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One of the things that hit me this year on the catwalk (do we still say that or is catwalk pretty much out?)(Okay, it’s out) was all the super deep V-necks. Like, seriously deep, deep V-necks. We’re talking belly button deep.

Okay, just to be clear… Like any other décolletage woman, I loooooove me a good V-neck.

It’s chic, sexy, and easy.

And I can imagine so well pulling a Betty Cattroux (thank you for not pointing out that I have the exact opposite frame as Betty Cattroux, yeah, I know) and swooping into some crazay partay with my shirt unbuttoned all the way down to my tuxedo pants.

The thing about it is that reality doesn’t quite agree on my vision here… BECAUSE:

– Breasts… Anything above a B cup moves around a lot.
– Shirts / slip dresses… Anything opened down to the navel moves around a lot.
– People who dance around you at a crazay partay… THEY MOVE AROUND A LOT.

And with all these moving elements, it just makes for a lot of things that can make Deep V go west.

Granted, that’s also that’s what’s so sexy about it.

Slipping? Not slipping? I know more than one who made a guy (or a girl) crazy with that very technique.

I mean, how many times have you witnessed a runaway nipple (I know, it sounds funny… Released nipple? Liberated nipple?) at a fashion show? Huh? HOW MANY? You want photos? Ohhh you pervs.

SO, any simple solutions to parading with a Deep V without airing out your areola?

(Please forgive the alterations… Blame it on the jet-lag. )

YES. There are three. It depends on your degree of Kate Uptonisation.

#1 – The bra in plain sight.
Yeah, ok, it ruins the whole Deep V thing a little. Okay, maybe completely… Maybe it looks kinda like the girl who forgot to button her shirt (that’s what Scott’s sister always says to me when I’m trying to use a Deep V to be sexy without seeming like I’m trying to be sexy = “Garance, you’re gonna want to button that button here.” “No, Lyn! You don’t get it it’s on purp… Okay, fine.”) and so with that style, you dare or you don’t.

I don’t really get a choice here (not wearing a bra would mean dancing the perpetual Kate Upton (no, please don’t ask me for the link to Terry Richardson’s video)) and so I just go for bra + Deep V. Sometimes. That is, unless Lyn is somewhere in the vicinity.

#2 – Double-sided tape.
Otherwise known as fashion tape. Yeah, all models use it! So why wouldn’t we?

It’s not bad, actually. Not only does it keep a Deep V in place, but on top of that, if you’re at a crazay partay and someone tries to cop a feel, you have them totally trapped!!! They’ll be stuck right to you until someone can help free you both. It’s pretty good self-defense if you ask me.

Maybe it’s a little less sexy if you want to, say, go all strip teasy on someone you caught at crazay partay, but as we all know, true love, like the real true stuff, doesn’t come out when you’re at the top of your game dancing at some crazay partay in a Deep V, but rather, when you’re at some corner deli wearing sweat pants with a “hipster beard” leg hair style going on. Am I right?

#3 – Wear our breasts like they did in the 80s.
I was watching Flashdance yesterday (don’t ask me why. Gotta be the jet lag) and thought to myself that yeah, in the 80s What a feeling, WE WERE SO MUCH MORE FREE WITH OUR BODY. AND A LITTLE BOOB didn’t bother anyone. What happened between then and now that made us so prude. Pffff, that’s what I wanna know.

So I guess my third solution is to just go for it. Wear your Deep V, have fun with it and deal with all the pop-outs that could happen with it.

It’s fun, and makes for some unforgettable crazay partay pics (you might even get Purple Diarrrryyysed!) and it’ll give people a lot to talk about the next day at their non-office (people at crazay partays rarely do have an office life).

If I wasn’t so Kate Uptonified, I’d definitely be donning my fair share of Deep V’s.


What about you guys? Are you FOR OR AGAINST THE DEEP V?

I shot these pictures at the Stella McCartney (Aaaaaaah love for Sam Rollison) and Hermès (Aaaaaaaaah love for Malgosia Bella) but you can see more Deep V’s here.


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  • Joli sur les catwalk mais un peu importable dans la vraie vie, je me vois mal scotcher mes tétons à mon top ;)
    La première photo est sublime.

  • I agree, It is beautiful but no easily pulled off in real life at least for me.


  • this is a thing for the flat chested :)

    The problem is, I’m very much ‘Kate Uptonized’, and as you so very well put it, we’ve become so much pruder with our bodies that showing a little clivage makes everyone around you faint like a school girl in front of one of these One Direction guys!
    The ‘tape tip’ is a good one, only if you’re a size B because I can assure you I couldn’t dance like crazy with my breasts only hung a a piece of tape (DD cup ladies, you feel me or what?)
    Sometimes I wish I didn’t have breast… But only sometimes hein! Just when I want to go all Deep V :-)
    Great post dear!
    Xoxo! Cory

  • Dans une soiree de folay, pourquoi pas ? Dans la vie quotidienne, deboutonner trois boutons au lieu de 6 pour ne pas se faire arreter par la police aux US !

  • I like the deep V!

  • The deep V is so feminine!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  • Merci beaucoup pour cet article à mourir de rire ! Les difficultés du deep V ne me concerneraient pas (petite poitrine, pas à se poser trop de question !), par contre j’adore les vérités majeures que tu nous assènes avec tellement de malice, notamment :

    – “on sait toutes très bien que de toutes façons l’amour, le vrai, ne se présente jamais quand on est au top du top de sa beauté en train de danser dans une soirée de folaie en Deep V, mais bien quand on est à la supérette du coin en jogging avec une épilation « barbe de hipster » au jambes.”

    – “ça donne au gens plein de choses à raconter le lendemain au non-bureau (les gens qui vont dans les soirées de folaie ne vont pas souvent au bureau)”

    > SO TRUE ! Si c’est chaque fois comme ça, moi je dis vive ton jet-lag :) !

  • Pour!
    Et il faudrait………. Un body deep V!
    Le truc qui fait que ton encolure est tendu sur la hauteur du buste, de la nuque à la zezette…
    Tiens je vais essayer avec un mètre carré… Si c’est concluant je te l’envoie.

  • La photo est superbe.


  • A-M-A-Z-I-N-G dress for those who dare… love it

    aude d

  • Allheimen October, 8 2013, 9:43 / Reply

    petite question rapide…? le scotch double face? tu parles du vrai qu’on met genre sur les miroirs, ou sur une affiche? ou il s’agît de scotch double face spécial tétons? parce que le décollage en se déshabillant après une soirée (on connait toutes l’état -et l’équilibre- dans lequel on est avant de se mettre au lit et la gymnastique qui peut être se déshabiller…) peut être… comment dire? exfoliant…?


  • Bonjour Garance,

    Dans le même genre, j’ai une question existentielle: comment porter une robe ou un haut dos nu quand on a de la poitrine ? Mon gala de fin d’année approche et je rêve d’un décolleté dans le dos profond….

    Merci :)

  • Tout simple !! Il existe une forme de coques qui adhèrent à la peau. Tu fixes le le gauche, puis le droit (ou le contraire) et tu relies les 2 avec la fixation entre les 2. Rien dans le dos et ça tient tout seul. L’unique impératif est d’éviter le lait hydratant sur cette zone avant de s’habiller sinon les coques ne tiennent pas.

  • Je me suis posé aussi ce genre de question, et dernièrement jeme suis acheté une splendide robe dos nu, au décolleté (arrière) trèèèèès plongeant.
    C’est splendide, et je n’ai que des compliments.
    MAIS j’ai aussi de la poitrine…
    Et bien je la porte sans soutien.
    Mais clairement je ne le fais QUE parce que ma robe est noire et pas transparente…
    Pas que je sois terrifiée à l’idée de porter qlq chose de transparent, mais tout dépend de l’endroit où on porte ce genre de petite chose…

  • wait waait…. what is this: “wearing sweat pants with a “hipster beard” leg hair style going on” – a beard on your leg?? please explain!

  • Jane with the noisy terrier October, 8 2013, 3:17

    Stubble. Or worse, that patch of hair behind your ankle that you never notice when shaving your legs, but suddenly looks like a toupee stuck on the back of your leg when you go for a pedicure.

  • Non, pas pour moi! Meme avec le scotch double face!!!

  • I loove a Deep V with a bra, to me, it looks incredibly chic (not with a “sporty” bra of course, but with a chic and sophisticated one). But when I try to pull it off, the same situation as described above happens to me, my sister always tells me I forgot to button a button, haha, so I have nothing to do but to button it :(

  • Caroline October, 8 2013, 10:13 / Reply

    The deep v is very liberating…no tape, no bra, just go with it and you feel amazing and sexy…

  • C’est beau sur la catwalk, quand on est Betty Catroux dans les années 80 et au Seven!
    Sinon, non! J’assumerai pas qu’on me regarde entre les 2 seins plutôt que dans les yeux toute la soirée. (Parce qu’inévitablement tous les hommes et même les femmes finissent par loucher sur ce genre de décolleté).

  • Je serai plutôt pour la 3ème option, je n’ai aucun souci à me promener sans soutien-gorge ou d’avoir le téton apparent en dessous de mes vêtements et j’aime beaucoup ces marcels “très Jane Birkin” mettant en évidence la naissance du sein, alors le supeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer décolleté V je suis totalement pour ! Mais c’est vrai qu’on est devenu très très prudes et que les gens semblaient plus libres dans les années 70 et 80. Mais bon maintenant que je suis en Allemagne, je me dis que décolleté V est possible, je veux dire les Allemands se promènent pieds nus, torse nu et puis ça peut arriver que par une belle après-midi dans un parc vous tombiez sur des Allemands tous nus avec leur bière à la main comme ça tranquille..
    Alors si vous voulez vous sentir sans tabou, venez en Allemagne ;) ! Ca a l’air d’être un pays où ce côté prude n’existe pas.

    Shug Avery

  • Pour. C’est terriblement sensuel, libéré, féminin. On va pas se flageller pour se punir du corps dont on a hérité.

  • I hate deep V necks. I find they only work on someone who has breasts and who is also quite tall.

  • @Sacha
    Merci pour ta réponse ! Ou puis-je trouver ces coques magiques ?

  • I am still looking for the perfect tight, slightly fuzzy sweater like what Vanessa Paradis wears in La fille sur le pont. I think she wears a scoop neck, but I would be happy with either a scoop or a v – more about that ideal tightness. All of these issues about how to approach the boob issue are relevant, though!

    I completely agree (and love Flashdance) that we are unnecessarily uptight about going bra-less (even as sexuality in the media is more and more overt and graphic, more and more a part of mainstream culture…this is no coincidence, though – read The Feminine Mystique!). It’s a good question, though – when did we become so terrified of nipples? (even though they never left the catwalk?)

    I think a good compromise can be to wear a minimal support, soft cup bra, so you still get that effect of vulnerability and yielding without giving the girls their full range of motion.

  • I brought my double-sided tape to France, and although I never use it here, my French husband came across it, and asked what it was. As soon as I explained, he jokingly screamed “Get that stuff out of here! Throw it away!”. So I think he’d be firmly in favor of #1 and #3 ;) And so would I if I had gravity-defying smaller than D-cups…

  • I really love this look, and love the idea of going ‘bra free’ like the 80s – but the big change from when this look came around last time is that underwear is so much better these days. You can buy stick on ‘bras’ or bras which are made for looks like the deep V – so I’m going to try it :)


    South Molton St Style

  • I think the deep v is great for the runway, but it is a bit much for the streets. You don’t get the kind of attention you would want. :)

  • princessglee October, 8 2013, 4:14

    Oui, c’est exactement vrai.

  • I love the look and the concept but in real life it seems to make women move very self consciously. I notice that with many women in strapless tops as well. They are always pulling or tugging or shrugging or moving stiffly like it’s about to fall down — just not feeling free to move.

  • Sandy Schaefer October, 8 2013, 12:21 / Reply

    Love it. I can’t wear deep Vs as I have larger breasts. You always want what you can’t have.

  • Bon la poitrine trop imposante et les gens qui bougent c’est tout moi mais j’adore tout de même ce col V plongeant et je m’essayerai bien à cette tendance :)


  • Caroline October, 8 2013, 12:32 / Reply

    The super deep V is amazing on women with no chest whatsoever (Betty Catroux, Vanessa Paradis, Jane Birkin) but toally unwearable otherwise. As some other readers of this blog, I have the issue of having men stare at my breast very, very often (which leads to very, very awkward situations), so I tend to cover it elegantly rather than show it off (something I learnt from age 13 onwards, lucky me!). And I absolutely 100% need to very good bra or else I feel like Kate Upton. But hey, once again, lucky Vanessa Paradis-type girls!

  • The top image is exquisite! So artfully captured!

    As for wearing a deep V—absolutely! I love the look, the lines and the architecture of the body when wearing a deep V. It definitely takes me back to the freedom of the 80s when my go-to look was a Danskin Leotard with no bra and a pair of levis. In fact, I rarely wore a bra in college and never once thought I was being in the least bit risqué. It was really very liberating.

  • Love the deep V. Gives us flat chested girls a chance to look sexy up top!

  • L'épingle October, 8 2013, 12:39 / Reply

    Pour qu’il ne bouge pas, il faut que le vêtement soit TENDU. Comme les tutus des danseuses. Ces robes sont le plus souvent construites avec une culotte qui est dans une matière élastique et qui assure le maintien vertical.

  • Je suis pour, mais quelque soit l’option qu’on choisit, il faut assumer! Et personnellement, je ne suis pas sure d’être prête pour ça! (un jour peut-être)

  • Hey, Garance.
    First: I like V necks if they’re soft and if woman has small breasts. It also depends on attitude of the person who wears it.

    And second: I love your posts, I’m reading you for years, but never leave a comment. And while reading your articles I’m always asking myself one question – when did you start speaking and writing (in) English so good?
    I would love to work in fashion industry but I’m afraid that my knowledge of English is not good enough. I’m not fluent as I want to be and I also don’t have very rich and wide vocabulary. How much do you think it’s important to know English super good to work in the industry? And – would you employ someone who’s not French or native English speaker?

  • Moi, je suis une adepte du deep V et de la fashion tape, particulièrement pratique pour les hauts et robes cache-coeur qui s’ouvrent à tout bout de champ.
    Et le seins ne bougent pas qu’au-dessus du bonnet B. Perso, je ne peux pas supporter de ne pas porter de soutien-gorge…

  • Hehe! I had a “Lyn” say the same thing to me when I purposely kept the third button of my blouse unbuttoned… I guess I wasn’t pulling off the sexy 80’s vibe, either.

  • I definitely would not be able to Rock a Deep V.

    It looks waaay better on women with smaller breasts..
    Still super fab though!

  • love the look but as someone in the larger than a B category to which gravity has done its worst i would say that sadly the dare to bare look just isn’t for me. there will be no fresh air for these areolas any time soon!


    C’est bien plus sexy qu’un top bien moulant à souhait. Un deep V sur un top plus loose ou une chemise un peu ample comme chez Hermès, c’est sublime.

    Je dirais même : c’est parfait.

  • Marc Ferraz October, 8 2013, 1:47 / Reply

    Personally I think the taboo about boobs is pointless… ALL our body parts are sexual. I don’t think we’re ready for raw nudity in the street (and then there’s hygiene…), but really a boob is just that, and I think girls shouldn’t be so stressed about one “popping out”… It’s not like you’re pulling your (under) underwear down… We just tend to make our bodies seem impure or shameful, to us and to others… There is a need to apply forward thinking to all the things we do, from things as crucial as medical treatments, all the way down to the more trivial ones like the way we dress.

  • Great post, Garance! I love a deep v, and I actually think just going for it (option 3) looks much sexier and more confident.

  • Bon, ok, Kate Upton maquillée… Sinon, il ne faudra pas la regarder dans les yeux, difficile de faire l’impasse sur les boutons sur le visage et ça fout en l’air le fantasme… Pour le reste, super le décolleté en v quand on a des seins fermes, sinon c’est pas terrible… Et puis il faut avoir une peau ferme, ça ne pardonne pas… :)))

  • I also have a friend that likes to point out when my bra is showing. Wearing a sheer shirt – “I can see your boob.” No, that’s my bra honey, and you’re supposed to see it. I also love a deep-v – something that’s not so deep that it’ll show anything off when I’m standing, but if I bend over a bit it should show off just a little.

  • All about the deep V. ESPECIALLY because im a bountifully breasted lady. a little v-peek never hurt no body. plus it shows more sex appeal to a curvy mama.

  • Jane with the noisy terrier October, 8 2013, 3:24 / Reply

    Ain’t gonna happen. Not only am I more than an A cup, I’m also over 30 (by a couple decades) and believe you me, nobody finds braless droopy boobs on display to be at all sexy! Back in the day when Flashdance was first released and I had gravity-defying tits, maybe. Now that it’s shown on TCM, non. And you all thank me for that.

  • i think it’s so sexy and i would love to wear one – but it just attracts too much attention (good or bad), so a nay for me!

  • Love a deep V!

    I ALWAYS want boobs — but I’ve always been an A/B. My only revenge….the deep V…
    Men always notice and all those busty babes hate me….

  • Carmen OL October, 8 2013, 8:53 / Reply

    I love the V, the hair cut, the look, the picture has character!!!

  • I don’t know about deep Vs but that top photo is crazy spectacular.

  • Between Flashdance free-boobies and now? The T-Shirt bra happened. Nips were suddenly passe’.

  • Hooray for the crazay partay in Deep-Vay!!!

    I just want to say that because it RHYMES!! ;)

  • Lansky Remy October, 9 2013, 2:25 / Reply

    Personnellement, j’aime beaucoup le deep V. Je trouve que c’est sexy, féminin, subtile mais ôsé à la fois. J’ai des t-shirts deep V neck d’American Apparel, j’en ai en plusieurs coloris. Mes seins paraissent bien et je sais j’attire parfois l’attention avec. Est-ce que ça me dérange? Non, pas du tout. Pourquoi? Parce que j’assume totalement mes seins (32D), ma féminité tout simplement parce que je les aime. Je porte ces t-shirts ou autres tops avec un décolleté avec classe, tout en portant le respect de ma personne. En somme, je ne suis pas contre du tout si tout est fait avec respect, classe et féminité. :)

  • I’m pretty petite in the boob department yet I can’t pull off a deep V either, not without the help of fashion tape. I don’t know why but it always flaps open and there is absolutely no bending over to do your shoelaces or pick up you bag etc…. Maybe a bit of a decent cupsize is needed to keep things in place after all. In any case I think it’s completely unrealistic unless you’re prepared to effectively go topless. Fashiontape is the only way.

  • You are doing a great job , Also want to mention about the new blog which looks promising too.

  • I didn’t know about a video by Terry Richardson, so I checked on youtube and I was asked how old I am and I was told that I wouldn’t have been able to see the video again… then the video started and after few seconds stopped, so I just saw Upton shaking in a tiny bikini…
    I love deep v necklines, by the way.

  • J’aimerais pouvoir porter un deep V, le problème c’est qu’avec la poitrine d’une Pamela Anderson (bon peut-être pas tant, mais l’opulence est quand même bien bien présente), ca fait tout de suite biatchquineveutpasrentrerseulecesoir ou fausse ingénue qui a oublié son soutien-gorge. Malgré ces très bonnes astuces, qu’on se le dise, le deep V impose nécessairement une poitrine discrète voire androgyne.
    A ce propos, j’aimerai demander à toutes ces belles enseignes qui nous habillent là-dessous : pourquoi les poitrines généreuses sont elles toujours dénaturées ??? Moi aussi j’aimerai porter des bandeaux non mais, impossible, ils s’arrêtent à la taille 3. Et cet imprimé? Non seulement jusqu’au bonnet C. La discrimination n’est pas loin!

  • je n’ai pas d’avis je suis passée pour lire en bonne fan de ta “plume”

  • hé hé ! non pas possible lorsque l’on possède un bonnet au dessus C ! Parce que là c’est l’effet bimbo assuré ! De même que toutes les petites poitrines ne peuvent pas se le permettre…car même une petite poitrine peu ne pas se tenir droite, ou encore lorsque l’on voit les os, c’est très vilain. Il y a une actrice française qui fait ça tout le temps (je ne citerai personne !) et à chaque fois je me dis “mais personne ne peut lui dire – il ne faut pas faire Madame -” :-)

  • Please for the love of God STOP SAYING CRAYZAY. Its extremely annoying.

  • I’m all about flaunting your flaws and so I (a girl with cup A and a bony chest) have bought a suuuuper low v-neck Stella McCartney jumpsuit. It’s sensual but chic at the same time. Of course ooby tape is my best friend but I think that an accidental boob-flash is not the end of the world

  • okay check out Scott’s the Sartorialist photo today… if you want to see a V in real life. Stunning

  • Noticed the Deep “V” on some of the models leaving the runway shows last week in Paris. Loose! Should be model thin to wear this look (in my humble opinion).

  • Bof… perso, je n’ai pas le choix: je suis tellement frileuse que je dois trouver un moyen d’être sexxy en col roulé. Je fais ce que je peux. Je n’ai pas de mec d’ailleurs, maintenant que j’y pense…

  • Beyounce ! Regardez cette vidéo, en voilà une qui assume superbement bien son Deep V!
    Et on ne peut pas dire qu’elle soit un bonnet B- pas vrai ?
    (elle change de tenue à 1:44 pour plusieurs tailleur-pantalons, top!)

  • Meilleur #2 DU MONDE

  • Je suis aussi de ton avis, perso, j’aime bien ce genre de style chic et classe de temps en temps. Mais généralement, je préfère m’habiller avec simplicité :)

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