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When I dream about chopping my hair, I imagine it exactly like this…


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  • i have the same dream

  • It’s really cool but it’s a one way street! Once you go short, it’s hard to come back… Check this out:
    THE DEEP BLUE CORY Fashion blog
    THE DEEP BLUE CORY Facebook Page
    Xoxo Cory

  • ne coupe pas tes cheveaux :)


  • c’est hyper cool, mais c’est bien aussi le truc qu’on ose jamais faire ;)

  • I chopped all my hair off a couple months back into a pixie-like cut and I love it! Keeps me cute, but also giving me a bit more of a say, edge look. Just like her in this shot – beautiful lighting too.

  • I absolutely love it! And why is it just a dream? Dreams are meant to be lived!

  • C’est vrai que cette coupe est vraiment jolie!


  • Eu também!!
    So do I
    Moi aussi!

  • i looove it. i wish i could chop it all off exactly like that too.. but i am definitely not cool enough to pull that off!! haha looks amazing though!!

    january, x

  • Tres Jolie!!

  • What a stylish haircut. So inspiring. She looks amazing.

  • Super chic! I love how the hairdo adds even more spunk to the already cool red look (LOVE DVF). I love the photo as well, Garance, you captured the moment!

  • I like your hair long:)

  • Carolynne Gordon February, 17 2013, 12:03 / Reply

    DO IT!!!

  • Very pretty short hair. I have been dreaming about my old short hair…

  • Same her but I know mine won’t look like this.


  • It probably will suit you. The secret is carrying it off. I’ve had my hair v short in past and found I adapted my jewellery and outfits/ silhouette to suit it more – which was easy. But as soon as you feel confident and not take yourself too seriously – you’ll look chic. If you get sick of it – just grow it back – easy! A grown out short cut would probably look good on you too. Go on give it a go!

  • I love it! (have tried it myself actually and I have never had such easy hair to deal with) DO IT!


  • Comme je te comprends ! Je dois justement y aller demain, et je rêve d’avoir enfin le cran de lui lancer un libérateur “Coupez tout !”. C’est un peu dingue ce rapport à nos cheveux quand même !

  • I really like Diane von Furstenberg. She made always some interesting prints and her fashion is great for normal days. Have a great weekend,.


  • great haircut, but please do not do it!


  • Oh my God do’nt dream about it, just do it! Hair grows up, you can do what you want with your hair it grows up and you can change and change and change…I had it (now it’s a bit bit longer), I love short hair my face, my makeup are at their best. My brightness comes out.
    p.s. don’t listen what the others say abour your wonderful (it is) long hair, if yu feel like doing it just jump! Do it…

  • I love the prints!

  • Je l’ai fait il y a 4 ans. Pas par réel choix mais après une déco platine mes cheveux partaient par poignées (aahhh horreur). C’était cool, on va dire 2 mois… Déjà les cheveux courts c’est très chiant à coiffer, la repousse tellement galère (tu finis toujours par recouper), ça te prend donc 2 ans avant de retrouver tes cheveux disons, aux épaules ! Et puis je trouve que ça vieillit.

  • yey they may look good but please dont you dare to cut your hair!
    dont even think about it!
    you have one of the most rich and aesthetic curls i have ever seen!! they are way to beautiful!

  • J’aime beaucoup les coupes courtes mais bon, j’ai les cheveux bouclés…

    J’adore l’imprimé sinon :)


  • on the model it looks super chic, but im not sure if it would work with curly hair

    new outfit post

  • On peut toujours rever………

  • I loved all the beautiful prints at DVF. She is incredible!

    Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

  • I cut all my hair off about 4 years ago, and kept it that way for about a year. It’s been growing our ever since. It was soooo easy to manage when it was short!! I sometimes miss that when I’m battling the blow-dryer. But for me, I wouldn’t cut it off again. Wearing it short put a lot of pressure on my choice of clothes – if I wore something very feminine, skirts, dresses, frilly things, it looked great. Or if I wore really edgy outfits, layers, mixed prints, that was also great. But anything simple, like jeans and a black t-shirt, with the short hair it made me look frumpy and old. Just me of course, I think it can looks great on other women!

  • Je m’imagine aussi avec de telles coupes mais cela reste du fantasme , je n’ai absolument pas les cheveux pour me permettre de les porter si courts ….


  • Alleeer Garance, réfléchis plus et fonce ;)

  • J’ai essayé vers 16-18 ans, c’est sympa 1 an ou 2 et puis j’ai voulu les avoir plus long et comme ile sont bouclés… la repousse est infâmmement longue (les cheveux remontent tout le temps à cause des ressorts…) ou alors il faut jouer avec les rajouts. C’est vrai que ça se faisait pas à l’époque. Ca doit être moins dilemnique maintenant.

  • Sunny Side February, 17 2013, 12:47 / Reply

    Vite les sels … Scott va faire une syncope !

  • I believe a face with small features, large eyes and a strong jawline works best with short hair. Unfortunately I wasn’t blessed with such luck, however, I do have thick, long, wavy hair…you gotta work with whatever the gods gave you, don’t fight it.

  • Stephanie February, 17 2013, 4:01

    That’s my assessment as well – large eyes, small nose, firm jaw structure (a long neck helps, too) keep the short-hair look feminine. I’ve known very pretty women with stronger/larger features (e.g. noses) who looked OK with super-short hair but yet it still didn’t quite work on them. I also agree with you about working with what you have. When I was younger, I always wanted smooth, jet black hair to contrast with my blue eyes. Now that I’m older I appreciate my wavy light brown hair for what it is. :)

  • Garance, stop dreaming, just do it! : )

  • Pilis's Style February, 17 2013, 4:11 / Reply

    I cannot imagine you with short hair!

  • I have curly hair like you Garance and I cut it into a pixie crop every 5 or so years, when the curls start to drive me REALLY bonkers and I feel like I am being defined too much by it. It is a wonderful feeling when you first cut it short, so liberating!
    I agree with some of the comments- it definitely changes how people react to you, especially men, in my experience most men are intimidated by strong women and it takes a certain type of strong woman to go short!
    It does change the way you wear makeup, clothes and accessories. I wear a lot of big costume jewellery that suits a crop, but whenever I dressed down, wow did I feel like a middle aged woman! It does force you to make a more considered effort in your dress.
    As far as having delicate features are concerned – well look at Elisa Nalin, she has strong features that look amazing with short hair. She is just stunning with her blonde crop and definitely makes more of an impact than her long brown hair.

  • asko gustatzen zait argazki hau ! figures-toi au cours de basque on a lu quelque comptes de Maupassant, j’ai un mélange dans ma tête pas possible :)…en fin, je suis allée chez le coiffeur avant de faire un entretien pour un poste pour une place d’une formation…je lui ai dit que je voulais couper un peu, pas trop…quand il a vu ma masse de cheveux il a commencé à couper couper couper ….ah la la, j’ai fini comme la modèle ;-) (en fin, au sens métaphorique :-))), résultat, j’ai été prise pour la formation, j’ai passé très bien mon entretien!
    PS: j’ai vu dans SMode que Miss Diana va toujours avec une canon G10 ;-)

  • On regrette toujours les choses que l’on n’a pas faites Celles que l’on fait se nomment : expérience

  • Had it! And it was great and it looked good, but it bored me after couple of months. Now I’m growing it back (still boring! haha) :))


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