A Jewel Box in Charlotte

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Until recently, the man who delivered Laura Vinroot Poole was her current doctor. When pressed further on such a mind boggling fact, Laura simply laughed, “that’s just how we do it in the south.”

They do a lot of things differently in the south, including dress impeccably well. Over the course of our time spent in Charlotte I never saw a woman in leggings who wasn’t actually wearing them for the purpose of sweating.

Part of that probably has to do with the culture, but I suspect another part of that has to do with Laura and the fashion mecca she’s created with Capitol, her luxury clothing boutique located in heart of Charlotte.

After spending an afternoon at Capitol with Laura, “boutique” doesn’t do it justice. It’s a sanctuary. A meeting place. A stomping ground. A jewel box. Much like Laura herself.

Capitol Atelier Dore

Capitol Atelier Dore

Capitol Atelier Dore

Laura found herself back in her hometown of Charlotte when she and her husband, Perry, moved back so he could study architecture.

At just 25 years old Laura opened Capitol because she saw a need. All of her mother’s friends made yearly pilgrimages to New York to go shopping. She felt that shouldn’t be necessary and someone needed to cater to these women in Charlotte.

That someone was Laura.

As Laura explains, “I do the editing for them. That’s my job.” Laura sees upwards of 300 collections a year and buys from “hundreds of them.” And she doesn’t just buy for the women of Charlotte. She buys for a specific Charlotte woman, a customer she knows by name and by style preference.

Capitol Atelier Dore

Capitol Atelier Dore

Capitol Atelier Dore
A Jewel Box in Charlotte

And clearly the other women of Charlotte agree.

This is seen not just in the success of Capitol (as we mentioned, celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this year) but in the way women flock to Laura.

Whenever a customer saw Laura sitting, eating her lunch on the couch in the middle of Capitol, they would light up. And Laura did the same upon seeing them, not only knowing them by name, but knowing if congratulations were in order due to a recent engagement.

Laura is clearly the mayor at Capitol and rightfully so. She emanates a warmth that both puts you at ease and makes you want to be your best self.

Capitol Atelier Dore

Capitol Atelier Dore

When I pressed Laura about her love of fashion, she diverted, explaining her love of people and relationships is what drives her business forward. Fashion is just the way in which she can forge those relationships.

Laura takes pride in making women feel like the best version of themselves, as well as investing in them, so they are the best version of themselves.

As Laura explains, “women in the south are still not always taught to stand on their own two feet.” While Laura can’t change an entire culture, she can change the women who work for her — who are given their fair share of responsibility, taught to lead, and most importantly, taught to be self-sufficient.

Capitol Atelier Dore

Capitol Atelier Dore

While I was with Laura, she mentioned another recent interview she participated in where they published all of her answers verbatim.

I remarked that would make me so nervous (I say “like” way too often and usually ramble for too long till I get to my point).

Laura said she loved it because it showed her complexity, the entire picture of who she was. A woman who is a huge Grateful Dead fan, a woman whose ideal outfit consists of vintage Levi’s and navy blue cashmere sweaters, a woman who isn’t afraid to talk about the realities of being a woman and a mom, and a woman that when she laughs, she needs to grab your arm for balance because it’s a full-throated-toss-your-head-back kind of laugh.

My kind of laugh. And lady.

Capitol Atelier Dore


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  • Love!

  • Lisa Walker May, 3 2018, 11:42 / Reply

    So much joy in this simple post. The dress, the smile… Great to wake up to this! XO

  • I love all of this Charlotte content, its so refreshing and beautiful. All of the images are perfect!!!!

  • Nancy V. May, 3 2018, 12:57 / Reply

    Very nice! Have a great weekend everybody

  • therese May, 3 2018, 3:34 / Reply

    What a lovey person and the space looks amazing. Proof that anyone can sell the items Laura does but personality and caring for you customer wins mosts days. What makes us unique is the key to who we are.

  • Now that all cities (at least in Europe) with chain stores, wether it is The Couples, Maje, Sandro… I do miss a good shop where the owner makes a clever selection, is knowledgable and CAN advise you about your style, if the garment does your figure justice or makes you 10 cm of legs.

    Now in this chain stores, you only have your rail thin clerks who look down at you and have no clue on hot to dress a size 10, 48 years old woman ! They can only tell you the trouser you try is great even you butt look definitely like a size 14 in it.

  • Such a well written article! Throughout these words we could feel the uniqueness of the store, the lady and the writter. Simple, light, rich of information and, at the same time, so easy to read and get involved. Congratulations Veronica, you got it!!
    And the pictures just made us feel what the words were telling… in a dreamy way. Perfect too!

  • Great post . You’ve got to love a business that has such value for it’s clients. Brava
    Dress The Part

  • Nice collection you have. looks like cool.
    Thank you for sharing

  • J’adorerais interviewer une de ces robes !

  • I’m in love…

  • Refreshing, and so lovely…

  • Very interesting and inspiring. And she looks beautiful!!!

  • very interesting and pretty

  • Não tenho como sobreviver aqui. Sem conexão, sem equipamento, sem saldo, sem dinheiro. Sem acesso geral!

  • Very helpful advice in this particular post! It’s the little changes that make the largest changes. Thanks for sharing!

  • I have read through other blogs, but they are cumbersome and confusing more than your post. I hope you continue to have such quality articles to share with everyone! I believe a lot of people will be like to read this article!

  • Merci pour ce bel article qui donne envie de connaitre les femmes du sud. La nonchalance et la grace du cette region dont les femmes sont un ecrin de beauté rehaussé par des vetements créés par amour et amitié pour embellir et rendre aux yeux de ces femles tout pouvoir. Merci a cette creatrice qui a su comprendre et transfigurer cette atmosphere et sublimer LA FEMME

  • so beautiful so beautiful, i like this gentle but also feminine style, look so cute and cute, i like your dress very much

  • The article appears as an extremely attractive topic to explain. Your post is extremely helpful to me. Thanks for your great post. I am especially happy to take a look at your post. thank !

  • feel regret I did not know this before I read your article

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