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Hotline Cling

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Hotline Cling

As though my squeak issues weren’t enough, transitional weather has brought on STATIC.

It drives. Me. MAD. Just as I’m embracing a pleated skirt with tights for the schizophrenic temperatures, static cling has me all kinds of ways. Making it nearly impossible to walk to Gourmet Garage for lunch without the aforementioned skirt attaching itself to my thighs, like i’m wearing silk culottes over tights. Not pleasant in case you were wondering.

The only thing worse than clingy clothes is a clingy man. And the former might actually be more difficult to deal with. BUT – just when all hope was lost, I received an email about a static reducing spray!! Quelle chance! So I tried it … and it worked!

And its from pocket-friendly Downy, a brand born in the 1960’s so you can, A: trust it and B: know that you might smell a tad like a fresh load of laundry. But who doesn’t like that? I do!

Any other household remedies for static out there I should try? Im a massive fan of dish soap for getting stains out a the moment… just saying ;)

Photo : US Harper’s Bazaar March 1994 ‘In deep’ , photo: Patrick Demarchelier model: Nadja Auermann


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  • I’ve heard you can rub a dryer sheet on the underside of your clothes, and outside of tights to fight static cling. Worth a try.

  • Also, make sure your legs are well-oiled with body lotion or baby oil. When the weather obliges, I put on the tights, then put oil or lotion on my hands, and rub a little on top of the tights, after having done it on my skin, of course. Keeps the skirt from clinging.

  • that does not look like nadja. maybe amber valetta?

  • Katarzyna April, 12 2016, 3:58 / Reply

    Oooh, yes, I know the feeling and still haven’t found a good solution for it. I usually just really pay attention if skirts/dresses have “underdress” (I’m not sure if that really is an english term), because in that case the problem with static usually doesn’t happen.

    Btw, Brie, what’s going on with Neada? I miss her articles. Hope she is fine.

  • Hi Kat! Yes the underdress, we might call it a lining or slip in the US I think!

    Neada has moved to LA and may still contribute from time to time, she is very happy indeed out there in the sun :)

  • Charikleia April, 13 2016, 3:17

    Yes! We all miss Neada!!!

    By the way, static is the most embarassing thing at a meeting. It has happened to me, I swore never again plisse skirts with tights.

  • Nice post :)


  • Not mentioning the hair situation! My Gwyneth Paltrow kind of hair becomes a funny version of 1979 Diana Ross in a static electricity situation!!!

  • In Australia they used to sell Statique spray. Don’t know if it is still manufactured.

  • I HATE static too!!


  • If fabric softener sheets work for hair static, I wonder if it would work in this case! And dish washer soap really is a lifesaver. Fun fact: Dawn dish washing liquid with the blue label is used to clean the oil out of the feathers of birds affected by oil spills. It’s gentle enough on the feathers to not damage them so it’s great for cleaning natural fabrics like wool too. Tested on my wool sweater and it’s great!

  • Caitlin April, 13 2016, 2:45 / Reply

    Static cling in a top while I’m at that awkward ‘fat or pregnant’ stage of pregnancy gives me all sorts of sad faces…

  • When I’m desperate, I even wet may hands and then rub the tights, it’s ok, but sometimes the results are not permanent… If not, I use body lotion on my skin, and a lil on the tights, but making sure the lotion has no oil that might stain clothes.


  • Guys! How come you don’t know this trick! You have to use some hair spray on your tights . Just a little will do the work.!!! :)

  • Hi! In case of an emergency, when you do not have any sprays there is one advice that saved me once. You just go to the bathroom, wet your hands and slightly rub your legs or tights under the dress or skirt. That humidity somehow takes away that static electricity. Worked for me!

  • Synthetic materials are more likely to have this problem I think. A slip can help but can make it worse, too.
    We used hair spray when I was a teenager. Or just water. It all helps for some time only, of course.

  • Mix your usual softner with some water ( a bit more water than softner ) in a small spray bottle and spray a fine mist at the inside of your clingy clothes.
    Works every time!

  • Mettre un peu de crème hydrante sur ses collants :)
    Ca marche du tonnerre !

  • Run a metal coat hanger (or anything metal and preferable long) over the staticky clothes. It takes it away.

  • Linda B April, 13 2016, 7:29

    Another hint that uses metal– pin a few safety pins inside your dress or skirt, on the seams or hem. That also breaks up the electrical condition pretty nicely. And it lasts as long as the pins are in place.

  • Stacy B. April, 13 2016, 12:29 / Reply

    Downy receives a poor score from EWG: I’ve learned to line dry synthetic fabrics so they don’t cause static among the other clothes in the dryer. Wool dryer balls are great for softening and reducing dryer time.

  • Il suffit de vaporiser un peu de laque à cheveux sous la jupe!

  • mademoiselle mauve April, 14 2016, 4:42 / Reply

    génial ! I also have this prob :)

  • Il existe un produit en spray qui se nomme Static Guard. C’est un indispensable en cette saison!
    Il est également proposé en format réduit, parfait pour le sac à main.

  • Fantastico blog! Scoperto per puro caso…

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