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Last Wednesday, Dior took Brooklyn. Alex & Erik, my envoyés spéciaux went there early to explore the field and do some beauty and hot models research. As early as 3pm. Here is what they saw…

3:07pm: Our adventure begins! Erik and I hop into a car and head to Brooklyn…

3:35pm: We arrive at the Duggal Greenhouse and check in for backstage. It’s the same spot where Alexander Wang showed in February, but looks completely different. The space is huge, with large windows in the front and back, providing a pretty epic view of NYC, if you know, you happen to be on an elevated runway like the one built for the show. As we enter, the main hallway is filled with twenty handsome men (cough, male models, cough) wearing Dior sailor outfits (!). Erik and I both wink at each other…this is going to be good.

3:50pm: The look backstage is a cool, graphic cat eye. The hair is simple. Straight (get out your flat iron) with a middle part. It’s added to my list of “Looks to Try at Home” (it’s a long list, guys).

4:07pm: We catch a look at video of the rehearsal. The runway looks cool, mirrored and reflective. Hear someone mention that the show is 66 looks. Go Raf, go!

4:15pm: Steal lemon tart from craft services backstage. Erik eats his in one bite. I take two. It’s delicious.

4:23pm: Run into Janice outside the venue. She looks cool, as always, so we take some photos before she gets rushed inside for another rehearsal. I pause to finish writing a post for the next day and Erik heads off to explore the Navy Yard.

5:15pm: Erik returns with news of the Dior sailors taking off on a ferry! Dior booked a fleet of ferries to make it easier for guests to get to Brooklyn — pretty smart if you ask me.

We head back to the dock to come up with our game plan. I volunteer to go wherever the sailors go, of course. Erik graciously volunteers to stay on the Brooklyn side.

5:35pm: I board a ferry back to Manhattan… filled with boys. Ahoy! Dior has customized everything: Dior seat covers and a giant Dior logo on the outside of the ferry. These are the same big yellow ferries New Yorkers take to Ikea… except they have never looked chicer.

5:45pm: Back in Manhattan and there is already a line of Dior guests waiting to take the first ferry back over. I plant myself on the dock next to two strapping young men and start counting Lady Dior bags…1…45…78…

6:07pm: The first ferry leaves Manhattan. On board? Caroline Issa and Emmanuelle Alt. Definitely the ferry to be on. Think about asking the sailor on my right to trade shoes with me. They are in Vans slip-ons. The exact ones I traded for heels before I left the studio… Damn.

6:22pm: I text Erik. “Hey Emmanuelle Alt is on that ferry, try to get her photo okay?” No response. “A girl is wearing a cool red jacket, get her okay?” No response. “I think I saw Helena Christensen, she looks cool.” No response. “Erik, hello?” No response. Phone battery at 22%. “ERIKKKKK.” I give up.

[Little do I know that during this time, Erik has been busy shooting important celebrities, like Rihanna and Marion Cotillard.]

6:45pm: I feel like I’ve seen just about every Dior by Raf Simons piece from the last two years get on a ferry, which is not something you see everyday. The guests are diehard and a mix of editors, socialites and Dior customers. Unrelated: I’ve also befriended two sailors!! Both of whom are “sooooo cold.” Wah wah. Okay but actually it’s getting pretty cold…

7:15pm: I board one of the last ferries headed back to Brooklyn. On board, sailors are tending bar, making champagne cocktails in the back. Unfortunately for me, champagne and a slightly wobbly ferry don’t mix. Phone battery at 11%. Back to Brooklyn I go!

7:25pm: The scene at the Navy Yard is a bit panicked as the show is about to start. Celebs are being rushed down carpeted walkways and editors are hustling to make it to their seats in time. Sailors are holding trays of drinks… Maybe it’s okay to have champagne now that I’m on solid ground…

7:35pm: I head inside right after the show starts and catch a glimpse through a reflection in the windows overlooking Manhattan. If anyone asks, reflections are the new live streams. Phone battery at 8%.

[Hey it’s Garance, Alex told me to describe the show for you, so here we go]

6:00pm: I’m still at the Studio figuring out how to get to the show. Oh crap, going to be late. The show is supposed to start at 6:30pm. Does this mean 7pm, like in Paris? Or does cruise mean that you have to be on time?

6:01pm: Alex texts me she just saw Emmanuelle Alt get on the ferry. Oh crap. If Emmanuelle is there, I’d better get my ass off my chair (it rhymes, which is a good sign).

6:06pm: This is a bad time to find a taxi. I dive on the first one I see and tell him I’m about to give birth so he can’t refuse to take me. He refuses to believe me but he smiles. Best Cab Driver. Ever.

6:17pm: Hi, I’m stuck in traffic over the bridge.

6:27pm: Hi, I’m stuck in traffic over the bridge. BUT around me I see a lot of black cars with people rocking a very un-hipstery hair style and NO BEARDS. These people are obviously not Brooklynites, so they’re obviously heading to Dior. I’m safe.

6:30pm: We’re lost in the docks.

6:31pm: This is like a rave party. We follow the first black car with obvious Dior addicts sitting in the back.

6:32pm: Having a driver doesn’t mean you don’t get lost. (Doesn’t rhyme, but still words to live by!)

6.33pm: We’re a nice line of 20 cars now (mine is the only one that’s yellow but hey, I’m a proud New Yorker) and we’re not less lost.

6:34pm: Hot Dior Sailor (just like Alex depicts of the miracle by Dior) shows us the way.

6:35pm: I get there, get a glass of champagne, say hello to the French confederation, all flown in for the occasion, and learn that “the show will not start until 7:30.” I’m condemned to drink cold champagne served by hot sailors in the company of Rihanna (she’s at my right) and Marion Cotillard (at my left. Ok way back, but at my left still). Life is hard.

6:56pm: More socialization and selfie exchanges. Bursts of HiHowAreYasOhMyGaaad!!! and in a moment of loneliness just decide to count the number of Dior Tee Shirt earrings, yes this one, the one that Camille designed and that has taken over the world since then.

7:14pm: 78, 79, 80, wait, I think I lost my count.

7:20pm: I get up to find my seat.

7:21pm: This is some serious stage Dior has going on. More socializing. Anna Wintour sighting, Rihanna re-sighting, and a lot of unknown faces, more dressed up than any one around. I hear they’re clients. It’s good to see them in the mix.

7:something pm: the show starts…

[Okay, I’m awful, I’ve always been terrible at describing a show. I thought it was beautiful and there was some great accessories – new eaaaarrrrings!!! – how’s that? Bon, okay. I’ll show you photos of my favorite looks later. Does that work? Alex, does that work? Okay back to her]

7:50pm: As soon as the crowd starts to applaud, I head backstage. Anna is greeting Raf, followed by Rihanna and a slew of other Dior clad stars (Maggie, Leelee, Marion). I make my way into a quiet corner and sit down with Peter Phillips to chat with him about the beauty look. I’ve been a fan of his for years and I’m so excited that he is working with Dior now. I fan girl out a little bit, but it’s okay. [I’ll tell you more about the look soon!]

8:00pm: I wrap up my interview and head to meet Garance and Erik back outside. Phone battery at 0%. We have some champagne (finally!) and Erik shows us a great Instagram of him photo bombing Rihanna.

We skip the ferry back to Manhattan (goodbye sweet sailors!) and find ourselves waiting (with all the models) out back for our Uber to arrive. It takes five phone calls with Erik explaining directions, and what feels like 15 hours, before our driver makes it to the Navy Yard. Garance watched him make multiple U-Turns on that tiny Uber map… Maybe next time we should take the ferry…


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