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Back to the Bar

Have you noticed that bar soap is really making a comeback, even for the face?
I’m not sure if it’s just me, but somewhere along the way it was drilled into me to never put soap near my face. Especially bar soap. Thanks, mom! (?)

And she was right, generally you shouldn’t use a simple soap on the face as the skin is so much more sensitive there than on the body — certain skin types should just avoid water altogether.

But recently it feels like a surge of options for bar soap specifically for the face, and more than often in a charcoal or all-natural variation. So I decided to try it, and I actually really love it – especially in the shower as you can lather it nicely to cover not just your face but neck and décolletage.

Do you think everyone will embrace bar soap for the face again?
Or did it never really go away?

Soap, Leland Francis.


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  • I quite enjoy bar soaps! They’re pretty cool. I recently used a shampoo bar & that was a unique experience. :]

    // ? ?

  • Could you tell us more about the shampoo bar you used ? I am looking for one.

  • Hello, I’ve used the shampoo bar from J.R. Liggett that I found at Whole Foods in New York. It has a rose scent, and it’s very good at cleaning the scalp yet not drying out my hairs. I like it very much so far.

  • J’aime beacoup les savons, il y a ceux de codina, leur savon bébé à l’huile de Cameline est tellement doux qu’on peut l’uliser sur le visage… sinon il y a aussi le pain nettoyant aderma sans savon mais a l’avoine qui lave aussi tres bien les cheveux…

  • some bar soaps are amazing

  • I started using the Dr. Bronner’s bar soap for my face after reading about others using it. It’s all natural, with a short list of ingredients, and cleans my face great. My skin looks good, no negative affects to speak of!

  • Oh yes it would be have to be super mild for me to use soap on my face, I have not used soap on my face since I was about 12.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  • I find it less practical but I would still use if it’s a really good one.
    I wouldn’t use it on my face though. :)

  • Try Greater Goods – Mechanic Soap & Rose Clay are my faces and very reasonably priced.

  • I’m a weirdo in that I just can’t get behind liquid soap in the shower. I always use bar soap for my body and while I have used liquid cleansers on my face in the past, lately I’m on the bar soap bandwagon for that too.

  • I miss the old version (the original) Pears soap. It was the best for the shower. The new version is a poor imitation of the original formula.

  • Je ne crois pas que le savon en barre puisse être considéré comme une tendance. C’est juste là. Ça existe depuis toujours. C’est la base de la base.

    Il y a juste la tendance des shampoings en barre (les premiers que j’ai connu sont ceux de Lush), mais personnellement je les trouvais un peu trop contraignant …

  • Clémence October, 21 2015, 3:56 / Reply

    Personnellement, ça fait des années que j’uilise le savon, j’alterne entre le savon d’Alep et un savon à la boue de la morte.
    Je me sers du savon pour me laver le corps et le visage, et tout va bien pour ma peau! :)

  • Jennifer October, 21 2015, 8:26 / Reply

    I like my Decleor tube cleanser it just works for me but would be open to looking into options. I bought my husband the Clinique bar soap made for his skin type and it’s done wonders compared to regular bar soap!

  • I use bar soap for face and body from Osmia Organics, run by Sarah Villafranco, M.D., in Colorado. They are cold process soaps, all handmade and are wonderful, and she makes other types of skincare, bath and body product based on all natural ingredients. I like the minimal packaging aspect of bar soap, all those jars, tubes and pumps used in commercial skincare really adds up and is incredibly wasteful and polluting.

  • Here in the UK I love Savon de Marseilles soaps. They come in many different fragrancies, some with added buffing ingredients, and make the most delicious suds. Even good for shaving in the shower!

  • I usually use a bar soap for my face. For me it is a matter of a container. I really hate throwing that plastic bottle or plastic tube away. We all should try and use as little plastic containers as possible.

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