socks garance dore photos
socks garance dore photos
socks garance dore photos

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I love socks and feel like as a connoisseur… I might also be an expert on this subject. Seriously, Garance and I keep finding ourselves discussing which sock to wear with which shoe. Sometimes we even find ourselves thinking alike, wearing glittery socks with white sneakers.

Or one day someone (okay, it was Garance) forgot how cold it was outside when she planned to wear pumps to a dinner that evening and realized just how cold her feet would be. So there we were, ten minutes to the dinner, discussing what sock might work in terms of style and keeping her warm. Or did they work at all? 

What we decided was that socks ultimately are fun and should be worn to be shown, even with heels in transitional months of weather… i.e. our never-ending winter storm watch 2015 in NY. 

Here are a few ideas !!!

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Look 1: sneakers, Vans; socks, COS; shirt-dress, Sayaka-Davis.
Look 2: heels, ASOS; socks, Topshop.
Look 3: loafers, Zara; socks, Topshop.


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  • I must say that it looks very nice in the pictures ,,and sometime at fashion shows when the girls have long legs..but in the real life with normal legs..I don’t know yours ..but Garance has long legs..
    It looks more of an old girls..old fashion..the thing is fashion is that we forgot we didn’t like it before..and suddenly because we have seen it on gorgeous girls we like it ..and it become a must…and I am saying all this because we are all the same..we don’t like it and we even thing it looks bad and suddenly we like it… How much is it us really and how much we are influenced by..
    Yael Guetta

  • Well je dois dire qu’il y a encore quelque temps j’etais contre le port de la chaussette avec talons mais je crois que je vais me lancer…. Vite des essais ce soir pour mon look de demain…

    Bisous bisous

  • Franzi March, 4 2015, 9:28 / Reply

    Oooooooo, I like!

  • you two have super cute ideas, I also like socks and I find The Socks (the cutest socks) on an italian site:, I’m sure you’re gonna like them

  • Happy this morning to get some warm footsie tips!

  • Thank you for sharing your ideas as this topic sometimes is a conflict for me. Because here in Bavaria near the Alps it is often too cold to go without socks. But if you have the opinion that socks can be worn to every kind of shoes I believe it – and will try it :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  • BTY I just bought the ASOS red Heels!!! Tkx

    re bisous


  • vanessa la belge March, 4 2015, 9:58 / Reply

    Pour le coup, pas hyper convaincue..

  • I adore socks…last week for the first time in my life I dare to wear socks with heels…amazing!
    XOX, Gap.

  • Annaliese March, 4 2015, 10:15 / Reply

    I love a good sock, lux and lovely, or interesting pattern/texture. That said, it really depends on the context. Ballerinas and drivers, no. Pumps and pretty sandals, no. Brogues and sneaks, yes, unless I’m late for class then perhaps not! As a style, I would rather see an elegant foot any day!

  • Love these ideas! Socks can be great with sneakers, stilettos or heeled sandals!

  • ouiii, the glitter ones, I have them too.. what can be also nice (especially if you don’t want the overall animal look) are zebra or leopard socks, as a tiny little animal print detail.. last summer, I put zebra sock liners in my Birks, a tiny little extra twist.. sounds weird maybe, but it looked just great! think it’s all about details, if you don’t want glitter / animal print / flashing colors etc. too showy in the outfit, details like socks, shawls, jewellery can be just tht part of the outfit that kicks it.

  • Nous devons avoir les mêmes goûts, j’ai acheté les 3 mêmes paires de chaussettes, mais toutes chez Topshop!

  • Love the styling in this picture! I think socks give a really cool touch to a look!

  • Coucou!!
    Perso, je suis une fan de chaussettes mais à paillettes!
    J’ai commencé à les collectionner cet hiver!
    Bonne soirée

    Le monde des petites

  • I love adding socks — such a cute detail

  • Jennifer March, 4 2015, 11:21 / Reply

    I love the blue stripes with the tassels!

    Although its freezing and snowing here and this idea would be wonderful for me to wear more shoes in my closet (I miss my pumps) I do think that n me this might look silly. But what a fun idea.

  • Les chaussettes, c’est LA petite touche en plus qui fait TOUT !

    Madame Maurice

  • bavarian_blue March, 4 2015, 11:33 / Reply

    Yes, I love it! Best way to pimp all day-shoes up!

  • J’adore et je le fais très souvent, escarpins à bout ouvert ou non, mais je n’aime pas du tout qu’on voit le haut de ma chaussette, enfin la peau entre la chaussette et le pantalon. Genre dans la version rouge j’aurais plutôt mis un slim qui s’arrête juste sous le haut de la chaussette.

    Je crois que c’est un vieux reste de l’époque mi-bas avec le stress permanent qu’on voit cette horreur :)

  • Yes, i love this trend!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  • Superbes idées, à tester pour un futur look ;)
    Bises, Marine

  • “On a finalement décidé que les chaussettes, c’était un accessoire ludique et que c’était fait pour être vu” je suis complètement d’accord ! J’ai décidé la même chose il y a 2 ans et depuis je me fournis chez HappySocks avec le plus de couleurs possibles, c’est tellement joyeux de se mettre ça aux pieds le matin ! :D (oui oui j’aime avoir les pieds joyeux haha)

  • Ah les chaussettes dans les sandales ou dans les escarpins j’adore! Je n’avais jamais osé jusqu’à récemment et je crois que je vais le faire plus souvent surtout qu’à Bordeaux personne ne le fait!


  • Johanna March, 4 2015, 12:51 / Reply

    Best socks ever to buy are at…Monoprix!!! Awesome socks! I buy a carton full of socks each year in Paris at Monoprix. They rock.

  • a sock can really make or break your outfit!
    so i always try to pay attention to my socks

  • Such cute styling on all three!

  • Et dire qu’il y’a quelques temps je me moquais de ces filles qui portaient des chaussettes !!
    Et maintenant, j’en ai une paire toute paillette que je mets tout le temps ^^
    Y’a que les cons qui changent pas d’avis hein :p

  • Moi j’aime les chaussettes glitter!


  • Lindyl March, 4 2015, 6:36 / Reply

    Kindred spirits. I love women who love socks. They can do wonders for how your legs might otherwise look in shoes, they have the power to elongate at the right times. And add a hint of sweetness without being childish.

  • Melissa March, 4 2015, 7:14 / Reply

    Fog Linen makes 100% linen and linen/wool mixed socks. Fabulous!

  • Here in Japan people always wear beautiful socks, especially because they need to remove their shoes inside. it s really an art and the border between the nice detail and the grandma style is very thin. I have a soft spot for men who wear beautiful socks, though, it kind of gives the impression that they are considerate and fun.

  • Ai-Ch'ng March, 4 2015, 11:35 / Reply

    Like you, I am a sucker for socks. I love that dark glittery one with the white hi-tops, and with loafers or brogues with cropped wide-legged jeans. They just add a touch of “quirk” to any outfit… especially in cultures (or homes like ours) where we always remove our shoes indoors.

    I’m not brave enough to wear socks with footwear when in skirts, as my legs are way too chunky from years of squash and yoga: but with pants and jeans, and the usual baggy shorts and track pants, I can do it.

    Socks totally make sense in anything other than summer: I love seeing a girl or guy rugged up on top, and their ankles equally protected with socks.

    Have you seen the amazing hand-knit, nubbly, chunky oatmeal coloured slouch ankle socks (the ones that some folks were wearing with their Birkenstocks a while back) on Etsy? They are so lovely!

  • Ha! I’ve never worn socks with heels, only with sneakers. I think you have to try the right socks and see if the overall look works, or else you’ll look like you are wearing socks.

  • Alors autant j’adore dans les baskets, plus les chaussettes sont folles mieux c’est, en revanche dans les escarpins j’ai vraiment du mal !

  • Je suis adepte de la chaussette.

  • I really want to try socks with heels but I also need a massive dose of encouragement!!!!!

  • You must checkout Oybo’s [slightly]mismatched socks

  • J’ai les mêmes chaussures et les mêmes chaussettes, j’essaierai :)

  • Hi Garance,

    I was just wondering what color your socks are in the picture with the heels? They look maroon but I didn’t see them on the Topshop website. Love the look and your blog!

  • Les chaussettes rayées fines avec les mocassins à gland, c’est le top :p ! J’adore avec des escarpins aussi, mais j’ai jamais tenté … c’est stupide mais j’ai peur de glisser et du coup d’être incapable de mettre un pied devant l’autre :/

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