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Vacations with friends in Mykonos are wonderful – even more if one of them knows the island by heart. Melissa lives between Athens and Mykonos, where she owns Free Shop, very cool store that carries Sacai and Balenciaga as well as her own brand that I love, Wildwood – I will tell you more about it very soon :)

I’ve been in Mykonos for a few days (it’s going way too fast!!!) and thanks to Melissa and my other friend, Carole, I really feel like I’m in paradise. I thought it could be nice to share, so here is Melissa’s City Guide!

What three words best describe Mykonos?
Wild, dry and full of light.

What is the easiest way to get around the island?
A big old jeep you can trust to take you through tiny, bumpy roads and sandy beaches.

And what is the best way to get to the island?
Airplane, just a 20 minute ride from Athens and super views from above.

Where should you stay?
I just visited San Giorgio this summer which I found quite interesting especially if you are traveling with friends or in love. Belvedere Hotel in town is always a great luxury retreat and a breath away from the busy town. Santa Marina if traveling with family. Renting a house is always a great option too – and there are some spectacular houses in Mykonos you may rent.

The best beach?
Agios Sostis. Unspoiled, full of energy, clear, rejuvenating water and the best little restaurant in the world, Kiki’s to top it all up. There is always a line at the restaurant, because they don’t take reservations – but it’s totally worth it!


The best restaurant for…

A leisurely breakfast: Early in the morning, any restaurant in ‘yalos’ or else the port of Mykonos town, where you may come across all sorts of local people, fishermen selling produce, lost tourists in need for directions, and vivid colors and sounds.

A big lunch: Alemagoo in Ftelia Beach which is great for lunch with friends as you can combine swimming, eating, or just cocktails and lounging in a really beautiful setting. The tavern in Fokos beach is exceptional, quite simple and raw, with delicious dishes and beautiful ceramics you can buy – a super destination for escaping the buzz of the island. Lamed in Agia Anna is also a great location for a light Mediterranean lunch and a little beach just in front where you can enjoy the last swim of the day.

A traditional Greek dinner: Maerio in town for Greek food, Nikolas taverna in Agia Anna beach for dinning on the sand almost touching the water and Sea Satin for a fun ‘Greek night’ with dancing on tables included.

What is the scene like at night? Where should you go to party? And where should you go if you don’t want to party?
There is a huge club scene in the beaches near Paradise, and in town, which I have no clue about as I am not the ‘clubbing’ type. I prefer smaller venues like Jackie O’ in town, 100% fun guaranteed. Astra is one of the coolest bars in town, it has been there forever and Babis the owner is a must see figure. Interni Restaurant is super fun as it may combine a great dinner and lots of dancing after 12:00. And of course Nammos beach for hardcore partying and people watching.

If you don’t want to party – try avoiding the town and have a lovely dinner at Matsuhisa in the Belvedere Hotel listening to cool music by the most amazing, iconic dj.

Don’t forget that lunch and diner are pretty late affairs in Mykonos. If you go to diner at 8, don’t be surprised to be the only one in the restaurant! People go to dinner around 10 – 11. You get used to it very fast…

A place to pamper yourself:
Don’t pamper yourself, just go to Dhlos island to watch the ancient ruins and take in the most amazing light in the world, swim in the island near by called Rinia, it’s a mystical experience that will do much more than any massage or spa for both body and soul.

The best views of the island:
Kitsch but true: Little Venice for sunset.

Don’t leave without eating:
Sea urchin at Spilia Tavern in Agia Anna.

The best souvenir to bring back:
Greek kaftan dresses from Salachas in little Venice and an evil eye charm from any local merchant.

What time of year is best to visit?
September is beautiful in Mykonos. Calm, less windy than in the summer and full of beautiful people.

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