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Cos’ I’m Worth It

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Cos’ I’m Worth It

COS is finally opening December 5th in NY!?!@

I’m excited, no longer do I have to wait to go to Europe to debate this coat or that coat. I can stroll down the street and do it. In case the coat G bought didn’t entice you enough, my favorite blazer of all time is also from there… So let’s just say I’m hoping to have just as much luck stateside. What I think sets COS aside from every other major store that’s set up shop in the states is the pieces are so simple, you really never know where they came from. They’re sophisticated without being old and so classic they last years.

What’s your favorite piece from COS?

COS, 129 Spring Street , New York


Add yours
  • I have several pieces from COS and people ALWAYS ask me where it’s from. There’s just something about them. They are affordable, but the quality and cuts make them look high-end. I love the brand and can’t wait to go back to Europe to stock up (sadly no COS in Canada).

    By the way, it’s the same with & Other Stories. Slightly less chic (and/or timeless) at times, but they seem to have the same effect on people.

  • Absolutely in love with COS! Currently, my favorite piece is a tiny leather bag… so cute!


  • COS is a great basic, classic that i complete with a touch of avant-garde accessory ..
    The problem is that they are going to start with 1 shop and than like in Paris it’s going to be everywhere…and everybody is going to have the same things…..
    Yael Guetta

  • It’s just opened in Melbourne and it is so amazing! I bought the best pair of pants. I’ve worn them 4 days in a row (shhhh)!

  • I love COS, it became my favorite brand during the last couple of years. The quality in combination with the price is amazing and it’s the only brand with such an high-end look, that won’t cost me an arm and leg. & Other Stories is also nice, but the quality is not as good and sometimes the pieces have weird cuts…but they have a better shoe & bag collection….COS has like no shoes and bags, which is sad.

  • J’adore COS mais tout est toujours taillé trop grand pour moi… d’autres personnes dans ce cas?

  • MissPimpin December, 5 2014, 3:53 / Reply

    TOUT !!! j’aime tout chez COS !! manteaux, vestes, robes, jupes, pulls, chemises
    Sauf peut être leurs tailles, qui sont un peu grandes
    (ah, et une fois j’ai acheté des barrettes, elles m’ont arraché les cheveux)
    TOUT !!!
    Vous allez vous régaler à NYC avec cette boutique :-) !!

  • Mon problème avec COS c’est que tout est absolument trop grand. même dans la plus petite taille.

  • Their stripe cotton tees! They are absolutely perfect and the quality is realy good.

  • J’adore COS à chaque fois j’évite étienne marcel juste pour ne pas craquer ;)
    Le mélange fringue/urbain des photos rend trop bien.


  • Just discovered COS when I moved to Europe. I love it!

  • I must admit half of my wardrobe seems to be from COS. My favorite is a black silk jumpsuit I got this summer. And I just bought a green coat there, yesterday, which has the potential to become a favorite, too. I can also strongly recommend the cashmere hats and the oversized woold scarves (very much like the Acne Canada scarf but half the price).

  • A powder blue coat, beautiful color to brighten up winter days xx

  • Un manteau gris masculin que j’adore et mets tout le temps ! Il me fait penser à un Céline :) Le truc avec Cos, c’est qu’il faut bien chercher LA pièce idéale de la saison, sinon il s’agit toujours de basiques un peu revisités mais sans énorme intérêt…


  • Clotilde December, 5 2014, 2:25 / Reply

    J’adore Cos et j’ai plein de trucs supers de chez eux, beaucoup de hauts, des trucs avec des plis incroyables, des manteaux-gilets, des vestes. J’essaie de ne pas y aller trop souvent, c’est trop dur de ne pas craquer.
    Je me souviens d’une époque où Garance disait qu’elle ne trouvait pas grand chose chez Cos, et à l’époque c’était pareil pour moi. Heureusement (ou pas pour notre bourse!) les choses ont bien changé et ils ont une quantité de choses magnifiques, d’excellente qualité pour le prix (bien mieux que & Other Stories), et qui ne se démodent absolument pas!

  • I love COS!The clothes have very good quality and the prices are reasonable.I have not found yet another retailer that succeeded that.The pullovers are love at first sight!

  • lucie pardo December, 5 2014, 3:41 / Reply

    ….galériste des années 80 !!!! ;-)

  • I love COS in London- their clothes have this Céline-sque feels about them- simple, chic, classic. But my most favourite items from there is underwear! The bras are sift cup and are incredibly comfortable.

  • Les pulls, les pulls et encore les pulls, simple et tjrs tellement original…

  • Because Cos will never open in Vietnam, so i have to go to Hongkong once or twice every year to get Cos. I love their style & fabrics so much. Almost my dress & sweater & coat are from Cos now :)

  • I am totally enamored with COS! I love the simple, yet refined, design, good quality and an overall design/quality vs price ratio and I never leave without several items, whenever I go shopping. I am a big admirer of other Scandinavian brands as well – Acne Studios for style (my very favourite jacket comes from Acne Studios) or Didriksons and Bergans for functional, yet cool clothing for harsh weather conditions and mountain escapades :)

  • Dani Korneliussen December, 7 2014, 12:04 / Reply

    I have a lot of COS by now – bought in Cologne and in Paris – but I especially love my navy pieces. COS gets NAVY! A few years ago they were doing a loose take on vintage and I bought the most beautiful navy twill dress that is fitted on top (boat neck) with a very full skirt. The structure and stitching are impeccable!! This dress gets more complimented that anything I own. Adore COS!

  • Marcello December, 7 2014, 5:15 / Reply

    Les chemise blanches :)

  • I had a lilac blouse from COS, and the color was so sophisticated, tha almost never happens with affordable pieces, Love COS!

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