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There’s some weird stuff going down right now in New York.
Girls perched on super high heels are roaming all throughout the city. Dinners are given every night in Manhattan and is blowing up with photos. It’s almost like….

It’s almost like it’s fashion week.

But it’s not. Well, not really. But right now, brands are showing their resort collections.

The only thing that’s lacking really, are all the street style photographers. And the runway shows. Because the resort collections are usually super intimate presentations and not overly publicized. Even though there are more and more presentations that are shows… but still not really. So it’s all pretty confusing, but still, let’s talk about it.

Here are 10 observations on the resort collections…

The lookbooks are awesome.

In the past, a resort lookbook was over a white backdrop, an unknown model, and a dozen or so looks that didn’t tell much of a story.
Now, they are really saying something and it’s sort of a contained creativity that is actually very interesting (it’s pretty much that they want you to see the clothes – unlike ad campaigns where you get the dream and the clothes are secondary – but now, a cool background has been added and there are great models and poses).

A few of my favorites are on the mood board up there.

Designers no longer have a life.

Seeing that the resort collections and the pre-fall collections have become their own separate entity, when do designers get a break? And the buyers too for that matter? And the editors? A career in fashion is intense exercise.

I want to wear everything.

Yes, resort is more wearable. These collections are not there for communication purposes, but rather just to be purchased.
A buyer friend of mine told me that now she buys almost only (except a few key pieces) from the resort collections.

Life is a perpetual fashion week.

When you look at the calendar of fashion weeks, you’ll realize that there is just no break. Men’s starts this weekend in London, women’s (resort not yet done), and then couture in July, and then September for your usual fashion week. If you try to see all of it, you literally never stop.

And so fashion weeks will lose their importance…

Just from seeing too much too often, our eyes get used to it and the trends go by so quickly you don’t even notice and we get tired of the whole hysteria.

Or become a time for big communication moments.

So our eyes have gotten used to everything = everyone has to do more to get noticed. Some brands choose to try discretion and become ultra-secretive, while others really make a huge statement.

Some simply don’t panic and continue doing their thing, which is my favorite approach.

I am sorry to report that you’re not done with your ab routines.

Tracy Anderson, Jillian Michaels, do what you will, but consider yourself warned: there are so many crop tops this season that this trend will probably continue until the end of time (says Alex).

That said, in terms of buns, you can chill.

Shorts are out. Oversized bermudas have stolen the spotlight.

There are no more seasons.

Literally. Crappy spring.
And the resort collections say you should wear as many light dresses as you do fur. The only thing they have in common is that everyone thinks you should wear sandals.

All that said, I love the resort collections.

Calmer, more realistic, more modern, more wearable, I’m totally into them. Which is why we’re going to put together a total recap for you next week because
we’re just so. In. To. It.

What about you? What do you think? Too much fashion weeks or give me mooooore?

Resort looks from left to right: Givenchy, Erdem, Marc Jacobs, Acne, Chloé

Translation : Tim Sullivan


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  • Judith June, 14 2013, 9:10 / Reply

    Moi, je suis comme toi Garance, j’adore les collections croisières! C’est plus simple, plus intime, plus tout en bref ^^

  • Last week I was looking at the Gucci resort looks and they were glorious, I need to check out more designers.


  • I noticed resort collections are wider and more sophisticated than once. But the worst thing is we have to wait a whole year before wearing!

  • La mode, sans l’hystérie en fait?
    Oui revenons aux fondamentaux!

  • Cohiba June, 14 2013, 9:35 / Reply

    Je suis carrément fan des collections resort. Et d’année en année, celles-ci deviennent de véritables occasions de créativité, loin du tapage des fashion-weeks. Il fut un temps – encore très récent – où les collections croisière fleuraient le luxe un peu compassé et classique. Elles semblaient conçues spécialement pour vieilles dames riches qui allaient soigner leurs rhumatismes au soleil de St-Barth quand tout le monde grelottait encore dans le froid du mois de février.
    Aujourd’hui, et de plus en plus, les collections resort ont acquis une vraie plus-value fashion. Elles ont quelque chose bien souvent de plus pointu que les autres collections. Et, en plus, tu as mille fois raison, elles sont mettables !
    Je me suis aperçu que comme ton amie, mes choix me mènent très souvent vers l’acquisition de pièces de collections resort. On y trouve des choses parfaites pour l’intersaison. Elles sont idéales lorsque l’on vit sous un climat tempéré.
    Depuis 3 ans, je craque complètement sur ce que proposent Stella McCartney, Chloé, Burberry Prorsum. et Joseph. Ce sont souvent mes meilleurs investissements, car je les porte beaucoup plus aisément que les pièces spécifiquement associées à une saison précise.

    Nonobstant les coupes oversized, non, Garance, on ne lâche pas les fessiers ! On serre les fesses plus que jamais, car rien n’est pire qu’un pantalon large sur un fessier plat. Celui-ci paraît encore plus plat. De jolies fesses galbées donnent toujours un beau tomber à un pantalon large.

    On dirait que le bermuda continue à avoir la cote pour l’année prochaine. La dentelle et la broderie anglaise aussi, plus que jamais, surtout en blanc.
    Les manteaux et les pantalons masculins que propose Chloé sont une merveille. Je les veux, maintenant, tout de suite !!

  • Moi j’ai toujours aimé ces collections…Perso le lookbook Givenchy (pour lequel j’ai un vrai coup de coeur) m’a tout de suite fait penser aux photos de Scott, sans à cause du background naturel et typiquement New yorkais.

  • Coups de coeur pour les collections Erdem et Chloé ! Et il n’y a pas de mal, j’adore les collections croisières :)


  • Yes, the wearability of sportswear but both more casual, at times, and more elegant. I like that the pieces tend to be looser and in a lighter palette. I like, too, the predominance of separates.

    It looks like so much fun to do the styling for these lookbook shots.

  • I agree Garance! As an observer (from my laptop), I sometimes wonder if buyers, designers, editors, and stylists ever get sick of this non-ending shows. It’s become too ubiquitous, it’s no longer special.

    It’s also created an unfortunate situation for emerging designers who are not lucky enough to be backed with large capital or surrounded with important international connections. They get buried deeper and deeper because buyers (and other important fashion people) don’t have the time and energy to pay attention to brands that are not showing (either on runways or tradeshows) during fashion weeks, resort or pre-fall show. It seems like they’re not getting their fair share of opportunity. They have to be VERY VERY lucky in order to make it. Don’t you think?

  • Johanna June, 14 2013, 4:13

    Yes, and the extreme results of over-showing and overworking are Alexander McQueen and John Galliano. See John Galliano’s interview on Charlie Rose (

  • I agree that resort is insanely more wearable than what the highly editorial FW and SS, and I noticed pre-fall is heading in this ‘wearable’ direction as well.
    For a place like New York where the weather is crazy it helps to have access to versatile pieces, especially when in-store timing for seasonal collections is so off.
    Case in point: today is June 14 and I am wearing a trench, long sleeve baseball tee, wool cigarette pants and ballet flats. and a huge umbrella. Where would I be able to shop a trench right this moment (except online….)

    Le Sigh.
    Cant wait for your recaps!

  • moi aussi les collections croisières sont mes préférées . les plus portable ..

  • C’est vrai qu’on a l’impression que ça ne s’arrête jamais! Dans un sens c’est bien, mais après il n’y a plus le plaisir de l’attente! Je ne connaissais pas les collections croisière, j’ai un peu regardé et tout est beau! Youpi pour les bermudas et les crop top!

  • ça change des tenues immettable des défilés, le bermuda je suis pas une grande fan quoique bien porté ça peu le faire par contre ENFIN les tenues plus confortables font leur retour…

  • I love the resorts collections!! Chloé Resort is one of my favorites collections. Sophisticated but very wearable!

  • Je trouve ça frais et léger, ça donne envie de vacances ;-)

  • J’aime bien les collections Croisières parce que ça nous permet de montrer ce dont sont capables les marques en dehors de la FW. Par contre stop à la surexcitation du moment parce que ça risque de saouler tout le monde. Je préfère qu’on nous envoie tous par le net et c’est mieux comme ça.

  • I love resort as well – life should be an eternal vacation – full of travel, adventure, sun and food and wine. I like to think I’m going on a cruise every day. Which is why, of course, I am starting my own resortwear line – Check it out please!

    Cheers! from,

  • j’adore les collections croisières elles sont toujours classes !

  • Hi Garance! I think that indeed the resort collections are far more wearable and attractive- I looooooved Stella Mc Cartney Resort ! ????
    But as much as I enjoy the beatiful collections, I can’t escape the feeling that something is missing here…there’s too much information..too many images all the time and we don’t have thc time to explore and appreciate the really creative ones…I could use some less hysteria!
    And something else that has been bothering me lately and I would reallyyyy like to know your opinion about it : what do you think about FEMEN and their attitude towards fashion? ????????????

  • Gimme more! I want to wear everything.

  • J’ai d’ailleurs fait un post là dessus hier car en effet le changement de cap des collections croisières (cap-croisière, je suis drôle, non ?) est évident depuis quelques saisons…

  • I’ve noticed how pretty resort collection are! I love the idea of more wearable (high) fashion, so I feel closer to these than the regular seasonal lines. It’s like they’re approachable.

  • Sunny Side June, 14 2013, 2:37 / Reply

    Où se trouve l’immeuble avec les fenêtres arrondies derrière le mannequin de la première photo ? Je l’adore … l’immeuble ! On dirait que c’est à Brooklyn vers l’ancien port, le connaissez-vous ? merci. Quant à la croisière avec ce temps de m…., c’est souvent l’automne ici !

  • I want to say too much but the resort looks are just so damn beautiful!!

  • Resort is one of my favorite times of the fashion year. It’s so playful and tends to be a touch more realistic in terms of everyday wear. However, the past two years in particular have been excellent, and in some cases, even more exciting than the traditional seasons.

    I’m still getting over Proenza Schouler’s win at the CFDA fashion awards!

  • I had no idea what Resort collection was, and for now, I just don’t see the point. There is already so much stuff! But I will probably one day!

  • I like that style. Great day.

  • J’adooore les collections Croisières parce tout est portable et que la thématique principale c’est les VACANCES et ça c’est super (dixit la gamine qui sommeille en moi)!!

  • J’adore tous les styles de ces photos, je suis fan!

    Giveaway on my blog: CAVALLI bag:

    Bisous bisous

  • Resort and cruise are my favourite collections since a long time ago! Practical and reallistic, they are the clothes for the working woman of our times.

  • Nysgonzalez June, 14 2013, 8:48 / Reply

    Je suis fan!!!
    I just ask myself: would Arizona Muse wear something similar in a Louis Vuitton resort lookbook? If yes, I swipe my credit card! (See? I’m learning!)

  • Nysgonzalez June, 14 2013, 9:08 / Reply

    Just checked out Givency. Amazing.

  • Yay! Shorts are out!

  • great photos….looking unique

  • nice photos!!

  • Resort is definitely my favourite, I love the wearability and the chic, casual looks that have the right amount of drama

    x karen

  • I love fashion. Since I first knew about fashion shows, I soaked up everything I could find about the shows and knew every trend.
    This year is the first time I gave in. I am overwhelmed with the barrage of information coming at me from all directions.
    I can’t imagine how the designers feel. Surely a burnout is due unless you have a supporting team to help. Is there any hope for new designers who can’t compete with the already existing brands?

  • we love resort too !

  • Yup, j’adore les collections croisière pour la simple et bonne raison que ça donne une impression de collection capsule génial. Une petite pause entre deux saisons et surtout, les collections sont très désirables.

  • Poupette June, 17 2013, 7:22 / Reply

    Désirable et hautement séduisant oui mais le fait que ces collections prennent de plus en plus de place (dans la vie du vêtement dans le cycle de la conso, dans les mags, sur le web…) entre deux “vraies” collections me donnent un peu le tournis. A force d’aller vite, de créer de l’événement tout le temps, de jouer la surenchère je me demande si on ne va pas se retrouver à un moment avec des collecs au mois à la Zara (pour ne pas dire des collecs de la semaine) ? C’était la minute fashion-fiction. (Ce qui ne m’empêche pas de liker très fort les silhouettes Erdem, très intersaison justement…)

  • It’s truly amazing..Feeling grateful after getting this beautiful blog.

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