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Drake and I met almost 3 years ago through our boyfriends, and I think we secretly both thought the other was really cool and started crushing then. We’ve been friends ever since, even though the aforementioned men ceased to continue in our lives. When we met, Drake, originally from Austin, Texas, had just finished filming Marfa Girl – of which she has many stories, both wild, amusing and rather smart (it was a Larry Clark film, after all).

Needless to say, to give a unique perspective on the highly raved about city, Drake and all her sass (which now, after receiving her guide, perhaps she picked up in Marfa…) was the girl to take us on a rugged ride through the starry skies of Texas…

How would you describe Marfa to someone who has never been?
It’s a tiny town in the middle of nowhere in high desert West Texas, some people go to be pretentious and arty, but I go for the people and the landscape.

What do you love most about it? 
The rolling hills of desert brush and the massive sky and the amazing cast of characters who call Marfa home.

In what ways is it typically Texan?
It has tumble weeds and Cowboy bars and at least half the population speaks Spanish.

Your favorite galleries?
Ballroom Marfa, I guess. Honestly, I don’t really go to any galleries there.

But if someone were visiting for the art, where else could you recommend they might go?
The main art destinations are to go to the Chinati Foundation to see permanent installation works by Donald Judd, Dan Flavin, Carl Andre, John Chamberlain, etc… And then to the Judd Foundation to see Judd’s private work and living spaces. Book your guided tours in advance, and plan on devoting a day to each separate foundation.

Any tips for getting the true local art experience?
Get in good with your bartender and his best friends.

Your neighborhood of choice?
I don’t know if there are names for the different neighborhoods, if you actually look at a map of Marfa you will see that it takes approximately 5 minutes to drive through the entire town along US 90… But I would say the northwest neighborhood on the hill above the high school has the best views.

What’s the best way to get around?
Bicycle, or in the back of a pickup.

Is there a certain philosophy people in Marfa live by?  
This is a hard one, I really can’t speak for them! It would probably be something equally straight shooting and sassy at the same time.

What is the best souvenir someone could bring back from Marfa? 
One of Judd’s steel boxes, duh!! But if you can’t manage to swipe one, your next best bet is probably a fossil or arrowhead you find on the ground. If you also fail in this endeavor, you can buy one at Moonlight Gemstones (and also buy all your pals a souvenir so you can distract them from the fact that you are a failure).

Is there a touristy spot you still love to visit? 
I still love going to Jett’s Grill, the restaurant at Hotel Paisano, even though the food is pretty bad. The whole look of the place is catered towards a tourist’s idea of Texas: big leather couches, chandeliers, taxidermy on the wall, old photos of movies stars who “stayed there” etc. it’s like a Hollywood version of grand Texas style.

What is Marfa most famous for? (aside from the art..)
The Marfa lights!

Your favorite place for…
Dinner with friends: Cochineal
Date night: Dinner at Maiya’s then drinks at Lost Horse Saloon
People watching: Food Shark
Drink with an old friend: Jett’s Grill bar at the Paisano
Authentic Texas BBQ: A local’s backyard or, if you are lucky and Ty has fired up the BBQ, at Lost Horse
Hanging out in the park: The baseball field at Vizcaino Park

Where do you get your hair done? Ryann Bosetti
And your nails? DIY
What are your favorite shops? Freda and the Marfa Thrift Store, both vintage!

Describe your ideal day in Marfa:
Wake up, go get a coffee at Do Your Thing. Go on a run on the N Austin St ranch road. Pick up fresh veggies at the Get-go and make lunch. Nah, actually lunch is overrated. Go to Marfa Book Company, read, then nap. Wander around on the railroad tracks at dusk, watch another epic sunset. Have dinner and drinks with friends at Cochineal, then have some more drinks, gossip and tell scandalous stories. Then go dance to the jukebox at the Lost Horse. Then go crash a house party thrown by an oil heiress. Walk home under a ridiculous sky of stars, sleep…

Click here for more city guides.

Drake wears: Earring, Kathleen Whitaker; Jacket, vintage.


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  • Marfa is a fashion spot Prada place …although i did liked the movie…when i am thinking of going away from the city to a desert place ..i really prefer not to find myself with a fashion crowd ..there are so many amazing places that are beautiful and still unknown…
    Yael Guetta


  • Agreed. It is like Tulum — it was cool [five years ago] before it was “cool”. As much as I love the internet, it has directly and indirectly homogenized the world. So little feels sacred anymore.

    That said, Drake has some great recommendations! They are, after all, about the only spots in town!

  • Oh want to go there now! So many places in this world I would like to visit.

    Petite and So What

  • I’ve always wanted to go to Marfa and now I really want to go! Drake seems so cool


  • Drake seems chill as hell. And I hate the word chill but I must use it here.

  • Just a thought, might be cool to interview someone who actually lives in Texas. Sounds like Drake basically grew up in Austin, then migrated to NYC when she could. Which means her soul is probably more NYC than Texas at this point. I agree with the above posters, Marfa has become too trendy at this point, and its soul is being lost in all of the noise. Same with Austin, too many transplants moving to these places and it is basically leaching out all of the Native Texan Soul. I am all for the new people moving into my state ( due to our booming economy/former cheap cost of living), but often, its at the detriment of people who have lived there for centuries/decades. It tends to shift and change the scene a lot and things you loved originally about your state end up being homogenized. Its something that Native Texans are dealing with now, and it is definitely frustrating for many.

    Signed, a Native Houstonian.

  • J’aime beaucoup Drake, elle est vraiment simple et naturelle j’adore!

    Bizous, Christelle

  • c’est super de mettre en valeur des endroits inconnus ! Mais du coup une carte s’impose :D

  • I have never been to Marfa, but it sounds like a pleasant place to pass a day or two.

  • yoo.. i thought you meant Drake – the artist!!

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