The Edit No. 4, Part 1 : The Layered Look

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Jessica Joffe


Brie Welch

And we’re back ! With our fourth EDIT (can you believe how time flies?) – just in time for the very very verrry beginning of Spring. Or at least in the mind of retailers. Nonetheless, it is the perfect moment to start sharing with you our newest series,  featuring women who keep us wanting to wear all the trends of the season. And its the most appropriate time for a trend that won’t quit : the layered look.

The nineties aesthetic that somehow transitioned into a modern cool-girl staple. Under, over – no matter how you wear it, this is more of a styling trick than anything, and one that is timeless with the right direction. Much like Jessica, who manages to make every iteration of layering look like it could be worn on the red carpet…


jessica joffe garance dore photo

jessica joffe garance dore photo

jessica joffe garance dore photo

jessica joffe garance dore photo

But truthfully, this is something anyone can pull off, even if you’re more easy tee-shirt girl than floral dress lady. For the modern woman, I think its important to elevate this previously grunge-esque idea, pairing more feminine silhouettes together that outline and showcase the figure. That’s the key. And then wear flats.

Because as much as I love the idea of wearing a heel to maximize both ones height and femininity, flats are cool, and keep you grounded, and real, and ready to go on an adventure at any point.

jessica joffe garance dore photo

jessica joffe garance dore photo

jessica joffe garance dore photo

jessica joffe garance dore photo

jessica joffe garance dore photo

Look 1 : White Vest Dress, The Row; Grey T-Shirt, MiH ; Black Circle Heels, Dries van NotenLook 2 : White leather & lace dress, Céline ; Black Button Down, Derek Lam ; Black Loafers, Christian Louboutin; Silver Ring, TamlinLook 3 : White Button Shirt, Nehera ; Black Sequin Tube Top, Dries Van Noten ; Blue Jeans, Mother; Nude Pumps, Aquazurra ; Ring, Lizzie FortunatoLook 4 : White Sleeveless Top, Achro ; Green Dress, ALC ; Embroidered Flats, Christian LouboutinLook 5 : Yellow Sleeveless Top, Derek Lam ; Floral Print Dress, Coach ; Brown Belt, & Other Stories ; Drop Flower earrings, Lizzie FortunatoLook 6 : Pink Lace Dress, Emilio Pucci ; Blue Dress, Achro


Add yours
  • Love the last outfit! It is really nice to layer a lace jumper/top with something else inside. I like discreete things so I would pair white and pale pink or another pastel color!
    Have a nice day, Xxx

    Julie, Petite and So What?

  • I love the yellow top! Beautiful colour! And elegant.

  • La robe blanche avec le t-shirt gris et la robe kaki avec le t-shirt blanc que je veux reproduire tres vite !!!
    Il me reste a trouver les robes. Je suis donc allee sur les sites The Row et ALC et mon coeur a chavire parce que j’aime toute la collection Spring 2016 des deux designers, evidemment hors de portee de ma bourse……. :-()))

  • I do love the general layering aspect to it. Visual interest :)

  • Oh I absolutely love the outfit with the white button shirt and the tube dress.
    Thank you for this cool idea, I will try this as soon as possible.


  • My favourite outfit is the one with the yellow top on the floral print dress with the leather belt around the waist. I find it beautiful and artisan :). The combination of lipstick and hair color is stunning!

  • léontine February, 4 2016, 12:17 / Reply

    franchement, les looks sont superbes mais votre mannequin est si spéciale et si spectaculaire avec ses cheveux roux et sa peau laiteuse, que je n’ai d’yeux que pour elle. Je suis aussi rousse et malheureusement complexée par ma peau claire. Et quand je vois cette ravissante fille, ça me fait un bien fou !!!

  • Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

  • Absolument sublime. Inspirant. Et la beauté de cette femme…

  • Ooooh… these looks are so good.

    xo- D

  • I adore this woman! Always so elegant and well put together.

  • Very cool looks and an awesome model! That first outfit, with her coloring, is just perfect. And then she looks like a different person wearing other colors, with other makeup. Amazing!

  • I’m very top heavy so light layers like this on top make me feel constricted and look too vampy for work. I DID layer a short sleeved cashmere sweater over a long sleeved striped cotton shirt today, and it was fun… I guess my layering is best confined to “what would a 4 year old boy layer ?”

  • Love these looks! Also can’t help but think how the layering makes bra wearing so much easier! For those who must wear a bra and love some intricate strapping and back details on dresses – it’s always a dilemma..

  • Dani korneliussen February, 5 2016, 2:58 / Reply

    All these looks (and Jessica) are just so wonderful! When I came to the image with the black flats with red anklets…. Well that’s when the bells of inspiration started to chime! Great post!!!

  • Never been a fan of mousy t-shirts under dresses. Why? Or the bandeau over white shirt business. Why the fuss?

  • The general idea is to lower the tone of the dress; it takes the dress and makes it a far more casual look than the dress is on its own. ( I got the concept of tone from one of Tim Gunn’s books, and it’s an interesting way to view outfits.)

  • Charikleia February, 5 2016, 3:41 / Reply

    The cover photo outfit is just amazing. Great work, mesmerising lady!

  • Jessica est vraiment sublime !
    Je crois que tout lui va :)
    Perso, je ne suis pas fan de ce genre de superpositions sur moi car j’ai la taille peu marquée et les hanches larges, ça ne fonctionne pas beaucoup j’ai l’impression… En revanche, je vais tenter quelque chose avec le jean + la chemise blanche loose + le top bustier, ça me semble cool !


  • Cela lui va comme un gant. C’est élégant et raffiné, ultra féminin.

  • This is amazing!


  • The denim look is ‘everyday’ cool. But Jessica Joffe is the poster child for that.

  • The pictures are absolutely stunning! x

  • Loving the yellow orange color. Victoria Beckham has a beautiful dress of similar color, but i’m not seeing too many other things in this color online.

  • mosaic_world February, 5 2016, 4:25 / Reply

    love the combo in look #2. honestly thought it was a single dress but it’s a really nice mix of a graphic look and the texture of the lace softens it up.

  • Lisa Walker February, 6 2016, 2:46 / Reply

    To me, this is very California. Wearing T’s under all your Summer-wear because its not that cold… In fact, I’m wearing a sundress right now with a long sleeved T (it’s 72 in LA), something I have probably worn for 30 years :D I was happy to see this, because the styling was so beautiful and chic. Great post! XO

  • Love the looks created here – all of the ideas presented here are so inspiring.
    Man, do I need a makeover !!! I either feel overdone or under-dressed – everything presented here looks so effortless and elegant. Oh, how I wish I could do this for myself – 50 is approaching quickly and I still haven’t figured it out. ;)

  • Fantastic website!
    Love it. :)


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