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In Partnership With Chopard

How does love start? How does it stay? And what little gestures can change it all?

When we started thinking about presents and jewelry with Chopard, the acclaimed jewelry brand we’ve loved for years (remember when Garance went to Cannes and got to wear their fabulous diamonds?) the first thing we got excited about was to talk about presents that are symbolic, meaningful, and stay with you forever.

So here’s what we did: Asked three of our favorite couples to come to the studio, have a coffee, and a chat with us about love, while Erik was taking their photo and while Lester, the body guard of all these delightful pieces, looked over the scene with an attentive eye.

So, from new loves to newlyweds and newly parents, we delve a little deeper into first kisses and the best gifts that followed. Here we go!


Miranda Levitt & Adrian Meško


How did you meet?

Miranda: We were at a party. Adrian was talking to someone I know that I usually wouldn’t make an effort to talk to but I thought he was cute so I went over to talk to them. When I heard his Australian accent, I was disappointed…Australian boys in NYC have a reputation for partying a lot. But we kept talking and when I was leaving, I went over to say bye. He said “oh you’re going?” and I responded “Yeah, are you going to miss me?” He kind of just stared at me and then gave me some line, something along the lines of “I don’t usually do this but can I have your number?”

Where was your first kiss?

M: On our first date! We went to a sake bar and I was sitting on his lap.
A: It happened at the bar.
M: Yep, right at the bar.

What’s the best present you’ve ever given each other?

M: Aw, Adrian is better at that than me!

A: She planned me a surprise party. I thought we were just going out with friends for drinks and Chinese food. And I’m texting friends to come join, and they’re responding that they’re busy. So we walk into this restaurant in Chinatown, and I step in and see my good friend, and I take another step and I see another friend, and then I step more inside and I realize it’s 25 of friends. It was really good. She did really good.

M: For our 1 year anniversary he presented me with this beautiful white box, and I open it up and inside is this beautiful, blue velvet cushion that looks like it’s from Cartier, and there was this gorgeous mid-century pendant. It was so perfect.

A: I mean, she makes it easy because she has a blog of all her favorite things.

M: It was still so great.


I Love You

Kathy Lo & Kaelin Ballinger

Chopard Kathy Lo Kaelin Barringer Garance Dore Photo

How did you guys meet and how long have you been together?

Kaelin: We met because Kathy was originally friends with my sister so I sort of preyed on her I guess [laughs]. On our first date we went to go see that movie There Will Be Blood. That was 9 years ago…now we’re married! We were never really engaged though. We did things in a really unconventional order. We had a baby, and then decided to just make it official. We just went down to city hall and did it.

Where was your first kiss?

Kaelin: First kiss was funny, because Kathy didn’t remember it. It was in Happy Ending, the bar, in the basement like drunkenly making out.

Is that true?

Kathy: I guess so… [laughs].

What is the best present he/she has given you?

Kathy: He’s gotten me so many good presents over the years. The first one I really loved was when we first started dating, it was my birthday and he came to where I was working and baked me a cupcake and put aliens on it, tied it up, it was very cute and homemade. Every year is really good. This year he got me a Céline bag which was really sweet and out of left field. I didn’t see that one coming.

Kaelin: Sage [their child] was a pretty good gift [laughs]. You’ve thrown me some great parties on my birthday when I didn’t want to plan them myself, you’ve put together some amazing parties with my friends and family. No one else would do that for me.

She also made me this key chain so I wouldn’t lose my keys and so we could tell our keys apart but I thought it was a really cute little gesture and I think of her every time I see it in my pocket.

Chopard Kathy Lo Kaelin Barringer Garance Dore Photo

Chopard Kathy Lo Kaelin Barringer Garance Dore Photo

Chopard Kathy Lo Kaelin Barringer Garance Dore Photo

Yara Flinn & Drew Seskunas


chopard yara flinn drew seskunas garance dore photo

How did you meet?

Y&D: It’s complicated!
D: We were at a soccer tournament. She saw me first.
Y: I did, I was stalking him.
Y: Then we saw each other again at a bar and I went up to him.
D: She mentioned the soccer tournament because she recognized me from there. We became friends.
Y: 6 months later we started dating.
D: The first date we had was this super epic day. We went to see a show in Chelsea, then an art show, then walked to the Whitney, and then to the Met.
Y: Then we grabbed dinner in the West Village – it was like… an 11 hour date, all over the city. It was amazing. We became a couple pretty quickly after that.

yara flinn drew seskunas garance dore photo

yara flinn drew seskunas garance dore photo

And you got married this summer?

D: Yes, August, newly-weds! We actually got engaged a year ago last week at Hunter Mountain. We went to back last weekend for her birthday and went out to dinner at the same restaurant where I proposed. This guy sitting behind us was proposing to his girlfriend!

Where was your first kiss?

D: The first kiss was that first date night at a dive bar in our neighborhood. We were talking about football – I’m a Ravens fan because I’m from Baltimore and she’s a Steelers fan. She was talking smack about the Ravens…
Y: And I don’t even remember how it happened from there
D: All of a sudden we kissed, and we laughed about it because we were just arguing about Ray Lewis!

What is the best present that he or she has ever given you?

Y: Well on my birthday last year, it was an engagement ring.
D: So many wonderful presents.
Y: So many books.
D: For our wedding gift, she gave me this huge photo of a dog. So beautiful.

I Love You

yara flinn drew seskunas garance dore photo

yara flinn drew seskunas garance dore photo


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  • Cet article est trop mignon !
    Ça fait du toujours du bien de parler d’amour.

    Amélie – Charles Ray and Coco

  • Very cute article and beautiful couples! I also made a christmas gifts list on my blog last year, a good way to get what you want ;)

  • Lovely and they are three gorgeous couples, for sure! But I don’t really think you truly know what love is until you’ve had the luck and privilege to grow old with someone who keeps showing up day after day no matter how challenging life has become. That’s when you get to see love in all its incarnations. In deeds rather than just words, which are the greatest gifts of all.

  • This post is super heteronormative! Be nice to see a more diverse representation of love.

  • Hi Jacquie,

    We hear you! These couples are just a few examples of all of the beautiful, diverse kinds of love we embrace here at the studio. Thank you for your feedback! x Natalie

  • Hi Cakla,

    This post is in partnership with Chopard, as noted in the credits of the post! Transparency in regards to collaborative stories is something that’s important to us. We hope you enjoyed the post regardless, and thank you for your comment! x Natalie

  • Love all the stories! Real love for sure!

  • This story was very inspiring, yet sad. I’m inspired to see such lovely authentic people and their stories. It also makes me sad because I have yet to find that lovely and authentic connection… but I’m working on it! Thank you to The Studio!
    PS I agree with some of the other comments, I’d love to see more on this topic, with a more diverse array of people and couplings.

  • This is so sweet. <3

  • Such a beautiful article. I really enjoyed. Thank you!

  • It’s really complicated in 2016 to please everyone. You will always find someone complaining “its too heterosexual”, “there is not enough cultural diversity”… and the list goes on… I find that really tiring actually. Why not just enjoy love ? Who cares about gender ? It must be so annoying to write a post like this one thinking “Ok, i need 2 hetero couples, 1 gay couple, but we also need some interracial ones because i don’t wanna be racist”. It sound so FAKE. I’m sorry to write this comment but it makes me really sad to see that even on this blog, people complain all the damn time. Just relax.
    Anyway, this post is wonderful and really cute, thank you.

  • Yes, yes, yes! We’re so super politically correct nowadays, that it’s getting ridiculous. I guess I could even understand why Trump obviously felt like a breath of fresh air to his voters. It goes without saying that he is another extreme, but you get the point …

  • Jawaher Al-Tamami December, 14 2016, 6:18

    Agree. Garance Dore’s site celebrates diversity in an authentic way where it is not forced. I still remember the article about mothers which showed unconventional mother children relationships and thought that was so amazing but not for a second did it feel like it was forced. That is what we liked to see here, true authentic stories. I am not interested in each article “ticking all the right boxes”.

    Cute couples! Made me think of how my relationship with my husband started and the gifts we’ve shared over the years.

  • Totally agree with you.

  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira December, 14 2016, 5:11 / Reply

    *_* !!!

  • Such a cool article, heartwarming! I would love to more stories like these on the blog.

  • so now you are running product ads thinly disguised as a feature? Disappointing!

  • Hi Hazel,

    This story is in partnership with Chopard, which is stated in the opening credits of the post. We’re happy to be able partner with brands that help allow us to share stories we love (bonus points when they’re about love too!) x Natalie

  • Ca fait du bien d’entendre parler d’amour ! De si jolis couples ! Merci à vous tous qui avez participé à cet article d’une manière ou d’une autre, vous avez embelli ma soirée :)

  • C’est un joli post, j’apprécie la façon dont les histoires sont racontées et ça ne m’

  • Ooops mon commentaire précédent est parti trop tôt !

    C’est un joli post et ça ne m’a pas paru horriblement publicitaire. Ca correspond bien à l’image de Garance puisqu’elle avait porté des bijoux Chopard à Cannes. Enfin, tout le monde ne peut pas être satisfait.

    Moi je trouve ça beau ces histoires, ça donne envie de tomber amoureux.


  • such a beautiful story!
    i’d love to know what sweater Kaelin is wearing so I can gift it to MY love!

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