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Today on Pardon My French, I’m super happy to present you with the wittiest, realest, happiest conversation with Caroline de Maigret and Isabel Marant.
No need to introduce them, Isabel Marant is the designer I would pick if I had to chose one to wear for the rest of my life (a little game we were playing while sitting at the shows) and Caroline has been an inspiration for years : each time I lose my sense of style, I google her name and feel better right away.
Two women that really inspire me!

I chose them because to me they are quintessentially French and Parisian, this mix of elegance, humor, and relaxed attitude towards their image.

And most of all, I wanted to introduce you to them as I know them… So here we are, in the kitchen of Isabel’s Parisian studio. Ok, I’ll let you discover our conversation! Have fun!

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On finding the positive aspects of instagram 
Caroline: I have instagram. I didn’t really have a choice and it was hard in the beginning because I learned you have to show your face. It’s fun now because its like doing Vogue Magazine or Elle Magazine and now you just do Vogue, Elle and Instagram.
Isabel: The internet is a beautiful thing. There are beautiful people on instagram and there is no barrier between an artist and a managing label. They post a song and they don’t have to pass through labels and it’s just fantastic!! I wish it’s going to happen for fashion because I believe there is a ton of talent and it’s a fast quick way to show your work and your personality by passing through press and a fashion show that costs a fortune. I love this opening window for the world and you can really exchange and find people who have the same ideas as you. I just love it. It’s going to change the world.

On feeling bad for people in the front row of fashion shows 

Isabel: It’s a translation of our society with money ruling everything and people are lost and losing the value of real things and the world doesn’t know where to go — making quick money and being known for nothing. For me, it translates how people are insecure, not feeling well. It touches me a lot because, outside of fashion, i care about social matters and why we do certain things and that’s also speaking about that and there’s a whole social dimension in clothing because it tells you about our world. And it makes me love what I do because there is a relationship with not just trends and fashion and how those translate in our world. I just want to help those people.

pardon my french isabel marinate caroline de maigret garance dore photo

On finding out there’s an age limit to plastic surgery
Caroline: I went to the dermatologist to show them a beauty spot on my ear, last week. So well get naked and let me take a look at everything and said everything is fine. But, what are you going to do about your face? I was like “what?” and he was like, “yeah, you know it’s almost too late because now if we start doing injections it’s going to change the way you look.”

On how aging can be considered a beautiful piece of art 
Isabel: We are not young girls anymore and the best thing you can do is just be happy with what you have and try to be the best version of yourself!
Caroline: Live your life fully, go out with friends, read books, watch movies.
Isabel: I love aging and transforming, it’s an art.

On how being healthy is all about balance
Caroline: When you are fine with pleasure and when you don’t have guilt then you are okay! Which means, when I go out to a very nice restaurant I get whatever I want but next day I know I will have a salad. I just balance. It’s just all about balance. And balancing pleasure and taking care of yourself.
Isabel: I can’t restrict myself on what I eat so instead I will go and run or dance (even dance) because I am stressed and need to balance that out.
Caroline: I also walk everywhere…and carry my groceries up the stairs.. and then every morning while making coffee I am doing small exercises.
Garance: and now Isabel is showing us yoga!! [laughs]

On dealing with stress by smiles
Garance: If you start smiling, without even having a reason why, it sends a good message to your brain and you immediately feel better!

On dating for years but not needing to be married
Caroline: I love the idea. But I can leave tomorrow. I love the idea that he thinks I can leave tomorrow. That belonging to another thing is claustrophobic to me. And having a kid with this man, means I man tied to him forever and everyday it feels new.
Isabel: I was about to get married but we were going to do it for our son and to throw a party for our friends but in the end we scheduled a date and I found out I was pregnant on the day of our wedding date and that would not have been possible since I wanted to party. Marriage is something that is religious and neither of us are religious.
Caroline: I love the idea of loving for love.

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pardon my french isabel marinate caroline de maigret garance dore photo

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  • 2 îcones du cool à la parisienne!
    J’ai grandi en admirant ces 2 femmes! C’est chouette de les voir réunies !
    Détail qui me rappelle bizarrement le lycée: le paquet d’ocb nature dans le bol :-)



  • Great Ladies beautiful talented and strong,Vive les Femmes:)
    From The World With Love
    Yael Guetta

  • Nicole Torneiro March, 24 2016, 10:49 / Reply

    wish this was a video instead of just an audio recording

  • Janette March, 24 2016, 1:21

    That’s exactly what I was thinking while I was listening to this :)

  • I do wish these were videos too

  • Me too! This one really feels like it should have been a video.

  • Finally ! THE ONE !

  • asianfreak March, 24 2016, 11:16 / Reply

    bon moment!
    Juste un peu bizarre d’entendre 3 françaises parler en anglais ;-)

    Moi aussi, si ma vie était super cool, j’aurais Caroline de Maigret et Isabelle Marrant comme meilleures amies.
    J’aurais aussi Kate Moss comme grande soeur.

    Sinon,je me demandais si quand on travaille dans ce milieu, c’est possible de rester en contact avec des gens “normaux”, des amis que tu avais avant d’être connue et reconnue?
    de loin, ce microcosme paraît très fermé, et avec des emplois du temps super chargés et des journées qui ne font pas 72h, je me demande si on ne finit pas par ne fréquenter que des gens de son “milieu”…

    En tous cas, c’est vraiment cools ces podcats!


  • so interesting! thanks for sharing !


  • Lovely! Listening, you can HEAR the smiles on their faces. The positive energy.

  • Très intéressante interview croisée :)

  • What a wonderful duo!!! I can’t wait to listen to it later today!!! Such a great gift!

  • Also wish it had been a video as well. And it would’ve been great with the three of you speaking in French ( and subtitles)!

  • What a fantastic pair of women, I am instantly hooked! I am loving the podcasts but you know, I have to admit that I really do miss the visual. I would LOVE to actually see the conversation (now I only imagine everything in my head). ;) Everything you do and produce is so beautiful and the aesthetic is a real treat, so it feels like something is missing. So the question that I am building up to is, I guess, would you consider filming the interviews as well? :) Either way, a humble thank you for always bringing beauty to my day on your blog! <3

  • I love these two!! This is the best one yet.. thank you, Garance :) you made my day.

  • D’accord!
    Listening to this episode has put a big smile on my face. It’s a pleasure for listeners when there’s chemistry between host and guests.
    Can’t wait for next episode!


  • really really, reaaaally good to hear such powerful women talk like that. very inspiring.

    thank you so much for this, garance!

  • Yay! Podcast Thursdays! I’m now looking forward to Thursdays so I can listen to these!

  • Oh, I just loved this, so much real character, real down-to-earthness, real strength, real humanity and real beauty! Thank you all so much!

  • Nice post :)


  • Susanna March, 24 2016, 1:03 / Reply

    J’adore!!! Vous trois, vous êtes des femmes qui m’inspirent, vraiment. Continues comme ça!

  • Jessica March, 24 2016, 1:10 / Reply

    So inspiring! It’s always great to hear from people with substance and have a genuine pov.
    Thanks for sharing Garance!

  • Isabelle March, 24 2016, 1:15 / Reply

    super podcast! j’aime beaucoup la facon dont tu ecoutes et tu laisse parler les autres Garance! tres inspirant

  • Janette March, 24 2016, 1:24 / Reply

    I had the best time listening to the three of you, what an excellent interview. They made some great observations, I love how smart Caroline and Isabel are, how they are confident with themselves and still find balance to understand and tolerate where other people are coming from. Great job!! Style is knowledge :)

  • Love listening to your podcast on my runs or while I walk my dogs or walk to the pool. It’s quickly become a favourite. I especially liked this one.

  • Top cet article! C’était super intéressant, et plutôt amusant haha
    Vous êtes trois femmes si inspirantes.

  • Amazing! Isabel Marant is one of my all time favourite designers x

  • Lisa Walker March, 24 2016, 1:58 / Reply

    Brilliant women!

    “Aging is an art”. Also, a reminder that sadly, some of us don’t get to grow old… We should feel fortunate for that fact alone! So, more of that, please!

  • J’avoue décrocher avec ces podcasts de plus d’une heure ! J’ai beau être une inconditionnelle là je ne peux pas :-( bouhouuu

  • OMG! OMG! OMG! My favourites :it-girl – designer – blogger all in one podcast!! This is a gift…thank you…

  • Mónica March, 24 2016, 2:19 / Reply

    I’m really happy with this podcast! The pasts ones had something missing…this one is truly authentic and touches on subjects that are a bit deeper. I hope you continue along this line.

    Funny how marriage seems to scare the french but they love having kids! In México marriage is the easy part…the true commitment is becoming parents. I love the french way of thinking and how it challenges the western way.

  • Janelle March, 24 2016, 2:20 / Reply

    This was just perfect and so inspiring. Of course both of them are authentic and very real women. Loved listening to this chat so much especially their thoughts on aging and body image.


  • Evelyn H March, 24 2016, 2:38 / Reply

    Love love love!!! Superb!

  • Michaela March, 24 2016, 3:55 / Reply

    Chere Garance, this was the first podcast I listened to from you and I ended up listening to the whole thing instead of leaving the house and running errands as I had planned to do… For one it was a fun pleasure listening to you three French ladies speaking English with your lovely French accent, and for another it was quite interesting hearing your personal opinions on these interesting subjects. I quite agree with a lot of them. Funny enough just yesterday I was reading a bit in ‘How to be Parisian wherever you are’ and looking at photos from Paris on INSTAGRAM., while drinking a coffee. So indeed I found myself feeling a bit Parisian, while actually being a German living in southern California! Lol. I understand your talk about style, and how it comes with experience, however in the book the Parisian style is described as being jeans, a white shirt, and a Trenchcoat! (plus having long hair and looking effortless…) I am surprised about that, that sounds like cookie cutter style to me, you know? All Parisians walking around in trenchcoats? How boring would that be? And who is actually wearing all the designer clothes and brands that come from Paris? That said I am also one living in a uniform of jeans and a comfy top/sweater everyday. But I dream of wearing designer clothes and high heels very day…. (not practical though for a mom of three boys on the go…and who can afford a $10,000 outfit a day?) Having said all that I do enjoy your blog and your style of expression and I love your illustrations!!!

  • I’ve heard so much about them – great women! And beautiful! And yes – aging is beautiful and it is art. :)

  • I just love love love the way Caroline defined what style is. I turned 36 recently and I recognize myself into this description a bit more everyday. So, if style is an outcome of maturity, I agree to age!
    Thanx ladies:)

  • OMG I can’t believe that “doctor” what a thing to say. Wow. What a fun and enlightening interview.

    Allie of

  • This is a lot to handle.

    Absolutely loving your podcasts so far — all three have been wonderful. No doubt this one will be the best yet.

  • C’est intéressant d’entendre comment elles définissent la Française et pas la Parisienne car au fond je suis un peu lassée de cette image. Je suis Bordelaise avec des origines camerounaises et j’ai beaucoup de mal quand on me sort ces clichés sur la Française qui est en définition la Parisienne (je vis à l’étranger depuis 7 ans). Garance, tu dis qu’à New York tout le monde trouve ton mix exotique mais j’ai toujours l’impression que quand on parle de cette française aux origines multiples on reste toujours centré sur ce modèle méditerranéen/européen alors que c’est tellement plus que ça ! Quand on me regarde je n’ai rien d’une Caroline de Maigret, d’une Jeanne Damas ou de l’icône française “typique”. Parce que mon bagage culturel est international dans mon style on retrouve bien sûr des choses de l’élégance simple à la Française (avec une touche bourge typiquement bordelaise^^) mais aussi l’exubérance de mes origines camerounaises avec la couleur, les motifs et les turbans etc…Du coup je trouve qu’avec cette idéalisation d’une certaine image de la Française/parisienne parfois on oublie de voir la diversité des Françaises.

    A part ça le podcast était vraiment intéressant ! Ce sont des femmes qui ont une belle vision du monde, de la femme et de ce qu’elles sont. Ca restera un de mes préférés pour le SILENCE en fond, j’avais écouté le premier qui se passe dans un café et j’avais trouvé les bruits de fond insupportables, du coup je ne suis jamais arrivée à la fin.

    Merci encore pour ces conversations intéressantes ! J’ai hâte de voir qui sera la/les prochaine(s) !

  • The rescued French bride March, 24 2016, 11:01 / Reply

    Thanks a lot for this great podcast Garance! And you can tell Isabel that you both saved the day: I am a French girl soon getting married in the US and do not recognize myself in most wedding dresses, as Isabel described. After listening to the podcast, I just went to the Outnet and tadam! got her amazing white long summer dress from last season for my civil Californian wedding. So excited to be wearing something that’s very me (and also… At a reasonable price that will allow for even more champagne for my friends, haha!). Party on!!

  • Can someone please tell me the bands they listed??

  • Caroline March, 25 2016, 5:18 / Reply

    I started listening to the podcast – very interesting, though listening to three French girls speaking in English seems a bit artificial.
    Anyway, keep up with the podcasts, they are great!

  • Merci, les filles! Thank you, ladies – such beautiful and inspiring messages to share with us all xo

  • Semplicemente Magifiche!

  • merci très chouette mais avec l’image cela aurait été encore plus cool !!!!!

  • Wow! Two of the most beautiful and inspiring women in the world. I haven’t even listened to this yet and I know it will be good :) Thank you for sharing it. Terri x

  • Hey!
    C’est intéressant de connaître les visions de chacun sur plusieurs sujets.
    Je connais juste de nom Isabel Marant. En connaître un peu plus sur elle grâce à cet article me donne envie d’élargir ma culture mode! ;)

  • J’aime ces femmes si vraies et inspirantes ! ?


  • For a girl of 19 who grew up in a Russian family where a girl is expected to be pretty, marry young and live for her husband, I draw so much inspiration from strong, intelligent French women like Garance, Isabel and Caroline. They show me that a woman can be with a man and be loved while also being ambitious, independent and opinionated. It is such an incredible influence and inspiration for me. Thank you!

  • margaret March, 26 2016, 6:09 / Reply

    so amazing but i wish it was a video

  • Rebecca March, 26 2016, 8:08 / Reply

    I usually don’t leave comments, but thank you for this. An intelligent and interesting conversation that was thought provoking.

  • Wow! Now I know why the label is so cool – because the woman who designs it is soo cool. What a great peek into the characters of these pretentious-less women working in the seemingly contradictory world of fashion! Great podcast although it’s true this would have translated even better with a more filmic touch! Keep bringing it Garance (and team)!

  • What a refreshing conversation with 3 incredibly intelligent, witty and sharp women! Love xo

  • Such a nice interview. Thank you. xx

  • Hi!

    En réponse au message d’Emmanuelle que je trouve pertinent, j’approuve le fait que la française est aussi l’image d’une femme aux origines multiples, exotique, orientale…

    Trois femmes icônes, que j’admire particulièrement.

  • Tine Rønnest Knapp March, 28 2016, 9:57 / Reply

    Love it!

  • This is simply genius ! This duo, along with you hosting, is a perfect mix of cool, effortless and parisian mindset ! Love this episode !

  • J’aime beaucoup leurs valeurs et leur vision de la mode et surtout leur simplicite. Elles savent rester elle mêmes meme dans ce milieu. Avec une mention spéciale à Caroline dont j’admire le style, l’humilité et cette simplicité et classe sans en faire des tonnes. Elle est assez unique.

  • Darshell March, 29 2016, 7:38 / Reply

    Loved the podcast! I am hooked.

  • Nothing is missing !!!!
    Why do you all want to watch and watch pernamently ?
    Maybe 2 more photos…but that’s just the charm of it all… that’s why I love those podcasts…I can just close my eyes and listen, imagine, do my artwork or clean up ….it feels a bit like when I was a little girl who was hiding under the table while my mum’s friends were there to gossip :) a little sneak peek from the lifes of the ladies that I aspire to bee

    For me it feels just fine like this, the idea of podcast is quite original ?

    Every week it makes my day and I adore to have this possibility to switch me off and just do not have to watch anymore…after spending houres attached to my phone or tablet

  • Ahhh, c’etait superbe! I’ve really been interested in Caroline de Maigret and Isabel Marant since I’ve been reading your blog, and it was so cool to hear them in the podcast!

    I liked hearing about their work, but also about who they are as French, as women, as persons.

    I’ve also been slowly savoring this podcast all week and only listening to 15 minutes here and there, and I finally finished :)

    Merci Garance et team!

  • Nothing is missing !!!!
    Why do you all want to watch and watch pernamently ?
    Maybe 2 more photos…but that’s just the charm of it all… that’s why I love those podcasts…I can just close my eyes and listen, imagine, do my artwork or clean up ….it feels a bit like when I was a little girl who was hiding under the table while my mum’s friends were there to gossip :) a little sneak peek from the lifes of the ladies that I aspire to bee

    For me it feels just fine like this, the idea of podcast is quite original ?

    Every week it makes my day and I adore to have this possibility to switch me off and just do not have to watch anymore…after spending houres attached to my phone or tablet

  • I love your blog. I loved this piece. I am European too from Barcelona to be exact. I love France and French people but being a “modern” woman (not wanting to get married, loving food, parenting style, etc) is not patrimony of the French. Being cool is not patrimony of the French. I had to say it. Thank you.
    PS: Great marketing people French are.

  • virginie April, 3 2016, 12:46 / Reply

    Mais pourquoi parlez-vous en anglais??? enfin cela n’a pas de sens!!!!

  • What a wonderful conversation to share around the table. It extends to my table as I have my tea and watch the early morning sky. Thank you! :) Your beautiful photographs (as always) accompany the podcast well. I wonder if shooting a video would have changed the interview by making people more self-conscious… Mais non ! Pas possible with these lovely ladies. xo

    More! More! More! What a wonderful exchange.

  • I see some disappointment from fans who ask why the podcast was done in english. I have a suggestion that could make everyone happy! Post videos with subtitle options as you switch between languages in conversation. This way, everyone can improve their bilingual abilities and you’d please those who love seeing the visuals and those who can rest their eyes and require just the audio to enjoy. :)

  • Great fun, thanks a lot!
    A video in french with subtitles would also have been fantastic!

  • I looooved this! Wish it was in french though! Anyone know of any good fashion related podcasts, similar to this one? Thanks!

  • Great !! It would be better to hear them in French !! mais c’est parfait, parce que je peux lire le blog en francais :)

  • Oui ce serait mieux en francais. J’adore Caroline de Maigret. I think she’s really insightful. I wish she had spoken more about CARE, her charity. She pronounced it so clipped like in French I don’t know if people understood. I wish Garance had clarified it. I’m a fan of Caroline although her strident feminism could be tiring but it’s just her opinion I’ll take it lightly, like making a big deal out of not being married and financially independent, easy for a “de” to say! Isabel has a talent but I find Caroline the really intelligent and interesting one.

  • Assez dommage que la discussion se fassent en anglais… Ne pourrais t on pas avoir la traduction ?

  • Hi So Coquette,

    We’re experiencing a technical issue with our server which is affecting the French side of the site. We’re working to fix it as soon as possible! Merci! x Natalie

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