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Have you noticed a shift in the jeans we’re wearing? Varieties of kick flare, cropped, wide and straight leg are seen in abundance, while memories of the once dutiful skinny jean slip into the background…

But I remember a time when it was ALL about the skinny jean (need I remind you of the “jegging” trend and all the unflattering consequences that followed?) It didn’t matter that you had to simultaneously squat, suck in, and bicep curl to get into them, their ability to mold into the perfect fit made it worth it.

So while the jean pool has become saturated with styles that may seem more inventive and alluring, I’m not totally sure it’s time to kick my skinnies to the curb. Especially with options like the buttery white pair by Khaite worn here. In this particular shade of denim, they feel sophisticated, intentional, and perhaps a little challenging – not to say that’s a bad thing.

So, tell me. Skinny jeans – are they in or out?

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  • Marilene.ka May, 17 2017, 9:08 / Reply

    Slim team forever!

  • I will admit I bought a pair of baggies for summer, but I promise to return to my skinnies come fall. I do not miss the 90’s!

  • Always in!

  • Choose well and buy less May, 17 2017, 10:29 / Reply

    IN forever!!!!!!

  • As much as I love a good boyfriend/girlfriend/somethingfriend jean, I honestly still adore skinny jeans but under the condition that they are SUPER hight waisted. They show my curves and are the best to wear with a wide white shirt on top.

    Long live skinny jeans!

  • “In” quand je les vois sur les fesses d’une autre, “out” quand je regarde mon reflet ;-)

  • Pour moi in ! Je pense qu’il est passé au rang de classique au même titre que le T-shirt blanc.
    Rien à voir mais j’adore le panier / sac sur la photo :)

    Amélie – Charles Ray and Coco

  • Le sac est de chez Soeur.

  • Well, a lot of the fancy new cuts look good on skinny people.

    And as for the revival of the old fashioned ridgid jeans that don’t stretch – it can again only be comfortable for those who are really skinny. I say that lycra rules! I cherish the day when I got the first jeans that stretch!

    Being not so skinny I still feel best in skinny jeans and nothing else. I’ve tried everything else but those cuts do me no good. Also skinnies go with everything!

    The only thing I might try again is the high waist.

  • I hate that stuffed sausage look. I went looking for jeans and everything was cropped with a wide leg, and look I do not understand at all. Makes everyone look fat and short. I like straight leg jeans but not too wide with the waist to the actual waist. I cannot find such a thing anywhere.

    Also, in summer, I like lightweight denim. So much of it is too thick and one boils.

  • Hilary May, 18 2017, 7:26

    J.Crew Straighaway jeans are great. I recently bought a pair and have been wearing them exclusively.

  • Mercedes May, 17 2017, 12:03 / Reply

    mmmm I don’t know… I am so glad the skinny monopoly is over!. More jean silhouettes = more options to achieve different outfit proportions.

  • I have 17 pairs of jeans (i just counted). Some are high waisted. Some are low waisted. Some have more lycra than others and have more of a jegging effect. Five are white, Five are blue, Five are black. One is yellow. One is camo. ALL ARE SKINNY.

  • Jessica Forsythe May, 17 2017, 12:37 / Reply

    Skinny jeans for sure forever!

  • Melanie Steinemann May, 17 2017, 12:54 / Reply

    I’m not sure they’re gone, they’re just toooooo HOT for summer.

  • Christina Copp May, 17 2017, 1:59 / Reply

    Always in! Especially for those who live in winter climates – the other styles don’t fit as well with boots!

  • always in for me.. its like second skin, versatile.. if you have a slender body, its really the easiest but still chicest thing to go…

  • In, as are all the other options. I’m so over what’s in or out. Wear what looks good on you and that’s it. I’ll definitely get some wide leg pants for summer. But to just get out of the house and work, pull on your skinnies with a big top and hit it!

  • it’s funny, i just pulled out my skinny jeans and started wearing them again! i chopped them to just above the ankle though. they feel just right for spring here in honolulu with a pair of chunky platform sandals and loose billowy top ;)

  • J’aime le look skinny mais pour moi car trop collant. Je porte le straight/cropped, le seul que je supporte l’ete. :-)

  • Yep, I like a variety in my wardrobe and skinny is part of that. It simply is a staple to me that you can always pull off and it especially works well with oversized tops of any kind! It took me a while to dare to wear them, I’m not giving them up any more ;-)!

  • Long live the skinny jean! It’s the only shape that goes with my figure so here’s to high waisted skinny jeans!

  • Mid- or High Waist Skinny! I’m only 1,60m (about 5’2 I think) so most other cuts make me look like a hobbit. Never mind what’s in or out anyway. ;)

  • Ai-Ch'ng May, 19 2017, 1:48 / Reply

    My husband used to hate it when I wore skinny jeans. And now, looking at photos of me back then (wide shoulders, flat chest, no hips, long skinny arms, even longer torso, long skinny thighs and legs with calves that were highly developed from my years of squash playing and never lengthened from the subsequent years of yoga I did to rectify the damage from squash to my knobby knees l), I agree with him. Only, back in the day, there wasn’t the plethora of jean-styles and cuts to choose from like we have today. And Internet vintage shopping wasn’t even a twinkle in anyone’s eye. I’m still the same frame at forty eight, and am absolutely only a flared/baggy/boyfriend/pooh-catcher jeans wearer all the way now. And I notice since I stopped wearing skinny jeans, my knees no longer hurt (the jeans were lierally yanking my patella off-course, and making me sit and walk differently/wrongly- no matter how soft/elaatane loaded the skinny jeans were). I now walk like a man, and my back and knees have never been happier.

  • Not a huge fan of skinny jeans or jeans in general. Especially in the summer. But I love those shoes! I need some new black flats and those look cute and comfy!

  • slim and cropped forever.

    Leslie / @hautemommie /

  • Joanna May, 21 2017, 1:19 / Reply

    I love my skinny jeans. They cuff and look cute with flats and are great for showing off your high boots come winter. I don’t thick they are going to go out of style since so many of us love them.
    I also like a straight leg. A nice pair of black straight legs can take you anywhere.
    Then there is the boot cuts that make your legs look super long.
    I’m not a fan of the cropped flare or the deconstructed.
    Love my jeans!

  • I love all the styles! I think the skinnies are the most versatile especially with shoes. They can be worn with every type of shoe: flats, heels, boots, booties, etc. I say wake up, check your mood and go with it.

  • AngellaS May, 21 2017, 6:00 / Reply

    For me it’s either skinnies or very slim. Being petite it’s difficult to wear wide leg denim and look sleek and feminine. It’s always about what looks good on your body and what is classy and feel sexy in.

  • My favorite skinnies are by Canadian brand Iris Denim!
    There is something magic about the fit- the simplicity of the design, perfect high waist but cut to fit a curvy bod.

  • Fashion should be about variety – have fun with proportions, styles, expressions. Not commitment and restraints. If you feel good in skinny jeans one day, great! If you’re feeling the 90s vibe & want to play with other proportions, do it!

  • could you please do an article on jeans for different body shapes?
    i’m desperate to find jeans that work on a pear shape & i tend to only wear flat shoes!
    help please.

  • Polley May, 31 2017, 1:37 / Reply

    I love the variety, but skinny jeans will always have a place in my closet.

  • Still very much in.

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