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I liked these Chopard rings the moment I saw them on a friend’s hand. They’ve got the feel of an instant classic – not too thick, not too thin – and I like that you can stack them…

But I have a little question for you – because ever since I’ve been living in the US, I pay a lot more attention to the rings I wear and which finger I put them on (one day I wore a ring with a gemstone on the ring finger of my left hand on Instagram and I got 200 comments asking if I’d secretly gotten engaged)(like I wouldn’t share that ;) So do you think this looks like a wedding band?

What about you? Which fingers do you wear your rings on? Do you think about the meaning behind it?

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  • absolutely! Is it not customary to reserve the left ring finger for engagement or marriage in other countries!? I never knew that. :)xo tara

  • Jane with the noisy terrier December, 23 2015, 11:14

    There’s a vein that runs from your left ring finger directly to your heart. That’s why it’s the most romantic finger for your wedding ring!

  • J’ai toujours porte une bague a l’annulaire quand je vivias a Paris.. Je pense pas que ca soit un pb en France. Jusqu’a ce que j’emmenage a NY et apres multitude reflexions “are you engage?” j’ai fini par ne plus porter de bague a l’annulaire. Je pense que c’est culturel car ici (U.S) la bague de fiancaille est super importante, pas mal de nanas font une fixation la dessus, mais pas nous les francaises.

  • Personally i don’t care about old fashion tradition…i believe that feelings are so much more important than having your ring on the right fingers..or what people think when they see a ring on your finger….as long as you are happy and in-love there is no rules for happiness and a ring will not change anything…
    Yael Guetta

  • I only wear my wedding rings (band and engagement) on my left hand. On my right hand, I wear whatever hits my fancy! I normally wear stacked rings – similar to these – on my pinky…but will sometimes wear a bigger, cocktail ring, too. I’ve heard that it’s bad luck to wear anything but your birthstone but I don’t buy into that at all! If it’s pretty, I wear it! ????

  • I used to only wear rings that were gold or silver. I only have a few and I have received them as presents. So they all have a meaning.

    Then my colleague got a new ring and somehow it inspired me so I got myself about 10 different cheap statement rings. Huge ones. I just felt like it!

    I wore them for a couple of months, lost my favourite one (I still miss it and it did not look cheap at all!) and I now wear my old gold and silver rings again.

    I guess the rings in the picture might look like engagement rings and if someone wears a diamond it can cause questions. So what?

    I’d still wear it if I like it. Who’s to say what my ring means? Me! :)

    I’d wear these rings in the picture, that’s for sure!

  • I always wear mine on my middle finger. It feels naughty somehow.

  • asianfreak December, 22 2015, 10:13 / Reply

    quand on serre des mains à longueur de journée avec parfois des poignées de main très viriles, il vaut mieux porter ses bagues à la main gauche, j’en sait quelque chose!

    Donc désormais je ne porte à la main droite de tout petits anneaux fins et à la main gauche mes bagues de familles un peu plus volumineuses, et même si elles font bagues de fiançailles (c’étaient d’ailleurs à l’origine des bagues de fiançailles), personne ne fait aucune remarques alors que je ne suis pas mariée ni fiancée.

    C’est une peu la différence France vs US

  • I don’t usually wear rings because I don’t have any right now but if I were to wear them, I do think I’d be affected by the whole “left-ring-finger-suggests-engagement” thing. It’s not that I think that finger is only for engagement or wedding rings but I would avoid putting a ring on that finger only to help minimize confusion for people that see. You know, minimize the commotion ;)

  • Yes they look like wedding rings especially on left-hand finger

  • I think that the engagement/wedding ring is worn on the right ring finger in some countries, e.g. Norway, Denmark and maybe Germany.

  • bavarian_blue December, 22 2015, 10:50 / Reply

    I wear marriage band and push present (not a nice word) and also my watch on left hand side, because it’s more comfortable as a right-hander. Right hand side is free for off and on moody stuff: fashions rings, bracelets.

  • love these they’re so classic

  • Mon mari n’a porte son anneau que le jour de notre mariage. Quant a moi, je ne les porte pas (j’ai plusieurs anneaux mais pas de bague) ou bien a la main droite. J’ai choque plus d’une amie americaine qui apres consideration me disait : ” it’s OK, you’re French!” :-)))

  • In Europe, it`s the right hand that is always reserved for engagement and wedding rings (wearing wedding ring on the left hand often means you are a widdow), so wearing any on the left hand would be toatally acceptable (again, if it`s NOT a wedding ring), but I have noticed that in America it`s the left hand where the wedding ring goes – so it may cause confusions being from the different backround of traditions.

  • Je porte une bague saphir à l’annulaire …celle que ma mère m’a offert pour ma majorité – majorié à l’ancienne – (à 21 ans). Tout un symbole du passage à l’âge adulte. Depuis je ne m’en suis jamais séparée.

    Et à ta question…si cette bague ressemble à une alliance…oui effectivement, cette très jolie bague Chopard pourrait en être une…Mais on s’en fiche un peu, non? Si tu l’aimes, tu l’achètes et tu la porte! ( et tu en profites pour alimenter les américaines en gossip!)

  • Je porte des bagues à n’importe quel doigt selon le jour et l’humeur sans me poser de question. Pour répondre à la tienne,les bagues que tu montres ressemblent absolument à des alliances.En ouvrant ton post j’ai pensé que tu annonçais ton prochain mariage!!!

  • Very nice rings! Look like an engagement ring indeed…
    I wear my engagement rings on my left hand but on the right hand, I like changing and wearing different kind of rings (thinner with more fantasy).

    Petite and So What?

  • je porte toutes sortes de bagues, des anneaux, des alliances qui n’en sont pas puisqu’elles ne m’ont pas été offertes par un amoureux ou un mari … Un soir, alors que j’étais dans une soirée chez un ami, un garçon vient discuter avec moi; au bout de quelques minutes, il me regarde et s’arrête tout net pour me dire “Ah mais tu es mariée” … j’ai regardé mes mains, l’ai regardé, éclaté de rire et lui demandé si même mariée on pouvait continuer à discuter… et j’ai fini par dissiper le malentendu mais j’ai trouvé l’attention et l’attitude de ce garçon très touchante!
    et pour répondre, je trouve que c’est un très bel anneau, original, simple, classe… sans diamant of course

  • C’est drôle les différents commentaires.
    Moi, en grandissant à Paris et d’origine bretonne… Annulaire main gauche c’est fiançailles et mariage.
    Comme quoi…
    Ce n’est pas que NY vs Paris.
    Mais bon, comme lu plus haut … Ca nous plait? C’est parti mon kiki :)
    (Blague de frenchie)

  • I am oohing and aahing over these rings! Lovely lovely.

  • Hi Garance!

    Looooove these rings! They are gorgeous and even better stacked w mixed metals.

    I wear my engagemnet on my left (a sapphire that doesn’t particularly look matrimonial) and my unusual wedding band (it says love in rose gold script) on my right. Hoping to add an aurelie Biederman to the right hand in two days ;))

    Also thank you for indulging me this evening- hope you had a lovely time. It is our favorite restaurant. Happy travels! Xx

  • Even in Europe traditions related with engagement and wedding ring could be opposite. I am born in Spain where right hand is reserved for wedding ring and I lived in Sweden where left hand is used for both engagement ring and wedding ring, one on top of the other. The issue is even more complicated because an engagement ring in Sweden is a classical wedding ring in Spain and engagement ring in Spain looks exactly like a wedding ring in Sweden. In Sweden , you use also a PhD ring so working in Science and Academia I decided to combine traditions. I use my PhD ring and my engagement ring ( that used it again as wedding ring for simplicity) one on top of the other in my left hand. I feel that I am married to Science and to my loved husband and deserved to be together. The right hand is for experiments or temporary rings.

  • Eggleston December, 23 2015, 4:50 / Reply

    When we got married 13 years ago, I chose for my husband the Cartier Lanieres ring – this looks a lot like it….so yes, for me this looks like a wedding band :) but it is super classic!

  • Alexandra December, 23 2015, 7:03 / Reply

    The rings with the diamonds definitely look like wedding bands…the plain ones could look like wedding bands if worn on the left ring finger :) But they are BEAUTIFUL!

  • I like these rings. Personally, I do not care about these old fashioned rules of where to wear a ring/wedding ring. Do what you like! Also in many european countries, the wedding ring traditionally goes on the right hand – so really who cares?! Having lived in London for many years, I am still amazed how many young girls wear old fashioned engagement rings and wedding bands stacked on the left ring finger. It makes them look like 50. For me it’s just bad taste.

  • Here in Russia we wear our rings on the ring finger of our left hands :) And when you get engaged, you put it on the ring finger of your right hand.

  • Caroline Dé December, 23 2015, 8:42 / Reply

    Je pense qu’en France l’emplacement de la bague importe peu, mais j’ai toujours évité d’en porter une à l’annulaire gauche effectivement…

  • Porter la bague/l’alliance à l’annulaire gauche = fiancé(e)/marié(e); cela réfère probablement au fait que les veines de la main gauche sont directement liées au coeur. Un jour une amie américaine m’a demandé de porter un toast et de lever le verre de la main gauche au lieu de la main droite. Pourquoi demandai-je? “it comes straight from the heart!” So touching, j’essaye de l’appliquer surtout avec ceux qui me sont chers!

  • The only finger I feel comfortable wearing a ring is the ring finger on the left hand! I don’t know why, it’s always been like that. Also, I can’t wear rings on multiple fingers and the ring can’t be too bulky otherwise it’s uncomfortable. I would also feel weird not wearing any ring at all, so yes I always have a ring on my left hand, and no I’m not engage or married. Some people ask, a lot don’t even notice. I’m also under the impression that in some cultures the wedding/engagement ring is worn on the right hand. Does any one have better insight on this?

  • Thanks for sharing, amazing blogs!

  • Stunning photos! have great sense of style.

  • Oui! En France aussi, on porte l’alliance à l’annulaire gauche, c’est le truc que les mecs qui draguent planquent si besoin ;-) tu n’as jamais remarqué ?
    Et oui, ces bagues ressemblent beaucoup à des alliances, à la mienne en tout cas!

  • It’s funny that in Poland we use to wear engagement ring on the right hand, not left :)

  • This actually ?S my wedding ring!

  • Which your “ring” finger is could be different in different religions, mind you. Eastern Orthodox countries (Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Russia) as well as Germany and Austria, for example, wear their wedding rings on the right hand. With all of that diversity in the States, I’d say you pretty much can do whatever you want :) It’s more like what kind of ring shall we consider a wedding/engagement ring. Those Chopard rings could pass perfectly well for non-wedding-band rings. So…just go ahead and get them for yourself :)

  • Je porte depuis des années le solitaire en diamant que ma grand mère m’a offert à l’annulaire, sans me poser de question.

  • Sophie BADREAU January, 5 2016, 1:11 / Reply

    In Spain and in Germany, people wear engagement ring on the right ring finger.

  • I only wear one ring. It’s an evil eye design that I wear on my left pointer finger. Sometimes when I am feeling feisty I will bend my finger and point it at someone to ward off bad spirits. :)

  • I wear 15 rings, ever finger is jewelled except for my left thumb. I am still trying to find the right ring. It’s a morning and evening ritual, they come on and off every day. Each ring I have purchased has been collected on my travels around the world, making each one unique and irreplaceable if I ever lost one. I love my rings so much!

  • I always wear rings on my wedding finger even though I’m not married. It’s a mix of a few reasons: the eternal teenage rebel in me (still pouting petulantly at 40!) likes to kick against tradition, I can never remember which hand it’s meant to be and I love wearing rings on many fingers and feel it would be a waste of a finger to always leave it bare!

  • Franchement, je porte surtout des bagues A. Bidermann ou McQueen du coup pas de risque d’interprétation.
    Mais je crois qu’en France on s’en fiche un peu, de plus en plus de femme porte leur alliance au majeur, comme quoi…

    J’ai l’impression qu’US, il faut chercher la symbolique partout, alors qu’ici si on te dis: “ah tu es fiancé!”, tu réponds: “non c’est juste une bague”.

  • Donc désormais je ne porte à la main droite de tout petits anneaux fins et à la main gauche mes bagues de familles un peu plus volumineuses,

  • En France, on fait ce qu’on veut !!

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