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camilla deterre photo garance dore

A woman in a suit might conjure up feelings of a Designing Women nightmare. High shoulder pads, awkward length pencil skirts, and color tones that should have been buried with acid wash jeans.

I on the other hand have always enjoyed a suit – even as a kid I had this little brown pantsuit situation I would so casually wear (and if it still fit, would likely try to wear in lieu of drooling over the current runway uproars heard across the web).

Suits too often get boxed into two strict categories : the evening tux and the dull work set. But one of my favorite things about suits, is that they can be broken up and worn at more than two occasions. Like say, to an end of summer rosé-o’clock date where a a tailored black blazer wears perfectly with a crisp white button down and leather mini skirt.



Or perhaps taking that recently revisited Hawaiin shirt for a spin with a vest in a moody shade of crimson, fit for an afternoon stroll through the city. There is of course the exception, to wear a full suit – but updated in a denim like fabric and with a cooly casual tee. My favorite might be wearing just a tuxedo style blazer (ok you can wear a bra, or even a camisole) with a pair of jeans – its sort of the equivalent of LouLou De La Falaise of the YSL era.

And might I add that ALL of these looks are made less formal, less stuffy, less stiff with sandals? Flat, heeled, swarovski emblazoned sandals. Essential for the transitional days ahead of us and just one more way to wear a suit with a different attitude in mind.

Would it be so forward to say that suits are the future? What other notoriously made-for-each-other pieces can actually be broken up into the most elementary of staples in your wardrobe?


camilla deterre photo garance dore


camilla deterre photo garance dore



camilla deterre photo garance dore
look 1 : Blazer, Christopher Kane ; Pant, M. Martin ; Sandal, Newbark ; Bag, Anya Hindmarch ; Necklace, Jennifer Alfano
look 2 : Vest, Theory ; Shirt, Vintage ; Pant, Theory ; Sandal, Vince ; Bag, MZ Wallace
look 3 : Blazer, 3.1 Phillip Lim  ; Shirt, Ellery ; Skirt, Nili Lotan ; Sandal, Ancient Greek Sandals ; Bag, Everlane
look 4 : Jacket + Pant,  Derek Lam 10 Crosby  ; Shirt, Vintage ; Sandal, Tabitha Simmons ; Sunglasses, Gentle Monster ; Bag, Sezane


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  • I love these looks!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  • Obrigado .
    Você não poderia ter dito melhor.
    Tão elegante e bonita

  • all these looks are so on point


  • Hellestorm August, 4 2015, 10:37 / Reply

    I apologize for my comment – if I had read the article more carefully (sorry Brie!) I would’ve realized that that was the exact same point she was making. Please excuse my idiocy, and feel free to not post my previous remark.

  • Ma chère Brie, je trouve que tes séries mode sont de plus en plus réussies et affirment un style, le tien! Bravo!

  • J’adore les tailleurs !

  • J’en cherche un à fond depuis 6 mois. On n’en trouve plus. Et il faut le porter ensemble bien sûr, sinon ils ne vieillissent pas en même temps ! Et ça devient juste une veste et un pantalon.
    En revanche, il faut le rendre joyeux, il hurle austérité donc baskets / t-shirt / lamé, y aller à fond dans la déconnade pour le bousculer.

  • Jennifer August, 4 2015, 11:09 / Reply

    I love suits, especially broken up and worn with different pieces. When I worked in my old office and suits were the uniform I looked for three and four pieces, easy to blend with everything.
    Who doesn’t throw on a blazer with their jeans, dark, white, blue or black. Always so put together.
    My favorite as of late is a Michael Kors blue and white print shorts suit with some wedges, fun and unexpected for Summer Cocktail Party.
    I love all these looks, thanks for sharing. You gave me so many ideas!

  • I love suits- I even wore one on my best friend’s wedding- pants paired with sharp tuxedo jacket and silk camisole I bought in lingerie shop. Recent dinner in Paris-there was a overseized silk shirt and tuxedo situation :) Suits rule :)

  • J’adore complètement les tailleurs, inspiration YSL que j’aime.
    xx Pau

  • Chère Garance this blog has changed…and it is fine…it is still fresh…and sympa…your writing is still stimulating…and funy.
    But what I really miss here is your street style approach of the beginning…now it looks like a more refined version of a fashion magazine than the fresh inspiring blog you were…it looks good quality of course, but to be honest a bit too preppy…where is the edgy approach? I think it will work better if this blog becomes a videoblog or tv progam…where we can see that you still are this “crazy” and très charmante girl…that has captivated us years ago…

  • Suits is a great piece to mix and remix it’s easy it’s classic and it got structure..that people can read…and understand..that’s why it will be interesting to mix it with avangard pieces …unless we need to walk into a very important business meeting (where a suit will be a reassuring value of seriousness and professionalism…bla bla..)…we can add fur collar …amazing jewelry …a great jeans…a great touch from far away culture..a strong embroidery top…
    Yael Guetta


  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira August, 4 2015, 1:32 / Reply

    First photo is…just Great to say the least .The looks work pretty well for her also and…she’s Beautiful!!!

  • Suits are a great topic. I’d love to see a post on suits for women who have to wear traditional cuts – i.e. those who work in law, finance, etc. I really struggle putting together outfits I like when the suits I wear have to be fairly conservative in cut and colour. Usually I opt for Banana Republic but I’m thinking of upgrading to Theory. Anyone have any suggestions for making traditional dress codes more fun/a bit more chic?


  • J’adore les costumes, blazers et autres pantalons smoking, je trouve ça hyper classe sérieux :D Je suis une adepte car j’adore le masculin féminin. Super photos !


  • Kate, I recommend Max & Co., an Italian brand (the less expensive, younger sub-brand of MaxMara) that does the best suits – classy but not at all frumpy! I always buy a new suit there when I go back to Italy, they are very good quality yet affordable.

  • Love the look. I always feel great it a well fitted jacket.


  • I love the look of suits but I prefer them when they’re a little slouchy & relaxed, not too uptight. It’s hard to find a suit that suits my height though. They always look better on the tall, clotheshorse type.


  • It’s so much easier to wear a suit as separates than as an ensemble: beautifully styled post :)


  • Francesca August, 5 2015, 3:01 / Reply

    Love all of these outfits! They’re perfect for on-duty days but also for an after-dark cocktail!

  • A suit has to be well suited; ) and then well paired with a twist. Your ideas are great. Lovely taste

  • Cela fait une éternité que je n’ai pas mis de commentaire mais là vraiment bravo ! Déjà j’adoooooore les costumes, ensuite la série est parfaite, les looks très bien travaillés. Bravo pour le styling ! Vraiment !

  • MeerKat August, 5 2015, 6:02 / Reply

    Il est difficile de trouver un tailleur coupé “dans les règles de l’art” et moderne à la fois…

    Les hommes ont pas mal de choix avec des marques qui proposent un qualité prix très intéressant (prenons seulement Suit Supply)… Je cherche encore un équivalent féminin qui ne fasse pas seulement des couleurs sombres, même en été et avec des prix qui, pour des matières majoritairement synthétiques, ne soient pas à la limite du prohibitif. Quelques marques anglaises offrent des produits de belle qualité, mais les prix sont toujours bien trop élevés… (un article sur la différence des prix pour des qualités comparables entre habillement masculin et féminin pourrait être intéressant ;) )

    J’avouerai que je ne suis pas pour le dépareillé. Le tailleur provient du vestiaire masculin, autant essayé d’en respecter les règles. Je ne porte pas une veste de tailleur avec autre chose que le pantalon qui lui est assorti. Il est beaucoup plus difficile en effet d’avoir une tenue moderne, mais le challenge en vaut la chandelle car l’effet sera bien plus élégant !

  • Loved the first photo… so atmospheric!


  • J’aime tellement toutes les photos type éditorial sur Garance Doré, tout le temps parfaites !! J’adore les smokings sur les femmes, sexy ET chic !


  • Nothing is a better investment and looks better than a designer, well cut, perfect fabric navy blazer. Mixed with anything: jeans (don´t matter the style) mini skirt, pencil skirt, kakhis, jean shorts, any shirt, t shirt. aaahhhhhhh! my personal favorite.

  • I agree with you Brie ! These looks are very beautiful and perfect. You can mix them as you want :)

  • Jolie sélection :)


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