily lids but also it’s the type of liner you are choosing. Non-shiny or comparatively less shiny liquid liners are less likely to stick to themselves and roll off. Also, if you apply liquid liner thickly (in layers), that will be more likely to roll off.

    I have über oily lids myself but never feel more secure than when I’ve got a good liner on. Stila (oldie goodie) and Givenchy (for a softer, less intense and non-glossy line, especially if you dip it in a little water first) are my mainstays.

  • 2 words: cake eyeliner. Love it. ‘Tightline’ by Laura Mercier is good. You have so much more control than with liquid, pencil, or gel eyeliner, you can put it on dry or use a damp brush for a more dramatic effect, layer it on a thick, tight cat eye or use a lighter hand for a more subtle-yet-big-eyed look- it can do both, and it doesn’t pull your eyelid when applying like sometimes happens with pencil liners. Seriously, try some!

  • Elizabeth March, 23 2016, 10:35 / Reply

    Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner (in the pot) lasts all day and doesn’t smudge. It’s easy to get the line you want and the pot lasts a very long time (a year for me). I’ve been using it for a decade! Probably not the best eyeliner for a smokey look.

  • Welcome to the oily eyelid club Emily!! No matter what primer, magical stay all day eyeliner you out on, it’s not going to last! I’ve tried every one mentioned in comments above and no dice.
    ( Marc Jacobs and the urban decay eye primer are the best though) I do a smokey eye that looks even better when it’s a bit grungy and lived in!
    Xo tara

    Ps gel liner in a pot is no better !!!

  • Party make up is the trickiest thing. It has to stay beautiful for hours. So I usually stick to the looks I’ve tried before.

    I don’t use eyeliner at all, though. It seems too difficult to manage for me! I don’t even use eye pencil any more. Just eyeshadow and mascara.
    Eye shadow is easier to use. I had trouble with that, too, but then I realised that you need to use quality brands for this. Guerlain does it for me. And L’Oreal is OK, too. Make Up Store of course.


  • J’ai porté pendant des années un trait d’eyeliner ans jamais avoir rencontré ce problème. C’est peut être dû aussi au liquide. Je prenais toujours une marque avec un pinceau qu’on trempe dans le liquide, et pas un feutre ou autre, car j’adorais le fait de dessiner sur mes yeux et c’était le seul moyen de faire très précis. Une seule couche, juste au-dessus des cils, et ça tenait toute la journée. A l’époque j’habitais en France et ça devait être une marque pas chère genre Gemey ou l’Oréal.

  • Gel liner is way much easier to use and it doesn’t moove at all during the day :) You can trust the Bobbi Brown ones!

  • Actually, it was here (and I think a post by Garance) that got me on gel eyeliner. I really love it.

  • I put on eyeliner everyday to go to work (I think I’m close to a PhD in “applied arts of the eyeliner”) and I prefer using the creamy ones. You know, the ones that are sold in a tiny pot, so 50s, and that you apply with a brush… I think those work better on me, because they hold all day long – and I live in Italy, with the heat and the humidity it’s no joke – and are easier to apply. Usually, they’re not shiny, but the Make Up Forever one is VERY black, so the effect is almost glossy!

  • The best, and I mean, really the BEST eyeliner in the world (after I’ve tried everything): Ellis Faas eyeliner. It does what needs to be done and is easy, smooth, stays in place for ages! I’m deeply in love with it and all the other things she develops too! check out http://www.ellisfaas.com

  • I love the Kat von D. It is the best liquid eyeliner!

  • I’m, ahem, older than you, G, and also have hooded eyelids. I absolutely love Laura Mercier’s kohl pencil. For more intensity, I use Nars eyeliner pencil, which seems to last forever. I’ll smudge whatever I use slightly with a blunt brush and it looks great. Bobbi Brown’s gel liner is nice, but I really have to be on my game to get the full effect.

  • Katherine March, 24 2016, 3:56 / Reply

    I use black mineral pigment with a little water to make a liquid. I have fairly oily lids (bone dry everywhere else, though), and this stays really well. There can be some fallout for a little while (esp. while you’re learning & may pile on too much), but it stays even with some tearing, or even rain. Knocked my formerly beloved gel liners out with a single blow.

  • MAC Liquidlast Liner is the best lasting eyeliner I have found so far. And I have tried MANY. : )

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